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Found 21 results

  1. This week on Psylicious Radio we welcome Ovnimoon Records and the combined forces of Ovnimoon and Barby. Ovnimoon and Barby are the very foundations of the Chilean trance scene, pioneers in their own right, each with their own distinctive sound and crowd-pleasing injection of psychedelic sound-scapes that echo across the World and onto the trance-floors. With the release of Barby's long-awaited 3rd album "Spectre” out we join together as Ovnimoon delivers one of his infamous DJ sets and Barby provides the musical twists, turns and psychedelic nourishment of his new album, “Spectre”. Enjoy! Listen to the show: OVNIMOON [Ovnimoon Recs] CL Ovnimoon is the main project of Héctor Stuardo (Santiago de Chile, 1979) and it was born in mid-1999 at the “EarthDance Chile” festival. He is currently considered an ambassador of Psytrance music from Latin America and Chile to the world with a career of 18 years playing as a DJ and as a live artist on various stages in Chile. He has released 9 albums in Europe, 5 albums of remixes (of great names in Psy World music), several compilations, EPs and with the creation of his own label called "Ovnimoon Records", his name is one of the most recognized in the world. elite of this genre. Ovnimoon Links & Social Media: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Instagram | Youtube | Facebook | Website | Beatport | Discogs | Spotify | Apple Music BARBY [Ovnimoon Recs] CL Barby is the psytrance & chillout project sculptured and launched in 1999 by one of the first Chilean trance musicians, Ignacio Barbagelata. Barby soon began performing and building a reputation as a trance artist, performing at local clubs, outdoor parties, festivals, and then joining collaborative forces with Chilean producer Ovnimoon in a collective called Psychedelic Shiva. Barby's honed and distinctive style combines an infusion of dark and industrial elements into trance while staying true to the roots of Goa and its ancient transcendental essence. Featured Track List 01: State of Trance 02: Ancient Gods 03: Nexus 04: Navigator 05: Spectre 06: A Single Thought (Live Mix) 07: Jaguar 08: Love Inside (ft; Ovnimoon & Feel) 09: Native Dream 10: Blacklight Barby Links & Social Media: Linktree Ovnimoon Records Music Available From: PsyShop | Bandcamp | Beatport | Spotify Ovnimoon Records Links & Social Media: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram | Discogs | Youtube Thanks for listening... Spread the LoVe ENJOY!
  2. Yugen is a profound awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words... Music binds us in a way that language rarely does as RIGEL unveils the mystery of his latest VA Compilation Yugen Vol. 2, for your auditory senses, from Metabolizm Records. Yugen Vol. 2 is a new chapter of psychedelia for your enlightened ears orchestrated by Rigel with luminary names including Manmademan, Ovnimoon, RIGEL, Synkronic, Technology and Teorema, and rising names such as Aster, cxp7, Freaktor, Proagressivo, Teramoon and Zumerium. Yugen Vol.2 concludes and winds you down with a soul drenching downtempo infusion from Chilean producer Barby. Listen & Buy: Bandcamp | Beatport | Psyshop
  3. Yugen is a profound awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words... So empower the universal language of music as Rigel unlocks his latest VA Compilation for your discerning ears "Yugen Vol. 1", from Metabolizm Records. Yugen Vol. 1 is abundant with psychedelic beats throughout from respected names. Including Barby, Declaration of Unity, ManMadeMan, Ovnimoon, Rigel, Technology and Tron with an infusion of upcoming names such as Kristiam and Insomnic. Yugen Vol. 1 concludes and cools you down with a chilled out downtempo drenching from Braincell's side-project Unknown Reality. Available for purchase from... Beatport | PsyShop | Bandcamp
  4. Over 36 Hours of Psychedelic listening pleasure has been created by some of the most legendary pioneering names in the scene for this special occasion as we welcomed the Winter Solstice and to raise awareness and donations for The Myelin Project. Listen to the show: Listen to 50 Spins Around The Sun Here! Featuring the following Artists... Afgin (IL) Aphid Moon (UK) Braincell (CH) Chromatone (AU) DuM (FR/CA) Infernal Gift (GR/USA) ManMadeMan (UK) Mechanimal (UK) Mekkanikka (CH) Mutalisk (DK) N.A.S.A. (DK) Oden (FI) RIGEL (GR) Rita Raga (PL) SkyPirate (FR) Total Eclipse (FR/GR) Featuring the following DJs... Anoebis (BE) Auricle (AU) Collider (UK) Dryad (USA/PL) EarthAlien (UK) Florescence (UK) Goa Doc (USA) John Phantasm (UK) Kid Kosmik (GER) Lee AudioAddictz (UK) Ovnimoon (CL) DJ Sarana (FI) DJ Shakti (UK) Psibindi (UK) Psykia (IT) Psykinetic (UK) Tuszi Tushe (PL) The Myelin Project Website: https://www.myelinproject.co.uk Twitter: https://twitter.com/myelin_project Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myelinproject.co.uk
  5. Catalog: MR038 Release Date: 2020-12-18 Label: Metabolizm Records Nebular Gateway is the newest various artist compilation album release from Greek Psytrance maestro RIGEL, now out on Canadian Psytrance label Metabolizm Records! Nebular Gateway is full of psychedelic goodness and enriched with names such as ManMadeMade, Transient Disorder, Ovnimoon and of course RIGEL. RIGEL has clearly put his stamp of all things quirky on this 18 track compilation. Nebular Gateway opens up with ManMadeMans, “Sound Bite” to whet your appetite before plunging you further into the rhythm and hypnotism each track creates. Nebular Gateway delivers a full psychedelic experience that will stimulate your auditory senses as each track encapsulate your mind with every twist and turn making this compilation a must have! Listen | Buy: Beatport | Psyshop Metabolizm Records Online & Social Media: Twitter | Bandcamp | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram
