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  1. Post your favorite videos of Goa trance parties Mine is this one at the moment ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gJwYb9C-Bfc what energy.. gonna plan a trip to fractal gate if this is what the dance-floor is like .. Just fucking awesome
  2. Hello everyone, it is with great pleasure that I can finally announce the tracklist for VA - Analog Trips. I am sorry it took so long but, we wanted to be 100% sure about all tracks, since we ran into sound troubles and we couldn't find a perfect rip for one of the tracks. I am positive you will all be thrilled about this release as we were creating it, me and Mark aka DJ Solitare. It's the second of a series of three, that has as a theme the Analog sounds/vibrations and from Dreams we shifted towards Trips this time, denoting the music here is quite trippy in itself. All the tracks have been tested and carefully selected by yours truly together with Mark and we are sure you'd like the diversity but also the consistency and the quality of the music contained. With no further delays, here is the front cover and below, the tracklist: Tracklist: 1 Medicine Drum - Angelic Force W&P By Andy Guthrie, Chris Deckker 2 Elysium & Yaco Vam - Tears In The Rain W&P By Kristian Thinning Andersen & Yacco Vijn 3 Gus BUS Till - That Sounds Swell! W&P By Gus Till 4 Earglobe - Spherelobe W&P By Simon Posford, Nick Barber 5 Excess Head - Expo W&P By Graham Wood 6 Opale - Krakoa W&P By Greg Bailay 7 Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Lost & Found W&P By Dick Trevor, Matt Coldrick & Andy Smith 8 Etnica - Human Geometry W&P By Andrea Rizzo, Carlo Paternò, Maurizio Begotti, Max Lanfranconi 9 Doof - Giving Godhead W&P By Nick Barber Hopefully released sometimes in June, as soon as it is pressed and delivered to the distributor, i will know an exact release date. The release will have a wonderful 8 page booklet with histories about the tracks and how we found them, all nicely packaged as usual. The graphic came out real nice and we wanted to dare a bit , with a lovely model that allowed us to use her portrait for this angelic compilation. Cheers!! Draeke
  3. Tracklist A The Temple 9:00 B Stalking The Wild Controller 6:20 This is my first post, and review BTW. How didn't this E.P. get reviewed over the years? This is pretty minimalistic! "The Temple" Starts with some thudding, then it starts sounding like some deranged Mayian gods sacrificing people in a temple. Good track for stomping and will work well for the dancefloor! "Stalking The Wild Controller" continues the madness and it is even more of a stomper, because it explodes midway and will knock you off you of your chair! Note that these tunes might sound boring, but listen to them repeatedly and they will mesmerize you! 9/10 Here are the tracks on youtube:
  4. Hello everybody, This is the dj set I played on january 24th 2016 at "Amanita Muscaria & Tricky: The Flight of the Sacred Rhino" at 6 am, after a live set by Darshan and before the closing set by dj Anoebis. I tried to create a story by building up from Flying Rhino style psychedelica to morning melodies. It was mixed on 2 x CDJ1000 and a DJM800. I hope you like it. https://soundcloud.com/bandagor/accessing-dawn-surge-rituals-1 Tracklist: Syb Unity Nettwerk - Limited Access To The Files Slinky Wizard - Slick Witch Slinky Wizard - Cosmic Energy Sound Pollution - Double Click Encens - Spiritual Transgression Zero To Nine - Jericho Miranda - Concorde (Transportation Mix) Jaïa - Orphee Aeon - Terminus Aeon - Osho Gene joke - Storm Hyperion - Sunflower Man With No Name - Own The World Deep Blue - Water Future Prophecy - Indra
  5. TIME PARADOX Compiled by YUTA outsoon!! Full details please check https://www.facebook.com/MatsuriDigital/ The next edition of Yuta's compilation album series ”Nu Goa from Japan” -"Time Paradox" - is being released by Matsuri Digital. Following debut track of the 'Rezonance Mood' project by Yuta and Asteroidnos are works featuring Yuta's great artist friends from around the world: Nobody Home, Graham Wood (aka The Infinity Project), Shiva Chandra, Masa... Let's TUNE IN!!! Track List 1.Rezonance Mood / Return To The Source 07:57 2.Shiva Chandra / Galactic High 05:18 3.MASA / Escape(Short Version) 08:25 4.Graham Wood / Slow One 07:29 5.Marcus Henriksson / Metanoe 09:09 6.Graham Wood / Feeling Weird 08:41 Release Date 2015/12/21 on Bandcamp https://matsuridigital.bandcamp.com/ CD is Limited, only 300 copies.. pre-order may starts on 16th Dec Samples https://soundcloud.com/matsuri-digital/sets/1221-out-time-paradox-compiled-by-yuta
