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Found 20 results

  1. In The Mix 2019 - DJ Set by Artmox Follow Artmox : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/artmoxofficial Website : https://www.artmox-music.com Bookings E-Mail : booking@plusquam-agency.net Bookings Hotline : +49 (0) 1573 83 89 153 Plusquam Records : http://www.plusquam-records.net Manager : Thomas Vitali E-Mail : contact@plusquam-records.net Artmox is an progressive psytrance act from germany and was founded in 2004 by Timo Müller. He discovered goa- and psytrance parties in his area in the year 2000, when he was 20 years old, and was instantly infected by its unique sounds and experiences. During the last years was he experimenting a lot with digital and analogue instruments to realize his own interpretation of music within psytrance. He visited audio-engineering school back in 2001 with the intention to start producing after that. His music can be described as pure psychedelic trance with driving bass-lines, screaming leads and atmospheric textures. In 2014 he releases his debut EP called "Cosmic Dash" and in july 2016 his full lengh album "Gentry of the Dusk". He is also presented on nine compilations with other artists such as : "Sonic Entity", "Ital", "Liquid Soul", "Allaby", "Day.Din", "DJ Fabio", "Synsun", "Hardy Veles", "Safi Connection", "Simply Wave", "Klacid", "Space Buddha", "Earthling", "Hamelin", "I.M.D.", "Monu", "Cyklones", "Dark Nebula", "Tikal", "Pakman", "Silent Sphere", "Paste", "Johann Bley", "Nexus", "Cryptexmarble", "Liftshift", "Human Blue", "Erotic Dream", "Jiser", "Ski Fi", "Eleusyn", "Liquid Sound".... on labels like : "Midijum Records", "Goa Crops Records", "Plusquam Digital", "Sin Records", "PsyTropic Records", "Icarus Creations", "Planet B.E.N Records", "Plusquam Believed", "Zombster Records" and he is currently working on his new album. For the mastering and the final fine tune of his productions, Timo intends in the near future to work in collaboration with Hector Stuardo and Shahar Shtrikman. He has already been live on stage with world-famous acts like : "Antix", "Ritmo", "DJ Fabio", "Benni Moon", "Ticon", "Helber Gun", "Materia", "Solaris Vibe", "Kularis" ....
  2. FRESH UPLOAD - The definite OSE experience - a set containing almost ALL our music, from all our albums - originals, remixes and collaborations. Over 30 tracks and 2.5 hours of music! This set will take you deep down the rabbit hole. Journey into the unknown as sounds, colors and thoughts collide to strum on the strings of perception. Strange stories of a melancholic crossing of vast open space carefully crafted and balanced between a dance floor oriented experience and a deep narrative. Onward towards the furthest stars. Tracklist: Ocean Star Empire - Good Evening Travellers (Intro) Ocean Star Empire - A Nebula Portside (Original Mix) Ocean Star Empire - A Nebula Portside (Live Mix) Ocean Star Empire - A Nebula Portside (Militant's Dreamscape Remix) Ocean Star Empire - Three Dots On A Map (Original Mix) Ocean Star Empire - Three Dots On A Map (Faxi Nadu Remix) Ocean Star Empire - Phtygian Drifter Ocean Star Empire - How Small We Are (Original Mix) Ocean Star Empire - How Small We Are (Militant's Dreamscape Remix) Killik - Spaetzle (Ocean Star Empire Remix) Ocean Star Empire - Suspect Nuno (Original Mix) Ocean Star Empire - Suspect Nuno (Militant's Dreamscape Remix) Ocean Star Empire - Rain From Within Ocean Star Empire - Blue Yonder Fringe Ocean Star Empire - An Ho (Overdream Remix) Faxi Nadu vs Nomad Moon - An Ho (OSE Remix) Faxi Nadu vs Nomad Moon - An Ho (Message To Earth Remix) Ocean Star Empire - Kardashev Type II Ocean Star Empire - Rebellion In Module Seven Ocean