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Found 660 results

  1. Tracklist: 01 - Kierron Rajoilla (139 BPM) 02 - Hairahdus (140 BPM) 03 - Rahat Pois! (128 BPM) 04 - Donkey Kong (100 BPM) 05 - RooTest (146 BPM) 06 - Tuskien Taival (142 BPM) 07 - Fail Safe (139 BPM) 08 - Sea Of Mud (Mutameri Reggae) (100 BPM) Rediscovering Praktika’s lost album – Playing The PresetsWhen it comes to free releases and Creative Commons music, there is an unwritten rule that you always have to go the extra mile to get the needed attention. Many in this sport tend to fail, but some of them succeed by making their music interesting, refreshing and attention-worthy. Even it has been in release just for two days, new/old album by Finnish group Praktika (Heba and Ripa) is one of thoose releases. At the first sight, after I saw a recommendation by a friend, I experienced this release as something special. Based on the available informations, Praktika’s album Playing The Presets was made in time period between ’97-’99 and it was scheduled to be released by Exogenic Records (to some of you known by hosting names such as Kiwa, Texas Faggot or Highpersonic Whomen, to name a few) in late 1999, but due to the loss of master tapes it was postphoned till this year and (based on their promo text), apparently, with the help of aliens and Johtoääni Studios files are recovered sometime in summer of 2016. Playing The Presets comes with 8 tracks in classic Goa trance style with Suomi twist. I have to admit that I’m not an expert for this certain genre, but based on the release catalogue of Trance Bum Productions (label responsible for this release), it seems fitting and proper to give them a release slot and showcase some Goa music alongside with Suomi. So, let’s hear how does it actually sound. It kicks-off with Kierron Rajoilla track – a mid-tempo (139 BPM) Goa tune with really warm and analog vibe. At the first listen you can already feel that music comes from different era – drum patterns, swirling effects and subtile melodies are exchanging during the whole time while interesting vocals are appearing and leads you into dreamy scenario. It really brings nostalgia in best possible way and if I could guess, I would say it was made sometime around ’95 or even ’94 since it has that primitive (in absolutley postive way) structure, but hypnotic and goastatic. Truth to be told, I couldn’t figure the correct meaning of the track name, but it looks to me that is about certain cycles which makes sense. Unlike the opening track, Hairahdus starts more agressively, with more accent on rhythm and basslines. Even there is no big difference in tempo, this one gives more energy and breaks are short ‘n sweet – perfect for dancefloor gymnastic enthusiasts. I have to admit it’s not my cup of tea that much, but it will be played around for sure. Rahat Pois! is probably the reason why you will fall in love with this album. It has everything that makes Goa music so wonderful – clever arrangement and development, sharp and wicked kicks, interesting and engaging effects playing during the whole time and recognizable lead melody. It’s not the best Goa trance track out there, but for sure back in the days it would end up in thoose ‘a must have Goa’ compilations such as Goa-Head or Pulse. The moment when Goa element will become absent was expected and it happens on 4th track with interesting name – Donkey Kong. Oh, damn you nostalgia, it was such fun to play DK Country or Diddy’s Quest on SNES, I really miss thoose days, but this track actually offers something not-that much related to the game – a nice and relaxed downtempo/trip-hop fusion with some funky details and weird throat-singing in the background. It’s one of thoose tracks you would play at summer night at some bar with laid-back ambient and atmosphere. On the other hand, RooTest brings more Suomi type of sound and Praktika executes it flawlessly. Throughout the whole track something happens and it has that silly vibe, but in totally enjoyable way. Another highlight off the album is Tuskien Taival. Just like Rahat Pois! it gives plenty of Goa groove and showcases how bunch of hardware and gear can create so much noise that makes perfect sense. I never was one of the guys who puts gear ahead of ideas, but in cases like this, you just have to appriciate the skill and knowledge that has been put into making process of Tuskein Taival tune. It seems this album only can get better and better and Fail Safe is a proof. It doesn’t offer anything revolutionary but it features really outstanding melodies and perhaps the most remarkable climax on this whole record. And super-groovy bassline. Last and final track Sea Of Mud starts with slow drumming spiced up with some oriental/ethnic melodies and speeches in background. While it slowly developes, you can feel it’s one of thoose closing downtempo tracks that we got used to in the past. Don’t expect anything spectacular, even it comes with nice electric guitar melodies towards the end. Free download available at Ektoplazm. Written by Richpa. Conclusion: Full review / rate it: http://www.neogoa.net/playing-the-presets-review/
  2. Made this one today. This is what happens when you listen to Proxeeus and read Lovecraft at the same time Feedbacks welcome! Enjoy the trip!