  6. Tracklist- 01 Shilum Bamba - Skeleton Kiss 02 Absolum - Drumatrix Rmx 03 Lemurians - Take Off To The Cosmos 04 Golong - Persona Non Grata 05 Shift - Kapitol 06 Bon - Problem Child (Remix) 07 Infected Mushroom - I Wish (Skazi Remix) 08 Aphid Moon, Lucas O'Brien - Dark Star 09 Space Monkey - It's Organic 10 Toast3d - Feel My Drums 11 Space Buddha - Isradelic 12 Ultravoice vs Michelle Adamson - Electronic Playground (Special Compact Edition) 13 Ananda Shake - Emotion In Motion 14 Skoocha vs Mesmerizer - Absorbed Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/hyperstylesCD19 SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES PODCAST: https://bit.ly/itunespodcastshyperstyleslentej
  7. Beatport / Psyshop / Bandcamp 01-N - Goa Memories - Past Works EP 01 - Acid Experiment 02 - Incubus 03 - Tri-Sight 04 - Proliferation Timewarp records presents this release produced by 01-N from Japan and features four classic Goa Trance songs which shows the diversity and dynamics that had been brewing in the mind of this prolific and versatile artist at around the turn of the century, these are Goa Memories of Past Works.
  8. i am very pleased to announce another EP from DAT Records..... from a highly reclusive grand master of the golden era, the doods at DAT proudly present: Virtuart - Sacred Drop EP 1. Madagascar 2. Sacred Drop 3. L'Arome De La Solitude (Batur Mix) all tracks have been re-mastered and are ready.. the artwork is in progress. look out for a summer release! fingers crossed more virtuart oldschool to follow on DAT Records after this EP as well !
  9. Tune in to our new radio show Return of the Sun on di.fm with DJ Soulstone - Cronomi Rec. and GhostOnAcid - Suntrip Rec. as your pilots through the psychedelic realm! Airing every first Thursday of a month! Starting on upcoming April, 2nd! http://www.di.fm/shows/10552840/return-of-the-sun
  10. We present Submooncd02 - Various Artist - Amaterasu! This disc is for people that love pure psychedelic melodic oldschool goa trance. We bring new tracks from Gankyil , Mana Source and many new acts ! CATALOGUE# : SBMNCD02 samples / tracklist : https://submoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/amaterasu CD RECORDABLE : http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00ZEP22B&pp=1 Thank you for kind vibes , support and lots of nice messages ! シャイン磨き僧侶 arigato //truly yours , Submoon goanclane C u sun!!!
  11. Citing Mark Ainley: "Both Draeke and I have a strong connection to Doofs music, having admired his releases and heard him live in our early years in the scene. I was at his album launch in November 1996 and had heard him two months previously at an epic all-star Return To The Source party in New York. I had the opportunity to see him at several parties in the UK and Japan, yet one special occasion bridged my strong connection to his sound. Tsuyoshi had asked me to DJ at his London home prior to his moving in August 97, and a few tracks into my set Nick came up to me and said that he had a live mix of Destination Bom that would go really well with what I was playing, if I was interested. Of course I was! We cued it up on the DAT player and although mixed as part of a live set, I managed a seamless mix from the previous track, and out came the one of the most beautiful tunes Id ever heard, more of a morning track than the released growling nighttime stormer. As the track drew to an end that I had not yet heard, I managed smooth mix out into the next track, the DAT came out of the player and went back into Nicks DAT bag, and that was that - one of the most magical experiences I have had as a DJ, one that I could never forget. Years later, back in 2011, Nick kindly agreed to contribute a previously unpublished mix of Mars Needs Women to DAT Records charity project Mind Rewind and wrote a wonderfully insightful story into the tracks history. A while later, I reminded him of his having loaned me that Destination Bom mix at Tsuyoshis; he said he couldnt remember the track but would look. He responded not long after that he hadnt been able to find it. I said that unless he had thrown out some DATs he must have it, and perhaps he could check again. The