  6. Psylicious Radio presents a Geomagnetic label group showdown as it morphs together for this show its labels, Goa Records and Timewarp! Expect a magnetic force that draws you further into a hypnotic state of mind as our guest DJS Goa Doc aka Doctor Spook and Ovnimoon lead you into this psychedelic soundscape. After all Geomagnetic are based in San Francisco, home of psychedelia, so you know what to expect! Tune In Here: Psylicious Radio
  7. Ovnimoon records 1. Cellar Door 07:34 2. Creativity Portals 08:00 3. Singularity Spike 08:38 4. Aperture Science 08:08 5. Wormhole Wizard 08:02 6. The Rabbit Hole 08:50 7. The Summoning 08:26 (feat. Etnica) 8. Multidimensional 08:17 9. Universal Evolution 08:31 Creativity Portals is the fifth album produced by Rigel Vasili, artist from Greece. This is 2019, pretty much every psytrance album sounds well produced, and mastered with great attention to details. But on the music side, this album did not grab me for the most part. I do believe the review section should also include albums that we didn't enjoy much. Tough luck for Rigel : ) For me this is a kind of psytrance that is hard to like, it is between progressive, full-on and techno, but it's not really deep and not really melodic either. This reminds me of the techno era of Etnica, not surprised when I found out track #7 was a collaboration with them, and it's nothing special. Of course it's not all bad, track #4 has a cool sample vocal with interesting energy all along. Track #5 is more psychedelic than the rest, and track #6, The Rabbit Hole, is a solid number with acid lines and a catchy melody in the second half of the track. Tracks have some melodic sequences here and there, there is a touch of (noisy) electro, but coming from Ovnimoon records I expected something deeper and more inspiring. The good ingredients just stay on the surface but don't develop enough, and focus is mostly on the progressive (full-onish) bassline, and dancefloor energy, so I thought most of the album was forgettable. To each their own, I rate it 5/10, hopefully it will please some people on this forum! Listen / Buy: https://ovnimoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rigel-creativity-portals-ovnicd129-ovnimoon-records
  8. Ovnimoon records, 2019. 1. Modul Octagon (Ambient Intro Version) 06:08 2. Resonanz 07:37 3. We Aren't Ready To Understand 08:56 4. Modul Octagon 07:32 5. Acid Instinct 07:37 6. Androgenus 06:50 7. Toxic Enviroment 09:55 8. Flotar 08:08 9. Techtrance 08:03 10. Possible Worlds 08:40 It was clear from the Bandcamp description that this release would be leaning towards the techtrance side of things. The album has some dark hypnotic overtones. The artist is throwing a lot of influences from the techno genre, at times reminiscent of what we could hear in the nineties too, Laurent Garnier for instance if we can mention a veteran, but also Planet BEN and of course X-dream. Could be too dark and too minimal for some, but if you are into this kind of sound, you simply cannot go wrong with this album. The minimalist, yet evolving side of things is appealing to me. Most tracks share a similar recipe: kick and bass combo to set the mood, building up to emotional atmospheres, more trance sounds in second half of the tracks, very effective emotional trance pads, especially until the fifth track. Favorite tracks are #5 and #7. As the name says, Acid Instinct throws in some mechanical and hypnotic acid lines, progresses very slowly and is later supported by ethereal trance pads. The tension rises until the final climax. Toxic Environment is a unique track. Probably my favorite here. Deliberately repetitive, but every new sound or noise added has a purpose. It nicely builds an evil atmosphere all along. This track is pure entrancing, psychedelic techno. A dark robotic beauty. Only tracks that did not do it for me were #6, and to a lesser extent #9, a bit too basic, too simple. Thumbs up for the ending track, a blend of techtrance and atmospheric ambient masterly executed. Rating: 7.5/10. Listen / buy: https://ovnimoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hedustma-forms-03-ovnicd128-ovnimoon-records
  9. Artist: Maan Title: Orbiter Ep Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: October, 2017 1. Earthstomp 2. Orbiter 3. Disconnect Me "This conversation can serve no purpose anymore." They should just become a goa label already. There's been more carnal knowledge explored with that genre than a meeting with Harvey Weinstein. Anyhow, this digital ep is the work of a nice chap from Norway and if I could offer him some advice...don't listen to president racist sh*thole. Why the hell would anyone want to leave Norway to come to a country where 20 children getting blasted is just the cost of doing business? Our government can't agree what color the sky is and doesn't seem to give a flying f*ck about education or health care. I would of course welcome you, but we need to get things sorted out so none of out sh*t gets stuck on you. Rant over, I enjoyed this ep. It's the Ovnimoon style through and through with thumping psytrance that is layered well relying heavily on that delicious goa sound. The sound quality is superb and deserves to be played loud. My favorite was Disconnect Me with it's rich atmosphere and seems to grow in intensity. He didn't reinvent the wheel and this style has been done before, but Hostess makes a lot of cupcakes too, and I'll eat the f*ck out of a box of those. *Double checks to make sure the webcam is off* Ovnimoon Records
  10. I've been trying to ID this track for like 18 months. I cannot find it. It starts at 49:38 into the mix. https://youtu.be/XtCRH4d3QxQ?t=2976 Any ideas?