  3. BreKeke - Similarities Luk-Si Records presents their eighth release, Similarities, the second album from talented Czech producer BreKeke. DOWNLOAD AND FULL LISTEN HERE: https://luk-si.bandcamp.com/album/similarities Tracklist: 01 - In Time (145 BPM) 02 - Sinkop (145 BPM) 03 - Latent (145 BPM) 04 - Vamos (145 BPM) 05 - Šemhamforaš (Album Version) (145 BPM) 06 - Optione (145 BPM) 07 - Inyana (145 BPM) 08 - Optione (Newteck Remix) (148 BPM) Credits: Track 1-7 produced by: BreKeke Track 8 produced & remixed by: Newteck Mastered by: Michal Schwa (in ORM STUDIO PRAGUE) Artwork by: Cosmonauta Velilla Cover by: Newteck
  4. A nice gem released on Ektoplazm today. Since it has a lot of 'Goa' in it, why not share it here as well, I'm sure many of you will like this. 01 - Kierron Rajoilla (139 BPM) 02 - Hairahdus (140 BPM) 03 - Rahat Pois! (128 BPM) 04 - Donkey Kong (100 BPM) 05 - RooTest (146 BPM) 06 - Tuskien Taival (142 BPM) 07 - Fail Safe (139 BPM) 08 - Sea Of Mud (Mutameri Reggae) (100 BPM) Playing The Presets is the long-lost debut album of Finnish Goa/psy dub band Praktika (Heba & Ripa). The group formed during the recording sessions for Sörkkä Sonic, a collaborative album released in 1996 and attributed to Flippin’ Bixies, the original Finnish Goa trance super-group. Included on that album was Praktika’s earliest song, “Out Of Phase”. Playing The Presets was recorded during the Mutameri Sessions at the legendary Ääniasema Studios (also the home of Gad, M1D1L11TT0, O*men, and Squaremeat) between 1997–1999. This album was scheduled for release in autumn of 1999 on Exogenic Records but all master tapes were lost only to be rediscovered in the vaults of Johtoääni Studios in the summer of 2016. Nobody really knew what have happened and some blame aliens! All music is from pre-VSTi era when instruments were still made of red and silver plastic. Musically it goes from Goa trance to psy dub to psychedelic world music and Finnish forest funk. Gear used on this album: Roland SH-101, Roland Juno-106, Roland JV-1080, Korg Prophecy, Kurzweil K-2500 with sampling option, Peavey analog delay, Lexicon MPX1, Digitech Multifx, Mackie 2408 Mixer, Roland Alpha Juno 2, PC with Cubase, Sound Forge and Waves native Power Pack cracked by Radium. Credits: written and produced by Praktika with mastering by Heba. Original 3DMAX rendered cover art from 1997 by Mika. http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/praktika-playing-the-presets My review: http://www.neogoa.net/playing-the-presets-review/
  5. Bandcamp link. Dreamy acid techno with a Japanese Goa feeling. All analog. Tracklist : 1. X995 2. X996 3. X997 4. X998 5. X999 6. X1000 Enjoy !
  6. Well here it comes, the newly produced digital album by the Buddhas. 1. The Cupboard - Easy Listening remix 07:50 2. Bodyhit - Light Cycle remix 09:05 3. We See 10:55 4. We Know 10:14 5. Time - Extendend above and beyond to the left of Infinity remix 17:48 6. Time - Ka-SoL remix 07:40 7. Bodyhit - Funky Dead Badger remix 08:59 8. True Hope - Comfy Slippers remix 09:38 1 The album starts off with a storming fast track, which i really like. The melodies are there swirling out and about while the kick has a very cool oldschool feeling, being kept in the basement, and not straight up there in your face bouncing roundly as it often happens in modern productions. The sampled voices are subtle but very enjoyable. A great opener this Cupboard Remix. Not sure why easy listening but maybe it is because it is not a very loud goa track (which is good). The track is clearly psytrance but with a huge retro feeling to it. And also ... what if there is no tomorrow? I agree let's enjoy today. 2 The second track has similar style to the opener and it takes you to a higher level of consciousness with its deep layered patterns and the haunting galloping rhythm. The female voice all of a sudden gives it a magic touch, love it. A killer remix, not much more to be said other than: enjoy it, I sure did. Deep stuff. 3 Track III continues in consistency and goes even deeper, the Buddhas are really making it worth listening, a very enjoyable track, and the ghastly effect going around in circles works perfectly. "We have to see, we have to know" I certainly agree. The samples are used wisely but that ghastly pang inducing effect really works much on me. Watch Out for the mega ending.. Certainly one of the best tracks of the album. 4 This track is in classic Buddhas style, reminding me of their early creations and is a bit slower than the others, at least it feels this way. It starts softly but builds up. The sample sound from the same movie or at least the same voice from the previous track but this time is a little boring, at least until you realize it shifts from "See" to "Know". The track gets much nicer after that and I like the melody in the middle going on in the background + the sampled trumpet part that can be heard subtly. The whole track somehow has a disco feeling to it, so I guess you need to consider it in its own, a mature production but not easily understandable, it needs to grow on you. 5 What do we have here? A Magnus opus remix of almost 18 minutes? That's really cool and not common at all. It starts as such a long track should, in a very minimalist way, just the kick and a few elements. There are swirling sounds slowly appearing and creating a path, there are bees around you and haunting voices, classix forest style and it makes me feel I am walking in the woods while listening to this track, as if i were going on and on, step after step. "Time wouldn't exist?" perhaps. But surprises aren't finished, in the middle something unexpected happens and the track changes style, I feel I am in an Arab or Indian country and the percussion used in this part is really spot on. I might even call it a Shpongle on forest moment, very interesting. You'd need balls to play this at a party but I think it might be a surprising experience for the unaware listeners. The track comes back to its original rhythm as a circle indeed, as our life and time. The track is very experimental but I loved it. Will generate mixed feelings for sure. 6 The Ka-Sol remix of Time is easier to approach, it has very good elements and that classic groove that Ka-Sol always has. This is a killer remix, it has all the elements of the previous track, a toned down version but that would work very well on the dancefloor. The track before this one is mystical and magnificent but I think I’d rather play this one in a set, to make it easier for the listeners. At home though, I'd skip it as it's indeed simpler, so you have 2 remixes on this album but very different one another, excellent choice. ​7 Bodyhit (Remix) is a damn sweet track, I really like it! Bouncing, heavy, psychedelic, cool effects. It’s another favourite and has splendid production. I feel there are even owl’s sounds in the background, but maybe it’s just an imaginary sound… 8 The final remix, True Hope, is a mid-tempo track. It starts very atmospheric and continues like a very deep trip, perfect to close this storming album. I have to yet listen the original versions of these tracks but I am pretty pleased with my purchase, 80 minutes of forest mixed with goa vibes all blended together and ready to be played at home or parties, as you see fit. Please support the hard work of the band and get your own legit download here: http://battlebuddhas.bandcamp.com/ as I did
