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Found 615 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: ZNA Gathering - A Retro Futuristic Compilation Label: Dance N Dust Records Date: August, 2017 1. Bus V.s Slide - Everyday, the Belsize Mix (1998) 2. Orion - Frenzy (1997) 3. Dragon - Resurrection (1998) 4. Shazbatt - Organic Deflection (1998) 5. Little Blue Men - Ace of Space (1998) 6. Atmos - Devine Hex (1997) 7. Noma - K3 (1999) 8. The Mato Project - Asa Equals Goddess (1997) 9. Sarolta Monspart - Slowdown Action (1996) "That was f*cking trippy!" Was is though? I purchased this compilation sound unheard because of FOMO. That's fear of missing out for those that didn't know. You say, "Yeah, I'll get it later", and then it's gone and goes for hundreds on the second hand market. I mean sh*t I had Ethereal's Anima Mundi in my hand and sold it for cheap! Therefore I vowed to never make that mistake again. First let me say that I don't go to festivals. I'm middle aged with young kids, they happen far away, and from the videos I've seen it seems like a dirty experience. It's a younger person's game. I'd rather sit on my porch and yell at the kids to stay of my f*cking lawn. I mean, I would like to do that, but my neighborhood don't have no kids. So I have to yell as if there were kids on my lawn. Anyway, I'm not familiar to this label, but as I mentioned above it's not integral to the story. I just didn't want to miss out and this wasn't really advertised that much. So ZNA seems like a big festival and this compilation has a bunch of unreleased tracks that were nonetheless played for close to 20 years. Impressive. You'll recognize some names, but personally I haven't heard of any of these tracks. Cool, new discovery! As I await my copy in the mail, the FLAC version sounds great! Full, rich, bass that demands to be played loud. The next thing you should know is that this isn't in the style of Etnica or Astral Projection. There are no epic melodic monsters. It's more an eclectic mix of "the other side of goa trance." The not so shiny side. I liked The Ace of Spades by Little Blue Men which was constantly changing direction with lots of bubbling and screechy sounds. But then you have tracks like Frenzy from Orion which sounds like a bunch of tracks he started and then stitched together. Devine Hex by Atmos shows his progressive chops, but the track plods along and doesn't go anywhere. Rather boring. Speaking of boring K3 by Noma shows him at his minimal best (worst?). The last two just don't measure up. So yeah...I would've left this party. The one thing this compilation does is drives home the point of listening before buying. Cannot stress that enough. Some tracks that weren't released weren't released for a reason. For those who like different styles of goa trance then this might be a gem for you. Happy I bought it to support goa trance, but for me the FOMO was hardly justified. Dance N Dust Bandcamp
  2. Artist: Denshi Danshi Title: Fluid Dynamics Label: Suntrip Records Date: October, 2015 1. The Dancing Shiva 2. Mariposa Live Remix 3. Fluid Dynamics 4. Feed the Mugwumps 5. Vanaspati 6. Make Make 7. A Fast Trip Straight Down The Ladder 8. Mars Base Alpha 9. Tsuki 10. Maelstrom 11. Kraft Karamel Bonus Tracks: Temple of Heaven Cow's Blues Live Remix Ugh...so much music to listen to and so many reviews to write. This is fast becoming an all encompassing chore. "Mike I need you to clean the bathrooms today!" "Sorry babe I've got some work to do." Whew. Now that's a chore. A four year old who ain't potty trained and a six year old with terrible aim and that's a chore I'm looking to avoid. All right...let's see what we've got here...