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  1. Drumatik Illegal Space Activities Reloaded Temple Twisters Records Tracklist: 1. Cosmic Prayer - Drumatik & Airi 2. Time Out (Edit 2014) 3. Magic Tragic (Remix) 4. Tranceformers (Edit 2014) 5. Great Escape (Edit 2014) - Drumatik & Airi 6. Scary Doors - Drumatik & Airi 7. Mirage (Edit 2014) 8. Lost In Storms (Edit 2014) - Drumatik & Atomental 9. Illegal Space Activities (Edit 2014) 10. Restricted Area (Edit 2014) 11. Inner Activities - Drumatik & Airi From what I have been able to gather, "Illegal Space Activities" was originally released in 2013, tweake
  2. This is a remix of Deliriant's track that I did a while back Take a listen and let me know what you think! https://soundcloud.com/aptitudelive/deliriant-anti-god-aptitude-remix
  3. Hey guys. Got a new release on Ektoplazm! Albumpreview: Xenofish returns to Ektoplazm with his fifth album, Enhancer, jointly produced by fellow German producer Mellow Sonic. Whereas previous works strayed more into psychedelic drum ‘n bass territory this one marks a return to high-energy psychedelic trance without completely abandoning breakbeat influences. True to form for these artists the sound of the release is characterized by haunting twilight melodies and strong science fiction atmospheres. Mastering and artwork by Christian Becker. Here the downloadlink: ht
  4. Out Now: V/A Freaks in Love Vol.1 Converting the Illusion. Compiled by Mantra Flow Tracklist: 01 Flooting Grooves – La Moqueca - (136 BPM) 02 Geocentric – Acid Inside Moon [Michrosphere Remix] (145 BPM) 03 Pura – 2 the Brain (144 BPM) 04 Zenkai - Agrabah (154 BPM) 05 Prozac – Lost Luggage (145 BPM) 06 Mantra Flow – Terra Incognita (146 BPM) 07 Atome – Root (154 BPM) 08 Parandroid – Liminal Proper (178 BPM) 09 Shunpo – New Meta (190 BPM) 10 Technical Hitch - Complex Emotions (160 BPM) 11 Argon Sphere – Space Safari (145 BPM) 12 Nocti Luca – Last Forest Standing (144 BPM) Free Download
  5. Artist: Tickets Title: Timelapse Label: Timecode Date: December, 2006 1. Power of Fear 2. Battery 3. Deficit Disorder 4. Existence 5. Showtime 6. The Funkus 7. Tinnitus 8. Back of Your Mind (Remix) 9. Phantom (Remix) "What's your f*cking problem?" Let's start with paying $6800 for a bed and not being able to sleep through the night. That'll make anyone a tad cranky don't you think? Sleep number? My sleep number is 4. As in 4 is the number of hours of uninterrupted sleep I seem to be able to string together. I could get that many on a Filipino transvestite hooker.
  6. Artist: Various I guess? Title: Unexpected EP Label: 3D Vision Date: May, 2014 1. My Name Is Joe 2. Fuel On (Transwave Live Mix) Oh this was unexpected all right. Ok. Let's look at the facts. Awesome label in 3D Vision and the master(s) of psychedelia in Koxbox. Everything should be great. Got my pads on for safety and the helmet is cinched extra tight. Yet somehow this was a total clusterf*ck. Let's start with the Fuel On Remix. Transwave already tried this on the Frontfire album of 2009. Not content to leave well enough alone they Frontfired it again. Taken
  7. Artist: Various Title: Snuff Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: July, 2011 1. Brain Hunters - Snuff 2. Ironstein Vs. Dani Filth - Dr. Stein 3. Absense - Litt Avskum 4. Sub-Zero - Antichristvs 5. Dani Filth - The Harvesting V2 6. Ironstein Vs. Excell - Tripple Distilled 7. Damage - Blowing Up Your Speakers 8. Hiyamyzo - Pussy Power 9. Zinx - Articulator 10. Stereopanic - Viper 11. NRS - Evil Men "Hit me...hit me so it hurts." Good...God this terrible. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Forget the fact that the subject matter is reprehensible. The music it
  8. Artist: Various Title: Night Terrors Label: Terror Lab Industries Date: February, 2012 1. Kwaailight RUBIX QUBE 2. Dark Jungle (Smashed rmx) Z3RO 3. Where Ever ORCA 4. Shinra Tensei SINFUL REACTIONS, EYETEK 5. Night Terror IRON LOTUS, ABSENSE, STEREOPANIC 6. The Trouble Maker (H1N1 rmx) PANAYOTA 7. The Forsaken TRYAMBAKA 8. Articulator (Ironstein rmx) ZINX 9. Dopeman DAMAGE 10. Awaken CRITICAL MASS 11. We have explosive LOST AND FOUND 12. Immolation (Brain Driver rmx) SHEHOOR 13. War Dialing IRONSTEIN, ZION LINGUIST 14. Crank (Karmacrop rmx) DAMAGE 15. The w
  9. Artist: Various Title: Sonic Solutions Label: Timecode Records Date: October, 2005 1. Bringdanoise (Broken Toy rmx) DAMAGE 2. Far Side DIGITAL TALK 3. Mutant Rebellion XTRA UNIT 4. Alien Hunterz CHROMATONE AND RANDOM 5. Human Poison PHATMATIX 6. Terror Former SHIFT 7. Contraband PHYX 8. Asnamus AZAX SYNDROM 9. Dendron ARTIFAKT "I wanna see stars!" You need to see a doctor. There's a grapefruit stickin' out yo forehead! Ah this is one of the thoroughbreds in the Timecode stable. Run horsey run! Darkly melodic smashes tumble one after the other with