Star Empire - Nunos Abduction Ocean Star Empire - Where Is Nuno Ocean Star Empire - Moonlight Liasions Ocean Star Empire - Woven Drops (Faxi Nadu Remix) Ocean Star Empire - Age Of Astronomy Ocean Star Empire - Anyway Ocean Star Empire - All Good Things (Alien Energy And Faxi Nadu Remix) Bacchanalian Bass - Astroidal Artifacts (Ocean Star Empire Remix) Ocean Star Empire - Stasis Youga (Studio Trance Mix) Ocean Star Empire - Beckoning Glimmers Of Antiquity (feat Manny Zagri) Ocean Star Empire - Nuno's Blues Ocean Star Empire - All Good Things Ocean Star Empire - From The Top Of The Map Ocean Star Empire - Stasis Yoga (Original Chillout Mix)
  3. For the lovely party "Divide by Zero inv. Skuttie: BlijeBakkesBijeenkomst The Sequel", I cooked up this special set, exploring different facets of goa trance and beyond. A blend of sunshine melodies, driving acid lines, dreamy passages, powerfull stormers, etc. Since I had to play quite a bit longer than expected, there was a fair amount of improvisation involved, but I feel it came together quite nicely. Enjoy! Tracklist: Transwave - Adoration To The Aum DJ Warlock - The Energy Mushroomman - Cloudwalker (Remix) SFX - Butterfly Trip (Energy Sweep Mix) Mushroomman - Babelonia Denshi-Danshi & The Amtinaous - World In Between (2K15 Remix) Weirdo - Photic Zone Cybernaut - Califrae Bassline Baby - Altered States Bassline Baby - Stud Stunner One Man Game - Mistic Morning Chi-A.D. - Astral Warrior (Remix) Amanite FX - Trance-Mission Amanite FX - Secret of Mana Wasabe - The Legacy Yahel - Intelligent life Afgin - Old Is Gold (Part 2) Indica - Fly Me Over The Rainbow Shani Yantra - Fractal Memories Digicult & U-Recken - Into The Heartland (Astral Projection Remix) Avigmati - Hikoseki Ypsilon5 - Chronica RA & Menkalian - 12th Hour Cygnus X - Synchronism (Human Evolution Remix) SFX - Y-Salem (Astral Projection Remix) Brainchild - Symmetry (P-Mix) Asura - Totem
  4. Hi guys, My second set is up and I'm really proud Energy builts smoothly along the set and climaxes at the final track. Let me know what you think about track choice, transitions and flow. 140 - 149 bpm Blue Planet Corporation: Blue pill - 00:00 Wizzy Noise: Tribal dawn - 07:40 Noosphere: Carpe Noctum - 13:15 E-mantra: Dansul Ielelor (Neurosect edit 2011)- 18:44 Pleiadians: Taygeta - 26:12 OOOD: Find your mind - 34:32 MWNN: Possessed - 42:44 MFG: New kind of world - 48:13 Hope you enjoy. Thanks to all the artists for making such nice music
  5. Hello there! Some of you might remenber me from the old Psynews days. It has always been one of my dreams to DJ. I have a feeling i can bring good sets into the psytrance community So here's my first set. Please listen to it and let me know what you think about track selection, flow and transitions between tracks.
  6. ॐ My Artist page - Kindly Like/Follow :https://www.facebook.com/DJCOLLECTIVEONE/ ॐ Enjoy your journey ~ ~Track-list ~ 1 - Aho - Ego 2 - Audiofire - Serpent 3 - Sonic Entity + Solar Kid - First Encounter 4 - Dream Architect + Multiphase - Dreamphase 5 - Flextool - Energy Device 6 - Tristate - Yes to Life 7 - Inner State + Mind Spin - Mind Over Matter 8 - E-Clip - Trivial 9 - Automizers - Level of Consciousness 10 - Side Effects - Dark Mission 11 - Reverse - Nation Zero 12 - One Function - Inverse 13 - Tristate - Zero 4 14 - Tristate + Aioaska - Alien Technology 15 - Egorythmia - S.M.O.T.U. (Side Effects remix) 16 - Yestermorrow - Electromagnetic 17 - Sonic Entity + Star Lab - Dream Engine 18 - Egorythmia + Yestermorrow - Midnight Ritual ONE Love+Light
