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Found 106 results

  1. Bill

    Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat

    Lunar Dawn Kolovrat Neogoa Tracklist: 1. Perun's Stones 2. Golden Arms of Kresnik 3. Svantevit (Part 1: White Horse and Prophecy) 4. Svarog's Celestial Fire 5. Metamorphosis Of Veles 6. Svantevit (Part II: Temple of Arkona) 7. Zorya 8. Rebirth of Jarilo 9. Blessing From Irij (2015 Mix) 10. Into Morana's Cold Kingdom (feat Jasmina) "In our opinion, goa needs something out of the box - not always the same old story, same mantra going on and on and on. Our story with this album began with one idea that Saša and I have had since we got in music production... to be exact, material was meant to be oriented on old forgotten Slavic pagan beliefs... we got into a new idea of making an album in this manner... for next three years there was lots of researching about this particular theme by us all and we all contributed to evolve the music to a concept level." - Kristijan, Lunar Dawn Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, though not as far for some, the Croatian duo of Lunar Dawn released a track called "Blessings From Irij," a magical piece of goa filled with energy and imagination, where the usual euphoric layers of melodic enlightenment of the style was paired with some truly inspired medieval flavors, adding a whole new dimension to the listening experience. "Blessings From Irij" is a great track, one that impressed me quite deeply when Neogoa released the EP two years ago. Quite surprisingly, however, was the Lunar Dawn follow-up - releasing a full-length album filled to the tippy-top with more medieval leanings, groups of merry minstrels celebrating throughout and live instrumentation and ethereal vocals that transport to another time and place, or, if you'd prefer, a mythological fantasy where the ten tracks visit assorted Slavic gods for merriment, celebration and adventure. There is likely a narrative to the tracklisting, a plot that follows along to these separate visits and the highly energetic aural adventures that Lunar Dawn have created here but that plot is for the listener themselves to fill in. As it were, the tracklist is the rough outline and one's imagination can provide the vivid details that these tracks will no doubt help to inspire. This is Misted Muppet by way of Neogoa's The World Beyond concept compilation with a wildly full and bombastic Trinodia-esque melodic approach. Kolovrat is epic, ambitious and damn, damn good. Though Kristijan from Lunar Dawn says, "This album is influence-free from the beginning, if you refer to influence by other artists. Only influences included were what made us goa heads in first place, I call them subconsciousness influences, artists like Astral Projecion, Talamasca, Hallucinogen and other old goa guard knights. You can hear all sorts of stuff in this album, my sense for melodies and Saša´s sense for deep atmosphering layers, from dark ambient to light panoramas and rhythmic games of his great mind but I think the goa essence prevails. Not in that pure oldschool way maybe, but in some weird so called new school flavour salted and peppered with everything a bit on top." "Blessings From Irij" gets a "2015 mix" on this album, perhaps not as good as its original, but definitely the rousing highlight of the album's second half. "Perun's Stones" and "Golden Arms of Kresnik" are a perfect one-two opener to the album, setting the tale's tone with majestic melodies and rollicking song structures - they set the bar pretty high but the remainder of the album delivers. Following the cinematic break of "Svantevit (Part II: Temple of Arkona)," an evocative work filled with lovely orchestral melodies, very nearly a down tempo offering, the pairing of "Zorya" and "Rebirth of Jarilo" open up "Part II" of the album in uplifting fashion. "Svantevit (Part I: White Horse and Prophecy)," "Svarog's Celestial Fire" and "Metamorphosis of Veles" are winners in grand goa fashion, where quite often impressive minstrel music appears almost magically between the excellent 303 layers. "Into Morana's Cold Kingdom" is the sweet, mysterious story end where one can almost picture the credits rolling on this tale. If Lord of the Rings or (shudder) Clash Of The Titans were made by goa-heads, Kolovrat would be the soundtrack. The scope of both its ideas and its sound is massive and ambitious, even a bit daunting for casual listeners. But adventurous and persistent listeners, like the Russian medieval knight of the title, adventuring through these encounters with the Slavic gods, will be rewarded handsomely by saga's end. This is a massively ambitious undertaking. It is also an excellent one. Available for free play or download at Ektoplazm
  2. Artist: Lectro Spektral Daze Title: Out of Body Experience EP Label: Neogoa Date: September, 2014 1. Out of Body Experience 2. Crystal Clear 3. Specialists In Sound "What is an out of body experience?" F*cking crap on a cracker my soul just tore ass out of my body. Is that an out of body experience? I realize we're all wetting our pants at the latest Neogoa offering, but I hope you guys are paying attention to this individual. This is Danny Marshall from the land of kiwis and more f*cking facial tattoos than the local penetentiary. This guy is crafting some involved and hypnotic goa trance. It's long and twisting where chunks of time are lost in the blink of an eye. I had to pee an hour ago, but I can't tear myself away from the computer. This is futuristic and mystical at the same time. This cosmic goa trance is like a multiple appendaged creature composed of energy. Kick ass. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  3. I'm happy to reveal concept art, tracklist and album teaser for the upcoming Proxeeus album - At The Mountains Of Madness, to be released under Neogoa netlabel in May, 2015. Previews for two tracks are up on our Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/at_the_mountains Tracklist: 01 - Across The Galaxy (10:18) 02 - Hanuman (07:43) 03 - Vimanas (11:35) 04 - Mechanical Menace (09:08) 05 - At The Mountains Of Madness (08:22) 06 - Ayahuasca (10:31) 07 - Chandra Knows (08:26) 08 - The Sea Of Tranquillity (10:26) More updates will be posted in the upcoming weeks!