next morning, an email from a file transfer service was in my inbox, with the message, This may be the droid youre looking for. I excitedly downloaded it and this was indeed that marvellous track from 16 years earlier: soaring, magnificently structured, seamlessly phrased... every bit as beautiful as Id remembered. We already had in our possession a couple of other alternate Doof mixes, and Draeke had the idea that if there were alternate mixes for each of the tracks from the classic Doof album Lets Turn On, it would make an outstanding release. Nick doubted that there would be, but said hed investigate his archive. Lo and behold, a few days later he had indeed found other mixes hed forgotten about - some of which he thought were better than the issued versions. A parallel album of alternate mixes was compiled, and we had the idea to issue the remixed album together with the original as a special collectors edition. DAT Records is therefore please to announce Doof: Lets Turn On - Remixed and Remastered CD1 - Remixed 1. Lets Turn On (Desk Mix) 2. Mars Needs Women (Live Mix) 3. Yoof of the Galaxy 4. Double Dragons (Alternate Mix 2) 5. Sunshrine (Mix 2) 6. Secret Sun (7th Sun Mix) 7. Angelina (Alternate Mix) 8. Destination Bom (Alternate Mix) 9. Star Above Parvatti (Original Mix) CD2 - Remastered 1. Lets Turn On 2. Mars Needs Women (96 Mix) 3. Youth of the Galaxy (Final Demand Mix) 4. Double Dragons 5. Sunshrine 6. Secret Sun (Sunbeam Mix) 7. Angelina 8. Destination Bom 9. Star Above Parvatti (Bijli Mahadev Mix) This remarkable track list only begins to hint at the beauty of the contents. Fans of Doof and newer fans of the genre will be blown away by the wonderfully fluid melodic and harmonic wonders found herein. Full-bodied and big-bassed while also lean and sophisticated, the previously unreleased mixes found on Disc 1 provide a wonderful complement to the familiar classics on Disc 2 that will sound fresher and more alive than ever with up-to-date mastering. So, this autumn... get ready to tune in... and Lets Turn On, once again and for the very first time!" So this is something I was working on secretly for quite sometime, together with the Etnica LP, the VA - Analog Dreams and other things, so this year was very very busy and the schedule, although a bit delayed, is being respected. You will hear these monsters tunes soon enough folks! Draeke
  12. Dragon Twins - Psychedelic Schism Worked a long time on this one, but I think it is part of my better ones. It's really 'full', and moving constantly, with some heavy distorted leads taking over from time to time. Used a couple of new tricks regarding routing and filtering. Something different, I'd like to continue in this style. "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="100%"> ">
  13. Hey all! Our dear label artist Persistent Aura decided to compile some of his more succesfull party-tracks in a free release that is directly downloadable from our website Go have a look under the free music section--> http://www.sita-records.com/releases/free-music/ and enjoy! Oh and it's wav format so it's prety big...
  14. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/etnica-live-in-athens-1996-lp Hello Everyone! I am trying to do something massive here, a special edition on triple LP of Etnica - Live in Athens 96 I need your support now, more than ever, if you want this release to be real. 5k eur may seem a lot but for the project I have in mind... it's needed, more or less. I say more or less because the minimum amount for which i'd consider go through with it, it's really 3k. I would add the extra funds needed and make something that would be like this: A1 Etnica Plastic7:06 A2 Etnica Floating Universe 8:16 B1 Blue Planet Corporation Antidote (Etnica Remix)10:52 B2 Etnica Nice Toys10:01 C1 Etnica Vimana10:08 C2 Crop Circles Lunar Civilization (Etnica Remix)10:05 D1 Etnica - Fluorophilia Camps Bay9:34 D2 Pleiadians Jungle Trax (Etnica Remix)9:01 E Pleiadians Time Dilation (Etnica Morning Mix)15:47 F Etnica Mental Puzzle14:33 Only made in 300 copies, 100 of which will be black, 100 blue and 100 green (transparent both). Eventually if I were to sell more than 200 copies on the funding project I'd adjust and maybe make 400 or even a 4LP but that would really depend on the support/interest I raise. So I'd need you all to advertise this as much as possible, on other forums, facebook, anywhere there may be people interested in vinyls. Also if you have other ideas for perks, let me know, what would u like to get extra, imagining you have a lot of money to invest and want something special? I may do a perk including a t-shirt maybe, but that would be considered ONLY if there will a huge success and a lot of money collected for this idea. Signed copies may also be happening, even if it would be a bit tricky and I'd have to go to Ibiza and Milan coordinating with the 4 members of the band to meet and get a signature so that would be 2 trips that would have to be financed by the project (or at least one of the 2). So... vinyls... THEY REALLY KICK ASS. