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Found 5 results

  1. Listen & Download here ---> Kahn in association with Pulsar Music & Digitally Imported present... ❧ɤ♪ THE EDGE OF TRANCE ♪ɤ❧ (Every 1st Friday of the month @ 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time) Listen @ http://www.di.fm/goapsy Like us @ https://www.facebook.com/TheEdgeOfTrance Listen after it airs @ https://soundcloud.com/theedgeoftrance The Edge of Trance is a new monthly radio show/podcast presented and hosted by KAHN in association with PULSAR MUSIC & THE DIGITALLY IMPORTED GOA-PSY CHANNEL. The show will air the first Friday of every month @ 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time. After it airs, each episode will be available as a FREE download online! The Edge of Trance will showcase the most spectacular and cutting edge Trance music from around the globe; along with the artists who create this music. As the edgier sounds of Trance continue to gain traction in the US as well as abroad, we will take listeners on a journey into the sounds that are driving this revolution in Trance music. The Edge of Trance will feature guest mixes from today's most cutting edge DJs/Artists. Each guest will be carefully selected for their extensive experience in driving, uplifting, and influencing dancefloors locally and abroad. With the current trends in Trance music, The Edge of Trance is currently focusing on sounds including: Progressive and Full-On Psychedelic Trance, Psy-Breaks, and Progressive Techno. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EPISODE 6 Friday, January 2nd, 2014 (11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time) Listen @ http://www.di.fm/goapsy ::Featuring:: ≈✺ S O N I C . S P E C I E S ✺≈ (Alchemy Records, UK) https://soundcloud.com/sonicspecies http://www.facebook.com/sonicspecies ----> Sonic Species, one of today's most recognized acts in the global Psychedelic Trance scene is now the solo project of UK native, Joe Markendale. After the global success of 'Unleash The Beat', and a succession of hit tracks over the last few years, Sonic Species is now established as one of the UK's top artists. Having performed repeatedly at many of the world's leading international events, the signature Sonic Species sound is now blasting loud in all four corners of the globe. ≈✺ K A H N ✺≈ (Pulsar Music // Solar Tech, LA) http://soundcloud.com/djKAHN http://facebook.com/KahnFanpage http://pulsarmusic.net/ ---> Coming to the dance floor with a diverse background of musical experiences, Kahn conveys a unique vibe of melodic, intelligent, and seductively aggressive beats; framed by pulsating stimulating basslines, and powerful Full-On leads. In his DJ sets, the dancer can expect to hear the only the most modern and technical electric sounds from around the globe with an emphasis on heavy and funky, "Funkadelic," "Hi-Tek," "Full-On" Psytrance and Progressive. Kahn's other musical genre influences include; Techno, Trance, Chill, Electro, Psy Tech, Psy Breaks, Goa Trance, House, Hard Dance, Italo-Disco-House, Rock, Funk, Reggae, and a great many other genres along the way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ::TRACKLIST:: First Hour: SONIC SPECIES 01. Sonic Species vs Lifeforms - Unreleased 02. Dickster - Dizzy Drops (Sonic Species RMX) 03. Killerwatts vs Waio - Wake Up (Symbolic RMX) 04. Future Frequency - Transmission 05. Sonic Species - Zero (Outsiders RMX) 06. Sonic Species - Just Another Freak 07. Sonic Species vs Faders - Unreleased 08. Sonic Species - Tokyo Sunrise 09. Sonic Species vs X-NoiZe - Music 10. Mental Broadcast vs Faders - Psychedelic Theory 11. Astrix - Techno Widows (Sonic Species RMX) 12. Wild Monkeys - Bass Monkey 13. Sonic Species vs Xerox vs Volcano - Bring The Noize 14. Outsiders vs Burn In Noise - Burning Out 15. Mindfold - Antiamphetamine (Sonic Species RMX) Second Hour: KAHN 01. Orca - Galactic Structure 02. Masticate - Destructor 03. Orca - In The Jungle 04. Switch - I Want More (Mystical Complex RMX) 05. Xerox & Illumination - Source Energy (XSI RMX) 06. Pixel vs Designer Hippies vs Mad Maxx - Bamboo Massage (Bionix RMX) 07. Mad Tribe - Into The Future 08. Power Source - Granada (Bizzare Contact RMX) 09. Shift vs Bionic - Intellect 10. Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Klunk (Earthling RMX) 11. Tropical Bleyage - Bleyology 12. ManMadeMan vs BrightLight - Make Up Your Mind 13. Relativ - Artificial Soul 14. Makida - Imaginary Picture 15. Mystical Complex - Now Is The Time Background Music: Antix - B.H.D. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Listen @ http://www.di.fm/goapsy Listen after it airs @ https://soundcloud.com/theedgeoftrance Every First Friday Of The Month @ 11am Pacific Time / 2pm Eastern Time ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ::Past Episodes:: EPISODE 1 ft. VINI VICI & KAHN - Aug 1st, 2014 EPISODE 2 ft. VERTICAL MODE & KAHN - Sept 5th, 2014 EPISODE 3 ft. OUTSIDERS & KAHN - Oct 3rd, 2014 EPISODE 4 ft. MARTIAN ARTS & KAHN - Nov 7th, 2014 EPISODE 5 ft. PAINKILLER & KAHN - Dec 5th, 2014
  2. ____________________________________________________ It's about time we hit you freaks with another Alchemy Label party and we could not think of a better excuse than to celebrate the International Party Animal aka The Boss aka DJ SHANE GOBI 's birthday in style. This event will be a more intermite affair for 300 friends and Fan .....if this is you, please do join us for a mind warping musical adventures :: ALCHEMY PLAYGROUND :: ▩ DJ SHANE GOBI ( Alchemy Records ) UK / SA ▩ M3SS ( Alchemy Records ) Isreal ▩ M-THEORY ( Alchemy Records ) iT ▩ ROY SASSON aka SHIDAPU / MUTE ( Zion 604 Records ) Isreal ▩ SAVAGE CIRCUIT ( Alchemy Records ) USA ▩ LIQUID ROSS ( Liquid Records ) ▩ HAMISH ( Alchemy / Furthur ) UK ▩ RAZZEK ( Alchemy Records ) UK ▩ BAHAR CANCA (Free-spirit Records) TR/UK ____________________________________________________ @ Space NW10 71-72 High Street Harlesden London NW10 4NS Tickets from Access All Areas Advance tickets - £10 - BF more on the door www.accessallareas.org +44 (0)20 7267 8320 Ticket link: http://www.onlinestall.com/cgi-bin/stall2.pl?act=ep&id=4743 Check the event page for more details https://www.facebook.com/events/1457287247825615/
  3. Savage Circuit is genetically engineered by Vincent Garcia. A musician since his early teens, and hailing from Miami, Florida , USA , Vince majored in Audio Engineering at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale where he studied Recording and Mixing. Having moved to the UK in the late nineties in order to immerse himself in the underground psychedelic scene/culture, he then released Outsider / Induction Ritual on Psylevation Records under the Pagan Technologies moniker. This release featured two of his compositions and included additional engineering and production by Dick Trevor. Critically lauded, and played by DJs such as Shane Gobi . Tristan , Antaro and Captain Kairos, among others, he then went on to release Shock Hazard. This was a collaboration with Paul Wright of Deviant Species / RAM , which was released on the seminal Alchemy compilation Electrum. He then continued his mutation into Savage Circuit. Combining a hybrid approach using analogue and digital synthesizer technology with computer generated 21st century tribal rhythms, his sound is both acidic and bouncy. Soaring melodies reminiscent of Goa combine with brutal machine rhythms, which further collide with punchy bass lines, crunchy percussion and hypnotic atmospheres. His music encompasses a vibe that is equally night-time psychedelic, and morning full on. The twilight zone. Current release: The Crosstalk EP (Alchemy Records), Digital Domain EP (Free-Spirit Records) Forthcoming releases on: Alchemy Records, Free Spirit Records, and Aphid Records Savage Circuit Page: http://www.psylicious.com/acts/savagecircuit Digital Domain: http://www.beatport.com/release/digital-domain/1128462 Cross Talk: http://www.beatport.com/release/cross-talk/922347 Initiating a ‘Digital Domain’ with Savage Circuit With his