  7. This is Vol 1 in a series of Progressive Psy + Psytrance mixes that are longer in length. The bpm's in this set flow back n forth from 138-140 through out the entire set. Enjoy the journey! ॐ **Track-list** - Captain Hook+Astrix - Bungee Jump (Protonica remix) - Gaudium+Easy Riders - High on Lucy - Rocky - Paganka - Darma - Dejavoo - Vertical Mode - Time Machine - Astrix - Sapana - E-Clip - Overload (Inner State remix) - Manmachine - Indigo - Helber Gun - Biological Rhythms - Genetrick - Perception Disorder (Modus remix) - Side Effects - Resting Souls - Timelock - Impulse - Darma+Ace Ventura - Acidbro - Maitika - Sideroad - Flextool - Energy Device - Drukverdeler+Dj Exanimo - Universal Program - Sonic Entity - Artificial Gods - Aho - Change Going On - Zentura - Nova Era ONE Love + Light
  8. Tracklist- 01 Penta - Lost In Space 02 Sophya - More (Jocid Rmx) 03 Alien Project - Secret 04 Absolum - Regenerated 05 Aphid Moon - Hyperdimention 06 Psychotic Micro - Frankenstein (Skazi Remix) 07 Astral projection - Let There Be Light (Outsiders Remix) 08 Spinal Fusion - Psychological Effects (Mental Broadcast Remix) 09 Djantrix - Teardrops (Original Mix) 10 Imaginarium - Insider (Djantrix Remix) 11 Makida - Samurai 12 1200 Micrograms - The Changa Zone 13 Space Sneakers - Vortex 14 Dexter - Frontline Warriors Dance on DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/hyperstyles-CD14 SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES PODCAST: http://bit.ly/itunespodcastshyperstyleslentej
  9. Tracklist- 01 Tropical Bleyage - Stargaze 02 Tropical Bleyage - Constant Present 03 DigiCult - Lost In A Mental Universe 04 Astral Projection - One 05 Kazuki - Sinister Sunrise 06 2012Conection - Conversation 07 Krome Angels - One Shot (Stryker vs Talamasca Remix) 08 Champa & Sati - This Is Why I'm Hot 09 S-Range - Hypermental (Exaile & Uriel Remix) 10 Void - Wake Up 11 Astro-D, Felipe Costa - Into The Light 12 Clean Trip - Pleyades 13 Bionic Delay - Ragnarok (Acid Syndrome Remix) 14 Infected Mushroom - Psycho (Loud & Domestic 2015 Remix) 15 Sonic Species - Just A Freak (Hujaboy Remix) DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/hyperstyles-CD12 SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES PODCAST: http://bit.ly/itunespodcastshyperstyleslentej
  10. finally got to the point where we share this file! mixed album set of the new Ocean Star Empire when you grab this album on Bandcamp you get this set as an added downloadale bonus! tune in to this psychedelic space story https://soundcloud.com/faxinadu/faxi-nadu-ocean-star-empires-dots-on-maps-mixed-album-set-2015 grab the album: https://oceanstarempire.bandcamp.com/
  11. PLAY: SOUNDCLOUD / YOUTBE 01. InnerZone - Universal Enlightment 02. JIS - Mind Therapy 03. Cosmic Dimension - Dark side of the Universe 04. Alien Message - Arc Prime (White) 05. Hypnagogia - Angular Pulsation 06. Kurandini - Kalindian 07. OXI - Gemini Astroid 08. Imba & Ethereal - Solar Resonance (Live Mix) 09. Cactus Arising - Long See Long Walk 10. CoaGoa - Sequoia Valley 11. 01-N - 12. Javi, SkoOma - Flubber 13. Siam - Transparent feelings 14. Sky Technology - Pleadian Connection 15. JBC Arkadii - Fraktal Diving 16. GoaTree - Gods of Annihilation 17. Nova Fractal - Common Cold (Screwloose Remix) 18. Crossing Mind - Trip Through Unconsciousness
  12. New DJ-Set aviable 4 streaming on Mixcloud: Psychedelic Delights 2014 Listen here: http://www.mixcloud.com/scheinklaenge/psychedelic-delights-2014/ Tracklist: 1.Laguna (Waveform Remix) byLupín 2.Electrify byNerso 3.Electric forest byAntisense Project 4.Sarnath byItal 5.Psychedelic Compounds byAgent kRitsek 6.BORDERLAND byNerso 7.Space Matter byHypnoise 8.Call To Shiva byEmphacis 9.Break-Up (Scheinklaenge Remix) byPaulo K 10.Psychotropical Nights byZen mechanics 11.The Self byTree Circuit, Champa 12.The Spell buy Inoxiaxia Style: Goa Enjoy!