  7. Buy this album on CD or digital at Bandcamp: https://faxinadu.bandcamp.com/album/zambujeira-do-mar Faxi Nadu - Zambujeira Do Mar Artist: Faxi Nadu Title: Zambujeira Do Mar Label: Pure Chords Genre: Psytrance / Goa / Trance Date: October 2016 Format: Digital / CD Length: 79:38 Tracklist: 1. faxi nadu - ritual zambujeira do mar (8:51) 2. faxi nadu - chasing the dragon (10:07) 3. faxi nadu - unto the breach (8:08) 4. faxi nadu - modular iv flexor (8:52) 5. faxi nadu - shangri la la la (9:56) 6. ocean star empire - woven drops (faxi nadu remix) (8:03) 7. faxi nadu - dialectic sonnet (10:44) 8. faxi nadu - look for the light (7:53) 9. faxi nadu feat spinney lainey - the fall of gamla (atomsessions remix) (7:04) Lucid dream fuel pushing the frontier of Goa and sanity itself. Beautifully woven artifacts of sound morph into detailed stories of space, time and inner exploration. Journey into the unknown as sounds, colors and thoughts collide to strum on the strings of perception. All tracks produced by Yaron Eshkar and Oss Vaisband at http://www.faxinadu.net Track 9 flutes by Spinney Lainey, remix by Fernando Abreu Album graphics by Fernando Abreu C2016 Faxi Nadu Unauthorized duplication antagonizes the reapers. be awesome, support crazy music. ------------- Faxi Nadu YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/faxinadu Faxi Nadu Island: http://www.faxinadu.net Faxi Nadu Bandcamp: http://faxinadu.bandcamp.com Faxi Nadu Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/faxinadu Faxi Nadu Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/faxinadu Faxi Nadu Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Faxi%2BNadu
  8. As I didn't really understand what that means, I looked for some info online and I watched this video. I don't know if it's 100% accurate, but it helped me put things into perspective. Anyone can tell that most modern releases sound louder than the ones from the nineties. As I usually like listening to albums in one go, I noticed that I OFTEN have a feeling of ear fatigue after listening to a modern album, but LESS OFTEN after listening to an oldschool album. So, I have these two questions: 1) Which modern goa trance albums have a good enough dynamic range, in your opinion? Can you give some suggestions? 2) To label owners & producers: Don't you believe that sound quality is a very important thing to consider? I believe that one reason many still prefer the oldschool goa is because they can't stand the loudness in a lot of new music. (Right?) After all, good music will still sound good in high volumes, but overcompressed will not. What do you think? Suggestions/opinions? P.S.: To make it clear: I'm not saying that all modern music sounds bad and that all 90s music sounds good, but, on the whole, there is an obvious difference.
  9. I am an oldschooler Goa fan, and as most people at my age we don’t do good with digital releases, especially if you have the collectors bug. But this is the 21st century and since our music is not commercial either, it makes sense that a lot of releases are only digital. Free, quality digital only releases, don’t make things any easier for me. So what happens with that? So far I was able to push those releases to the back of my mind and pretend that they do not exist. However, there are some releases they keep coming back to haunt me. Notably, these are: The two lives of Hol Baumann Live At Sonic Live Nuit Hypnotique #4 The live versions of Elysium tracks: Live Versions The Live Remixes So I decided to print them myself and make them look like a proper release. They don’t look professional by any way, but still they are good enough to quench my thirst. For some time. And then it hit me. Kickstarter, 100 copies limited edition, 2xCD 8-panel digipacks. I didn’t see any reason they artists would refuse, I wouldn’t lose any money since all expenses would be included in the Kickstarter campaign price (if successful), all the extra income would go to the artists (I have a full time job, I don’t do it to make money, if any), could it really happen? Ehh, no. Too many things to consider for someone that has no experience in things like that would probably make my first try a disaster. And here I am, asking your advice, help, recommendations. Do you think that there is a market for that? Would you contribute to the campaign? Do any current label managers, artists, graphic designers want to help/get involved or just express your opinion? Everyone getting involved would be paid of course and the sum asked would affect the final amount price asked on kickstarter. For now other albums/comps I would like to see released in physical format are: LSD’s digital releases All Is Not Lost, All Is Dub (The Remixes) The Cerronnos Dub Rituals EP Zion604’s digital releases (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven) Entheogenic’s digital releases Gaia Sophia, Enthymesis, Anthropomorphic, A Singularity Encoded Please get involved. What I only need at this point is your opinion. Discuss away
  10. Hello! Looking for these albums: Darshan - Awakening Man With No Name - Teleportation (Compilation) Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet UX - Ultimate Experience Chi A.D. - Anno Domini Jaia - Blue Energy / Blue Synergy VA - Trance Experience: A Journey Into Aural Geometry VA - Boyd In The Void Have been looking through discogs and ebay etc. for these albums but can't find a good price. So hopefully we can make a deal? So please send me a PM or contact me at my email: mlk1kly2@gmail.com Thank you!
