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Found 8 results

  1. Artist: Osher Title: Get The Yeyo Label: Blue Tunes Records Date: March, 2013 1. Get The Yeyo 2. Disco Dreams There wasn't a whole lot to enjoy about this brief 2 track EP. It's typical Blue Tunes style with vocal manipulation masquerading as percussion along with a change in time signature. Heard it all before. Didn't like it then, and yadda yadda yadda. Loved your album Twilight, but this isn't on par with that release. You need to lay off the yayo. Beatport Mdk
  2. Artist: Kopel Title: Flavor EP Label: Blue Tunes Records Date: 19-09-2011 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Amaretto (08:32) 2. Coconut (07:29) Here's a short 2 track EP from Kopel, a great producer from Israel. Some of his work worth mentioning are the remixes for Ritmo's 'Music From Heaven' and 'Unannounced Portal' from Liquid Soul. Not to forget, the Unreal EP that contains some good tracks as well. Now it's time for the Flavor EP, which I enjoyed a lot. When listening to these tracks you could say this fits right in with the Blue Tunes style. It could be described as something in between the Iono and the Spin Twist style. It's very bouncy with a nice groove to it. Seems like everything is just right, not to light and not to heavy either. Also it has this nice offbeat vibe to it, but he didn't go overboard with this either. My favorite track from this EP is Coconut. It's just a little more bouncy and playful. I truly enjoyed this one and to be honest I can't stop moving to this track. What can I say, there's a great drive in this song and I expect a lot of listening before this could bore me. Great work! Links: http://www.beatport....e/flavor/444840 http://www.psyshop.c.../btr1dw046.html http://soundcloud.com/kopelmusic http://www.facebook.com/kopelmusic
  3. Artist: NOK & Ritmo Title: Multistop Remixes Label: Blue Tunes Records Date: 10-11-2009 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. NOK & Ritmo – Multistop (Original Mix) 2. NOK & Ritmo – Multistop (E-Clip Remix) 3. NOK & Ritmo – Multistop (Ectima Remix) 4. NOK & Ritmo – Multistop (Flegma & Nerso Remix) 5. NOK & Ritmo – Multistop (Zyce Remix) 6. NOK & Ritmo – Multistop (Sven Snug Remix) 7. NOK & Ritmo – Multistop (Aerospace & Emotive Remix) So in case you don't know the original, it's absolutely amazing! The first time i heard the Multistop track, I fell in love with it. It sounds smooth and fresh. If you were to show someone an example of progressive trance, that would be it. Very suitable for in the morning time. Not much later I discovered an entire remix album, remixed by the leading artist of the progressive scene. Just imagine how excited I was for this one. When you think things can't get much better, E-Clip comes in. He applied his powerful sound to this song, making the baseline heavy while having echoing melodic background effects. It's the typical E-Clip stuff, he always knows how to make things just a little more interesting. One of my favorite remixes. Next is Ectima, that represents a sort of tech progressive sound. This duo exist out of Zyce and Flegma, pioneers in the progressive scene.They did it once again, making the track much different formed in to the Ectima style. It can be described as much darker with a different approach on handling the bas. It works just fine and it's nice to see what kind of things you can do with one track. Flegma & Nerso's turn! I would have to say that together with E-Clip's remix this has to be my favorite. The track is way more melodic and they have created a perfect balance between the smooth feeling of the original track and the hypnotic and atmospheric sounds they are bringing in. If theres a song that can bring me in to a trance state so to say, it's this one for sure. Just perfect! Well if someone knows how to create melodic sounds, it should be Zyce. This guy made me float away and drift of that many times, it should be illegal. I must say though, I have listened to better tracks of him then this one. Still there's not much wrong with it. Not so heavy as the last tracks, but a lighter take on things can't hurt either. Sven Snug's version is much different than the original. A bit more of a playful approach I would say, but it works and I'm drifted away just as easily. Nothing wrong with this remix. Last is Aerospace & Emotive and it's surprising that again the song takes a total different turn. Almost like the original track was meant to be remixed after hearing all of this. This version is not my favorite but it works fine. Serbia has a fair share in this release and those guys almost never let me down. Highly recommended! Links: http://www.beatport....-remixes/201230 http://www.bluetunes-records.com
  4. Artist: Osher Title: Groove Box Label: Blue Tunes Records Date: March, 2012 1. Groove Box 2. Beautiful Destination This is Osher Swissa from Israel who has long been part of the full-on project known as Ananda Shake. While their first album was pretty good, the quality seemed to dip with each successive release until they were trying to get blood from a stone. Then something miraculous happened. He began to make progressive trance. His debut album as simply Osher called Twilight was a revelation. Combining eerie melodies and funktastic grooves it was greatly received by this reviewer. Which is why I felt like this after I heard this little two track EP: Oooh, sorry. Wrong gif. I was interviewing housekeepers earlier and she...uh, she really was enthusiastic. Ahhh...there it is. Please don't get me wrong. This wasn't bad. Solid 4 out of 5. Unfortunately when you set the bar so high expectations rise right along with it. This EP is what you expect when you want to hear progressive trance, but that's just it. Been there, done that. Other artists have done this millions of times before and it doesn't come close to the originality he produced with Twilight. I imagine rent was due or he really wanted that hair transplant so he had a few rough drafts lying around and shopped them to Blue Tunes. "Hey man I delivered with the album, why don't you help a brother out?" I don't know, I wasn't there. But while competent and solid it left me wanting. Stretches of a kick and bass line went on too long without anything else happening. Gone were the twists and turns. I still bought it because I'm a fan, but I've heard him do better than this. Psyshop Beatport Audiojelly Juno Mdk
