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Found 1 result

  1. Artist: Annunaki Title: From Nibiru Label: Dharmaharmony Records Date: November, 2010 1. Illuminated Ones 2. 3600 years on earth 3. Blue Lights 4. Concade 5. Signal Distant 6. Planet X 7. Antikythera Mechanism 8. Sumerian Technology 9. Antikythera Mechanism (Herbivore rmx) *Read in the voice of legendary sportscaster Howard Cosell whom I awakened from the dead. For a nominal fee of course. Highway robbery really. For that amount I should get to kill him all over again.* The Annunaki...a group of superheroes who stand together to protect...what? Look, I'm just reading what he handed me. That's not them? Lemme see what other pics he gave me... The Annunaki...a group of intrepid crime fighters whose sole purpose is to right the wrongs of the sexually abused...wait, really? The Annunaki...5 young boys whose pelvic gyrations have sent countless tweens into ear bleeding ecstasy...That's it! I have had it! I did not sign on for this...No! I don't care, you tell him he can go f*ck himself....*slams door complaining as voice fades* "Hey! Hey, f*ck you Howard. You know Frank Gifford couldn't stand you right? They just wanted you to shut the f*ck up for 5 minutes. 5 minutes. But you couldn't even do that, could you?" Meh, I heard he was a cocky prick in life too. So what have we got here? From the North Carolina mountains? Holy crap that is right around the corner from me. I thought all we had down there was moonshine, scenery, and...*gulp*, kissing cousins. "Goa trance harmonies with heavy psytrance beats" sounds like something I could get behind. Illuminated Ones- Yes!!!! Yes, the pinpoint melodies that goa is known for begin to meld nicely together. This is the new school sound with the cutoff knob getting a workout. I like the twists and turns especially near the end of the track. Usually you see artists just ride that bit out, but there is something thicker, a presence as it comes to a close. Have I stumbled upon a hidden gem? What an awesome start! 3600 Years On Earth- "The Sumerians had a pantheon of gods. Living Gods who lived and worked, and had their lives among them." They start with a rapid bass line underneath some measured twinkling. If you like 1960's swirling psychedelia then you will love one of the leads here. Makes me dizzy just hearing it. The construction begins as layers begin to add up and there's a sharp drop into a break. Everything changes, keeping it fresh, as it becomes more of a machine gun finish. Not bad. Where the f*ck did this come from? Blue Lights- "A lot of people like to blame it on the aliens." Or Angelina Jolie. Homewrecker! Not for nothin, but I think Brad couldn't wait to get the hell away from Anniston. There is a level of crazy that you have to draw the line at. Listen to those goa riffs. It's wonderful. They churn, not with sunshine but just kicking up some dust. It had power, melody, and groove. Total win. Sorry Jen, but you don't have the right equipment for little Joey. Look at him...total disinterest. Concade- More twisted melodies and leads rising and falling. The groove factor is high on this one as it gets stronger as the track moves along. It isn't thick with layers, but what they have is pretty good. Signal Distant- "I received this information from an alien. This alien approached me. He started talking to me. I think he started using a ray...or a mind control device." By information you mean his wooden penis and by mind control device you mean he asked you. C'mon, Jennifer it's f*cking Chucky. Chucky. He's a doll with some guy's hand up his tukus. You didn't see all the scars on his face or the puppet strings? God, you really are stupid. You'll be picking splinters out of your junk for months. Cutting leads over a scratchy bass synth makes this one slightly noisy. But not in a bad way. Wasn't thinking much of it, but then they had to drag that growly 303 into the mix. You cheeky bastards. It ends in a flurry of synth melodies. I would've liked to have seen more 303 in it to be honest. Planet X- Didn't like it. It was more psytrance based with fewer goa melodies. So while not terrible at all, it just didn't hold up to the other tracks. Antikythera Mechanism- Not bad, got some twirling melodies in there, but it comes off as the full-on track it is. The climax starts filling things out, but there's a lot of rising and falling. Not stopping and starting, just not able to build some power. Nothing really special. Sumerian Technology- Ok, so we've sort of tailed off and all the enthusiasm I had for this release in the beginning is starting to wear off. Then this track came along. It's squirty lead is appealing and they start to layer again. Tension is built as the intensity increases. See, that's how you do it. There's a very Temple of One vibe here as they pilot this rocket home. Good stuff. Antikythera Mechanism (Herbivore Rmx)- Herbivore? You mean vegan non-showering occupy Wall Streeter? Hippie. This is slow with a reggae dub sway to it. Like I'm already on my 4th pass and the bong shows no signs of slowing down. I'm nodding my head, but I'm also wondering if my smokemates are making fun of me. I try to be sly like I'm not paying attention, but in reality I'm as obvious as drag queen. What? My wife's on the phone? Oh man...she knows. The samples are slowed down which made the almost 8 minutes feel like sixteen. Couldn't connect with it. C'mon. How many times do you read the ridiculous promo text and roll your eyes. Hell, I've commented on it numerous times. It's been on my desk since early this year and I now wonder what took me so long. This is the definition of exceeding expectations. They weren't kidding when they said goa melodies over big psytrance beats. Good for them. While not straight goa trance, it still is soaked in the sunny Indian beach sounds. It started off strongly, and kinda lost its way in the middle. They seem to do their most interesting and best work when playing in the goa medium. Their full-on is good, but not great. If you're going to call Artha's album goa, then you gotta give this the same respect. Of course it's not as detailed like an Artifact303 or an E-mantra, but it still has it's feet in the shore. This was an absolute surprise and I think it deserves some attention. Like Brandon Jacobs on a simple screen pass, I totally missed this. http://www.psyshop.c.../dha1cd004.html http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4113 Mdk
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