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Found 4 results

  1. This week on Psylicious Radio we welcome Polish Goa trance producers Artha and Devi Divine who will be spinning your minds with their psychedelic goodness. Enjoy! Listen to the show: ARTHA [Cronomi Recs] PL Artha's project is led by Michał "Timer" Bączek, born on October 27, 1979, a talented inhabitant of Malbork. He derives his roots from the Goa current, which can be heard clearly especially in his first productions. He came into contact with electronic music as a child, listening to artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis. Through electronics, techno and trance he made his way to psychedelic trance listening to Hallucinogen's album "Twisted". This was his start in psychedelic sounds: Hallucinogen, S.U.N. Project, Space Tribe, Pleiadians. Artha has been making music for a good twenty or so years, his productions date back to 1996. He started writing Psytrance as soon as he came across this genre, because he was always into trance. However, He prefers the Goa trance genre, loves melodies, according to him it is the part that is significant and capable of falling into the listener's memory, therefore he places more emphasis on this part. Some of his works were inspired by the works of Hallucinogen, who inspires Artha to this day. Artha debuted in May 2005. It was then that, thanks to Dark Life Records, the Polish compilation entitled "Theory of Madness" was released, featuring Artha's track "Virus". Label | Soundcloud | Ektoplazm | Discogs | Info DEVI DIVINE [1.2 Trip Recs] PL Magdalena Kurdziel a'ka Devi Divine - a young producer from south of Poland. She started dealing with music in 2018 and released the first EP two years later with 12 Trip Records, titled "Astral Plane". On her account she also has two compilations with Time Warp Records "The Call of Goa vol."4 "and on the compilation" Polska Scena vol 1 "from the Be Psychedelic group. She has already performed in her country several times. Her work is energetic and dynamic. The songs are very melodic to fully express the artistic message. The music she creates is a mix of old school classical Goa trance style with a completely new and fresh energy. Track List Played 01. Devi Divine - The Turth Of Life (Unreleased) 02. Devi Divine - Samsara (Unreleased) 03. Devi Divine - Wenus (Unreleased) 04. Devi Divine - The Power Of Shakti (Unreleased) 05. Devi Divine - Hallucinations (1.2. Trip Recs) 06. Infected Mushroom - Psycho (Devi Divine Rmx) 07. Devi Divine - Spiritual Experience (Unreleased) 08. Devi Divine - Hidden Dimension (Unreleased) 09. Devi Divine - Spiral Path (Timewarp Recs) 10. Devi Divine - Astral Plane (1.2. Trip Recs) Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud Thanks for listening... Spread the LoVe ENJOY!
  2. Artist: Sky Technology Album: Rainbow Spirit Label: Neogoa Records Release: September 29, 2019 1. Hidden Secrets 2. Escape From Babylon (Sky technology Remix) 3. Winky Dink And Nod (Album Version) 4. Fake Dance 5. Katedra – Collision Course (Sky Technology) 6. A Ray Of Light (Album Acid Version) 7. Just Do It 8. Kids Don’t Eat Alien Protein (Album Version) 9. Rainbow Spirit 10. Memories of Another Life Sky Technology is Dmitriy Kolosovskiy who has released 4 studio albums including Rainbow Spirit. I kind of remember Spirituality although I Don't think I ever listened to it through and through, the rest of his albums are going to require some searching from me. I have thoroughly enjoyed his features on various compilations and have until now thought that he mostly did Neogoa and down-tempo Goa which he rules at. I’ve listened to Rainbow Spirit from start to finish, back to front, and shuffled all about. I get the most enjoyment on the Shuffle option and decided to review from that angle. 