  5. Artist: Haldolium Title: Tide Fusion EP Label: Blue Tunes Records Date: December, 2011 1.Unknown Language (Haldolium Remix) 2. Train Boogie (Haldolium Remix) Doing a little EP shopping and came across this. I had pretty much written off Haldolium after Deagua as it just wasn't my style. Yes I'm well aware that was over 10 years ago. But like the LA county justice system I'm full of 2nd chances. Here is a little two tracker where the duo tackle two tracks by progressive artist Phaxe. Unknown Language (Haldolium Remix)- There is an oscillating quality to this that still keeps the foundation from the original. And that haunting melody from the original is definitely something to remember. Warm and inviting the sound is clean and sharp. He brings some other synths to play in supporting roles and it sounds just as massive. Beautiful, melodic progressive. Train Boogie (Haldolium Remix)- I'm glad someone decided to remix this. As I said in my review of the Train Boogie EP, this was lacking. Like a shark took a bite and all that was left was a piece of the surfboard and maybe the leash. It's a slow grower with a f*ckload of reverb. But where it trumps the original is in content. There is just more to chew on here. They love the oscillating synths and the break beat was a nice treat. Easily an improvement. Good job by this project. Not too distant from the originals, but enough to make it their own. Very melodic with an easy groove. Maybe I should check these guys out and see what they've been doing lately? http://www.beatport.com/release/tide-fusion/847607 Mdk
  6. Artist: Osher Title: Stepping Around EP Label: Blue Tunes Records Date: August, 2011 1. Stepping Around - Osher 2. Exchange (Osher Remix) - Vaishiyas & Audiomatic 3. World of Sound - Osher 4. Pump - Ran and Osher 5. Adventure - Osher & Avshi Look, it's not that simple...I just can't wave my hands and erase the past. If I could the parents of Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber would've never joined in that unholy union. I believe in whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but how much suffering are we going to have to take? Remember Ananda Shake? Their compilation work was usually impressive and their first album had some really good moments. And yes, their tracks Break Dance and Make me Shake may very well go down as some of the worst pieces of music ever, I'm aware of that. Even their 2nd album We Speak Music wasn't a total failure. But once you reached Inside the Sound, you could tell something was stinky in poop town. This was how I had to take The World is Yours.... But then something happened. Osher had an epiphany and took a hard left into the progressive trance genre. He released his debut Twilight and it was as if he had an exorcism. Gone were the inclinations toward cheesy full-on crap, and in were the smooth beats and drifting melodies. It's like when your kid grows up and begins to drive. You knew this day would come, that they would mature, but it still seemed to come out of nowhere. Well now after his debut and another EP, he brings another taste of his new found sound. And it's a continuation of his smooth style. On Stepping Around echoing synth washes wipe away his sins as soft beats soothe the listener. Floating melodies glide through layers of sound as breaks open up possibilities. While some Vaishiyas tracks aren't bad (Action Flaxion was pretty damn cool) the best thing that project has done was to let the masses remix their work. Exchange bubbles and rings with that guitar lead and finds itself becoming a little groovy if a little thin. World of Sound is typical of his drifting and bright style. Plenty of effects and echoing synths to give the track some depth. Not too dark and not too light. Pump has a sample that sounds like that android in Aliens after he got all f*cked up. You know when he was cut in half but still kinda functional? The music is deliberate and futuristic with a pumping beat. Pretty good. The final track Adventure is chock full of synths on delay and shimmering sounds. Like the first rays of the sun as dawn breaks. Bring your sunglasses because this one is very bright. But hey, ain't nothing wrong with a little happy feel good music is there? Loved it. He continues to fight the good fight. Smooth, laid back progressive trance that is spacious and melodic. His finger is on the pulse and this would be a welcome addition into anyone's progressive library. Good job Osher! http://www.beatport.com/release/stepping-around/401688 Mdk