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/etnica-live-in-athens-1996-lp
  15. Another clip from the new Ocean Star Empire album Dots On Maps. Ocean Star Empire -3 Dots On A Map (Faxi Nadu Remix) Taking the original tune and jacking it up a few notches, with a pumpier groove and additional new melodies, sounds and flow. The track uses a lot sounds from a Yamaha An1x, both in the original and the remix. A Moog Slim Phatty is also doing a bunch of new things on the remix, as well as more sounds from Scope's Modular. The clip combines generative graphics with a smeared images of a psytrance party made with legos. Buy the album while it is in presale and get a bunch of bonuses with your order here: https://oceanstarempire.bandcamp.com
  16. I’m currently working on 100% oldschool Goa trance compilation for the first time. Probably it won’t fit in the description of the highly melodic positive trance music which became some sort of standard nowdays, but for sure it will satisfy the people who like their Goa trance more experimental, darker and obscure. Hit the article below to find out more about this project and how to participate: http://neogoanetlabel.tumblr.com/post/84124985915/be-a-part-of-neogoas-first-oldschool-goa-trance
  17. https://soundcloud.com/ake_gtr/tdoej 01. guy sebbag & gal carmy - vaccuum planet 02. pleiadians - time dilation 03. man of the last 3rd - the evolution of x (trippin' peace mix) 04. asia 2001 - lunar attraction 05. etnica - trip tonite (remix) 06. crossing mind - modulated self reminders 07. bodh gaya - catharsis of body and soul 08. crop circles - full mental jackpot (remix) 09. deviant electronics - time bomb 10. total eclipse - can't do that 11. liquid flow - chaotic 12. spectral - kundalini 13. cosmosis - psychofunk thanks for listening, enjoy!
  18. PLAY: SOUNDCLOUD / YOUTBE 01. InnerZone - Universal Enlightment 02. JIS - Mind Therapy 03. Cosmic Dimension - Dark side of the Universe 04. Alien Message - Arc Prime (White) 05. Hypnagogia - Angular Pulsation 06. Kurandini - Kalindian 07. OXI - Gemini Astroid 08. Imba & Ethereal - Solar Resonance (Live Mix) 09. Cactus Arising - Long See Long Walk 10. CoaGoa - Sequoia Valley 11. 01-N - 12. Javi, SkoOma - Flubber 13. Siam - Transparent feelings 14. Sky Technology - Pleadian Connection 15. JBC Arkadii - Fraktal Diving 16. GoaTree - Gods of Annihilation 17. Nova Fractal - Common Cold (Screwloose Remix) 18. Crossing Mind - Trip Through Unconsciousness
  19. We are proudly present the next adventure by PsiloSiva productions: "Resonance" - 18-19.10 - Israel Line up : Green Nuns of The Revolution - Live Retro Set Flying Rhino Records / UK Slinky Wizard - Live Retro Set Flying Rhino Records / UK Slinky Nuns - The Reunion Special Set (Slinky wizard Vs. Green Nuns Of The Revolution) Flying Rhino Records , UK Man With No Name - Live Retro Set Dragonfly Records / UK Filteria - Live Set (Launch New Album - Lost in the wild ) Suntrip Records /Sweden Deviant Electronics / Solar Systems - Live Retro Set Helix Records, Intruder Records / UK Ciaran Walsh - Live Set Blue Room Released / UK Aes Dana - Live Set Ultimae Records / France Sandman - Live Retro Set Matsuri Production's / Israel Shidapu Vs. Skizologic - Retro Set Zion 604 Records / Israel Sparrow PsiloSiva / Israel feel free to ask for more info also you can follow us on this links: Official Websaite : http://www.psilosiva.com/index.html Preview About Psilosiva : http://psilosiva.blogspot.co.il/ Official Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/pages/PsiloSiva/289826081079770?ref=ts Official Facebook EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/333276453476062/ *For more information (Tickets/Lift&more...) : info@psilosiva.com Psilosiva Productions.