  10. Title : Pag Asa Label : Phonix Records Cat no. : PHODIGI008 Format : Digital download Release Date: 21st March, 2014 (JunoDownload 2 Week Exclusive) World Wide Release: 4th April, 2014 Track 1 Mastered by Dash Hawkins @ Glitch Studio, South Africa Track 2 Mastered by Ady Connor @ TRK Studios, United Kingdom Track 8 Mastered by Dale Byl @ DB Mastering, South Africa All other tracks mastered by Alon Laifer @ Orca Studio, Israel Artwork by Etnarama In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. The super typhoon caused unimaginable loss of life and the displacement of more than
  11. Hey guys, I got yesterday a new release on Ektoplazm. This time a bit more themed album with dark psytrance sound. Check it out here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/xenofish-lune
  12. Artist: Android Spirit Title: Synthetic Organism Label: TIMECODE Catalogue: TCCD031 Format: CD/Digital Release: january 17th 2014 Artwork: Meskalart Mastering: Scorb@Trick Music Tracklist 1. OMdma 142 bpm 2. Kirobo the Robot 143 bmp 3. Swirl in Unity 145 bpm 4. Born in the Desert (feat. Distant Touch) 145 bpm 5. Targaryen Blood 144 bpm 6. High as a Kite 147 bpm 7. Freedom South Africa 146 bpm 8. Tokolojoe 144 bpm 9. Tickets – Remember (Android Spirit edit) 147 bpm Timecode Records presents the debut album of Android Spirit, a Marburg (Germany) based project by Josef Summs (aka Tickets/Brethr
  13. Artist: Various Title: Replicants Vol. III Label: Replicant Records Date: June, 2013 1. Menog & Chromatone - Who Are We? 2. Earworm - Back In Play 3. Khopat - Adapting 4. Ex-Gen - Zombification "Drugs might actually cause people to wake up." I wasn't familiar with this label, but once I heard Audio Discharge they had my attention. Looking at the covers for their releases they seem to have a fascination with Satan and gas masks. Whatever you're into I suppose. Have you seen the Terror Lab Industries fetish? Oy. All four of these tracks are great. Let me state that
  14. Artist: Sidhartha Title: Into Immortality Chapter One & Two Label: Hypergate Records Date: April, 2013 Chapter One 1. Into Immortality 2. Yutopia Paradox 3. Single Atoms 4. Dominant Species Chapter Two 1. Sidhartha & TDR & Shaddai - Iori Yagami 2. Symmetrix & Sidhartha - Time Is Your Illusion 3. Sidhartha & Tryon - 4th Dimension Encounter 4. Sidhartha - Wonder In The Night What's with that little thing in the corner. Looks like a peppermint. Makes me want a candy cane. If acid and lasers are your preferred sweet than this is Christmas and
  15. Artist: Speedball Title: Reloaded EP Label: Fractal Records Date: May, 2013 1. Kingston 2. Universo 3. Locked Ball 4. Hyperion "Welcome to the f*cking universe!" Hells yeah! Where's my sippie cup? And who took all the motherf*cing Goldfish? Not since the invention of the taco has there been a greater contribution from Mexico. There. I said it. Speedball are Javier Durán Cortes & Raul Gonzalez and their debut album Human Disorder showed that they were not messing around. There are certain tracks you hear that stick with you. They never get old and alw
  16. Undertaker – Night Stories Album: Night Stories Artist: Undertaker Genre: Full On, Twilight Size: 179MB License: CC Price: Free and Donations Track List: 01 - Maniac Killa 02 - Anonymous Absolution 03 - Unhuman (Undertaker Remix) 04 - Uskyldig Offer 05 - 3 Days On Dark 06 - Nuclear Man 07 - Purple Haze (Undertaker Remix) 08 - Cyborg Rebelion 09 - Big Mentira 10 - Last Two Boys Scouts I listened to this album a few times and my favorite thing about it was the wonderfully solid baselines. This reminds me of Orca, another Full-On Night producer who plugs in some har
  17. Artist: Orca Title: Insanity Now EP Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: March, 2013 1. Freek 2. Alien Conspiracy feat. Hiyarant 3. Straight To Hell "This...is going...to..." Suck? Blow sweaty monkey dick? Appeal to the lowest common denominator and make your family sad? Well, it doesn't do that, but the first track has elements of all three I would imagine. Look, if you throw a grapefruit over the plate you gotta be prepared to get a little dizzy. *Holds head in hands* Look what you made me do, use a baseball reference. Which means I just crushed your sh*