  11. Omnivox Silent Sweeper TimeWarp Records Tracklist: 1. Silent Sweeper (Original Mix) 2. Silent Sweeper (Nova Fractal Remix) 3. Silent Sweeper (JIS Remix) 4. Silent Sweeper (Lectro Spektral Daze Remix) 5. Silent Sweeper (Cactus Arising Remix) 6. Silent Sweeper (Hypnotic Aboriginal Experience) "Some things just become real for an unknown reason. Most of the time I am a bit surprised about how my tracks get into existence, and at those moments I feel like I am just a medium through which that music just begins to exist, without me thinking or doing much about it." - Omnivox What Omnivox (Tomislav Crncic) is referring to is the essence of being a true artist. It comes from actual performance of one's music, being truly imaginative and open to the muse of one's ideas and imaginations, not being a slave to preset computer programming in delivering his brand of goa. What Omnivox is saying is that he is merely the vessel. The above statement has been said by countless artists and musicians across the entire span of human history, from Victorian age painters to every passionate form of modern musicianship, from being a sculptor to being a punk rock vocalist. It is the truest determination out there of separating the slave-for-their-art types from the pretenders. Omnivox, then, is an artist. On Silent Sweeper, the artist offers up two excellent tracks, different versions of the same vision, mind you, but two tracks, nonetheless. Both markedly different from one another even while they share the same title. The "Original Mix" delivers trademark Omnivox frequencies layered with heavy, pleasing grooves, patiently moving tempos and some inspired and excellent keyboard squelch and melodies. In all, a goldmine of a track. Perhaps it is only outdone by the "Hypnotic Aboriginal Experience" because that version is an absolute surprise of splendid imagination and a truly excellent delivery of its ideas. "I had it in my mind for quite some time, and since I have a long-time friend who makes and sells didgeridoos, and plays them in his ethnic band ... it was just a natural flow of things to get him involved," Omnivox said. " Seven or eight years ago I was playing a couple of DJ sets with classic retro tracks along with my other friends on didgeridoos and I thought it sounded great, it added another layer of mystical atmosphere. This was just the same story, but taken to another level. That was my idea to slow the original version quite a bit and to add a didgeridoo layer to it." This down tempo version of "Silent Sweeper" is fantastic! The "Hypnotic Aboriginal Experience" is a slow-moving, deeply atmospheric, hard-grooving and, very much so, hypnotic rendition. Of the remixes, each remixer is instantly recognizable for their own distinct styles though two do not stray much from the structural basis of the original while two completely rework it and claim it for their own. Long time fans will immediately recognize the frequencies of Nova Fractal as he gets loud, in-your-face and bombastic on his version, a bit of an energy blast that the original withholds. A good version especially if you come to the EP looking for a dancefloor bomb. The JIS remix gets better over time, perhaps not as impressive to look at it on its first go, perhaps because it plays after the Nova Fractal bomb and gets followed-up with an LSD gem. However, the JIS version is groovy, bouncy, delightful fun. Lectro Spektral Daze and Cactus Arising may as well have been the original producers of "Silent Sweeper" with how impressive their versions are, with how much altering they accomplish from the original, with how nearly unrecognizable their takes become. LSD is always pretty impressive and here is a another fine example of those production skills. Where Nova Fractal, JIS and Omnivox are quite up-front in their sounds, full-bodied and loud for an in-your-face feel, LSD takes a step back, gives the sound a bit of a diluted quality, makes "Silent Sweeper" sound as if it is a space odyssey. This version is a gem. As is the Cactus Arising take. Whereas everything else on the EP is new school with old-school influences, Cactus Arising brings the old-school flavors in abundance, grooving, bouncing and rocking ever-so nicely through eight-minutes of lovely vintage goa. Everything about this one is pleasing and fantastic. Omnivox is the vessel from which some fine art comes forth. Silent Sweeper is a great EP because of it. And along the way, Omnivox, the artist, is joined by four fantastic, like-minded painters of sound that vessel some exceptional art of their own. Psyshop
  12. Post your favorite videos of Goa trance parties Mine is this one at the moment ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gJwYb9C-Bfc what energy.. gonna plan a trip to fractal gate if this is what the dance-floor is like .. Just fucking awesome