  4. Bill

    Jagoa - Solar Journey

    Jagoa Solar Journey Ae Records & Neogoa Tracklist: 1. Solar Journey 2. Freedom 3. The Sky Is Crying 4. Searching For The Light Finally! After the lovely psychedelic down tempo offerings of Neogoa's past releases Turlitava and, especially, Spiritual Doping, the ambitious and impressive organizational skills of the one called Richpa launches Ae Records. Not sure what Ae stands for, but the birth of the down tempo-focused sub-label is off to a decent beginning. Here, Richpa's lovely alternative existence away from goa, his wonderful taste in chill, gives the debut of Belgian Jagoa a great platform to shine. As per usual the Neogoa standards are well in hand with crazy-good cover art and crystal-clear production values. Unfortunately, I'm not overly impressed with this one though I am also far from being disappointed. On Solar Journey, Jagoa offers up three good tracks and one that is quite excellent. Certainly, nothing here is subpar. Still, for as decent as the title track and EP opener is it feels somewhat incomplete, as if there is just something else missing that would make the track remarkable. It is a nice chill intro, all the same. By comparison, "Freedom" is simple but profound. The track may deserve a better title, something more befitting to the magic it offers up, but musically, where it matters most, it's tough to imagine what could make the moods any more evocative. This one is superb! Things dip back into chill territory on the decent third track "The Sky Is Crying" and back toward groovier psychedelic realms on the "Searching For The Light" closer. If you are looking for a nice way to experience some pleasant, quality relaxation for the next 40 minutes, "Solar Journey" is a good choice. However, if you're looking for pure magic without the buffers, "Freedom" is where you'll find the spiritual doping. Available for free play or download at: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/jagoa-solar-journey ()
  5. Artist: Various Title: The World Beyond Label: Neogoa Date: March, 20 2015 01 - Chapter I: The Vision (Passing The Monolith Into The Throat Of Time) (120 BPM) 02 - Chapter II: The Journey (Across The Silver Sea Of Eternal Life) (100 BPM) 03 - Chapter III: The Gate (Facing The Keeper Below The Human-Form Mountain) (136 BPM) 04 - Chapter IV: The Sphere (Ascending Towards Star-Eaters To Become The One) (146 BPM) "Hear ye hear ye! By decree of the order of goa trance purists we decree that the final two tracks on this compilation performed by heretofore unknown artisans are perfect in every aspect that can be measured by our mortal systems of worth. Furthermore it shall be exalted to the highest plane, be it physical, mental, or spiritual and will forever be the standard by which all further attempts at goa awesomeness shall be judged!" Bravo Neogoa. Bravo. You've really done it this time. As a netlabel you've been dedicated to keeping the spirit and vibe of goa trance alive; constantly and consistently pushing the music to shatter boundaries and preconceived notions of what it can be. Accompanied by stunning artwork the music is always freely given and with this release a new standard has been set. Though only 4 tracks the journey is a full albums length, beginning slowly before shattering expectations in a nuclear crescendo of goa trance wizardry. This is a concept release made by eight artists all of whom have previously appeared on releases from the label. Embedded within the artwork one will find hints of connection to previous Neogoa releases, particularly the Dimensional Gateway series and Celestial Transvibrations. We often talk in terms of releases not breaking any new ground, but this one does. Chapter I: The Vision (Passing The Monolith Into The Throat Of Time) I realize that every journey begins somewhere and to get to the World Beyond, this is the first step. But to me this is 17 (yep 17) minutes of stumbling around in an attic like the ghosts in Scooby Doo. Dark ambient when done well captures a feeling and propels the listener where the artist wants he or she to go. This sounds like a collection of noises that I skip every time. Perhaps it will appeal to some and that's good. No big deal, I don't get opera either and people love that sh*t. Chapter II: The Journey (Across The Silver Sea Of Eternal Life) is the bridge between the opening track and the outright earthquake that is to come. Like the others it's dark ambient opening sets the tone before it glides into a mid-tempo march. Goa sounds and effects ricochet off the walls as it prepares you for the oncoming train. It's mellow yet entrancing in it's own right and then changes tempo and adds a tribal aspect to its arsenal. Not devastating like the next two, but it's not supposed to be. The journey and understanding...take time. Chapter III: The Gate (Facing The Keeper Below The Human-Form Mountain) is the precursor to the blistering final chapter, but is a stomper in its own right. It also allows the dark tension to build before bouncing into another old school feel. The bounce on this one is infectious instantly morphing the worst dancers into a rhythmic Shiva where colors flow from magical fingertips in an elaborate tapestry of mystical dance. The vocal tacet seals the deal and I've just punched my ticket to Nirvana. Excuse me whilst I get down. Chapter IV: The Sphere (Ascending Towards Star-Eaters To Become The One). This track is an acidic napalm blast peering through darkness at the outset. Growling 303's are readily apparent and it sends electrical shivers through the atmosphere. 23 minutes of hurtling through the cosmos, top down system up! A perfect blend of old school rawness with modern sound and production. I believe all the old masters who delivered subpar post goa releases (looking right at you MFG and Pleiadians) should listen to this and learn how beautiful and raw goa trance can be today. A third of the way through and I already think this is one of the greatest goa tracks ever produced. The intensity is maintained as is the atmosphere and I realize I am in the presence of greatness. The break is palpable, a thing alive. Perfect. Sublime. Ruthless. Mystical. You heard Homer. I'll be honest with you. I don't have the patience to figure out the riddle. I've got kids and I had to take one of them to the emergency room on Friday. So I'll leave the mystery solving to Scoob, Shags, and you guys. But whomever was responsible for the energy, the journey, take a bow. The final two tracks for me are the most potent one-two punch I've experienced in recent memory. Ivan you once again have guided the music to a world beyond, with awesome sound, breathtaking presentation, and reassurance that just when you think you've gone as far as you can go the horizon is within reach. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  6. JaraLuca Perpetuum Mobile Neogoa Tracklist: 1. Existence 2. Perpetuum Mobile 3. Galaxicity 4. Minds Circus 5. Insomnia 6. Uncontrolled 7. Solaris 8. Emptiness First and foremost, this cover art is awesome, probably my favorite so far by Richpa, symbolic for the sounds, open to interpretation for meaning, kinetic visuals that just leap out. My take is JaraLuca is the brain at the center shooting his goa energy into the open brains of the listeners located on either side of his creative stem. Once attached to the synapse of the listener the pure-white energy (or is that steam from these red-hot productions) are released into the universe to do, well, whatever great energy does once us humans have had our fill of it. I like the cover concept, a lot, and there must be a number of interpretations there but the important thing is that it enhances the music quite a bit if you're puzzling over it while tuned in to these sounds. "Existence," the title track, "Galaxicity," "Minds Circus" and "Uncontrolled" are rollicking numbers, full bodies of sound with great levels in each. Unfortunately, as of yet, I have had a tough time breaking these tracks down and appreciating the details because it is too easy to get swept up in the energy and stomp a few moments of your day away. And that is not a bad thing, as it means I'll hear these tracks a few more times before things slow down enough to get at the lower levels of them. What I love about "Perpetuum Mobile" (an Italian and Portugese musical term for perpetual motion, a very fitting album title) are "Insomnia" and "Emptiness." I'm a sucker for beautiful female voices and the snippets in "Insomnia" add a level of enjoyment not to be found, as of yet, in any other track on the album. Too, the big, broad trance melodies are a lot of fun among all these crazy-good effects and fire-in-its-step rhythms. "Emptiness" is the psychedelic down tempo conclusion and a damn fine ending it is. Lovely, lush, relaxing with just enough energy to keep things moving forward nicely and those syncopated melodies are drop-dead gorgeous. No problems getting into all the details of this one and it will surely get a lot of play and mindfulness in my collection. The thing I hate about "Perpetuum Mobile" is "Solaris," it is off-the-chain crazy, holy-shit intense, the type of musical recklessness that gets me too hyped up and makes me feel like I could run through a wall. And I like my walls, they have pretty and interesting things hanging on them. Perhaps one day, though, I'll be fortunate enough to have something as intriguing as this cover art hanging there. Good release! Available for free play or download at http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/jaraluca-perpetuum-mobile/attachment/jaraluca-perpetuum-mobile () Edit: One thing that occurred to me is the similarities between this one, "Perpetuum Mobile," and Celestial Intelligence's "Perpetual Energy" that is also out this year. Very similar album titles, very similar go-for-it approach to goa. This one is fine but Celestial Intelligence is better because it has more fascinating layers and details in their tracks.