*swipes right to left on phone* No, no, no...hold up now, what's this? Denshi Danshi? Pffft...what a stupid name. And that artwork...look I know it can't always be fractals and dancing Shivas, but it's so...plain. Well, it's either this or the wrong end of a toilet brush. Wow. Double wow. Joske wasn't just hyping the sh*t out of this to boost sales. My man was speaking the gospel! The names behind this project are Chistophe Frere and Said Archer, artists from back in the day who never put out a proper album, but made some compilation appearances with tracks like Cow's Blues, Mariposa, and Feed the Mugwumps. Right from the first track you can tell it's going to be an acidic roller coaster ride. The Dancing Shiva bounces with crackling energy and groove while on the live remix of Mariposa they show that Seb isn't the only guy able to wreck a 303. Rising, rising and then unleashing. It's a bubbling sizzler. The title track is a monster that was made a few months ago just for this album. Pure and simple old school, in your face acidic goa trance. Now if you're anything like me you're asking yourself what the f*ck is a Mugwump? I thought it was a derogatory term for dwarf like Oompa Loompa, but it actually means an aloof or independent person. This is a remastered version and for those like myself who have never heard it a true treat. It's all over the place with chaotic acidic tribal wizardry. Vanaspati is ok, but doesn't shine like the previous tracks. Something had to follow the Mugwumps and unfortunately it was that one. Make Make and that sneaky lead had me dancing like no one was watching. It kept changing and adding new melodies, but kept it's consistent level of awesomeness. A Fast Trip also has that tribal feel, but only just cause you might miss it with the growly leads. The climax is a whole lot of twirling fun. Mars Base Alpha slows it down slightly with some shimmery sci-fi atmosphere and the climax of Tsuki is a mass of leads and 303 madness. Maelstrom is an accurate track name that keeps building until it erupts in a hugely acidic climax. Blistering. Closing things out is Kraft Karamel a downtempo track that descends from space and allows me to comprehend all that I have been deluged with. A welcome conclusion. Well, almost. There are two bonus tracks if you order from the Suntrip shop. Temple of Heaven can be found on Psychic Deli's Future Psychedelia and fits well on this album. Same type of acid chaos. Cow's Blues has a sound that really does sound like a cow mooing. Slower, but equally psychedelic. Are new artists making goa trance anymore? Seriously, the old timers are back in a big way showing the whippersnappers how it was and is to be done. Look I'm sorry I made fun of your name. You make music like this and call yourself psychedelic toilet brush and I'm going to buy it. It's old school all the way with a heaping helping of acidic power. You can get it at the regular shops of course, but as I mentioned if you order from Suntrip you get those two bonus tracks and you help out a label that's been delivering the goods since Katrina tried to swallow the Big Easy. It's a no brainer and if you call yourself a goa fan...essential. F*ck it. Get down Mugwumps! Suntrip Psyshop Beatspace
  3. Artist: Various Title: Cascades of Life Label: Psynews Date: May, 2016 1. Imba - 604 Revolution 2. Profetia - Rage Against The Crashing 3. Colin OOOD & Goa Travellers - 100 Billion Neurons 4. BlackStarrFinale - Seige of Phobos 5. Phobium - Orbital Resonance 6. Nebula Meltdown - Didgeridreams 7. Dragon Twins - Foster 8. Cybernetika - Prismatic Reflection 9. Xenofish - Made Out of Stars 10. OneArcDegree feat. Georgia Irakli - The Tree Maiden "All of life is made of sound. I mean, everything vibrates." "There are 100 billion neurons in the brain. Everything you do...and everything you are." The world's number one psychedelic trance site is proud to present its next compilation which includes tracks from new and veteran artists. It's a potpourri of genres and there should be something there for everyone. Mastered by Deimos with artwork by Gasolin3 the compilation is free to download at Ektoplazm. In a classy move this was dedicated to one time Psynews moderator Nemo who we unfortunately lost this year. The first two tracks are quality straightforward goa trance that will move the body. Pure power. Leave it to Colin to soften the mood and provide a more relaxed feel that is no less spacey. That is until the climax throws razor sharp 303 daggers. BlackStarrFinale is back with what at first seems a cosmic downtempo track, but eventually morphs into a groovy, bouncy head nodder that lost none of its atmosphere. And speaking of atmosphere, Phobium's Orbital Resonance