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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Hypnoxock Title: Moving In Trance (The Collection) Label: Astronautic Records Date: December, 2012 01 - Logic Evolution (138 BPM) 02 - Reflex (138 BPM) 03 - Viped 1 (138 BPM) 04 - Next World (140 BPM) 05 - Camouflage (130 BPM) 06 - Dimensio Desconeguda (138 BPM) 07 - Electroxock (145 BPM) 08 - Progresion Ecliptica (144 BPM) 09 - Ecstassy (145 BPM) 10 - Vibrations (Cosmic Remix) (147 BPM) 11 - Emotions (140 BPM) 12 - Rare Planet (147 BPM) What was once the best kept secret in psytrance is now one of the projects that restores faith in a genre that has seen its ups and downs. Hailing from Spain we are freshly basking in the afterglow of his latest album Eurythmia where he continues to develop his hybrid of goa, psy, and progressive trance. What makes this project so special is the attention to detail without sacrificing power or atmosphere. Total package. This release (which I guess is a collection of b-sides or unreleaseds?) is six years old as of this writing and like the rest of the catalog it is extremely solid. 12 digital tracks where they (at the time I think they were a duo) go up and down the genre with super results. Reflex and Viped 1 straddle that psychedelic progressive line while Camouflage will keep your toe tapping in a euphoric style with a progressive bpm. Even the tracks that aren't superlatives (full-on) still reek of quality and detail. If you like their lush and powerful style this one won't disappoint. Free at Ektoplazm
  2. Artist: Ancient Core Title: Ancient Seeds of Awareness EP Label: Astronautic Records Date: April, 2012 01 - Living On A Pale Blue Dot (feat. Agni) (102 BPM) 02 - Sacred Joint Venture (90 BPM) 03 - Forgive & Love (104 BPM) This guy's from Romania. I didn't even think they had electricity. I mean, I know they do, but I thought it was all hamster related. Me being a dick aside, this is this gentleman's debut and it's quite interesting. First lets immerse ourselves in the beauty that is the cover. It's fantastic and the work of Swaroop Guhathakurta. Must...fight...stereotype...grow the...f*ck up. Beautiful artwork. But you can search the intarwebz for that, how's the tunes? Living on a Pale Blue Dot is marvelous downtempo with plenty of twists and turns as well as a copious amount of layers to dig through. Eerie melodies and a hefty beat don't hurt either. And that's when he gets all crazy on you. Like endless samples that run through most of the track? I know! Me neither, but that's what you get with this Sacred Joint Venture. Meh, just as well the music itself really didn't impress me anyway. Forgive and Love gets all Buddhist on you. Chanting at the foot of the Himalayas with dubby bass and guitar strumming as melody riffs float by. With the same guitar strumming it's just sounds placed over top. Not impressed. Well, it seems he shot his load with the artwork and the first track. The other two don't offer much, but the first one was so good that I'm curious to see what he does down the road. Ektoplazm Mdk
  3. Artist: Keamia Title: Catastrophe EP Label: Astronautic Records Date: February, 2011 1. The Devil 2. Disobedient 3. Catastrophe This is Shahin Babazadeh and if you look at his Discogs picture you would think that his scenes in the Matrix ended up on the cutting room floor. He has been pretty prolific releasing several EP's on Ektoplazm for free. Talented too, as he did the artwork and his own mastering for this release. A different turn for him, he is leaning more towards the darker side of full-on as the track titles will testify. The Devil- Something wicked this way comes....but then it devolves into generic full-on with sound effect screams. The laziest move? The final 2 and a half minutes are virtually the same. I can see a minute, but 2 and a half. Cmon man if you're gonna pull that sh*t, knock 2 minutes off the track time. Obviously not integral to your story. Disobedient-The tempo has quickened and he's working on a pretty good groove. The lead was pretty good before he switched to another one. It's really running at a quick pace but it's also running on fumes because there ain't a whole lot here. Full-on that's not close to being full. Catastrophe- "We have destroyed your planet." No you didn't, just full-on. I don't think I can fit this hunk of cheese through the door. It's really fast again and I'll be honest the groove has potential as his sparkly synths filter in. This is clearly his best effort of the EP as it gets pretty hectic towards the end. Not bad. The best thing I can say is that this is free. The sound quality is good so he obviously can master pretty well. I also liked the artwork. The music? Well...3 out of 4 ain't bad right? The arrangements are wafer thin and sound amateurish. Nothing complex or deep to be found here and sounds like stuff he was messing around with that isn't close to being finished. The only thing dark were the track titles. Still better than anything I can produce. Well, I mean other than my beatbox. http://www.ektoplazm...mia-catastrophe Mdk
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