  7. Neogoa and Sky Technology return with Sadhana, a new Goa trance compilation featuring some of the most exciting and promising artists from Eastern Europe. Sadhana, as a powerful solar symbol, had an important meaning in ancient ritualistic practices. Through this release Neogoa follows the message and meaning of Sadhana, a path of perfection with vivid goal, to present fresh Goa trance music in the best possible way. Since the Spiritual Doping compilation, Sky Technology has worked hard on this project, collecting some of the finest tracks from many musicians from Ukraine and Russia, and now finally they are available for your enjoyment on a single release. Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios (Belgium) with artwork design by Spirit Medicine (Ukraine). Free download: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/sadhana 01. Room Full Of Eyes - Feasts Fires | 145 BPM W&P by Alexander Medvedev (Ukraine) 02. Trikselos - Planet X | 148 BPM W&P by Dmitry Mikheev (Russia) 03. Pandemicus - Exit | 145 BPM W&P by Vitaliy Sokolvak (Ukraine) 04. Anumana - Distance To Goa | 146 BPM W&P by Vladimir Nikiforov (Russia) 05. Celestial Consciousness - Insider (Katedra Remix) | 130 BPM W&P by Volodymyr Lys (Ukraine) Remix by Ostap Hirnyak (Ukraine) 06. Space Vibes System - Life Tomorrow | 145 BPM W&P by Slaventij Biloku (Ukraine) 07. Sky Technology & Imba - Intergalactic Warlord | 144 BPM W&P by Dmitriy Kolosovskiy (Ukraine), Nikola Petrović (Serbia) 08. Spirit Medicine - Dark Matter Of God | 135 BPM W&P by Albert Zakharov & Maria Zakharova (Ukraine) Violins by Kseniya Zadorskaya 09. Spacenode - Steel Shakti | 145 BPM W&P by Alexander Pidgorny (Ukraine) Artwork design by Spirite Medicine (Ukraine) http://www.spiritmedicine.com.ua Samples: https://soundcloud.com/stryder/sets/va-sadhana
  8. WAV/FLAC/MP3: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/jagoa-solar-journey Neogoa, alongside with its newly founded downtempo and chill out label, AE Records​, presents Solar Journey, a fresh release by young and talented producer Jagoa​ (Jago Boermans) from Belgium. With four tracks, this release introduces the mood and style of Jagoa’s downtempo music as well as showcasing the vision of Ae Records. All tracks written and produced by Jago Boermans at Stellar Circuits Studio (Belgium). Mastering by Denis Bogdanovski at GoaHuman Studios (Macedonia) with artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design (Croatia). NEOG035 | AEREC001 SOLAR JOURNEY (10:26) FREEDOM (07:31) THE SKY IS CRYING (09:14) SEARCHING FOR THE LIGHT (07:40) Mastered samples: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/solar_journey Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neogoa.netlabel https://www.facebook.com/aehorde Twitter: https://twitter.com/neogoamusic https://twitter.com/aehorde Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa https://soundcloud.com/aehorde
  9. Artist: Dragon Twins Title: Only For The Wicked Label: Neogoa Date: December, 2014 1. Entwined 2. Only For The Wicked 3. Daimon - Codex (Dragon Twins Remix) 4. Time Has A Mouth 5. Inner Caveman Dub Neogoa is a netlabel that has been hooking your broke ass up with quality goa trance music since the last white guy was president. At least it seems that way. To be honest if you aren't aware of the massive contribution Neogoa has made for goa trance then I also assume your network consists of two dixie cups and a ball of yarn. Run by Richpa this label has been instrumental in providing some of the best goa music FOR FREE. One of his latest releases is this EP by forum regular Djuna aka Belgian Mathias Pico aka...Dragon Twins. Seems funny to me that Dragon Twins is one guy. Twins...two. Anyone else? The EP opens with an eerie ambient intro and launches right into Only For The Wicked. A screechy tune to be sure, but a great set up to his remix of Daimon's Codex. Now in the spirit of full disclosure that track is one of my absolute favorites. The remix is different yet no less bombastic and I enjoyed his take on it greatly. Time Has a Mouth is a psychedelic goa track with a hydra like number of heads. Thumping kick and squirrely 303. The final track is a downtempo goa one that crept along alien bubbles. Really good stuff. Bottom line this is a great EP (again for free) with good flow and great goa trance. The artwork is impressive (hi-fives Richpa) and the mastering by Stryder gives this a clean sound for hours of repeated plays. There has been some debate as to whether the mastering takes away from the quality of the music (a complaint that is unfortunately leveled against a lot of releases). I'm no audiophile, but I can tell you this. It fills my house with some awesome sound. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  10. Original article: http://goatrance.hu/en/neogoa-interju-richpaval-a-kiado-vezetojevel/ Neogoa netlabel started four years ago, concentrating on goatrance. They did a tremendous work promoting this style. Their releases are all high quality and distributed through Ektoplazm, all of them for free! Label-boss Richpa answered our questions. 1. Before we go deep into goa, please introduce your newest release from Neogoa! What are your personal thoughts of Out Of Body Experience by Lectro Spektral Daze? To whom do you recommend this release? Yeah, OOBE is our latest digital EP release published on Ektoplazm and it’s a collection of three previously unreleased tracks from the very talented New Zealand based psytrance and Goa trance artist Danny Marshall, better known as Lectro Spektral Daze. It’s a little bit of a different breed of Goa trance music with a strong focus on groove and storytelling, but yet with enough interesting melodies. It’s hard to give a proper description (one of the reason why I hate writing promotional texts for our releases). 2. Please introduce yourself! Who is Richpa? Are you rich because of goa? Richpa is Ivan Parić (Rić-pa; see what I did there?), a 28 years old freelance graphic designer, who (obviously) enjoys Goa trance music. Besides that I enjoy learning and reading about history and ancient cultures (especially Nordic and Slavic), watching sci-fi movies and listening to some underground death or black metal while having a cold beer (a lot!). I don’t consider myself to be rich especially not because of Goa trance music. To be clearer, I don’t connect money with my work at Neogoa, which is one of the reasons why our releases are available for free and legal download at Ektoplazm. Did I mention that I love long walks in nature and sunsets? 3. How did you get involved with the Goa scene? What are your favourite releases from the classic era of our beloved style? Honestly I can’t remember the exact year when that happened, but I’m sure more than ten years passed since that moment. I was at my friend’s place and while he was doing something in the kitchen I decided to check his CD collection and I noticed the Pulse Vol.1 CD and I liked the artwork. Since we were into electronic music back then, I asked him about the CD and what kind of music it was. The “This is Psychedelic Trance” tagline was pretty much confusing to us even if we had enjoyed some trance music. He couldn’t give me an exact or correct answer so I decided to borrow that CD and listen to it. What can I say, baaaam – goodbye everything, hello Goa trance. Of course, a couple of weeks later I found the review of that CD on the old Psynews website and started to explore the genre itself. Speaking of favourite releases, well if I have to pick just one, then probably it would be Alien Protein by Etnica. But it’s always hard to choose, especially because there were so many great albums in the 90s. 4. And what do you think about this new-goa (new-school if you will) sound? How do you compare it to the classic sound? What do you think what are the differences and developments in the music? I’m trying to avoid any analysis or comparisons, especially when it comes to ‘sound’ (between old-school Goa trance and new-school). There are differences but you have to be aware that some artists nowadays are producing some super interesting retro-sounding Goa trance music as well. But if we are going to talk about the difference in general, the first thing is that today production tools are more accessible and it’s easier to explore the possibilities and search for a preferable sound. An artist always wants to have his or her own (signature) sound and as a netlabel owner I’m trying to respect that and not to bother the artist or myself with technical details because I’m not an expert when it comes to sound. I leave all the technical details to be solved between the mastering studio and the artist and when both are happy we start the release process. If you’re referring to what’s trending in Goa nowadays, well the answer is obvious, the biggest thing is very melodic / morning sounding Goa music. You have a lot more artists who are producing that kind of Goa trance at the moment. On the other side, more acidic, darker and experimental Goa trance isn’t yet on the same level, but each label I know about is doing its best to promote and present that kind of modern Goa trance music. I’m sure that in the next decade of Goa trance music, less melodic and more experimental Goa music will get more recognition. 