embraces the cold chill of space reminiscent of masters Tangerine Dream mixed with Vangelis. The cosmos is viewed in high definition as this long ambient track slowly but deliciously unfolds. Really that didn't feel like 11 minutes. The refused to be pigeon-holed Nebula Meltdown incorporates a smooth progressive didgeridoo in Didgeridreams that has a floaty quality. The most striking offering goes to Foster from Dragon Twins. Dark and eerie it gets up in your business in a hurry and at times reaches that nearly unbearable level of screechy. But that cunchy 303 madness tho...so satisfying. Lars Goosens (Cybernetika) can seemingly do no wrong with his brand of science fiction drum n bass and like the rest of you I'm salivating at the thought of his announced trilogy of music. The question here is how does he extend this track for over 11 minutes? And how does he keep it from getting boring? Xenofish delivers Made Out of Stars in a very similar vein only without many changes. If there was one track here that I felt suffered from being overlong it was this one. The Tree Maiden is a soft exit ambient tune with gentle vocals and the sound of falling water. Good job by everyone involved. The compilation doesn't disappoint and flows magnificently. As mentioned there is something in here for everyone so don't hesitate to download this. RIP Nemo! Free at Ektoplazm
  4. Threw this together with headphones on my laptop and mixed it tonight once I got home to my monitors Feedback is always welcome, especially on the mixing
  5. Artist: Various Title: Inner Universe Vol. 1 Label: Manatargaq Music Date: September, 2016 1. p2 - Pure Sense 2. Cosmic Harmony - Crow & Owl 3. Omneon - Small Planet 4. Fiery Dawn - Juggernaut 5. Laatoka - Pillars of Creation 6. Fiery Dawn & Nova Fractal & Omneon - Kalachakra 7. Sinhu - Future Technology 8. Tavi - Mandovi 9. Quron - Expansion "I think he just can't do much of anything for himself!" Like a Republican politician's first time in heels this offering stumbles out of the gate, never managing to gain its footing. You know you're in a bit of trouble when the promo is is a smorgasbord of poor grammar and punctuation. Most of the artists are "up and coming" and unfortunately you can hear it in the quality of the tracks. Nothing terrible per se, but very formulaic with average sound choices and not a lot of oomph. There are a couple of bright spots with one of them being wicked f*cking good. Future Technology by Sinhu is a searing old school track that is miles above the rest here. Mantargaq Music Bandcamp
  6. DAT Records are proud to reissue the original I.F.O. album together with an incredible live set for the first time ever on vinyl. Released in a 4LP Deluxe Gatefold, it is a stellar edition and a real collector’s item for whoever wants to own the most important album of the Italian Maestros. It comes in 3 versions, Black, Red Transparent + Black and the special Galaxy Version that is a mixture of colours and includes glitters made of silver dust. Each version features the records pressed at 180grams and exists in 100 copies. Tracklist: Pleiadians - I.F.O. Live A1 Pleiadians - Merope 12:36 A2 Pleiadians - Alcyone 8:42 B1 Pleiadians - Asterope 11:26 B2 Pleiadians - Maia 10:37 C1 Pleiadians - Electra 9:46 C2 Pleiadians - Taygeta 9:23 D Etnica - Vimana (Pleiadians Live Mix) 10:25 Pleiadians - I.F.O. [i.dentified F.lying O.bject] E Pleiadians - Maia 11:14 F1 Pleiadians - Taygeta 8:38 F2 Pleiadians - Merope 9:15 G1 Pleiadians - Alcyone 8:23 G2 Pleiadians - Electra 9:09 H1 Pleiadians - Asterope 11:35 H2 Pleiadians - Celaeno 11:45 The music has been gently mastered, taking extra care in preserving the dynamics of the original recordings, after an attempt restoration process that was needed for many of the tracks found on the DAT tapes. Prepare for an interstellar voyage, a joyride of space galactic music mayhem that will take you to places you cannot imagine! Official Release Date: 7th July 2017 Get your copy now on www.datrecords.it