  20. Dear All, it is with extreme pleasure that I announce that I signed the deal! I will re-release the singles of Crop Circles! Lunar Civilization and Full Mental Jackpot will appear on CD Single this year on DAT Records... The time is right and the energy will continue to flow with the music of our Heroes of Psychedelic Trance. The full tracklist of the singles is being decided right now, but be sure that there will be some surprises and some unreleased tracks never heard before But the deal has been reached and that is what matters. Once again a big Thanks to Max and Mauri of Etnica and to Lotus Omega for allowing me to release them. Draeke
  21. Hey there, I'd like to present my free release, you can listen to and download it here : http://www.liquidseed.net/releases/lsd005-magnetic-dragon-journal-of-a-psychonaut I did my best to make it oldschool sounding. If you'd like you can follow my soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/magneticdragon (I put everything up there free to download too) Cheers from Belgium ! Arne Van den Broeck
  22. Pavel Svimba – Space Babuska Album: Space Babuska Artist: Pavel Svimba Genre: Goa, Morning, Suomi Size: 163MB License: CC Price: Free and Donations Track List: 01 - Free Step On It! 02 - Space Babuska 03 - Cheese Garlic Story 04 - Bad Hair Day 05 - Narrow Shoulders 06 - Magnetic Fields 07 - Same Frequency Different Level 08 - Schrimp Cütter 09 - Pimputus 10 - Yellow Snail Man 11 - Lying Pyramid 12 - Fucking Brains 13 - Teknikal Problems Haha! This style is really happy and fun. I love it when people combine a funk atmosphere into the psychedelic spectrum, offering a really different way of developing progression throughout dance music. I can definitely dig each and every single track in this album. Easy to listen to, upbeat and chill, dance floor acceptable, and surprisingly brilliant mixes of funk and classic early psytrance influences blast through every guitar riff and goa tempo. It is so amazingly quirky and funky, offering a set of short and sweet progressive tracks. I have never really heard this “Suomi” thing before, but it is certainly something that can brighten up any day. Not only that, but the classiness in this offers replay ability again and again. I think I will always have this on my MP3 player, blasting it on my speakers while partying with friends. Some may think to themselves, “Oh, well, its just a beat against a typical funk background…” I thought this at first. After listening to the first two tracks, however, I realized it was much better than that. The producer puts in some really GREAT melodies mixed with unique and juicy psychedelic synths that go far beyond the funk genre. Yep, you heard me right, this is original funk. I didn’t think that existed. Combining famous styles is one thing, but combining famous style and making it your own with unique chord progressions and bootylicious baselines is another thing. That, and the instruments in this are all done amazingly well. The horns, guitars, and other conventional instruments blow me away. This album is simply a jewel and I can’t wait to try this out in my car. I want to see this used in movies, and if it isn’t I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. I find myself smiling at every track. I really want to dance. Hell, I really want to make other people dance. It’s just so danceable. I’m delighted every second, accompanied by a warm and sweet vibe that raises my spirits. It brings back a lot of classic memories of 90s Psytrance… now look what it has turned into! Don’t ever stop what you are doing guys, keep up the sexy work. 10/10 Download here on Ektoplazm (MP3, FLAC, WAV) - Review by FatKidWitaJetPak (Nick Sumbles) - Special Thank to Ektoplazm for the download bandwidth.
  23. PsiloSiva Productions Present : Genesis Festival 2013 (3rd Edition) - Israel Some say when the soul goes down from heaven to the physical body she comes with the sound of melody. Psilosiva is a production that follows the spirit and truth of music. Genres that are highly emotional, melodic and psychedelic for a perfect spiritual, magical, and profiling experience. We believe with all our heart's in what we create. We are trying to provide the audience the ultimate event's that people can be free and happy to be who they truly are. Combining top artists from around the globe, power full and quality sound systems, visually harmonic color full decoration and the most important thing from all the felling & atmosphere of home. So if you hasn't tasted psilosiva yet now it’s the moment . Come and hear, see and