5. You started Neogoa net-label in 2010 if I am correct. Why? What was your main reason? Why goa? Why not gansta-rap, tech-house or Transylvanian raw black metal? Sometime between 2008 and 2009 I got myself more involved in “new-wave Goa trance”, mostly with music that has been released by Suntrip, Phototropic and my favorite label back then – Metapsychic. I felt that I should write more about Goa trance music in general and try to cover and provide as much interesting information as possible about the dawn of Goa trance music and the new-school era. After all it’s the same genre and some kind of evolution, or even better, revolution happened, because enthusiastic people had the balls to release Goa music in an endless sea of generic full-on and progressive trance. After I finished writing “The History and the uprising of Goa trance” in Croatian and Mirza (Arronax) translated it to English, the logical next step was to create a small and simple website with that information presented there, including a database dedicated to modern Goa trance music with label profiles and list of artists (even today I have those HTML files somewhere), so people can be informed about everything on single page. That’s how the Neogoa website was born. A couple of months later in December 2010, after I spoke and negotiated with more than thirty artists, Dimensional Gateway (our first release) was published on the Ektoplazm website and its purpose was the promotion of our website and the genre itself. Speaking about other genres, especially black metal, I had a similar idea/plan (as with Neogoa) but at this moment I’m just enjoying some atmospheric (3rd wave) black metal from the US and one day maybe I will give a shot at promoting or working with some underground metal label, at least as a graphic designer. It’s not good to be limited to the same things in life! 6. Why did you go with a net-label rather than a normal label? Don’t you see the big bu$ine$$ opportunity in goa-trance? There is a meme about being a Goa trance DJ in these hard times (with Johnny Depp and a little kid) which explains perfectly the situation about making money with Goa trance music. I can’t speak for others but after I spoke with some fellow label-owners and artists, CD sales are dropping each year (even in cases when you have already an established name and follower-base), and that is a fact. Digital music is getting more and more popular each year and it is one of the reasons why Neogoa found its place among even bigger labels who have a stronger financial background in such short period of time. I don’t consider Neogoa to be “different” from the others; we’re all doing the same thing, doing our best to promote quality Goa trance music, but through different ways and with different approaches. 7. What’s your main goal with Neogoa? For us, the fans, it’s an awesome way to find new artists and music and I am sure it’s a great opportunity for the artists as well to introduce themselves, do you agree? Well, the main goal is to stay on the right path, to explore different influences, themes and motifs, to present them properly and correctly, to avoid fakery and be open towards people (our followers, fans) who are interested in our work and the ideas behind the music. Money doesn’t fuel people, honesty and straight-forward attitude does. It is the core reasons why so many people are doing great things for Neogoa voluntarily, from mastering studios, uploaders, reviewers, translators, and DJs who are promoting the music of our artists. Goa trance liberation is the Neogoa essence and main motto. People feel that and they know that this project is growing and building because of it. I assume that artists on Neogoa recognized the opportunities of being exposed to a large amount of people in a quick and easy way, especially since Ektoplazm is probably the best source for legal Goa trance music. With good exposure and promotion, the possibilities of being noticed and booked for some gig are much bigger and, (sad but true), with gigs you can at least cover some expenses and earn some money. Great results in promotion through Neogoa are the main reason why label exists (and why I’m not releasing Transylvanian raw black metal (yet) as you said lol). 8. Setting up and running a net-label takes a lot of time and effort. What motivates and drives you to do this? It does take some time indeed, but if you enjoy your every-day work then it’s not as hard as some people might think. Although Neogoa takes a couple of hours each day in my life, it’s not that easy to handle all the other activities while preparing a release. I’m trying to have some sort of balance between Neogoa and my other work, for example graphic design. Regarding the motivation, as I said earlier, all the people involved in some way with Neogoa are the reason why this label still exists and the good feedback that we’re getting for our releases means that we’re doing the right thing. We’re living in hard times and people sometime need some small little good thing and if Neogoa is a reason for their happiness, our mission is done. A couple of months ago one nice guy (a disabled ex-fireman) sent me a heart-touching message about him being grateful for all the music that Neogoa released for free, because he can’t afford to buy music and I can’t explain you how I felt after I red that message. He’s not the only one, there are a lot more heroes out there who deserves a small piece of happiness and it is a privilege for me and for all artists (and I think I can speak in their name too) to make people happy with music! 9. In my opinion there is a “quality level” connected to Neogoa. If something comes you know that it’s not that bad. How do you choose the artist and releases? For example if I have a small bedroom goa project can I send you demos? Thank you. Well, it’s not piece of cake to pick certain number of tracks and release them just like that. If you want to establish a decent level of quality you have to reject some material, but usually I reject music that really doesn’t have anything with the style we’re promoting. If there is potential in the music, I like to send some sort of feedback to artist with some suggestion and if he manages to deliver the product, than we talk about release slots. The communication is the crucial part, many artists are craving quality feedback and suggestions/ideas, and I’m trying as much as I can to deliver some interesting ones. In the last two years I tended to promote new names as much as possible, because when you give them a fair chance and when they get good feedback, their self-confidence grows and they will be more involved into music making, hopefully exploring different themes through their music. Being innovative in any kind of way is something that I like to push when I see it in someone’s work. Regarding the demo submission, all information can be found here (http://neogoanetlabel.tumblr.com/demo), so if you decide to send us your bedroom Goa project, just don’t forget to follow the rules hehe. 10. Your first release was the Dimensional Gateway compilation. What are your memories of it? Which track is your favourite of that compilation and why? Dimensional Gateway was a great experience. I met a lot of great people online while working on it and I felt proud when it finally came out on Ektoplazm. I can’t say that I have favorite track on it, since all of them are there for a reason. If you want to experience the idea and the story, you have to listen to it from the start to finish. 