  13. Buy this album on CD or digital!!! This set is included as a bonus download: faxinadu.bandcamp.com/album/zambujeira-do-mar This is is a promo mix of the album tracks, with about 1/2 the musical content from each tune. Please follow us on Youtube in order to stream individual tracks and the full album mix: www.youtube.com/user/faxinadu Faxi Nadu - Zambujeira Do Mar Artist: Faxi Nadu Title: Zambujeira Do Mar Label: Pure Chords Genre: Psytrance / Goa / Trance Date: October 2016 Format: Digital / CD Length: 79:38 Tracklist: 1. faxi nadu - ritual zambujeira do mar (8:51) 2. faxi nadu - chasing the dragon (10:07) 3. faxi nadu - unto the breach (8:08) 4. faxi nadu - modular iv flexor (8:52) 5. faxi nadu - shangri la la la (9:56) 6. ocean star empire - woven drops (faxi nadu remix) (8:03) 7. faxi nadu - dialectic sonnet (10:44) 8. faxi nadu - look for the light (7:53) 9. faxi nadu feat spinney lainey - the fall of gamla (atomsessions remix) (7:04) Lucid dream fuel pushing the frontier of Goa and sanity itself. Beautifully woven artifacts of sound morph into detailed stories of space, time and inner exploration. Journey into the unknown as sounds, colors and thoughts collide to strum on the strings of perception. All tracks produced by Yaron Eshkar and Oss Vaisband at www.faxinadu.net Track 9 flutes by Spinney Lainey, remix by Fernando Abreu Album graphics by Fernando Abreu C2016 Faxi Nadu Unauthorized duplication antagonizes the reapers. be awesome, support crazy music. ------------- Faxi Nadu YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/faxinadu Faxi Nadu Island: www.faxinadu.net Faxi Nadu Bandcamp: faxinadu.bandcamp.com Faxi Nadu Soundcloud: @faxinadu Faxi Nadu Facebook: www.facebook.com/faxinadu Faxi Nadu Discogs: www.discogs.com/artist/Faxi%2BNadu
  14. Artist: Sab Kuch Milegator Title: Shantimatter Label: Ektoplazm Date: July, 2015 01 - Cupcake Rainbow (123 BPM) 02 - Arigates & Sayosnares (126 BPM) 03 - Triptooth's Tribal Reboot (116 BPM) 04 - Massive Silly Cones (126 BPM) 05 - Vocal Volcano (128 BPM) 06 - One Love Dub You So (85 BPM) Donald f*cking Duck? Seriously? Both named Donald, both counting stacks, but I'd rather have this one as my president. What the hell is going on here? I found out about this from the forum which told me that this was our very own Oopie! So anytime one of our own has the courage to put their art out there (hell he may as well have used the bat-signal with that post) I'm only too happy to hear it. This thing saunters. It oozes toxic liquid. Groovy as hell, but don't turn your back on it cause it might f*cking stab you and run away laughing. The layers are deep and hypnotic creating a dark dream that's very psychedelic. The melodies go in directions that at first take seem dischordant and not very pleasing to the ear...almost chaotic. Like he's putting two things together that don't belong together. It's not often one finds true love...your money's on the dresser, chocolate. C'mon...we were all thinking it I just said it. There are only six tracks so they are of the longer variety and I know that I lost my way a few times. It has this progressive tempo, but is psychedelic in nature. The sound is great having been mastered by veteran masterer Deimos. Clearly this is something different and it pushes boundaries for those more accustomed to having their trance in a tidy little package. It might be a lot to take in on straight through listening, but there are some very good moments here. Free at Ektoplazm
  15. Yes. We finally did it. We got all (almost , but really a lot of!) the oldies. And they are unmixed! You will find in this massive compilation all the songs from that album including the very well sought after Astral Plains remix. Eternal Life and Lunar Stains are included + many others. We're not releasing the Sugar Rush remix because we all know the original and the remix is not much different so we decided to leave that one. Unfortunately as you would expect most of the songs came from mp3 files. And yes they did. We mastered some , some others we didn't do anything except levelling them up because they already had seem to be maximized and mastered in a way by Filipe when the songs were made and mastering on top of already mastered songs it really would make things worse believe us. So , what do we think? We think the songs are in acceptable good quality but most of Filipe's old work just simply sounds old and muddy but not because of it came from an mp3 file but because it was produced that way and no mastering can fix that. Yoga , Psyramid and Mental Maze were previously released by us and you can find them in these releases : Yoga (original mp3 sourced) and Mental Maze (original wav sourced) : https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/three-moons-and-one-shrine Psyramid (original wav sourced) : https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/emotions-from-a-beija-flor Apart from the old Buddha tracks , there is also another old unreleased Pandemonium song also coming from mp3 and we thought it would be worth a release aswel. There were a few others but nothing special really. We also tried to grab hold of the Amithaba Buddha - Solaris song but seems the file was corrupted by other previously used hard drives so it's just impossible to bring that one up. If Filipe finds it in a cdr we will release it but we really don't have hopes for that one and we apologise to the fans of that song. Lost in a Crystal Sphere unfortunately also couldn't be released because it seems to only exist in a mixed version and you can find that in the Phototropic Records release. https://www.discogs.com/Lost-Buddha-Untold-Stories/release/2776040 Denaris , Beast 303 , Drunk Pharaoh and Chemic Lab are originally Wav files. We know some people really were after these really old songs for years and we apologise for the originally sourced mp3 files but this is the best we could honestly do. Hope these songs will bring you much enjoyment and make many people happy once more. Kind regards , Good Dance Recordings. Total time : 2hours and 51minutes https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/liquid-sunshine-5
  16. Live set played at Solar United Natives on 20.07.2016 Loads of reworked/refined version of tracks for album, some exclusive material in there, enjoy!