  7. Artist: Various Title: The Usual Suspects Parts 1 & 2 Label: Blue Tunes Records Date: July & August, 2011 Part 1 1. Downtown (Nok Remix) 2. Sexy Dance (Moon & DJ Fabio Remix) 3. True Reality (Interactive Noise Remix) Part 2 1. Sexy Dance (Ritmo Remix) 2. True Reality (Vaishiyas Remix) 3. Ask For Permission (Phaxe Remix) Originally I was going to talk about hand jobs to start this review, but I felt that might be going too far. No, no, no...my fault entirely. I'll see myself out. What the hell dude, I just wanted to read a review, what the f*ck is this? If there was ever an album that begged for a remix it was this underwhelming snoozefest. Very rarely do I dump a CD after I get it, but the Wotanowski brothers have earned that distinction with their album the Usual Suspects. I'll spare you any number of puke gifs to hammer the point home, but here's my review of that beer coaster http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/60400-symphonix-the-usual-suspects/page__hl__symphonix__fromsearch__1 The cast of characters lining up for their shot is fairly impressive so let's see what they can do when the bar was set very low. Downtown (Nok Remix)- This is Alexander Dorkian (not making that up) and while he has made some great tracks in the past, he must be too close to the brothers because this was far from his shining moment. No evolution or depth whatsoever. Same old boring crap. Just keeps going round and round and round... Sexy Dance (Moon & DH Fabio Remix)- How can anyone enjoy the track with that b*tch talking over it? No, I don't want to dance, I want you to shut the f*ck up. Keep talking and you'll force me to put my hands on you. And not in a nice way. "Go fix me chicken pot pie b*tch!" True Reality (Interactive Noise Remix)- I like the music better with more effects as it makes it a quantum leap forward from the original steaming pile, but stop with the f*cking talking already! When you touch me in the eye? Exactly what I want to do, but in my version it leaves a racetrack around your eye. Better go get a pack of frozen peas b*tch. Knockout. This is really sad. Sexy Dance (Ritmo Remix)- "All I see it the flashing lights." This is what this music feels like to me. It's bad enough that you're being chased by the cops, but then your car crashes and the cops beat the living sh*t out of you. F*ck man if Ritmo can't make a respectable remix than it's best to just burn these files and never speak of this again. True Reality (Vaishiyas Remix)- Hope has long since taken the short bus out of town but if it's worth anything this is the funkiest one. Still it's like being locked in a port a potty with an air freshner. Yeah it smells nicer, but your still standing on a pile of sh*t. Ask for Permission (Phaxe Remix)- Ahhh, they saved the best for last. The leads were at least engaging and there was a nice break. Very emotional in fact. Like looking at the sunset over a vast ocean. Good stuff Phaxe, you don't get the glare. There's a few hours I won't ever get back. Wow this f*cking sucked. No two ways about it. Other than the Phaxe remix I would steer clear of this like it was a chick with an open weeping sore on her lip. I am thankful for having listened to it though because it will make the choice between stabbing sharp sticks in my ears and listening to another Symphonix track that much easier. http://www.beatport.com/release/the-usual-suspects-remixes-part-1/392741 http://www.beatport.com/release/the-usual-suspects-remixes-part-2/401699 Mdk
  8. Artist: Phaxe Title: Mr. Bogart EP / Unknown Language EP Label: Spin Twist Records/ Blue Tunes Records Date: April / May 2011 Mr. Bogart 1. So F**king Beautiful 2. Mr. Bogart Unknown Language 1. Unknown Language 2. With In (Phaxe Remix) - Vice That's right ladies another EP twofer. This is Kevin Josefsen who put out an EP called Train Boogie (review here http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/61933-phaxe-train-boogie-ep/page__hl__phaxe__fromsearch__1) in a very melodic and spacious style. I've been getting a lot of EP's lately not because I want to help the music industry, but because I have a short attention span. 2 tracks per EP? Sure, I can digest that. You try hanging around a 2 year old all day and see where that takes you. So F**king Beautiful- This is the first track and before you ask me about Bogart, he was before my time you callous bastards. And just so you know Kevin, titling your track as you did bears a great responsibility. Don't make it suck. Unfortunately you hit strike ond fairly early with the repeated sample screaming the track title. But I'm a forgiving guy and the pad stabs feel pretty good. The track has a very mainstream trance vibe and I feel like I'm listening to Digweed or Van Dyk. Not in the euphoric raise my hands in the air like I just don't care feeling either. Too much of a good thing gets old and that sample is exhibit number one. Not bad, but I've heard you make better Kevin. Mr. Bogart- "Everything you do...All I want to do..." Popcorn lead and not a whole lot going on. It's more of the popular trance kind of stuff with the included breathy sample to add urgency. Might as well have been a Pet Shop Boys remix. This is nothing like his previous output and while not terrible just doesn't move me. Instead of the ultra layered melodic style he went in a more minimal filler direction. Unknown Language- Now this is more like it. With a deliberate beat a soft melody floats above right into a break that drifts across space. It takes a nice turn after the break continuing with its groovy style. I can see this being played with lights flashing all over the place. Was it a little long? Sure, but it was still good. When you absolutely positively have to have the most expensive light show in history. With In (Phaxe Remix)- "In just a moment you will learn to interpret your dream. Because this dream is part...of who you really are." This one was bouncy and tight, with all the sounds in the right place. It had a cold and digital feel while keeping the groove the whole way through. Effects echoing off the hull of the spacecraft as melodies saturate the view screen. Even though it leaned a little to the dark side it still elicited a smile. Well done. I easily preferred the Unknown Language EP with it's progressive attitude and melodies. Mr Bogart was a turn towards the commercial direction that didn't suit me. Mr. Bogart EP http://www.beatport....ogart-ep/350684 Unknown Language EP http://www.beatport....language/352325Mdk Mdk
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