11. Which are your favourite three Neogoa releases and why? Which is your all-time favourite track from the Neogoa catalog? Man you’re asking tough questions haha. Okay, my favorite Neogoa release(s) always change since I’m not always in the mood for Goa trance only (blasphemy!) and you know that we’re releasing downtempo music as well, so in recent times I really enjoyed Shamanizm Parallelii’s latest album, The World in a Drop of Rain – http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/shamanizm-parallelii-the-world-in-a-drop-of-rain. Regarding the uptempo stuff, Arronax and his Crossing The Rubicon album is a perfect pick for cold autumn nights – http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/arronax-crossing-the-rubicon 12. Your most successful release on Ektoplazm is PharaOm’s Under The Sun Of Goa. What do you think is the main reason for that success? Because we put Ganesh on the artwork and word ‘Goa’ in the album name. J Seriously, it’s because Oswald is a very talented and skilled musician and his work has left a strong mark on the Goa trance scene. He’s currently working on his other non-Goa trance side project but he will release a downtempo track on our next compilation – Celestial Transvibrations. We’re also talking about some other releases as well, so maybe he will get back to making Goa trance music again. Regarding the high number of downloads, I think some server-crash happened on Ektoplazm and some numbers changed, but no matter the number of downloads, it’s great album and people should check it if they haven’t yet. 13. If somebody asks you “What is goa-trance?” what would you say? Which Neogoa release would you recommend to introduce this style? When I worked on the Dimensional Gateway 3 compilation, I asked the good people on Psynews and on Facebook to send us one word that describes what Goa trance means to them and we collected a lot of words and put them on the inlay artwork. For me it’s a wonderful genre that has been under the radar for many years (when you compare it to other more exposed genres in EDM), but maybe it’s better to have that underground vibe on the scene. People are more honest, more open and it’s easier to communicate and plan things together. I see Goa trance as a little kid, growing each day and getting better and better, so it would be a shame to spoil it with fame and money. Don’t get me wrong here, I still think that many artists and DJs are not paid enough for their work, and many labels are losing money, but in those situations you have to push even harder and better, because only with hard work you can achieve good things in life. If that’s money, well people interested in money will find the way sooner or later. 14. Your releases are mostly goa-trance style. Why didn’t you release other forms of psy-trance? Don’t you like them? Well it’s hard to say that we release only Goa trance. A lot of our releases are not 100% Goa trance and why should they be? For example if you look at the PsiloCybian or BlackStarrFinale albums on Neogoa, both artists are dance-floor friendly, with a lot of psytrance and even full-on influences. The exact definition isn’t important here, the quality of music is. They succeeded in blending Goa trance music with other styles and a lot of people liked that. Someone will like the more straight-forward Goa trance sound like Alienoma or Morphic Resonance. It’s a matter of taste and it would be totally unacceptable for me to focus only on Goa trance music. I said earlier that we also promote and release downtempo and psychedelic chillout music. Anything that I find good enough will get a slot on Neogoa. Speaking about other genres, there are plans to expand our musical ideas through a sub-label, but more about that later. I don’t like to say that I like one certain genre, because each genre has something good to offer. 15. It looks like that the “normal” music business is dying. Although there are still some successful psytrance labels, most people (goa people included) don’t buy music anymore. What is your opinion on this? Do you think this is good because it helps or it makes things worse? If someone doesn’t buy music that doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t support the scene in some way. I know a lot of people who are not buying music but they support the scene by going to parties, making visuals and decorations for artists, writing reviews, promoting music on social networks, posting about different projects on their blogs, promoting artists on YouTube (some artists don’t like that type of promotion, but in recent years more and more artists are aware how important YouTube promotion has become), etc. However, I respect all people who keep buying music, especially on CDs and for sure they’re one of the biggest reasons why some labels still exists. 16. You design your releases and work for other artists as well. Is that a hobby or your job? Which is your favourite picture? Besides Neogoa artwork, I make designs (under Neogoa Design) for other Goa and ambient labels as well, including Sita Records, Suntrip Records, Timewarp Records, Goa Madness Records, Phototropic Records, UAF Records, DAT Mafia Records, Random Records, etc. It’s not only a hobby since I have to pay bills as well, but whenever someone needs a graphic design for a charity release or any worthy cause, I’m doing it pro-bono. Besides that I also design flyers and logos. I’m trying to have my own style when it comes to graphic design but sometime a label or artist wants something different and it’s always cool to explore different styles than the usual things that I’m working on. I don’t have a favorite piece of art, but the most fun was a collaboration work with Dejan and Goran at Adamantite Studios for the latest Goasia album on Suntrip Records. 17. This year Suntrip released a best-of compilation of Neogoa. Where did this cooperation come from? Whose idea was the release? Who chose the tracks? Which one is your favourite track? Yeah, we released Epoch Of The Terrans through Suntrip and it was a great collaboration project between Neogoa and Suntrip. Honestly it wasn’t hard to work with them since I designed some artwork for them and we have really great communication. The idea came from my side after some people asked about the possibility of having Neogoa material released on a CD, and I said that I’m willing to do so if any label shows some interest in this project. I received a couple of offers but Suntrip was the best option. I asked people to send us their favorite tracks from Neogoa on Psynews and on Facebook and we received great suggestions. After that I spoke with Jos and he gave some of his suggestions and I gave some of mine and in the end the complete project was done. It was fun to work on it and I hope sometime in the future we will do something similar again, not only with Suntrip, but with other labels as well. 18. What is your opinion about the current hyped style of psytrance (off-beat)? I heard a new release is coming from Neelix on Neogoa, is that true? Do you think that there will be a goa-trance revival sometime in the future? I don’t have any special opinion; I’m sure it has its audience and that people enjoy it. Two years ago or even more I heard a track by Neelix and I liked it but after I heard couple more tracks by him I found out that they sound “samey” and I decided not to involve myself anymore into his production and music. But if he respects our demo submission rules, I will listen to his promo if in some crazy scenario he sends something to Neogoa hahaha. Speaking about revival, I think it’s happening now, but sometimes people don’t know how to appreciate the moment we’re living in, and when those things are gone we start to be nostalgic. I enjoy each day when I wake up, drink a coffee and check my Soundcloud stream while listening to new music. There is a lot of quality Goa trance nowadays and a lot of great artists; let’s appreciate that for a moment. 