  7. New GoaTree album - BLACK STAR OF THE DEATH coming out September 2017 on Neogoa Records (CD + Digital)! Available now at: Neogoa Records Bandcamp Album preview and highlights: Audio previews on SoundCloud and HearThis: https://soundcloud.com/neogoarecords/goatree-black-star-of-the-death https://hearthis.at/neogoarecords/goatree-black-star-of-the-death/ Tracklist: 01 - Carbon - Nomad (GoaTree Remix) [140 BPM] 02 - GoaTree - Vader [140 BPM] 03 - GoaTree - Damned [143 BPM] 04 - GoaTree - Labyrinth [143 BPM] 05 - GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death [143 BPM] 06 - GoaTree - Cell Connections [146 BPM] 07 - GoaTree - No Time To Waste [148 BPM] 08 - GoaTree - Hide And Clap [132 BPM] All tracks written and produced by Lukáš Bartošek - GoaTree, except track #1 (written and produced by Rastislav Ac - Carbon) http://www.neogoa.net/goatree https://www.facebook.com/goatree.saluberrimae https://soundcloud.com/goatree Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs http://www.deimos-soundlabs.com Artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design http://www.facebook.com/neogoadesign
  8. Title: Inti Label: Suntrip Records Release date: 19.04.2016 Tracklist: 1) Ovnimoon - Invocation 2) Triquetra - Renkinjutsu 3) Jagoa - Perverse Polymorph 4) Morphic Resonance - Varese Dream 5) Triquetra - Destroying Dinosaur 6) Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions 7) Mindsphere - Harmonic Garden 8) Crossing Mind - Entropy (First Edition) 9) Sykespico - Glimmers Of Sunrise Inti means "sun" in quechua. We have a cover art of a sun rising in all its glory and the release comes from SUNtrip. Convenient! Im not a big fan of Suntrip, especially not recently. Floating, sunshine-filled and butterfly infested soundscapes are not my thing. The reason why I am taking the initiative of writing this is because of the HUGE names I see in this comp. Now, the way I do these reviews is write the intro, play a track and write the first impression of it as that is what I value the most. So this going to be a raw, empirical and intellectually unbiased review! 1) Ovnimoon - Invocation: Now, I know Ovnimoon as a psy-trance artist, not goa, and that is why I was surprised to see him here. The track builds-up pretty quickly and Im surprised by the recipe here. Hardhitting and somewhat dark-ish. The tempo is amazing and the moment the acid kicks in its a bliss. I definitely wasnt expecting something like this! @4:00......... a salve of chills went down my spine! AMAZING. One climax after the other! Ovnimoon needs to take into consideration to do a full length goa album! 7/7 2) Triquetra - Renkinjutsu: Triquetra are Elric and Jurian Reinartz, brothers I suppose? They are pretty new and its awesome to see new faces in the scene! Again, hard and dark. I think Suntrip realised that the sun is also a 4.5 billion year old megaball of fire which will consume the star system as we know it one day. The feeling of the track reminds me somewhat of the feeling I had when I heard Howling At The Moon by Cosmosis, with its lightsaber-like melodies which feel like theyre slicing your brain into thousands of coronal sections. Orgasmic build-up all over the track. A great track! Good job, Triquetra! 6.5/7 3) Jagoa - Perverse Polymorph: Not to repeat myself, the album continues in its thematic direction.Ok, this thing is plain EVIL! A track for parties definitely as it's very rhythmic and simple. Its nothing special but it does it's job. Simply put, It's good! 5/7 4) Morphic Resonance - Varese Dream: We all know what to expect from this guy, AACCIIDD! A bit unconventional track considering his style in The City Of Moons. He builds up the track patiently and doesn't go overboard with chaos as he did in his album (which wasnt bad at all.) But even though it is a bit more serious as I said, there isnt much that is gripping my attention and its a bit crude to my ears. A touch above average 4.5/7 5) Triquetra - Destroying Dinosaur: These dudes again! They must be doing something right if Suntrip gave them 2 slots on their new release. Lets see... What I hear is youth energy, careful planning, a balance between an adrenaline rush and a story. The track is good IMHO! Their sound and style sits very well with me. 5/7 6) Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions: The kings of melodies are back! At some moments the track feels a bit foresty! Its pulsating in such a way and it feels very experimental to me. A unique experience. 