  11. VA - Mysteries Of Psytrance Vol 4 Compiled By Ovnimoon and Rigel Ovnimoon Records Tracklist: 1. Gamayun - Droid 2. Stream Of Consciousness - H-Sunrise 3. Super Light In The Darkness (Twelve Sessions Remix) - Ovnimoon & Via Axis 4. Spaceworm - Braincell 5. The Black Sheep - Tron & Glitch 6. Visionary Plants - Dishka 7. Vortex - Mental Control 8. We Are One - Snag The Sunshepherd 9. The Call - Tripy 10. All Systems Go - Braincell 11. Technology - Holon 12. Fusion 303 - Skizologic & Moonweed 13. Dark Horizon - SHX 14. Skydancers - Vimana & Elegy 15. Rivershack - Declaration Of Unity 16. Deep Existence - Psydeva 17. Unidentified Flying Object - Ovnimoon & Rigel 18. Pseudo Anagram - Psychophysical Transcripts At a New Year's gig I attended this year a great full-on DJ went on right before midnight. The build-ups, the drops, the energy, it sent many a fist pumping through the air, many a hand raised to the air in ecstatic celebration, it was the most alive the crowd would be for the remainder of the evening, merely going through the motions and making the best of the Zenon, progressive and generic full-on that made up the rest of the party. It was self-affirming as I have always been a staunch believer that nothing rocks a party harder than good, old-fashioned, earth-rumbling full-on. It was great to be surrounded by a crowd that was in-tune with that attitude even if we were only able to express that appreciation for about an hour. It seems that in 2015 we may be in a bit of a full-on renaissance where more and more artists are beginning to notice the change in attitude, where the pendulum seems to be swinging away from slower-paced progressive and more toward faster and harder psychedelic sounds. True, the Israeli full-on sound has never gone away but I was never a big fan of that particular style and it is a different approach from the full-on flooding the listening markets these days. Instead, the pendulum is swinging back toward the Braincell school of full-on where the producers are bringing not only energy but also vision back to the style. This year, it's good to be a full-on fan with some awesome full-length albums already put out by Ovnimoon, Koxbox and Drumatik, along with some great full-on EPs from usually progressive producers like Middle Mode and Spirit Architect. To top it off, some jaw-dropping full-on EPs are also out there from the likes of Atoned Splendor, Imaginarium and Hujaboy. If any of that sounds kind of appealing or interesting, Mysteries Of Psytrance Vol 4 is the double-disc compilation you should add to your collection as soon as possible. Following up on the three excellent versions that came before it Ovnimoon & Rigel accumulate quite a few new faces while peppering in the usual suspect of Ovnimoon Records veterans to make sure folks will slap down a few dollars to check it out. It's an Ovnimoon Records compilation so the quality of music is excellent with two great ones by Braincell, a mind-erasing speedball from Dishka and a few masterworks by the likes of Declaration Of Unity, Vimana & Elegy, Skizologic & Moonweed and Psychophysical Transcripts. Surprisingly, Ovnimoon himself, a usual high-paced assembly line of mass psytrance producing, offers up only a "Twelve Sessions Remix" of "Super Light In The Darkness" (produced with the great Via Axis) by way of new material. The other Ovnimoon offering is his co-production with Rigel on "Unidentified Flying Object," previously released on the wildly acclaimed Omnipresent Technology album. Still, both sound great here. Disc One of Volume 4 is pretty decent though limited if listening in on a set of headphones. The highlights of this collection and the peak of creativity and vision belong to Disc Two and sound phenomenal no matter what manner of listening you choose to use. However, Disc One sounds much better on a proper stereo system so the big, bold sounds can encapsulate the senses a bit better. Of the top dogs in this 18-track compilation, Braincell thrills on "All Systems Go," Skizologic & Moonweed dress up a goa tune in full-on clothing with "Fusion 303" (and the goa chirps work very well on this full-on celebration, giving a few minutes of great diversity to the proceedings) and Vimana & Elegy make a tight and awesome stunner on "Skydancers." Top honor goes to Declaration Of Unity, however. Earlier this year, DoU member Ion Vader released his good Expansion goa EP through Ovnimoon sub-label Timewarp and the DoU gang released their Optical Delusion EP through Ovnimoon itself, showcasing their intriguing mix of forest, goa and full-on mashups. On "Rivershack," the producers encapsulate some warm and gorgeous morning sounds, complete with beautiful and catchy melodies that hum through the speakers while the full-on bass keeps everything moving along at a brisk pace. It's a surprising departure from the EPs these guys have done collectively or individually and it is fair to