19. Goa isn’t just about the music. What about the goa parties? Are you a big partier? Do you plan to organize a Neogoa showcase party sometime? That would be awesome! Parties play an important role in music promotion, but I’m not a guy who goes to parties or festivals since my work is based on promotion through social networks and internet and I’m not that much into psytrance parties in general. But slowly people are starting to organize more and more Goa-trance based gatherings and events which is a great thing and it’s always great to see a Goa trance artist playing for a big festival. I hope people who are involved in organizing parties and festivals will give more opportunities to a less well-known artists because if they don’t do, who will? I’m not planning to host any Neogoa showcase party since all our music (after I get it from mastering) goes to fellow Goa trance DJs and radio hosts, and if they find something suitable for their mixes/shows, they’re promoting it. 20. How is the goa trance scene nowadays in your country? Which artist do you recommend worth checking out (not just goa, any style)? The scene is growing and getting better. There are a lot of amazing artist coming from Croatia, but the party scene isn’t on the same level as it is in other countries (Belgium, Israel, Brazil to name a few). However, some great people are doing their best to change those things. Besides the Lost Theory festival, a lot of smaller organizations are hosting parties and even festivals (remember Goa Fanatics?), which is a cool thing for Goa trance music. Speaking of artists, well let’s see: PsiloCybian/Screw Loose, Lunar Dawn, Nova Fractal, Omnivox (ex. Vox), Hotep, ½ of Goasia, M-Run/Adrenalin Run, Perfect Blind, Liquid Flow, Project Shidartha, Deimos, Atom Based, Decadent Sympozium and many others. Without any doubt, Croatia and the Balkan Peninsula in general have the strongest Goa trance artists roster in the last couple of years and I’m sure it will grow more and more. For more about our artists you can check our Croatian compilation published on Ektoplazm entitled ‘Entities’ compiled by PsiloCybian, Deimos and Richpa, or my Croatian Goa mix on YouTube. 21. What can we expect from Neogoa in the future? What are your plans for the rest of the year? In the next couple of weeks we’re releasing two (more darker/experimental) releases by Dragon Twins (a great project from Belgium) – Only For The Wicked EP, and our 2nd compilation in 2014 – Celestial Transvibrations, which will feature a lot newcomers including Protorai from Hungary J , as well as Neuropa, Ankrosado, Veasna, Proxeeus, What Lies Beneath and good old Arronax and PharaOm. For 2015 we will release full length albums by Lunar Dawn, GoaTree, Lectro Spektral Daze and Proxeeus, a remix album of collaboration work between Nova Fractal and Arronax, and a bunch of joint releases between Neogoa and our new sub-label – Ae Records (https://www.facebook.com/aehorde), featuring music by Jagoa, JaraLuca, Twisted Nature and many others. There are also two compilations in the making, one similar in style to the Dimensional Gateways series called “The World Beyond” which will be the most challenging project so far on Neogoa with an amazing lineup, and a new (as yet untitled) Sky Technology compilation on Neogoa. Besides music, recently we launched localized versions (non-English) of our page at Facebook, so from now on Neogoa is available in Dutch (https://www.facebook.com/neogoabelgium), Croatian (https://www.facebook.com/neogoacroatia), French (https://www.facebook.com/neogoafrance) and Russian (https://www.facebook.com/neogoarussia) and hopefully in the upcoming months we will have even more localized versions of our page, but for all people who want to get their latest Neogoa feed on English, they can follow Neogoa here: https://www.facebook.com/neogoa.netlabel Thank you again I hope it wasn’t that boring at all. It wasn’t boring at all and I hope next time there will be at least forty questions haha (joking). Thank you and best of luck with your website!
  11. MP3/WAV/FLAC: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/jaraluca-perpetuum-mobile Neogoa returns in 2015 with Perpetuum Mobile, the debut album by Polish project JaraLuca, featuring 8 previously unreleased tracks. With this release JaraLuca showcases his style: acidic Goa trance music with groovy psytrance influences, perfect for dance floors. All tracks written and produced by Łukasz Zając (Poland). Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios (Belgium), with artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design (Croatia) Artist: JaraLuca Album: Perpetuum Mobile Label: Neogoa Release date: January 2014 Cat. Number: NEOG034 Style: Psychedelic, Goa Trance Tracklist: Existence (145 BPM) Perpetuum Mobile (147 BPM) Galaxicity (147 BPM) Minds Circus (145 BPM) Insomnia (148 BPM) Uncontrolled (147 BPM) Solaris (165 BPM) Emptiness (85 BPM) All tracks written and produced by Łukasz Zając (Poland) Soundcloud | Facebook Artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design (Croatia) Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios (Belgium) Short preview: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/jaraluca-perpetuum-mobile
  12. OUT NOW! FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/dragon-twins-only-for-the-wicked Enjoy! I'm super happy to announce our next release, a 5-track EP by Belgian project DRAGON TWINS at Neogoa. This is first from the upcoming series of releases at Neogoa and Ae Records in old-school influenced Goa trance style with experimental and acidic flavour. You can stream full track at Soundcloud until 'ONLY FOR THE WICKED' comes out on Ektoplazm for free download, as usual. Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/dragontwins 1: (entwined) (118 BPM) 2: Only For The Wicked (147 BPM) 3: Daimon - Codex (Dragon Twins Remix) (147 BPM) Original track by Daimon (VA - Temple of Chaos @ Suntrip Records) 4: Time Has A Mouth (146 BPM) 5: Inner Caveman Dub (88 BPM) All tracks w&p by Mathias Pico (Antwerp, Belgium) (https://soundcloud.com/djunasaurus) Dragons' artwork by Arne Wastyn / Ramskop (www.facebook.com/ramskp) Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios (Belgium) (http://www.facebook.com/stryderq) Artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design (http://www.facebook.com/neogoadesign)
  13. yo people feel free to check out my new studio mix, it was mix i played in Belgrade 04.10, this year, fueled with high quality music and mixes, massive respect to all artists and friends who approved me to publish this, get ready for 2 hour take off Pic artwork by Richpa @ https://www.facebook.com/neogoadesign Tracklist : 1. Sheyba - Trans Africa Express (Adrenalin Run RMX, intro by Stevo) unrl 2. Fiery Dawn - Cosmic Ascention unrl 3. Moodsyne - Frogs Breath (VA-Binary Sequence/Resonant Earth) 4. Adrenalin Run - Sixt Sense unrl 5. Omneon - Sirius (Soon released on Timewarp Records/VA- Goa Energy 2014) 6. Sun Project - Space Dwarfs (Morphic Resonance RMX)unrl 7. Fiery Dawn - Hyperspace (Cosmic Ascension/Timewarp) 8. Oxi - Gemini Asteroid (Colours Of Goa/Timewarp) 9. Pleiadians - Taygeta (Morphic Resonance RMX) unrl 10. Adrenalin Run - Spoiled Brats last mix (unrl) 11. Celestial Intelligence - Crystal Gazer (unrl) 12. GoaTree - Hide & Clap (Morphic Resonance Remix) (Soon released on Timewarp Records/VA- Goa Energy 2014) 13. Adrenalin Run - Nova Era (unrl) 14. Celestial Inteligence - 1001 reasons (Album track for forthcoming album release on Suntrip Rec) 15. Kobaya - Free Your Mind (Colours Of Goa/Timewarp) 16. Artifact 303 - Feelings (Opus Iridium/Suntrip) no download ofcourse mix link: https://soundcloud.com/djstevozg/dj-stevo-belgrade-memories-2014<3
  14. I'm happy to present brand new DJ mix made by our friend from Spain featuring finest Neogoa music, selected and mixed by DJ Lord Flames! You can stream/download Neogoa Galaxy here: >http://goo.gl/WP2Vuo >https://soundcloud.com/aehorde/neogoagalaxy Artists featured: BlackStarrFinale, PsiloCybian, Omnivox, Astrancer, Adrenalin Run, Morphic Resonance, Cosmic Dimension, Goatree / Saluberrimae, Dreamweaver, Arronax, Lunar Dawn, Imba and Crossing Mind!