5.5/7 7) Mindsphere - Harmonic Garden: HIER KOMMT DIE SONNE! and with it comes floatiness. God... This track feels incredibily out of place, but then again, I never liked Mindsphere's style. Even despite that fact, this track faired pretty well but its a thorn in my eye. It simply doesnt fit 4/7 8) Crossing Mind - Entropy (First Edition): Funny Crossing Mind decided to name this track Entropy, for it is its opposite. Melodies that remind me of BPC and at times it hints uplifting trance(?) All in all, a mid-tempo track with deep-minded and melancholic melodies. Dawn is upon us! 4.5/7 9) Sykespico - Glimmers Of Sunrise: You feel the X-rays warming your skin, you feel the wind's caresses and the sand tingling the soles of your feet. Its light, but its not floating. Its epic, sophisticated and vast just like the importance of our Sun. Its source is bright and endless, she resuscitates the hopeless. Without her, we are lifeless satellites drifting! I couldn't have asked for a better conclusion to this compilation. It deserves my epic seal of approval! 7/7 Phew, what an experience! From the chaotic darkness that the first part of the compilation represents (to me) to the sunrise, kindness and blissful melodies... This release made me realise that I spend too much time indoors. I will definitely remember this release and I highly recommend it to everyone! Favorite track: 1. Stream it here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk82AnCYxUsjkC5iKR0DvFzt6vKt2lmcg Buy it here: -Suntrip store: https://suntriprecords.com/product/item/SUNCD45/ -Bandcamp: https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-inti
  9. All for trade and trading only! Not separately! Sleeve / Disc DJ Junya - Reloaded VG+ / VG+ Doof - Let's Turn On S / S Growling Mad Scientists - Chaos Laboratory VG+ / NM Masaray - Cosmic Trancer NM / VG+ Opale - Anaconda's Dance M / M Orion - Futuristic Poetry VG+ / NM Planet B.E.N. - Test VG+ / NM VA - Analog Dreams NM / NM VA - Explorer VG+ / VG+ Vedama & Spies - Photonic EP M / M Zirrex - Ritual Dance S / S Don't hesitate to contact me if your interested or have any questions!
  10. Artist: E-Mantra Title: Silence Label: Altar Records Date: June, 2012 1. Silence 2. Since You Were Gone (Feat. Athena Etana) 3. Ecouri 4. Departed 2012 5. Night Walker 6. Shadow Skies (feat. Reasonandu) 7. Prelude 8. Le Ciel Est Triste 9. Echoes Of An Empty Room (Hotep Remix) 10. Touching 11. Passing Through No review on arguably one of the greatest icons of our small corner of music? Well relax I got this. Your boy has done it again. Romanian sound shaman and mysterious Facebook presence Emmanuel Carpus further cements his legacy with his 2nd downtempo release on Altar Records. The melodies are smooth and heaven sent, arriving in his signature style. What sticks out to me is his use of percussion which is sharp as a tack. Varied and deliciously effective. This album is loaded with smooth grooves that will induce involuntary head bouncing. The sounds themselves are beautiful while the layers tumble in continuous waves. The bass also has a constant presence preserving that relaxing, dub feel. If the psytrance, goa, or downtempo community printed money this guy's face should be on it. Highly recommended and an absolute must for your collection. Altar Bandcamp Psyshop
  11. The Goa Constrictor …Goa Home… [::::download::::] (1hr58min/320MP3/285.7MB/©2017) Genre: Home is where the Goa Trance is Goa Trance is more than just a genre of music. Goa, like hiphop, is a way of viewing and interacting with life. Bringing together sci-fi movies and spiritual mysticism. Blade Runner, The Matrix, and Contact shape the world just as much as the truth that we are all star stuff, built of the same matter, and if you see the elves on the other side, you know what I’m talking about. Fractals, wires, blinky lights, and sacred geometry. This deep level of ongoing in-jokes, clever wordplay, science stuff, and meta hilarity through cover art and design has made collecting Goa records the most comic booky geekdom that I have in my life. And it’s hella fun! We are all just spiritual beings, in physical