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Found 1 result

  1. I find myself wondering about this oftenly when i'm looking to the stars from the ground i'm standing and bring to my mind the vastness of space with the infinite of the celestial objects, the suns, the stars and the planets. That the place i'm living in and the ground i'm standing on is also a part of this whole «space», that this ground spins around a sun inside a solar system which lies inside a galaxy and that it's a quite tiny piece of it (lost in the perpetuity of time). The only thing that separates the ground from the the void is spheres of atmosphere that is layers of air. When i'm watching the fullmoon, i try to approach it with my mind, to measure the distance, to see the moon from a closer point, a closer distance. I also imagine to observe the night sky from other stars and see the starlight of the earth too. I see that the perception of «space» and the awareness of the position is mostly missed to a dimensional missconception. The misunderstanding is that the sky is being perceived as something like a dome (or a flat screen) with decorative lights· the moon is being seen as something like a big lamp and the stars as something like LED lighting. It's like living in a hollow earth, where inside is the whole universe, the whole creation, and where outside there's nothing or nothing happens, there's nothing serious or important, or there's nothing to see. . . . . P.S. So, someone might ask, is there any moral here? Any deeper meaning? Myths may have many levels and states of solid explanation and deeper understanding, and this observation may stand as an allegory of the platonic myth of the cave. So, the real exposure here, behind the dimensional missconception, is a worldview missconception.. ..The question (or the quest for) of the constant awareness of our position in «space» and full awareness of our existence.
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