  15. Artist: Shamanizm Parallelii Title: The World In A Drop of Rain Label: Neogoa Date: August, 2014 01 - Box With Old Toys (130 BPM) 02 - Place Where Ganga Was Born (140 BPM) 03 - United Spirit (120 BPM) 04 - Shadows Of The Mountain's Shamans (146 BPM) 05 - Space Sweet Home (120 BPM) 06 - Three G (- BPM) 07 - The World In A Drop Of Rain (120 BPM) 08 - Erinaceus Europaeus In The Mist (92 BPM) What the hell is this? My inner OCD wants to...nay, needs to put this in a neat and tidy box, but after washing my hands twelve times in a row I can't place it. It's all over the place with no boundaries. You have to have boundaries don't you? That's what all the high school girls keep telling me. They wouldn't lie would they? This is part dub and downtempo, part Pink Floyd, and a soucon of Shpongle. It's not very relaxing and is jam packed sonically. Throw the rules out the window I've closed six times (and immediately reopened) in hope to define this. So I'm gonna break the cardinal rule of obsessive compulsive disorder. The holy grail. F*ck it. Yeah I said it. Freedom b*tches! Don't bring your closed minds or neatly prepared boxes for this. Just revel in the insane amount of detail located within. Get lost trying to find out where the hell it's going to go. Enjoy the musicianship and patience it must've taken to put this together. I still don't know what I'm listening to, but I recognize quality when I hear it. Hell I'm not even sure I like it. It's experimental with loads of weirdness (see the last track). Did they just put a curse on me? Oh God...starting to backslide. This might be too good for my small mind to process. And that beautiful cover art isn't helping! Can you f*ckers please throw me a bone? Where's the goa Neogoa? Is it techno? Shoegaze? *sobbing, pleading* Dear God I don't even know what that last word is!! Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  16. Artist: Various Title: Celestial Transvibration Label: Neogoa Date: October, 2014 1. Protorai - Midst Aetheric Halls 2. Ankrosado - Thing 3. Neuropa - Meganeura 4. What Lies Beneath - Ritual Algorythm (Early Spring Remix) 5. Proxeeus - Mission Atlantis (Alien Voices Mix) 6. Veasna - Quantum Connundrum 7. Arronax - Wings of Laniakea 8. PharaOm - Mighty Sun Sometimes you have to expand your horizons. Try new things and break out of your comfort zone. "C'mon Jimmy...just try a backflip." *flinches* Ooh...nobody saw that. "I've never ridden a motorbike before. So just, twist the accelerator and I'll go? Wow, that's easy!" FFFF*****CCCCCCKKKKKK!!!! Point is trying new things is usually a good thing. Neogoa is the penultimate netlabel when it comes to goa trance. Their releases are consistently great with a track record that a for profit label would envy. When Ivan hooked me up with this a few days ago I asked him what was the idea or the theme behind this compilation. He told me that he wanted to showcase new artists and for this compilation to go in a darker or more experimental direction. Well mission accomplished brother! Yep! Well, except that...the mission here was actually you know...accomplished. This compilation is the definition of a pot luck. Minus grandma's runny potato salad. The first three tracks are of the experimental variety with a sound akin to Slinky Wizard, Psychaos or COP. Shout out to psynewser Paul Eye representing on Meganeura. None of the tracks are mind blowing, but they are interesting and they avoid the all to frequent current goa stereotypes. Then you come to the longest track ever released by Neogoa in Ritual Algorythm. Made by another psynews regular ritual_Om this 20 minute effort is a storytelling journey. Not in the melodic goa sense, but in the exploratory mold. Again, interesting to say the least. And that is the turning point because the final four tracks are what you would expect from Neogoa. Melodic, goa stormers with newcomer Proxeeus kicking the door in saying, "Here I am...love me." Great f*cking track. The last track by former goa stalwart PharaOm was a downtempo goa track that sounded awesomely sinister. If that was the last goa track you made homie, you went out with a bang. So kudos to Neogoa for showcasing newer artists and sending goa trance in another direction. Neogoa is more than just a netlabel they also seem to find lots of up and coming talent that go on to future success. Maybe it'll stick, maybe it won't, but creativity is the mother of invention. Or some sh*t like that. Mdk
  17. Ae is a second child of Neogoa, a record label who will present it's first releases in early 2015, with strong focus on promotion of underground ethereal psychedelic trance and deep cosmic ambient music with distinctive vibe. Our releases will be available for free download under CC licence. Thank you for joining the horde! - AE Records https://www.facebook.com/aehorde | Contact email: aehorde@gmail.com Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube
  18. FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/celestial-transvibrations Neogoa enters a new chapter with Celestial Transvibrations, presenting a fresh selection of previously unreleased Goa trance. Compiled by label manager Richpa, this release is an attempt to explore the mystical realms of old school-flavoured Goa trance music with a more daring and experimental touch. Alongside several established names this compilation showcases many unknown artists, staying true to the label’s mission to expose new artists who are passionately re-creating the vibe and feel of retro Goa trance music from the golden years. Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios with artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design. This compilation is dedicated to all people who supported our work and our vision through the years! Mastered samples can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/celestialmaster 01. Protorai - Midst Aetheric Halls (148 BPM) written and produced by Raziel Anarki (Hungary) 02. Ankrosado - Thing (140 BPM) written and produced by Andre Rosado (Portugal) 03. Neuropa - Meganeura (142 BPM) written and produced by Pauli Harju (Finland) 04. What Lies Beneath - Ritual Algorythm [Early Spring Remix] (146 BPM) written and produced by George Pallas (Greece) 05. Proxeeus - Mission Atlantis [Alien Voices Mix] (143 BPM) written and produced by Jerome Lesterps (France) 06. Veasna - Quantum Conundrum (145 BPM) written and produced by Patrick Dinklage (Germany) 07. Arronax - Wings Of Laniakea (145 BPM) written and produced by Mirza Aljić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 08. PharaOm - Mighty Sun (96 BPM) written and produced by Oswald Pfeiffer (France) Compiled, artwork design & concept by Richpa at Neogoa Design (Croatia) https://www.facebook.com/neogoadesign https://www.facebook.com/ohitsrichpa Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios (Belgium) https://www.facebook.com/stryderq Released by Neogoa (NEOG033) https://www.facebook.com/neogoa.netlabel https://www.facebook.com/neogoacroatia https://www.facebook.com/neogoafrance https://www.facebook.com/neogoabelgium https://www.facebook.com/neogoarussia This compilation is dedicated to all people who supported us in last couple of years. You are the biggest inspiration in our work!