wonder if they just put together one gem of this sort to fit in with the focus of Volume 4. Well, they haven't! Declaration of Unity's full-length Luminescent Revolution (their full-length debut no less) is a brilliant continuation of this track and my personal pick for best full-on album thus far in 2015. But back to this one. If you're after the full-on sounds that you heard last Saturday night in the club while your coke was peaking you're probably in search of the latest albums from Hux Flux or Tristan. Mysteries of Psytrance Volume 4 is the real stuff, the good stuff, the stuff you'll hear out at the smaller local festivals where the educated DJs will be driving the throngs of dread-locked hippies completely mental. In that hour or two, don't be surprised if a few tracks from this great compilation are in that particular set. Psyshop
  12. Bioterranean - Daydreaming EP Artist: Bioterranean Title: Daydreaming EP Label: Ovnimoon Records Tracks: 01. Silicone Dreams (Original Mix) 02. Nothing of Privileges (Original Mix) 03. Let Me Fly, You Do Not Control Me (Original Mix) Frankly, the only reason I wanna put a review of Bioterranean's EP here, is the second track "Nothing Of Privileges". Where "Silicone Dreams" and "Let Me fly, you do not control me" are OK psy tracks, with some great samples ("the music just turns me on!" and something from The Matrix), I just can't stop listening to "Nothing Of Privileges". The track is not very long (6m29s), what a shame!, but the buildup, layers of sounds, spirals, hypnotism, a final acid line ... it's fucking ridiculous. And the bass is so tight, you can squeeze tits with it. It's just over and out before you know it. And then you know you've just listened to a super track. Bioterranean is Victor Solsona (part of Hypnoxock or Hypnocock as MdK refers to it, hehe). In my opinion he is better off alone than accompanied. This is a great EP. More of this sir! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/ovn/ovn1dw164.html http://classic.beatport.com/release/daydreaming/1463165
  13. Bill

    Ovnimoon - Holistic

    Ovnimoon Holistic Ovnimoon Records Tracklist: 1. The Spirit 2. Emotional Biodecodification 3. Fear 4. You Can Do This 5. The Power 6. Tesoro Interior 7. Dual Resonance - Passing Clouds (Ovnimoon Remix) 8. Trance Dance It always comes with a new release by a favorite artist. A whole bunch of excitement for something new and unheard, a little anxiety about the possibility of it being disappointing and altering your opinion about the artist. But, then, this is Hector Ovnimoon we are talking about and there is that little voice in the back of my head telling me he'll probably exceed all my expectations. I'm not sure if this is his masterpiece but there is definitely that possibility and only time can tell for sure. This is by all standards what Ovnimoon has set down for himself over the years, across several of his own great artist albums, across the several awesome albums of other artists and compilations he has released through his baby, Ovnimoon Records. This is an Ovnimoon album and it lives up to all the lofty standards associated with that name. There are no artistic surprises in "Holistic," nothing groundbreaking, nothing that Hector Ovnimoon has not already created on other tracks. There is a whole lot of spiritually uplifting psytrance with deliciously thick progressive flavors and lovely goa traces set to a deliriously good full-on pace. This is exactly who Ovnimoon is as an artist and he should not be faulted for offering up nothing new with "Holistic." Quite simply, you can never have too much of a very great thing. From the first moments of the ethereal vocals to the distant but oncoming rumbles of the bass to the addictive melodies on "Spirit," it is clear very quickly that this album will be something special. Certainly "Spirit" is one of the very best of this bunch but by no means does Ovnimoon use up his best ideas on the intro. "Emotional Biodecodification" is the remarkable follow-up. What follows beyond the initial serenity is nothing short of a cleansing, a spiritual reset button that liberates with lovely organic instruments creating catchy melodies that linger long after the track is over and a rollicking psytrance structure that seeks out higher planes of existence and attains them. Throughout "Holistic" rich, talky instructional speeches guiding one through various degrees of spiritual enrichment are provided with none of the moments ever becoming preachy or intrusive. The pleasing insight that loss of imagination is what causes "Fear" adds intelligence to a superb track. "You Can Do This" and "Tesoro Interior" are both solid tracks and since neither offer up anything of great note perhaps the most that can be said about them is that they are excellent filler. "The Power" changes the direction of "Holistic" from full-on bliss to lovely goa pastures for a few wonderful minutes. Ovnimoon's