4. Fake Dance: Damn this fella is going fast and hard on this album. If I heard this on a dancefloor in the deep hours of the night I would come out the other end a jabbering jattering jittering mess. For at home listening it’s a little too hard for me, but That doesn’t mean I can’t see the place for this crazy ass song. The Final louder and more intense lead is pretty wild and enjoyable. In fact it’s absolutely wild. 6. A Ray of Light was one of my favourite tracks off of the Call of Goa Vol. 3 Compilation and the Album Acid Version just brings it to another level. Sky Technology brings the energy right from the start to the finish and doesn't skimp on the light rays of aural sensation. 8. Kids Don’t Eat Alien Protein (Album Version): Does he mean they don’t eat alien protein anymore? Damn kids have changed. I believe this to be one of my favourite on the album. 9. Rainbow Spirit comes at you with more another machine gun bassline and a bright Nitzho melody that turns into a pretty exciting midway break before coming back just as hard. The main break and final leads stand out here, the rest of the track doesn’t quite hit home for me. 2. Escape From Babylon comes in a bit of an easier pace to keep up with and instantly brings the vibe of a banger. This is most certainly my album favourite. The leads whip around each other while the kick pounds onwards never giving up. 10. Memories of Another Life starts with all the potential of a track that could be chill. Aint gonna happen though hombres. The track really takes off at 3:18 and gives us a taste of something we haven’t heard on the album yet. 3. Winky Dink And Nod has all the feels of a Nitzho track found in the deep forests of Scandinavia. Squelches and bubbles envelope the track and keep it dark and deep. 1. Hidden Secrets is tribalistic goa and another track with a difference on the album. Maybe one of the best produced tracks here with an entire catalogue of elements working towards a beautiful piece of work. 7. Just Do It is another fast and hard machine gun pound fest. Not a favorite but definitely appealing to those that like it fast, hard, relentless and extreme. 5. Katedra - Collision Course (Sky Technology Remix) Obviously this isn't going to be some rinky dink Sloa Version of Collision Course... Wait. Has Katedra even released the original of this track yet? Well gonna be a gatling gun firing rounds of bass in your face with the fastest strobe light we have. I really loved the screech lead that came in at 2:40, but have to stop myself from being disappointed that it doesn't spiral into something more amazing. The only reason this thought hits me is because the final bar sounds like it's about to jump into a different rhythm and start bouncing all around the place, instead it repeats itself onward. Putting this unreasonable expectation aside Sky Technology's remix is balls to the wall great and finally a fast and hard track that I can listen to over and over again. That is the album folks and Folkettes. A nice mix of Goa and super fast Goa that changes the music I expect to hear when I see Sky Technology release a track. Other than some bass lines that I wasn't a huge fan of I think the album has mostly solid tracks that will tear up a dance floor without a doubt in my mind. I have about 6 favourites which is decent 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10. Most of the track sit between a 7 - 9 minute run time which is completely appropriate for their intensity. Trance2MoveU made a comment on his spirituality album in 2016 "Dmitriy Kolosovskiy from Kiev is a guy that has taken goa to places that may make some feel uncomfortable yet refreshed at the same time." Well that holds for this album too, a little bit of both for our pleasure. Well done to all involved, another extreme album to add to the growing collection of chaos that has been released in 2019. https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/rainbow-spirit
  3. I have the whole discography of Hado, excluding the 3CD of Zirrex for sale. All the CD are sealed and new. Zirrex - Ritual Dance ‎(CD, Album, Mixed) HDRCD02 Various - Voyager: First Plateau ‎(CD, Comp) HDRCD03 Various - Voyager: Second Plateau ‎(CD, Comp) HDRCD04 Various - Locomotion ‎(CD, Comp) HDRCD05 if anyone's interested, let me know, 45€ for the lot shipped priority anywhere in Europe, payment will be made directly to DAT Recs account to cover expenses, it's not a private sale of my collection.
