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  1. hey people, Ocean Star Empire and Pure Chords Records present Ocean Star Empire - Woven Drops - REMIX PROJECT Project download: http://postunder.net/starocean/remix_projects/ose_-_woven_drops_REMIX_PACK.rar - in the rar you will find the track audio stems. - the track is in 145 bpm in g-sharp phrygian scale. - please name your remix ONLY in the following format: "Ocean Star Empire - Woven Drops (Your Name Remix). - favorite remixes chosen by us will be released on a free compilation with also 50 promotional cd copies. Our absolute favorite remixer will also win a bundle of Pure Chords CDs and goodies - deadline for submissions to the compilation is: May 1st 2014. submit by providing us a download link in 32, 24, or 16 bit unmastered wav quality. send your link via a message to our facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/OceanStarEmpire - you are allowed to provide your remix anywhere you want to for free - soundcloud, youtube, your album, compilation etc. - you are NOT allowed to release this remix in any commercial way or to profit from it in any way. - the stems and sounds are for usage within the context of a remix to this track only. you are not allowed to use them for anything else. Original tune: http://soundcloud.com/ocean-star-empire/ocean-star-empire-the-purest-7 Do it for fun! There are no rules, any genre and creative work is acceptable! ENJOY and let us hear what you come up with
  2. Hey ppl. Check out my new track 2kija - Quetzalcoatl Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/2kijamusic/2kija-quetzalcoatl
  3. IN TRANSIT!!!! New ep from label co-founder Legacy!!!! Question Authority is bangin swingin psychedelic stompfloor material!!! check out the preview on soundcloud,,,please help to share this around,,,Big Love from North Queensland, Ozstraylia!!!! https://soundcloud.com/legacy-1/question-authority-mix :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: will be available 29/11/2013 ...watch this space.. http://www.beatport.com/label/no-qualms-records/33500
  4. Released on 11/1/2013 this is my first single to come out this month and charted at #83 on the Beatport Top 100 Psy-Trance chart! Available exclusively on Beatport until 12/1/2013, you can listen to the entire track on SoundCloud as Beatport's preview does not do the track justice. Enjoy! Beatport Link: http://www.beatport.com/release/digital-dreams/1188409 SoundCloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/planewalker/planewalker-digital-dreams-1
  5. Released today (11/15/2013) this is my second single to come out this month! The last one, Digital Dreams charted at #83 on the Beatport Top 100 Psy-Trance chart a week ago. Available exclusively on Beatport for the next month or so, you can listen to the entire track on SoundCloud as Beatport's preview does not do the track justice. Enjoy! Beatport Link: http://www.beatport.com/release/ending-the-dreamspell/1198270 SoundCloud Link: http://soundcloud.com/planewalker/planewalker-ending-the-dreamspell
  6. 1. Create Yourself 2. Syn 3. Rituality 4. Kanna 5. Distress 6. Let It Go 7. Stardiver 8. Polysemos 9. Spaceflip Spiritual Psy Techno from Swiss artist, Dogma.i Download: http://depositfiles.com/files/fs9u1szj1
  7. Febuary 6th - 9th 2014 New Zealand’s longest running outdoor dance party, Alien Nation…three nights and four days of sublime sounds and luscious landscapes, tasty beats and loving community … for the alien in us all. http://www.AlienNation.co.nz
  8. a progressive downtempo track (126 bpm) with a warm sound for these cold winter days http://www.soundclou...ot-watercooling
  9. 1. Next Episode 07:04 2. Sweaty Armadillos 09:28 3. A Day In Barradise (Feat Backstroke) 08:54 4. It's Bullshit Aaay!! 07:54 5. 3 Fiddy Chicken Roll 07:44 Debut EP from No Qualms Records artist - Legacy. This 5 track ep is featuring some of the newest riggs to come from the legacy project in 2012. Track 3 is featuring Backstroke (Creten). All other tracks are W&P by Rhyss Shandiman. From the Mob at No Qualms Records, BOM!! credits released 26 July 2012 Big thanks goes out to Felix for the quality mastering, Boni and Rhi for the cover, Jekyl, Tommo n Mundi @ No Qualms, Mitch for the Barradise track and brodz for the killer riggs. ALLLL me mates. Also want to send big love to anyone that has inspired me along this journey, or that i have inspired along the way. Restekpa DOWNLOAD FLAC PACK: http://depositfiles.com/files/ri59zozly