bodies. I’ve seen things you’ve never seen. Picture a circle, on one end is sanity, and on the other end of the circle, close to insanity but not insanity, is unsanity. Leptons are z-particles. We’re in bat county. I am your guardian angel but Mars needs women; don’t worry, things hardly ever fuck up around here. I’ve never seen anyone move that fast… sounds like some spiritual antiseptic, eh? See, regardless of what you do in life, it all applies. Pay attention for the moments of unsanity and learn to spot when you should be slinking up the world with some slower wizard-esque jams and when you need to get that Doof level acid on. Look for all of the different gods and aliens, because—somehow—they are all true, even when contradicting each other. It all exists, because none of it exists. But the belief, of the stupidly crazy and not real, creates realness. As that’s how magic and faith work. Goa has led me to different ways of thinking, as well as experiencing the world and those interpretations of those interactions within, in a wildly different way and realm than those of not. But life is chaos. A beautiful and perfectly aligned chaos. Which, when combined with Happiness through Nihilism… since we are all doomed and meaningless, if nothing ultimately matters, maybe it’s best to not worry about that which has even less meaning that I. If it is all a hat trick, use Goa as a die in your pocket that is rolled every time you come to a choice–the D&D of life—and it’s working out okay for me. I’m a genuine true believer of the Goa and because I believe… the Goa looks after me… Unless that all sounds weird and unhinged… In which case this was all just another story… friedkale.com Anyway, this mix is essentially the sunrise Summer Solstice set I played at the beginning of summer at a fun event called Psychedelic Buttstuff. I had tried to record it live but I fucked up the record settings and it was essentially unlistenable. I’ve thought about that set a lot throughout the summer while in airports or backseats of cars, so after unpacking from the Eclipse journey, I revisited some tracks and had a moment of pause. 2017 has been a bloody intense year for so many people. There is a lot of tense energy out there, but within that is the most pure strength and compassion that I’ve ever felt around me. Good people are doing good things and while the short term can feel extremely disheartening; the long term is going to be okay. We need to push out those on-edge feelings though. This set might help you out with that. Take a breath and go with Goa… back to home. I hope you enjoy the journey… … xoxox -Goa ...edit: For those who like Soundcloud: and/or Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/goaconstrictor/goa-home/
  12. Artist: Ovnimoon Title: Voyage Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: May, 2017 1. Mystica (feat. Moon Tripper) 2. Be Human (feat. Spiritual Mode) 3. Asension (Ovnimoon album Mix) 4. Voyage 5. This Makes Sense To Me 6. The Honest Meditation 7. Tranceport 8. Universal Healing Transmission (feat. Spirit Architect) 9. Dance With The Creator (feat. The Digital Blonde) Hector Stuardo just keeps chugging along doesn't he? Since 2006 he has released an album every year or every other year not to mention all his compilation work. Dude's a machine. And it wouldn't be such a big deal if half of them were sh*tty, but he puts out quality music each and every time. This album comes on the heels of his last two (Holistic, Trancemutation of the Mind) that have been firmly planted on goa soil. Sure his bass lines aren't very varied, but to me that's the only minor flaw located within. He has this ability to slowly carry you into goa bliss with his melodies, turning the cutoff knob ever so slowly. While he doesn't overload you with melodies he does more with less, building layers around that bass line. The sound is always immaculate and with both the upper and bottom end represented well. Another home run for me. Ovnimoon Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