  13. Uploaded on soundcloud so you can listen at your own convenience. https://soundcloud.com/radiozora/live-set-by-martan-arts-for
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcuN2FSktJ8
  15. A mix inspired by a dream I had as a child where Bosco, the Care Bears and I all sailed up the grand canal in a boat. To quote Bosco: Knock knock, open wide, see what's on the other side, Knock knock, any more, come with me through the Magic Door http://www.mixcloud.com/katalepsis/aint-life-grand-canal-mix and here is the Mixcrate link for downloads http://www.mixcrate.com/katalepsis/aint-life-grand-canal-mix-327667 Tracklist: Radio GuerillaSolid Snake DeependingPoint Under the shadeAntix Serenaii (antix remix)Sun Control Species Keen String rmxFiord Techno & Trumpets (Andrea Bertolini Remix)Solid Snake Cheap tricksSun Control Species
  16. Paz Kelmer Live set@Some Desert in The Middle East PLayList: Electric universe all is nothing Electro sun- planet domination Laughing Buddha – the pill original mix Xerox&illumination – tribal metal (insomnia remix) Digicut&u recken – into the heartland Digicult – last warning Loud-elastic mood Loud – small talk 2009 Paranormal attack – be with you Gms vs michelle adams-sweet dreams Onyx&e-jekt-star light Paz Kelmer-Sequins of life Space tribe vs mad max – peak experience Electro sun – into the sky Painkiller – gazpacho Orca – sad movies Cutting edge science- azax syndrome Rabdom l – psylodeliak Kamasutrance – ran gi la 2001 Space tribe vs laughing Buddha - destiny Free Download!!!!
  17. Spinal Fusion -Summer Set 2012 Genre -Full on/psytrance/progressive http://soundcloud.co...summer-set-2012 TRACKLIST:- Peacemaker- Club Tec Champa And Mechanimal- Avatara Logic Bomb-Grid Spinal Fusion- Message From The Pleiadians Neuroplasm- Incognito Sinewave- Resurrection(Champa Remix) Captain Hook Vs. Freedom Fighters - Marshmallows Mindwave- Guiding Voice Mindwave-Levity Join the official Fan Page for more updates http://www.facebook....Fusion.Official Contact for booking spinal.fusion21@gmail.com
  18. Simple Man psychedelic music from Hungary Official Site Facebook Cosmic Connections 01 http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=IseqKfnmwuY Tracklist: 01 Ovnimoon - Eight K Miles (2010 remix) 02 Egorythmia - Dark Ages 03 Suntree - Observation (Flegma and Nerso remix) 04 Echotek - Paradise Lost 05 Symphonix - Home Sweet Home (AudioLoad remix) 06 Zyce and Vice - Neutron 07 Hi Profile - Unique (Side Winder remix) 08 Middle Mode and Nerso - Deep Blue 09 Liquid Space - Accord of Sounds 10 Inner State - Backswitch 11 Sinister Silence - Heaven and Hell (Vaishiyas and Audiomatic remix) 12 Alchemix - Time is Direction
  19. * Title: Faxi Nadu - Live @ Darkotica Waren Germany 041111 This is the set i played in Waren, Germany at a party by Darkotica crew. Specially conceived for this specific party, tracks and pieces of tracks are mixed fast from 150-170bpm. Dedicate this set to Mathias G. for making it happen :-) http://postunder.net/star/faxi_nadu_-_live_at_darkotica_waren_germany_041111.mp3 * Date: 041111 * Genre: Psytrance * Length: 2hr55min28sec * Format: 320kbps mp3 * Tracklist: faxi nadu - i am the night escape vs faxi remix faxi nadu - temporal control faxi nadu - star one noized remix xenomorph - silimaki murder toolkit faxi nadu remix noized - chainsaw paranoia faxi nadu remix faxi nadu - in 1861 faxi nadu - fight the future faxi nadu - take cover medea remix faxi nadu - second in command original faxi nadu - crisis faxi nadu - bolt from the blue faxi nadu - the others faxi nadu - looking for girls faxi nadu - star one lsdan remix faxi nadu - pace of the space race faxi and damagez - bad sugar deflo - tio mate faxi nadu - arrange my mind faxi nadu - in the soon after faxi nadu - the deep faxi nadu - missing puzzle overdream - ultramarine faxi remix faxi nadu and damagez - for the fire sandman - end of the world faxi nadu - lessions in scifi faxi nadu - remember the alamo faxi nadu - thoughts of a troubled girl faxi nadu - rambo of the mind noized - its an evil machine faxi nadu remix faxi nadu - i am the night noized remix faxi nadu - servalan wins tortured brain - the dealer faxi nadu - indian remedy faxi nadu - green dune faxi nadu - this one time at band camp noized - walking on corpse faxi nadu remix faxi nadu - spiritual gameboy quirk - ping faxi nadu - zhentarin faxi nadu - second in command chemical reaction remix melovskys - evolution number 9 syntezia - microman faxi nadu remix http://postunder.net/star/faxi_nadu_-_live_at_darkotica_waren_germany_041111.mp3
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