  17. So is it a musically complex genre? I'm asking from a musical theory point of view to any musicians/producers out there who have a musical background and who would be able to shed light on the subject. To me it seems complex but really insanely simple at the same time. A bassline and then leads is essentially what it is for most of the tracks plus certain bridges/breaks. It doesn't have choruses and it is not really tonal in some styles? Anyway, I really don't have any idea. Feel free to post tracks of examples of what you understand to be complex or simple for your explanations if you so wish. Also maybe you might think a subgenre like hi tech is actually really dumb or good for whatever reason (for example then explain please). Anyway, I find nearly all genres of psy sound great just got to find the gems.
  18. Hi everyone, it's me again with a newly completed song called High-Voltage Séance. I hope it's gonna be a pleasant experience to listen to it - let me know how you liked it afterwards! https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/high-voltage-seance Have an awesome day/night [wherever you are at the moment]!
  19. Aspartic

    VA - Svemirski Hod

    Name: Svemirski Hod Label: Neogoa Records Release date: April 2016 Zenith 01 - OXI - Haphazard Dance (Nova Fractal Remix) (145 BPM) 02 - Zopmanika - Cosmic Influence (145 BPM) 03 - Imba & Hisia - Elysium Island (143 BPM) 04 - Omnivox - 5 Dimensions (143 BPM) 05 - Stellar Force - Astral Dive (145 BPM) 06 - Lunar Dawn - Orbiting The Sun (143 BPM) 07 - Cosmic Dimension - Another Species (146 BPM) 08 - Main Sequence Star - North Pole (120 BPM) Nadir 09 - Arronax - Dive Into Merak (110 BPM) 10 - Goasia - Skylander (142 BPM) 11 - Arcane Voice - Cerridwen's Potion (144 BPM) 12 - Ezoterica - Universal Mind (150 BPM) 13 - Screw Loose & Stevo - Celestial Bleeps (146 BPM) 14 - M-Run - Galactic Hunt (Part I) (140 BPM) 15 - CoaGoa - Tesla Coil (145 BPM) 16 - OXI - Edge Of The Universe (140 BPM) 17 - Perfect Blind - The Expanse (100 BPM) Time to review this Goa beast from Neogoa. About time. OXI's Haphazard Dance has been vamped by Nova Fractal and the man has done a superb job. I really like the original and Nova has put some more space sauce on top of it. Delicious! Love the warm rolling bassline and crisp production. Euphoric trance all the way. Zopmanika. Never ever heard of the name. Balkan, sure. Good? Fuck yeah! Bubbly jumpy melodic goa that doesn't give you one moment of rest. Once you get into the groove, it's party time! Just saw he has an album out on Sita records. Should check it out! In comes Imba, da masta. ;-) In collab with Hisia. They sure know how to control a lot of acid. It's really incredible. A track can hold much acids sounds, but the magic is to make it sound harmonious, danceable and just fingerlicking good. These gentlemen do a terrific job here. They throw a incredibly sweet trance break in it and there we go again. Superb track!!! Numero 4 in the list is Omnivox with 5 Dimensions. A lush deep track that takes the energy and beastiness of the previous track down. Very well placed imo. It was time for something deeper and floatier. The track is very psychedelic with lots of stabbing sound effects and many layers. Extremely well crafted. Absolutely loving it, mainly because it's so lush and hypnotic. Stellar Force, a collab between Imba and yes OXI. Starts off hesitating, but after a while you realise it's just the intro. After 2 minutes, all sounds come in full force and create a whirlwind of psychedelia all around. Is it the collab with OXI or has Imba just reached the pro level of goa trance creation? Because this is greatness. Really, I'm astounded. Thanks for the orgasm at minute 7. Up next is Croatian talent Lunar Dawn with the beautiful track Orbiting The Sun. My god is he settling a name for himself. Again high quality spiralling goa trance with a basskick so deep. It goes up and down, makes you dizzy, makes you smile. Warm positive goa trance that is a pleasure for the ears. Perhaps my favorite of the compilation because it's so damn hypnotizing. It just goes on and on like a train at lightspeed. Bazinga!!!!!! Cosmic Dimensions Another Species is for sure a dance floor bursting track. The darker bassline made me thinking if it was going to be a track that I was going to skip, but no way. Although I didn't feel it for "In a special kind of space", this track is much better and twisty. Yes, approved. We have now two downtempo tracks which I can't really review. To me it's nice background music. Next goa track is Goasia's skylander, which sounds so oldschool, it's too oldschool for me. Don't know if the track is from the 90's or recent, but the lack of a solid bassline makes me skip it. I'm sure many of you will disagree. Cerridwens Potion has the intention to lift off at any time, but never manages to do so. I'm sure with fluo and blacklights everything sounds better, and although this is not a bad track at all, it falls short in terms of surprises amongst the other stuff. Ezoterica sounds way too old for me to enjoy, same as with Goasia. Sorry, but skip. Celestial Bleeps and Galactic hunt are too trippy for me, but will surely find an audience. Tesla Coil is a ear worm with some hook I can't get rid off in my head, but a twist or some surpsises would have made it more enjoyable. Aaah, back with OXI and Edge Of the Universe. God I love his basskick. The track has many parts, and when they all come together in the end it's pure bliss. Pure Goa madness that needs to be played at some Old Is Gold party in september. ;-) We close with another downtempo track. And that's the great end of it. CONCLUSION Svemirski Hod is a fantastic goa trance compilation and features top class tracks from both emerging and established goa trance artists. I must applaud to all artists involved and the Neogoa label for bringing this to us. Even for free, which is almost unbelievable. But for the artists it is a huge boost for their career now that everyone can listen to these superb goa gems. Simply amazing. Job well done. Download at Ektoplazm
  20. Dear trancers! I just finished a new track, it's called Yamaxau. I hope, you gonna like it! https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/yamaxau Enjoy listening, and I'm excitingly waiting for your insights about my music!