remix of Dual Resonance is a bit too far on the progressive side for my tastes. Though, I suspect that a pair of headphones and a lie-down in the grass to watch "Passing Clouds" may unlock levels of beauty not available to passive listeners. Nothing short of captivating occurs on "Trance Dance" where it seems the ongoing waves of awesome energy have to break at some point yet continues to build and build, constantly paying off stunning riches in sound. For an album as accomplished and near-perfect as "Holistic" it only makes sense that the conclusion should be so satisfying and comfortably intense. On first listen, I was impressed. On second listen, I was convinced of its greatness. On the third listen, I was smitten and knew it had exceeded all of my expectations, just as that little voice in the back of my head suspected it might. ()
  14. Labyr1nth - Nirvana Network LP - Ovnimoon Records Out now at Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ovn/ovn1cd087.html 1. Labyr1nth - Nirvana Network 2. Labyr1nth - Source Energy (Deep Mix) 3. Labyr1nth - Trimurti (Deep Mix) 4. Labyr1nth - One Pulse 5. Labyr1nth - Drift to the Center 6. Labyr1nth - Cosmic Eye 7. Labyr1nth - In the Light (Radio Mix) 8. Labyr1nth - Mintaka 9. Labyr1nth - Pyramid Technology Ovnimoon Records continues to lead the way on our collective journey deep along a winding path of discovery sharing our most powerful and evocative musical creations, please welcome Labyr1nth (USA) with his highly engaging, finely tuned new odyssey into the Nirvana Network! A labyrinth has only 1 path, that leads the seeker to the center, and back out again. The labyrinth is a path to the center of the soul. For centuries used as a tool for meditation, an experience for prayer, a trigger for growth, an opportunity for new questions, the labyrinth should be approached with reverence and respect for the journey toward the center. Since ancient times, spiritual pilgrims have walked paths seeking enlightenment. The labyrinth is one such path. The Labyr1nth project was created in 2013 by dj Labyrinth after many years of djing various forms of psychedelic and progressive trance. Quickly catching the ear of visionary trance producer Ovnimoon and signed to Ovnimoon Records. The highly acclaimed 'Infinity Is Now' and 'Source Energy' EP releases introduced his sound to the world and now the time has come to dive deeper. Nirvana Network was created as a musical metaphor for the global trance community and the affect it has on humanity. Creating these Nirvana experiences for people all over the globe, either at a festival, club, or in the comfort of home. Trance music is used as a tool for collective meditation. A Network of timeless music created in every corner of the globe connected through technology and co-creation. Deep Psychedelic Progressive Trance that weaves through lush atmospheres, acidic goa melody, tribal percussion, spiritual undertones, and a balance of the classical and the futuristic. Progressing from 138 - 143 bpm, this album is designed to provide a seamless transition between the progressive sound and the psy sound. Welcome to the Nirvana Network! radiOzora guest mix and interview coming soon: http://radiozora.fm youtube promo video: Labyr1nth: http://labyr1nth.com http://soundcloud.com/labyr1nth http://facebook.com/labyr1nth http://facebook.com/ovnimoonrecords
  15. Source Two or three months ago I received first promotional (digital) copy of new Ovnimoon Records compilation – The Call Of Goa and I was asked to do review for it and today I finally managed to write down proper review for this one. What can I say about this compilation? 20 tracks carefuly selected by Renato Brnić aka Nova Fractal, with over 155 minutes of finest modern Goa trance. First part (Disc 1) contains melodic stuff with artists such as: Mindsphere, Trinodia, Nova Fractal, Agneton, InnerSelf, JBC Arkadii, etc. While second part contains names such as: Asirion, Ajanta, Celestial Intelligence, CoaGoa, Crossing Mind, etc. CD1 01 - Mindsphere - Last Hope 138 8:03 02 - Agneton - Azure Epos 148 6:47 03 - InnerSelf - Hidden Worlds 142 6:36 04 - Psychowave - Supernova (Lunar Dawn Remix) 146 7:01 05 - Arronax & Weedran - Acid Sunshine (2012 Edit) 144 7:36 06 - Hotep & PsiloCybian - Organic Elements 146 6:58 07 - Nova Fractal - Mass Extinction 145 7:53 08 - Trinodia - Zeta Leporis 142 8:51 09 - Javi & SkoOma - Totoro 145 9:21 10 - JBC Arkadii - Fraktal Diving 150 8:46 CD2 01 - Ajanta - Ouroboros 146 7:26 02 - Alien Message - Arc Prime (White) 145 7:17 03 - Celestial Intelligence - Spiritual 143 8:04 04 - Ephedra - Creation of the Moon 148 6:45 05 - Asirion - Muona 146 9:32 06 - Hypnagogia - Angular Pulsation 147 8:23 07 - Gazzuar - Dirty (2012 Edition) 138 6:53 08 - JIS - The Journey 145 8:16 09 - CoaGoa - Algae Forest 143 8:25 10 - Crosing Mind - Trip Through128 8:38 I’m not gonna do review for each track and instead I’m just