  18. Artist: Outer Signal Title: Psy Fi Travel EP Label: Mechanik Records Date: February, 2013 1. Invasion 2. Space Travel 3. Z3ro Signal 4. Psy Fi Outer Signal are Gil Stoler & Lior Yosha and are 3D Vision artists. They specialize in the acid drenched psychedelia that makes me smile. They released their one and only album (Fabric of Space) back in 2009 and have produced music for labels such as Timecode, Sonic Motion, Yabbai. And you get more of the same. The compilation gets more detailed and acid heavy as you get through the tracks. The dark atmosphere is ever present a
  19. Artist: Various Title: Smashed - Remix - Ed Pt. 2 EP Label: Dropland Recordings Date: December, 2012 1. Damage (A-Mush Remix) 2. Physical Matters (Magneto Remix) 3. Physical Matters (Brain Driver Remix) So this is part 2 eh? Smashed gets other twilight artists to remix his tracks and puts them on an EP. The first one was outstanding so the bar is pretty high for number two. Let's see...Damage was on the Synthetic Alchemy and Another Dimension compilations whilst Physical Matters...hell I don't know where that track came from, but the two remixes here make a total of three
  20. Artist: Mindblaster Title: The Collapse EP Label: Pyrethrum Records Date: December, 2011 1. The Fall of Empire 2. Other Worlds 3. Disorder I've neglected the releases from our friend over at Ektoplasm lately so since he performs a vital service for our community I thought I would put a few of his offerings under the microscope. Mindblaster is Ukrainian Andriy Tykhonov and I was quite impressed with this 3 track EP. It's powerful with punchy bass and orchestral touches that are very evident during the breaks. The atmosphere is dark (looking at the track titles will tell you that
  21. DOWNLOAD LINK : http://www.ektoplazm...music/manifesto Mastered by Blisargon Demogorgon @ Bhooteshwara Records Studios & Compiled by Zaiklophobia. Manifesto is the first chapter of Anarchic Freakuency Records, a newly-founded label based in Cyprus. This free release features new and established artists from around the world. Manifesto is the perfect experience for the dance floor freaks and displays intense vibes at night and otherworldly passages at day. These power-psyched explosive frequencies will take you into a trip of aural experience. Listen to it, release your mi
  22. Artist: Tryon Title: The Source EP Label: Kaos Krew Records Date: October, 2012 1. Noise Freak - Tryon Vs. Digital Talk 2. The Void - Tryon Vs. Mindcore 3. The Flame "Keep on doing what you've always done. Keep on being what you've always been." Oh yeah...now we're talking. Telmo gets it. Take a thumping beat, drench in acid and repeat. Why is this so hard for some? He's not here to weave a complex tale dissecting the intricacies of our existence. His goal is to make you get up and dance with a sledgehammer combination of lasers and acid. His style dri
  23. Artist: Various Title: Sonic Alchemy Chapter II Label: Sonic Motion Records Date: October, 2012 1. Technology - Outer Signal 2. Impulses Reimagined - Deeper In Zen 3. Eureka - Yurika Sonic Motion Records is back at it again with the 2nd chapter of...ah, you can read. The name sounded familiar so I went back and "re-discovered" that I had actually reviewed the 1st chapter here. And after reading what I had written I'm still uncertain whether I liked it or not. Well I must not have liked it enough to keep it cause I no longer have it. Compiled by Atyss again (whose l
  24. Artist: Various Title: Super Cereal Label: Disasterpeace Records Date: March, 2012 1. Hiyamyzo - Soaring 2. Wired Vs. Zinx - The World is At War 3. Dirty Motion - Schyzophrantic (Sinful Reactions Rmx) 4. Hiyarant - Express 5. Ironstein - Absolut Carnage 6. Mr. Jack - Alter Ego 7. Frozen Ghost - Global Thermonuclear War 8. Orca - Spaceships 9. Tryambaka - Acherion Orchid 10. Hysteria - Deviant 11. Critical Mass - 16 Volt "Truth is for pussies." Yeah, this might hurt. Ever been overlooked? "Yeah I really like the direction Timecode is g
  25. Artist: A-Mush Title: Behind The Dark Label: LAD Records Date: May, 2008 1. Another Place 2. Behind The Dark 3. Dyabolyk Toy 4. Hell Boy 5. Hidraulic System 6. Jigsaw Is Dead 7. Kill Freddy 8. LSD Trip 9. Resident Of Gods 10. Sin City Supposedly wine gets better with age. I haven't drunk enough wine that I couldn't get at the supermarket to know this. Some people become more attractive as they age. Look at George Clooney. What is he...in his 50's? He's still pulling some hot tail. Better example...Sean Connery. He's 75 if I'm a day old and
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