latest EP release ‘Digital Domain’ well underway, launched on Free-Spirit Records and reaching fans, enthusiasts and DJs from all corners of the World, I caught up with musician and producer Vince Garcia to find out more about his foundations and of cause his psychedelic trance act better known as Savage Circuit! A well known face within the London psychedelic party scene originally from Miami, Vince made his intrepid relocation to the UK to immerse himself further into the culture, music and essence the psychedelic scene has to offer. During his formative years in the UK he released under the moniker ‘Pagan Technologies’, before his evolved emulation transpired into Savage Circuit. A journey in the right direction, along its way his music has been critically lauded and played by names such as Shane Gobi, Tristan, Dick Trevor, Antaro and Captain Kairos. For those of you who have not had the pleasure to witness the energy Savage Circuit omits during one of his sets please do! Read the full interview.. Click here :: Information :: Booking Opportunities :: SAVAGE CIRCUIT is available for World Wide bookings through Psylicious Management. To discuss your requirements, please make contact: bookings@psylicious.com http://www.psylicious.com
  4. ▩ ALCHEMY RECORDS PRESENTS ▩ ▩ The Beat Circus ▩ __________________________________________________________ PSY-TRANCE / PROGRESSIVE / TECHNO / WORLD MUSIC / CHILL OUT __________________________________________________________ Once again Alchemy is back and bringing you to a world of groove with the next event, The Beat Circus. Not only will we be showcasing some world class Alchemy talent, we are also pleased to announce the signing of the legend that is HUX FLUX and his new album coming out on alchemy records in 2013. So come on down all you beautiful freaks, get on your unicycles, bring the hula hoops and the poi and lets get this circus bouncing!! ▩ THE FREAK SHOW ▩ main stage ▩ HUX FLUX - LIVE (SWE) - Album Release (Alchemy Records) www.facebook.com/HuxFlux.Official FLIP FLOP - LIVE (UK) (Alchemy Records) www.myspace.com/flipflopmusic K.I.M- LIVE (SWE) (Alchemy Records) www.facebook.com/pages/KiM/205813276119940 SHANE GOBI - SA (Alchemy Records) www.facebook.com/DJ.SHANE.GOBI RAZZEK - UK (Alchemy Records) www.facebook.com/DJ.RAZZEK RENEGADE DJ - SA (Alchemy Records) www.facebook.com/pages/Renegade-DJ/159966536533 ▩ THE ROOM OF REFLECTIONS ▩ chill stage ▩ ALIJI - UK ( Inspiral ) www.facebook.com/alijimusic BAHAR - Turkey ( Sundance ) soundcloud.com/bahar-canca MIFF - UK ( Mutagen Records ) www.facebook.com/DJMifMusic ANDY FORCE - UK (Mutagen Records/Astral Circus) www.facebook.com/AndyForce.Mutagen FEATHER - USE (Acidmonkey) ________________________________________________ ▩ TICKETS ON DOOR £15 ▩ ADVANCED TICKETS £10 ▩ Access All Areas, 2nd Floor, 30C Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AL, UK ▩ AAA TICKET LINK - http://www.onlinestall.com/cgi-bin/stall2.pl?act=ep&id=4590 ▩ TRAVEL - The Brixton Jamm ▶ 15-20 min walk from Brixton tube stations towards the Brixton Acadamy ▶ Closets Tubes are Brixton (Victoria Line) & Stockwell (Victoria Line) ▩ Telephone: 0207 267 8320 ▩ LINKS ▶ Alchemy Records - https://www.facebook.com/alchemyrecords ▶ Facebook Event Link - https://www.facebook.com/events/331095170334212/
  5. Alchemy Records new release :: M-THEORY - MIXED TWEAKS part 2 M-THEORY is back with a pumping new 2 track Digital EP.....including the amazing remix to the main man, GAUDI- No more blood ( M-theory Remix ) " ....and a new collaboration track with Ital, ......"There is something there" TRACKLIST: 1. Goudi - No More Blood (M-Theory RMX) 2. M-Theory Vs Ital - There Is Something There BUY IT NOW ON BEATPORT http://www.beatport.com/release/mixed-tweaks-pt-2/1016287 This release is one for the collection http://soundcloud.com/psygemini/gaudi-no-more-blood-m-theory > M-Theory - https://www.facebook.com/mtheoryuk > Alchemy Records - https://www.facebook.com/alchemyrecords
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