  13. Artist: Various Title: Aurora Sidera Label: Suntrip Records Date: June, 2015 1. Skizologic - Retrospective 2. Nebula Meltdown - Deep Space Introspection 3. Dragon Twins - The Third Wave 4. Morphic Resonance - Altered Perception 5. Artifact303 - In Your Mind (E-Mantra Remix) 6. Crossing Mind - Xtatic Confusion 7. Mindsphere - Fly High 8. Celestial Intelligence - Inevitable Feelings 9. Denshi-Danshi - World In Between (2K15 Remix) Some things just cannot be stopped. "You...Shall...Not...Pass!!!" No matter what you do it seems like you're powerless. "Desserts for a month or you're b*tch gets it next!" In the end you just save yourself the aggravation cause it's gonna happen. Because f*ck your water. This is the unstoppable force that is Suntrip. The roll they have been on as of late is quite impressive. Beginning with the thunderous Shakta Retrospective release from last year and then the blistering Perpetual Energy release from Celestial Intelligence, followed by the great Prana Remixes and culminating with the re-release of one of the classic goa trance cd's of all time Psykadelia by Asia2001. So yeah I'd say they've been killing it. They're like the George Clooney of goa trance labels always showing up with a hotter chick. Aurora Sidera is the next beauty and boy does she have fire. Billed as Suntrip's tribute to the forthcoming summer she purports to show different artists and how goa trance has evolved. First thing you notice is that beautiful artwork by Suntrip staple Margot Schaefer. It's like the most psychedelic optic nerve ever witnessed. Might wanna get that checked out. Don't mind if I do! Skizologic (Maor Hasbani) had his coming out party with the spectacular Robotized album earlier this year and blows the doors off the hinges with a warm, thumping opener. With 303's rumbling this is rattle your ribcage good. Nebula Meltdown takes y ou to space next the shortest track on the compilation. The first part sets you up and then the 303 dreamscape puts you down. Suntrip newcomers Dragon Twins and Morphic Resonance have already established themselves as deep talent and ones to watch. Go to Ektoplazm and check out the EP's they released, you'll thank me later. The Thrid Wave is juicy and bass intensive with super cool sounds while the heir apparent to Astral annihilate what you think you know about goa. This rampant 303 abuse is greatly appreciated as are the layers. Oh my goodness the layers...so dreamy. When E-mantra and Artifact303 keep remixing each others tracks I think we all win. This is a dark, stinging monster that sports the same style as Emmanuel's Nemesis album. Sinister and epic sounding. Crossing Mind has an instantly recognizable style and if you like it he's gonna take you for a crazy 360 disco waterslide ride. Mindsphere and the new "Transwave" delivers melodic morning tracks that rumor has it made people cry on the dancefloor. Pussies. There's no crying in goa trance! It certainly is beautiful music and I suppose if you listen to one right after the other you could get a bit emotional, but unless you're Caitlyn Jenner and transitioning there's no need for the waterworks. Of course this is coming from the guy who cries at the ending of Rudy every time so take it for what it's worth. *sob* Could you pass me the box of Kleenex? I promised I wouldn't do this. *sob* The closer should bring a smile to the faces of old and new goa-heads alike as Denshi Danshi has returned from the 90's with a fresh take on one of his tracks. I'd never heard this one before and Anoebis billed it as "regular trance." It's bouncy and danceable and really whets the appetite for his upcoming album on Suntrip. Holy crap on a crutch this album will get your cardio on! It's highly acidic and melodic with so many twists and turns. Madness! Euphoric breaks and blistering 303's it's another high five to the guys over at Suntrip. The sound is awesome and warm with a relentless pace. There's a reason this label has been on top for so long. I keep saying it but damn if this isn't one of their best releases. Do yourself a favor and get it. Suntrip Psyshop Beatspace