  21. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and for discogs freaks here: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Three-Moons-And-One-Shrine/release/8868402 PROPZ to ma prophet Malachyte one love to u bruh Tracklist: 1- Realm 9 - Mercury 2-Mana Source - Heretic Visions 3-Faraoh - Wedlock 4-Mana Source - Karmagedon 5-Amithaba Buddha - Mental Maze 6-Mana Source- Moon Minerium 7-Space Sinbad - Eyes of Osiris 8-Resistrance - Hypnolab 9 9-Lost Buddha - Yoga {/ thanks penzoline for bringing this shit up so heres my explanation = (this one came from mp3 file and i audio restored it due to loss of original project because problematic past issues with old pc technology. i did my best. Least i hope i dont hear any shitty 'glass' mp3 shyte i tried to extend the audio frenquency range as much as i could. thats all . I think it sounds good and its not over compressed or anything so dont come talkin shit at me because of this track sounding like shit . I released it because some people asked and i thought it was nice . Still retains good shit so... but im frontal and truthful and thats how i am . It came from mp3 and mp3 imo is pure bolloks like all youtube shyte .I wish i had the orignal project but unfortunatly thats not the case. thanks and hope you can all understand . sad when this sorta shit happens you know? technology tends to fuck up a lot and i backup shit LIKE FUCK!!! . as for this song its sad i know but tough shit we move on.)} and finally ... the last but not the least...! fokin...??? 10-Gankyil - Zazen Free download/ Donation. I'm not gonna impose money in my music you people decide what to give. Donate if you want or not up to you boys , girls ladies and gentleman , party people djs and so on. Download from us , enjoy the music , we are here for a good cause. Make videos , make mixes , have fun we are here for what we believe. Any donations given will go to charity. We don't do this for the money we do this because we love it and we love to share the passion , love and care for the music we believe and like. We are not beggars or vagabonds or whatsoever you might think we are. Download have fun if one day you want to donate sure it's always welcome and very appreciated and thanks you for your contribution wherever you are in between possible whatever time i manage to get for you peeps. We and myself do and did this because friends want more from us and have requested and we are very happy to offer more of what we can have we give. That's all for now and don't be considering us flooding because that's not what we want. We like to have space and give others a chance too aswel to showcase their beautiful art and talk shit about it. There is plenty of room for people to shine and that's what this shit is about. That's all i can say ... for now. /filipe Boom boom boom boom boom and boom!!!!! Surprise! Smile , be happy as much as you can , we understand sometimes its not easy because our lives can be really stressful and time is of the essence. We hope you can enjoy our old skool vibes at least if you manage to gather some time for it that is! As for the rest... fuck it. Bye . See you on next planet. https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/three-moons-and-one-shrine Any errors let us know ill correct anything , didnt have time to check mastering but think all should be ok. See you tommorow. notice : 62 download credits remaining. We'll bump that back up to 200 on 9/1/16 update You have 55 download credits remaining. We'll bump that back up to 200 on 9/1/16. ATTENTION : i gave 200 free shits and now all free slots are gone. its 7squid from now on bandcamp did it i didnt do fuck all. c u next time. released August 5, 2016 Compiled , mastered , written and produced by Filipe Santos Coverart by Filipe Santos and thats it folks all fucking gone c u next time u guys want more? here! Download Credits Your Bandcamp account comes with 200 downloads per month of tracks or albums that you’re giving away (meaning you’ve set them to free, or let-fan-name-price with no minimum and the fan enters zero). Once each month, we look at your download credits, and if you have less than 200 remaining, we bump you back up to 200. Your next bump is on9/1/16. If your download credits drop to zero, your music will still be available, but your free tracks and albums will automatically switch to paid. You can avoid this by either a) buying more download credits for a modest fee by clicking “get more” below, or selling music (we add 1,000 credits for every $500 USD in sales). 300 downloads: $9 USD (3¢ each) 1000 downloads: $20 USD (2¢ each) 5000 downloads: $75 USD (1.5¢ each) buy now gimme some cash and i will invest more in this shit thanks