gonna mark couple of tracks which I find great. First CD kicks off with Mindsphere’s Last Hope track and it’s a great start, a 138 BPM track in style of Patience For Heaven, very melodic, but intelligently melodic, with awesome storytelling and beautiful oriental melodies. Many people liked PFH, so I’m sure this one will receive good and positive reactions too. Next track that caught my attention is Arronax and Weedran collaboration track ‘Acid Sunshine’ with brand new rework which I find great. Acid Sunshine got oldschool feeling but it’s well produced and during the whole track you can feel great acid elements and semi-melodies, love it. Next track is from Psilocybian and Hotep, my fellow croatians, guys who are more into full-on/psytrance side of things (Psilocybian however already made couple of Goa tracks with his side-project Screw Loose) and on The Call Of Goa they’re presenting ‘Organic Elements’ track. What can I say about this one – awesome. It got fullonish kick-drum, but melodic work and arrangement of track gives you feeling it’s 100% goa track. I just hope that they gonna do more of this stuff, well done guys. Mass Extinction track I’ve heard long time ago, but this version is slightly different and yeah it’s Nova Fractal track - a melodic bomb with fullonish vibe, but more on euphoric, euro trance side of things. I’m not that much into that electronica but this track is very nice and fans of Nova Fractal won’t be dissappointed I’m sure. Good job. Number 8 on this CD is mr. Trinodia from Sweden and his track ‘Zeta Leporis’. Oh man how I love his stuff, he is probably one of the most productive guys in scene and I think people should pay more attention to his stuff, I find it brilliant, unique style which combine best from old and new sound with great production and amazing melodies, yeah that is Trinodia. Maybe he doesn’t drift too much into different territories in his production and maybe he got his formula, but that formula is perfect and in my humble opinion, I’m gonna be happy as long as he is doing this kind of stuff, and for people who wanna hear something different, well…check his side projects. Right after Trinodia, we got Javi & SkoOma, two rising stars from Belgium, with orginal approach to Goa trance music, something that would fit super on Cronomi compilations. But hey, this track is a bit different, it’s more melodic and I understand why it’s alongside this company of melodic artists, especially after couple of listenings. Totoro will be ture floor smasher, great job. Second disc also contains couple of tracks which sounds great to me, and first one is opener from Ajanta, a guy who released an EP a year or two on UAF Records and now he is presenting his more darker and experimental approach to Goa. Thumbs up for this, it sounds way better than nitzho stuff and I hope he will do more stuff like Ouroboros track. Celestial Intelligence is another project that I find great and I’m sure you will hear more from them in future. Spiritual is a track that could be more suitable for first cd, because I find it more melodic then a lot of stuff here and style is something similar to Trinodia, very melodic with nice storytelling. Love it. Hungary doesn’t have that much goa artists, but projects such as Geneoterma and Asirion are something that caught my attention and I’m glad that guys are finding their place on big compilations. Asirion’s Muona is good example of creative and interesting goa trance, well produced and I fell in love with female chants in this track, awesome! Track on number 9 is Algae Forest from a guy who runs UAF Records alongside with Imba, it’s CoaGoa and I already heard this one on his Soundcloud long time ago and it’s just great track, beautiful morning atmospheres, amazing layers and melodies, everything in this track is just perfect and in my humble opinion is one of the best tracks on both CDs. Awesome job CoaGoa! Last track on disc 2 is from maestro Crossing Mind who blessed us with brilliant album on Suntrip in 2012 and now he returns with Trip Through Unconsciousness, a 128 BPM track that perfectly close this compilation. You know what to expect from this guy, so I’m not gonna review it, it’s 110% Crossing Mind awesomeness. Conclusion – this compilation got some really great tracks and some which I don’t find that much great but overall it’s a wonderful compilation worth buying. It needs couple of listenings to get it as a complete thing but when you get it than it will take you over and you will play it on repeat all day long. Good job Ovnimoon Records and Nova Fractal, this is hell of a rehersal for a new sub-label ‘Time Warp Records’ and I’m sure you will be big players in future! My favorites are: Mindsphere (!!!), CoaGoa (!!!), Crossing Mind (!!!), Trinodia (!!!), Ajanta (!!), Arronax and Weedran (!!), Javi & SkoOma (!!), Psilocybian & Hotep (!!), Nova Fractal (!), Asirion (!), Celestial Intelligence (!)