  4. Album: Auryn Artist: BlackStarrFinale Genre: Goa Trance Price: FREE http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/blackstarrfinale-auryn Track List: 01 - Nothing (feat. Psibindi On Vocals) (143 BPM) 02 - The Child Hunter (143 BPM) 03 - The Many And The Luck Dragon (143 BPM) 04 - Uyulala (138 BPM) 05 - A New Name (145 BPM) 06 - Graograman (138 BPM) 07 - The Star Cloister (144 BPM) 08 - The Emperors Journey (143 BPM) 09 - Doña Aiuola (145 BPM) 10 - AURYN (138 BPM) As most of you probably know, Auryn is the debut release by producer BlackStarrFinale on the now well known and increasingly prominent goa label NeoGoa. Being presented for free by the wonderful people over on Ektoplazm may sometimes lead people to believe that perhaps an artist isn't quite capable of a commercial/paid release yet. This album however absolutely proves that wrong, as not only is it an incredible album in itself, it more than holds its own against the big boys of the commercial neo goa world. Track 1 - Nothing Beginning the album in comparatively calm fashion, Nothing features tribal like beats as gorgeous vocals by Psibindi flow throughout. Building gradually to a crescendo halfway through its seven and a half minutes we are treated to an introduction of some beautiful background melodies that pave the way for the rest of the journey. A small break three quarters through and a strong bassline picks things up again where Luis flexes his dancefloor muscle. Soon enough streams of 303 like acid race us to the finish line... Epic Opening Track is Epic! 8/10 Track 2 - The Child Hunter A relaxed intro and reverberating piano notes lead us into a false sense of calm before the second track kicks off with a thumping bassline and almost full on style digital sounding leads. This is where BlackStarrFinale's real talent lies in my mind, the fusion of neo goa and extremely modern full on styles, but more on that later... The Child Hunter continues its barrage with overlayed piano notes and increasing acid drenched melodies until the end. A great track and sign of even greater things to come. 8/10 Track 3 - The Many and The Luck Dragon Wasting no time, this track is a stomping goa trance monster from the very beginning. Lush strings and thick atmosphere are matched with a chunky beat and some simply gorgeous lead synth sounds. Acid soaked psychedelic sounds spring back and forth in a cacophony of melodic bliss that soon becomes larger than life halfway through the track. A nice break gives us a moment to catch our breath and we are back into it. Those basslines just keep coming and Im sure this stuff would be absolutely killer on a dancefloor! 8/10 Track 4 - Uyulala Huge and dripping Intros. This guys has got them. Building and building with that again digital psychedelic sounding melody until around 6:25 when some pressure is released. This isn't my favourite track of the album, possibly least favourite as it maybe doesn't have as many wonderful melodies as some others. 7/10 Track 5 - A New Name Remember those epic Intros I told you about? Well the drop into this track as it begins is fatter than a fat kid with a jetpack. The Bassline is so chunky you could be forgiven for thinking you were listening to full on. Again though he pulls it off with class as this track just goes and goes and goes and goes...Absolutely stellar acid lines criss cross throughout and again he has those damn squiggly sounds I just cannot get my head around. One of my Tracks of the Year. Love it. 9/10 Track 6 - Graogragam Reminding me almost of serbian style prog to start with, this track soon morphs into something more familiar and by 6 minutes in you are surrounded with some of the most intricate digital melodies I've heard for a long time. Funky throughout it has a real groove and gait that any dancefloor is going to eat up. Can't wait to experience it myself! 9/10 Track 7 - The Star Cloister Shit gets real from the start here as The Star Cloister is an epic flight through inner/outer space that takes no prisoners. Speeding through the cosmos to a wonderful conclusion its a real journey from start to finish. I would perhaps have liked a little more variation on melody on this track but hey, thats just getting picky! 8/10 Track 8 - The Emperors Journey Whoa. Thats the first thing that comes to mind as the beat drops at 55 seconds in. Im still surprised constantly how he can create such atmospheric intros for each track without it becoming samey or seeming redundant. However, this isn't one of my favourite tracks until about 5 minutes in when it picks up pace and arpeggiated streams of thick synth work are bought into the mix. 7/10 Track 9 - Doña Aiuola I don't know how to say that track name or even have any idea what it means, but that doesn't matter when its this good. One of the chunkier tracks on the album it really kicks off around 4 minutes in for me after building and building. I love the way he structures his build ups and release/listener pay offs in tracks. Theres something really refreshing about it. 8/10 Track 10 - Auryn Here we are, the final track, and wow that went quick which is always a good sign. Auryn is a pounding, thumping sci fi epic of a track that has to be experienced. The culmination of this epic journey of an album doesn't disapoint and just continues to astound with its tight bassline, deft hat work and then soon enough of course the return of those screaming 303 lines as we blast off into hyperspace. 8/10 Conclusion Wow. I have listened to this album non stop since release, and each and every time I am left astounded. I have just not found anything like it before.. Like a breath of fresh air sweeping into the neo goa scene, what BlackStarrFinale has done here is just astounding to my ears.You can feel his passion has poured into it. Even though it may at times sound digital, probably because it is mostly, it has a soul that many other albums are lacking entirely. I didn't expect to like this album as much as I did.. I had no idea going in that he had produced such a thick and smooth sounding album, one that blends perfectly and succinctly the styles of neo goa and the chunky driving pulse of "full on". This is destined to turn some heads on dancefloors around the world and perhaps place him along side the big commercial artists of this scene where I would say he belongs. This is my album of the year so far, out of neo goa, or psychedelic music in general. Well done Luis and Neogoa. Overall Album Rating: 9/10
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