  19. listen the great new album by Arronax! full melodic goa trance! samples accesible through stryder facebook page! mastered by stryder! i kept the samples very 'teasing',not revealing the best melodies and parts, only hinting them! so stay tuned for the full release! especially track 2 and 4!!!!!!!!! setting new standards in terms of loudness and clarity in this release for my mastering service! https://www.facebook.com/stryderq
  20. I’m currently working on 100% oldschool Goa trance compilation for the first time. Probably it won’t fit in the description of the highly melodic positive trance music which became some sort of standard nowdays, but for sure it will satisfy the people who like their Goa trance more experimental, darker and obscure. Hit the article below to find out more about this project and how to participate: http://neogoanetlabel.tumblr.com/post/84124985915/be-a-part-of-neogoas-first-oldschool-goa-trance
  21. FREE WAV/FLAC/MP3 DOWNLOAD: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/lectro-spektral-daze-out-of-body-experience Neogoa proudly presents the EP release of Lectro Spektral Daze! To be released for free at Ektoplazm! For more informations and free music, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter! All tracks written and produced by Danny Marshall [Lectro Spektral Daze]. First track is available for stream/download at our Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/crystal-clear
  22. OUT NOW! http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/alienoma-the-abyss 01 - Deja Vu 02 - See The Abyss 03 - Unconcious Realm After releasing his debut as Ancient Alien on Timewarp Records last year Brazilian Goa trance producer Luiz Fernando Wilhelm returns with a brand new Goa trance project: Alienoma. The Abyss introduces his new sound, a darker kind of Goa trance music. Neogoa is happy to take a small part in his vision by sharing these three powerful tracks with all Goa trance lovers! All tracks are written and produced by Luiz Fernando Wilhelm. Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios with artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design.
  23. Full track stream/download from the NEOG027 https://soundcloud.com/neogoa/dissolving-who-we-are _____________________________________ First track from the upcoming debut Sun Shadow EP on Neogoa entitled 'Dissolving Who We Are'. Sun Shadow is Alex Vinshu from Russia. For more informations, please visit Neogoa on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr! 01 - Dissolving Who We Are 02 - The Lost Temple 03 - Searching For Winds
  24. Well, being from Australia, my actual real amount until this weekend is literally Zero. Or maybe one. I just found out Blackstarrfinale is playing London this wkend though and am going to that so rather amped about it as I loved his album and keen to pay my respects and say hi. I partied too hard the night/day before and missed Dimension 5 last year at Lost Theory, much to my total and utter disappointment.. ugh.. But i guess i have seen a "retro" Green nuns set that my friend got Dick to play on the banks of the Brisbane river. That was definitely awesome. So who (of goa artists only) have you actually seen live, and how was it?
  25. Artist: Various Title: Lunar Dawn - Blessings From Irij Remixes Label: Neogoa Date: December, 2013 01 - Blessings From Irij (Screw Loose Remix) (145 BPM) 02 - Blessings From Irij (Trinodia Remix) (138 BPM) 03 - Blessings From Irij (Sky Technology Remix) (148 BPM) 04 - Blessings From Irij (Imba Remix) (145 BPM) 05 - Blessings From Irij (Perfect Blind Remix) (120 BPM) 06 - Blessings From Irij (Decadent Sympozium Remix) (147 BPM) 07 - Blessings From Irij (GoaTree Remix) (138 BPM) 08 - Blessings From Irij (Original Mix) (136 BPM) I salute you sir. I salute you for making an album of remixes the right way. No full-on clones, no paint by numbers sketches, no unimaginative drivel that makes me want to jump out of a f*cking window. The original track by the Lunar Dawn duo has its origins in Slavic folklore and we all know that means vampires because what the f*ck else could it mean? Hold it...I'm getting word that it actually means paradise. Surely they mean a vampire paradise where they walk freely in daylight with harems of busty virgins. *Sigh* If only... Neogoa has become a fixture on the goa trance scene much like Suntrip where you expect the highest quality. The all digital label does it for free and has earned its bones. So what you get is the original track and a bunch of remixes some some of the best and brightest in the genre. A shocker I know. Seems like they incorporated parts of the original and then went on to make it their own. You know...like the f*cking definition of a remix? Know how I know this works? It's not because I'm a damn genius although the evidence speaks for itself. It's because I don't think the original is that special. No offense. It's not bad, just a personal preference. But each remix takes the original and moves it along a different path. Especially Imba's. I don't know what he was remixing, but it sounded like something else entirely. And over 11 minutes? I had to take a piss break halfway through. Trinodia gets all dancey and rhythmic while Perfect Blind serves up a downtempo space trip. Silly Perfect Blind...there are no such things as space vampires. What the f*ck is that? What's with the unibrow? It's a good track even if it sounded like a slowed up version of the original. The ones I didn't care for were the Decadent Sympozium and the Goatree remix. The former was too euphoric although I appreciated the way they worked in the original during the break. The latter was a little too...too...what's the word. Maybe that's a little too critical, but you get the idea. Then again the original was medieval sounding also. Still, it's a remix album that is done right and if you liked the original or even if you didn't, these fresh goa takes will make you smile. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
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