  22. Artist: Omneon Title: Farscape EP Label: Timewarp Records Released: February 2016 Tracklist: 1. Farscape [9:43] 2. Meeting With The Unknown [10:00] 3. Om [8:46] Look, there is only one Trance2MoveU. And the way he uses gifs is unearthly. But! Faith happens that I'm currently watching the first season of one of the most addictive sci-fi series ever: Farscape. And I'm loving it! Happens also, that I stumbled onto Omneon's EP called Farscape, released on Timewarp Records. Hence I just have to use some gifs from these great series. :-) The title track Farscape is pure sci-fi spice. You board a spaceship and get sucked into a wormhole to another galaxy, dimension, whatever. Far from here! The bubbly and uplifting bassdrive puts a big smile on my face and that doesn't end until the track winds down. Meeting With The Unknown races on like a high speed locomotive. Unstoppable. I get sucked in. Om follows the same pace without any breathing space, but no need to. Acids swirls and sci-fi feelings overwhelm you. Most majestic. Timewarp has ups and down with their releases, but they nailed it here. What am I saying, Omneon nailed it! Big time. Go get this one, since it's essential hypnotizing goa! Buy at Beatport
  23. Tracklist: 1.Jonni Dongju - Lion Savannah 07:07 2.Mana Source - Samurai 06:28 3.Tanzaku - Tanabata 06:56 4.Gankyil - Dhyani 06:25 5.Mana Source - Weevils Fly 06:22 6.Chynacid - Zen Dimensions 07:07 7.Medusis - Profound 07:40 8.Amithaba Buddha - Psyramid 07:53 9.Mana Source - Bonsai 07:13 10.Athenaia - Secret 06:38 11.Rainbow Islands - Seventh Heaven 06:08 76 minutes of Goa-Trance music. It's free download , 200 slots available as bandcamp allows. Share with friends , people you know , family and so on. Jump , DJ on party , be happy , be free... record on cds , wish you all a nice time. Donate if you feel like it , all money will go to charity and help buying food , paying electric bills and motivating us to come up and bring you more great and fresh music. Thank you and best wishes to you. https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/emotions-from-a-beija-flor P.s. - I checked every song and i think they all in good level. If you find any errors feel free to post here i'll be happy to correct any mistakes . I didn't have enough time to make sure its all kinda perfect but you never know. I will be checking it tommorow and next few days a bit more thoroughly but everything should be fine i think. Thanks. Also wanna say thank you suntrip , neogoa Richpa for all our good times. Enjoy the music i will be away now and work studio , family stuff and making some nice recordings as far as time allows me to. One love , peace. ATTENTION : i gave 200 free shits and now all free slots are gone. its 7squid from now on bandcamp did it i didnt do fuck all. c u next time. u guys want more? here! Download Credits Your Bandcamp account comes with 200 downloads per month of tracks or albums that you’re giving away (meaning you’ve set them to free, or let-fan-name-price with no minimum and the fan enters zero). Once each month, we look at your download credits, and if you have less than 200 remaining, we bump you back up to 200. Your next bump is on9/1/16. If your download credits drop to zero, your music will still be available, but your free tracks and albums will automatically switch to paid. You can avoid this by either a) buying more download credits for a modest fee by clicking “get more” below, or selling music (we add 1,000 credits for every $500 USD in sales). 300 downloads: $9 USD (3¢ each) 1000 downloads: $20 USD (2¢ each) 5000 downloads: $75 USD (1.5¢ each) buy now gimme some cash and i will invest more in this shit thanks
  24. As the title suggests, can you think of an album that is really bad or even out of place, but it was actually released by a quality label? As an oldschooler two come into my mind. First: Brainman - Brain Food. The 6th release of legendary TIP records and...what the hell is that? Who is that guy and what is he doing in TIP? 0/5 Another one, not bad, but seriously out of place is Total Eclipse - Access Denied. Jazzy drum and bass? by Total Eclipse? In Blue Room? WTF??? So? What albums do you think are out of place?
  25. Artist: Camel Light Title: Adrenaline Label: Unimuse Records Catalog Number: UNIEP039 Genre: Progressive Psytrance Format: Digital Download (WAV/MP3) Beatport Link: https://www.beatport.com/release/adrenaline/1819580 Soundcloud Preview: Tracklist: 1. Adrenaline 2. Believe Release Info: Unimuse Records are proud to present the latest EP from Camel Light - Adrenaline. This EP contains two tracks of pure progressive psytrance awesomeness, fits perfectly for festivals and indoor events alike. "Adrenaline" is a kickass offbeat track with a killer bass sound and "Believe" is a psychedelic trip all over it Release Date: 08/02/2016 (Beatport Exclusive) 08/09/2016 (Other Stores) Camel Light on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/camellightofficial/ Camel Light on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/camel-light
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