feel something else! On the 14-15 of June 2013, We will all travel back in time on a 24-hour journey through Live Shows & Live DJ sets that will make us loose our consciousness and all connection to matter… There will be 2 Stages, The Main & The Alternative. ►►►►►►►Main Stage ►►►►►►► ►Qlipadelic Rythm vs. Izzy (Psilosiva , IL / MMM Studios , UK) ►Andy Guthrie * A.k.a * ⊙100Th Monkey ⊙ Prana ⊙ Medicine Drum⊙ Funkopath ⊙ L.S.C⊙ ( Matsuri Productions , UK ) ►Technossomy By ⊙ James Monro ⊙ - live ( Flying Rhino Records , UK ) ►Nick Taylor * A.k.a * ⊙Snake Thing ⊙ Prana ⊙ Reflecta⊙ Rhytmystec ⊙Parasonix⊙ ( Psy-Harmonics Records , AUSTRALIA ) ►Logic Bomb ( T.I.P Records , SWEDEN ) ►ManMadeMan - live (Transient Records , UK ) ►Ray Castle * A.k.a * ⊙Exotic Matter ⊙ Masaray ⊙ Insectoid⊙ Rhytmystec ⊙Meta-Ray⊙ ( Psy-Harmonics Records ,New-Zealand) ►Joti Sidhu / Psychaos - live (Mandala Records , UK ) ►Shakta - live ( DragonFly Records , UK ) ►Hux Flux - live ( Koyote Records , SWEDEN ) ►►►►►►► Alternative Stage ►►►►►►► ► Asura - live (Ultimae Records,FRANCE) ►Kaya Project (InterChill Records,UK) ►Kaminanda - live ( Merkeba Music , CANADA ) ►Bird of Prey - live ( Addictech Records , U.S.A ) ►Hibernation-live (InterChill Records , UK) ►Banco De Gaia / 100Th Monkey (Planet Dog Records,UK) ►Symbolico - live ( Phantasm Records , IL ) ►Agalactia (Aleph-Zero Records,IL) ► Cut N Bass -⊙ live Show ⊙ (IL) ►Avshalom Farjun ⊙ Bustan Abraham ⊙ live Show ⊙ (IL) ►Light Child (Merkaba Music,IL) ►Echo&Tito - ⊙ live Show ⊙ (IL) ►Sparrow (Psilosiva, IL) At the location you will find camping areas, food stalls, chill out zone (mahal ). artistic work shops, colorfull & psychedelic special made decoration by amazing artists. The event will be powered by 'Function One' sound system. Our past Artists that play'd in our partie's: Man With No Name / Asia 2001 / Total Eclipse / X-Dream / Cosmosis / Laughing Buddha / Tsyoshi Suzuki / Prana / Juno Reactor / Etnica / Pleidians / Kox Box / Shakta / Digitalis / Blue Planet Corporation / Jaia / S.U.N Project / Ubar Tmar / Tim Schuld / G.M.S / Slinky Wizard / Nervasystem / Rhythmystec / Ray Castle / Nick Taylor / Elysium / Kayya / Sheyba / Kaliash / Squaremeat / Oforia / Sandman / Shidapu / Chakra / Afgin / B.L.T / Jikooha / Tomocomo / Kaya Project / Ott / Toire's / SlackBaba / Entheogenic / Mystery School Ensemble & many more... *Find us at: Official Websaite : psilosiva.com Preview About Psilosiva : http://psilosiva.blogspot.co.il/ Official Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/pages/PsiloSiva/289826081079770?ref=ts Official Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/520684781311510/ *For more information (Tickets/Lift&more...) : info@psilosiva.com Love & Light - PsiloSiva Family - Israel.
  24. Hello Everyone, most of you know my love for DAT tapes and unreleased oldschool goa trance, but there is something that bothers me, and that is unknown unnamed tracks and obscure untraceable artists. I long time ago joined Pavlos in the venture of organizing and categorizing the unreleased tracks on discogs to have a guide, a reference and know who made what and what was never released. But during my DAT ripping ventures I have found obscure project names, no name tracks, fake names etc and therefore I decided to give the good old youtube a go. Why not post the first 4 minutes of all my unknowns? There is a chance someone knows them and can help me out. So I have started uploading the first 23 tracks I had around, here they are, more coming soon! http://www.youtube.com/user/draeke604/videos?view=0 Any help, comment, idea, is welcome. Feel free to comment below the videos on youtube. Draeke PS: the goal, beside categorizing and classification, is to help me compile the compilation I want to release on DAT soon enough, I want to use some of these no names and I wouldn't like to have to release them as "name it yourself" tracks on the sleeve
  25. hi, after a while i decided to put some news throughout forum so - all of you that havent already heard my work: http://soundcloud.co...tal-common-cold http://soundcloud.co...dawn-collateral http://soundcloud.co...de-of-dimension http://soundcloud.co.../s-c-space-ride http://soundcloud.co...dawn-wilderness http://soundcloud.co...t-fractals-work http://soundcloud.co...-rising-work-in http://soundcloud.co...ba-lunar-dawn-2 http://soundcloud.co...a-vs-lunar-dawn i have posted each link separately, only not to disturb the policy of the forum i have some nontrance stuff on my profile too, so... feedback is welcome!
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