  10. Earth Swing and Psy travels to the hinterlands of Electro Swing bringing together a myriad of differing styles. In the second instalment of the Convergence series we travel with David David Attenborough on a wondrous journey to an altogether more psychedelic plain. Showcasing some of the worlds finest psy and electro swing producers, David starts off his journey deep in the Jungle exploring some of more ambient sides of Swing and Psy, slowly his 80 minute journey brings him through a profusion of different styles ranging from minimal to hard prog and even a touch of Melbourne glitch for good measure. This Journey is not to be missed! Released by: Hellzapoppin Release date: Jun 12, 2012 http://soundcloud.co...earth-swing-psy
  11. Artist: SQUARKING JAZZ Title: Imagine plus Label: Time Resonance Music Style: Chillout, Psychedelic Time Resonance Music present: The debut EP of the Moscow project SQUARKING JAZZ. Beautiful electronic music, created for totally new experiences, to feed the mind and relax the body. Track list: 1. Imagine plus 2. Ironside 3. Glamourra de electro LISTEN&DOWNLOAD: http://www.beatport....ine-plus/686263 http://timeresonance...um/imagine-plus
  12. Title: Acid Hades Artists: 2Komplex Label: CROTUS RECORDS Country: Brazil Tracks: 3 Format: EP Catalogue Number: CROTUSCD36 webkit-fake-url://7AED9AB8-C485-4163-9D16-E8C1F91A1137/image.tiff 4769266.jpg Hello my friends from arround the world! We are proud to announce our first EP signed by Crotus Records 2KOMPLEX are 2 producers from Brazil on the uprising path for present psytrance music culture. Its EP "Acid Hades" shows exactly this - a combination of dynamic psytrance elements and pure sense of story-telling. THe EP contains 3 unreleased and exclusive tracks. Enter the world of 2Komplex! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tracklist , 1. 2Komplex - Loose Hats (7:51 / 135 bpm) 2. 2Komplex - No Dreaming (6:14 / 135 bpm) 3. 2Komplex - On The Rush (6:55 / 135 bpm) SAMPLES: http://soundcloud.com/2komplex ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Publisher: http://www.plusquam-...plex-acid-hades ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FOR SALE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.play.com/...es/Product.html http://www.beatport....id-hades/845301 http://www.junodownload.com/products/acid-hades/1878399-02/ Crotus Records http://www.plusquam-...-crotus-records ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact & Bookings : 2komplexlive@gmail.com tomazettousu@gmail.com jan@parceriailimitada.com.br Peace!
  13. Alien Nation is New Zealand's longest running Outdoor Dance Party, and we are proud to announce our 10yr Anniversary with another Epic Doof in the impressive Top of the South Island, in New Zealand. The 2nd weekend in February 2012, brings four days and three nights of the freshest Underground Electronic Experience in the sensational Wangapeka Valley – approximately 71kms west of Nelson. Stompin’ hard from dusk, Friday 10th to Monday 13th February 2012. Celebrating the eternal beat with a solid 20K Sound Rig, Alien Nation is a unique festival that opens new dimensions of the mind. Allowing you to see, hear, feel - experience the primal music of New Zealand talent in a beautiful native environment along with carefully selected Underground Producers and DJs from around the world. Several International Acts are making the pilgrimage to come and be part of the decade long ritual. To offer themselves at the altar of doof in lush New Zealand bush surroundings, or fondly known to some as the temple of Boom. Alien Nation is a superb expo of Psychedelic, Progressive, Minimal, Tekno plus so many more genre! A Mind Blowing Sensory Overload of Epic Proportions with Psychedelic UV Decor, - Spectacular Location and a Line Up to die for. Having well evolved over the years and now at its Decade Anniversary, the 2012 event promises to be Epic once again. Keeping it fresh, with new decor artists, lighting specialists and of course, the fire performers. Alien Nation 2012 is STILL a Alcohol Free ROAR event and Dog Free. Count on it. If you’re serious about having fun, join the rhythm of the cosmos at this unique bush doof.
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