  16. Format: Double CD, Compact Disc Cat-No: OVN2CD077 Barcode: 881034152565 Coming soon PSYSHOP / Goastore DISC1 01. Filami - Ingenuous Curiosity 02. JIS - Mind therapy 03. Cosmic Dimension - Dark side of the Universe 04. Kurandini - Kalindian 05. OmniVox - Behind the Wheel (2013) 06. Trinodia - Procyon 07. GoaTree - Gods of Annihilation 08. ScrewLoose - Wibbly Wobbly 09. Sky Technology - Ready to Fly DISC2 01. Frost Raven - Paranormal 02. Kobaia - Free your Mind 03. TAVI - Sand Planet 04. GhostOnAcid - Kristallwald 05. OXI - Gemini 06. Gowax - Galanga 07. InnerZone - Universal Enlightment 08. Imba & Ethereal - Solar Resonance (Live Mix) 09. Somnesia - Sojourn in Goa (2013) Compiled by by Ovnimoon and Nova Fractal. Timewarp and Ovnimoon Records present a very special journey deep into the soul, projected forward to a distant past in the future that is now delivered by Sonic Goa Trance Wizards Ovnimoon and Nova Fractal! Transmuting your perceptions and uplifting your consciousness this finely tuned symphonic process creates a fantastic soundscape that evokes our historic Goa Trance style elements while fusing the best of today's recent technological evolutions perfectly balancing the magical chords and progressions, sweeps and arpeggiations. Fuelling the resurgence of the epic and emotional genre that gave birth to Psychedelic Trance we are joined by the movers and shakers from across the planet each contributing unique gateways unlocking strange and wondrous inner beauty and shocking revelations.We beckon you to discover again why you love this music so much and treat yourself to a perfect compilation packed with exclusive and previously unreleased gems of all hues and spectrum's. Come enjoy the 'Colors of Goa'. Timewarp records started near the beginning of the universe and transported to Dec 21, 2012 in a Startgate portal. When the convergence occurred our top scientists realized that Goa Trance was a time space anomaly and commissioned a key group of sonic explorers to recover the ancient wisdom brought to us by star traveler's eons ago and present the sum total of the past and the future encoded into sonic keys that will function to open your mind! Ovnimoon Records Timewarp Artwork by Ivan Richpa @ NeogoaDesign Promo video:
  17. new cd album :"buddhism" track list: 1 premonition featuring kota 2 amina mea alwoods remix 3 siren song 4 i missed a heart beat 5 last chance to paradise reborn soul remix 6 my personal butterfly javier remix 7 my innerself 8 that old sin featuirng Cabeiri 9 so what now available now on psyshop: http://www.psyshop.c.../ovn1cd044.html
  18. Full Moon Beats part I by KEEMIYO - Released by Flying Spores Records - Out now exclusive on Beatport!! Full Moon Beats part I is the first in a series of EPs by Keemiyo, this veteran audio alchemist is well known by his progressive and chill out live acts. In collaboration with the Greek talent Alchemix (Ovnimoon Rec) he brings us "Tripping Spirits", followed by the pumping groove "When the Sky Cherish the Earth", to finish the travel in the mystical vibes "Why Are You Here". Hypnotic grooves and relaxed atmospheres to ensure the maximum pleasure on the proggyfloor. Get Yours Now!! http://www.beatport....-pt-1-ep/954028 Stay in tune for more releases by Flying Spores Records!!
  19. Artist: Trinodia Album: Stargazing Label: Ovnimoon Records Style: Melodic Goa Trance Tracklist: Arietis (09:33) Tau Ceti (10:28) Ursae Majoris (09:50) Alderamin (08:20) Sirius (09:11) Nashira (09:01) Groombridge (08:19) Eltanin (08:08) Stargazing (06:33) From the dawn of human-kind, astronomy as one of the earliest forms of science played huge part in human society, ancient people were obsessed with celestial objects - stars, planets and nebulaes and with question what is out there in endless Cosmic darkness. Even today, with much better technology and super-awesome scopes, we’re unable to give full answer to that question. During the old era of Goa trance music, back in ’90s, many artists and projects in some way admired and described their own vision of celestial objects, planets, stars. Some of them even named their projects like stars or constellations (Pleiadians, Orion). One of the most influental psychedelic trance albums of all time - I.F.O. was dedication to the Pleiades star-cluster. Now we are in 2012 and it seems that connection between stars and Goa trance music doesn’t fading and best example is Trinodia’s new effort - Stargazing album on Ovnimoon Records, released few weeks ago. For all of you who aren’t familiar with this great Goa trance project, Trinodia is Daniel Eldstrom from Gothenburg, Sweden. He’s pretty much active in last couple of years, releasing his music on various net-labels such asUnderground Alien Factory and Neogoa. Album opener, Arietis starts interesting, with some kind of mantra in background with nice melodies in background, tempo is a bit slower and it fits perfectly as an first track for the album. Around 5th minute comes nice melodic play and I like that part A LOT! The ending is also very melodic and more intense than first part of track. Alpha Arietis (Alpha Ari, α Ari, α Arietis), which also has the traditional name Hamal, is the brightest star in the constellation Aries. Distance from Earth ~ 66 light-years. Second track is Tau Ceti and it’s probably the best showcase of Trinodia’s style, dynamic and melody driven Goa trance with nice build-ups. Part around 3rd minute is just great, melodic blasts comes very strong and it drives you to 5th minute and first break, nice speech and it comes again, with much more power. Great track! Tau Ceti (τ Ceti) is a star in the constellation Cetus that is spectrally similar to the Sun, although it has only about 78% of the Sun’s mass. At a distance of just under 12 light-years from the Solar System, it is a relatively nearby star. So far, so good. Third track on Stargazing is Ursae Majoris and it starts with harsh melody at the very beginning, beat on this one is powerful and you can feel the nice rising in storytelling during the first part of album. To be honest, melody around 5th minute isn’t my cup of tea, it’s somehow dull, but ending is nice though. 47 Ursae Majoris (often abbreviated 47 UMa) is a solar analog, yellow dwarf star approximately 46 light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Ursa Major. As of 2011, it has been confirmed that three Jupiter-like extrasolar planets orbit the star. Because of this, 47 Ursae Majoris was listed as one of top 100 target stars for NASA’s former Terrestrial Planet Finder mission. Alderamin what a great name, huh? It must be great track too. And guess what, it is - probably the best track so far, melodies and effects are just great, it drives you whole time and it got nice oldschool feeling. It may sound like cliché, but it got Astral Projection(Dancing Galaxy/Another World) feeling. My favorite so far! Alpha Cephei (α Cep, α Cephei) is a second magnitude star in the constellation of Cepheus that is relatively close to Earth at only 49 light years. It has the traditional name Alderamin, an Arabic name meaning ”the right arm”. Numero cinque - Sirius (Ra were there). Intro is pretty much mystique but after the beat, complete image of track twists off into different directions - positive and brighter atmosphere in nitzhogoish style. Not really my type of track but overall it’s nice, I’m sure many people will enjoy this one on the dancefloors. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. With a visual apparent magnitude of −1.46, it is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the next brightest star. The name “Sirius” is derived from the Ancient Greek: Σείριος Seirios(“glowing” or “scorcher”). Nashira kicks off with nice rhythm and melody until 4th minute when comes short break and build up afterwards with a bit different melody. It’s more straight-forward Goa trance track and nothing special is going on till end. Gamma Capricorni (γ Cap, γ Capricorni) is a giant star in the constellation Capricornus. It has the traditional name Nashira, which comes from the Arabic - sa’d nashirah for “the lucky one” or “bearer of good news”. Track number seven is Groombridge and it starts with deep layers and melodic echoes in background. Rhythm and basslines are solid and they fits perfectly with mentioned above. It’s more agressive tune with a bit more solid sound. This one got more diversity in melody and you won’t find any repetition. Ending is similar to intro, which is cool. Groombridge 34 is a binary star system located about 11.7 light years from our own Sun. It consists of two red dwarf stars in a nearly circular orbit with a separation of about 147 astronomical units. Both stars in this pair exhibit variability due to random flares and they have been given variable star designations. Eltanin is last uptemo track on Stargazing and it’s more party oriented Goa tune, with sexybasslines and interesting melodies through whole track. It builds up slowly but at the end it gets pretty intense. I like it! Gamma Draconis (γ Dra, γ Draconis) is a star in the constellation Draco. It has the traditional name Etamin or Eltanin (Arabic: At-Tinnin‎ The great serpent), and the Flamsteed designation 33 Draconis. Since 1943, the spectrum of this star has served as one of the stable anchor points by which other stars are classified. Self-titled track closes Stargazing, slower beats followed with deep vocals and nice layers in background describes this track perfectly. It got a bit longer outro but overall solid downtempo goa track. Conclusion – if you are into Trinodia’s sound than Stargazing is perfect CD for you, it doesn’t stood out from his earlier works and fans won’t be disappointed. There are few tracks that I like more than others but overall it’s nice Goa trance album, produced and mastered well. Artwork also looks very nice, Daniel also made it and it fits nice with music and concept of album. I wanna say just one more time, thanks a lot for CD I enjoyed listening and review it. Samples/buy CD: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ovn/ovn1cd024.html
  20. Ovnimoon Records welcomes Trinodia aka Daniel Eldström to our label with a presentation of his newest full length album titled 'Stargazing'. From track one through to track eight the listener will be shocked and amazed to hear such artistic and perfectly crafted old school style Goa trance music made with completely modern production quality. The album gets capped off with track nine giving a taste from his down-tempo chill-out side project Voxel9. 'Stargazing' is a concept album with each track having a focus on deep space observations, presented through intelligent and epic melodic sounds and patterns not heard often in current music trends. Daniel is from Sweden and first found his love for performing psychedelic trance in 1992, since then he has been perfecting his sound and releasing his musical creations on hisown and through net-labels since 2003. All psytrance fans are sure to enjoy this musical adventure through the cosmos while at home or while trancing on your favourite dance-floors anywhere in the universe. Be prepared for much more amazing music from Trinodia as well as upcoming albums from his Voxel9 ambient side project. TRACKLISTING: 1. Arietis 2. Tau Ceti 3. Ursae Majoris 4. Alderamin 5. Sirius 6. Nashira 7. Groombridge 8. Eltanin 9. Stargazing DETAILS: Style: Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance Released: Feb. 2012/08 Format: CD, Compact Disc Cat-No: OVN1CD024 Barcode: 881034889690 Currently this has been released at Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.c.../ovn1cd024.html It will be put up on more places as time passes by. More links will be put up then Peace! //Trinodia - http://www.facebook....8201382?sk=wall
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