  14. Artist: Schallusion Title: Morphologic Tales Label: Self Released Date: March, 2012 1. Shaman 2. The Aborigine 3. Transcendance 4. Harmonic Tales 5. Crossover 6. Collaborator 7. Future Stomp Wow if you believe what the announcement thread says sounds like these guys hit a home run. Let's start with this. If you open your debut with a 17 minute track you better know what you're doing. Yeah they did. Luckily this German project seems to have a pretty good handle on this whole psychedelic thing. Coming out of nowhere they dropped this hot potato right into our eager laps. For free. 5 years ago. This album is loaded with long tracks that reside in a variety of psychedelic genres. As others have said that opener was quite spectacular. Very lush and not boring for any of those 17 minutes. Aborigine only has one way to go and unfortunately doesn't come close to the depth or scope of Shaman. Just 11 minutes of noodling. Transcendance is a bit better, but again it fails to maintain the high hopes brought about by the opener. Harmonic Tales is better still with a haunting vibe and more of an alien flare. It's futuristic and heavy. Crossover charges full steam ahead for a pretty good track. Collaborator goes full goa with some glitch riding shotgun. Future Stomp closes it out with some more alien goa. When you make an album that only has long tracks you walk a fine line between overload and boredom. For the most part I think they straddled it pretty well. The album was psychedelic and sounded great even if some tracks went on too long. Is it a classic? Nah, but several tracks kick some ass. As I mentioned this came out 5 years ago so they're due to release some more music. Schallusion Soundcloud
  15. Hey all, I've been producing Industrial music for the last 10 or so years and have released on some known labels in that genre so I like to think that I am ok at music, but I think the standards are lower in that genre. Anyway, long story short I have been going back to my "roots" in psy/goa and that's all I want to write these days. My first love is goa, but I can't ever stick to writing one style so my stuff is a mix of the things I like from various genres which include Goa, Prog, Darkpsy, Tribal, and Industrial. I have no idea if this stuff fits into a particular style or even sounds good to psy people. Thematically these songs draw from ancient egyptian mythology and alchemy. Any feedback is welcome!! https://soundcloud.com/wormsoftheearth/tebat-neteru-new-psy-stuff-preview
  16. Artist: Proxeeus Title: Weird Tales Label: Goa Madness Records Release date: 02.11.2016 Track list: 1: A Lone Mi Go 2: The Shoggoth In The Mirror 3: Something Lurks On Yuggoth 4: He Waits Dreaming 5: Tekeli Ii 6: What The Moon Brings 7: Let's Goof 8: The Mad Poet Of Sana'a 9: Fhtang No More Who Is Proxeeus? Well, Jerome Lesterps is his name and he is a guy from France. Pretty new to the scene but he has made quite the name for himself and that is "The dude who has some serious 303 issues." In the summer of 2015, he released his debut album called "At The Mountain Of Madness" on Ektoplazm (download it for free here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/proxeeus-at-the-mountains-of-madness) A release that standed out and had a few of my favorite tracks like Vimanas and Chandra Knows. I, unfortunately didnt have the honor of hearing him live but I did listen to his gigs online and just by looking at him you can feel the serious vibe that he emits! I like that. Now that we've introduced ourselves, lets get back to business! The album cover has the Lovecraft motif (like the previous album as well) and I actually got introduced to Lovecraft's literature quite recently so this set the theme for me perfectly! As you people know, I'm not good with technicalities so I'll write how tracks make me feel as I'm writting this as I listen to the album for the second time. Bear with me! The story begins with A Lone Mi Go and it kicks of with quite the energy. A catchy razor sharp electric melody gets introduced with a lot of ambient noises that set the mood vey well for the rest of the album to come. Next comes The Shoggoth In The Mirror. Just like in Lovecraft's short stories, everything goes awry very quickly, and so does this album! The track has a dark and hypnotic pounding tone and is riddled with acid and the track ends with a BLAST! There is something calling to us from the depths and who are you to resist? Something Lurks On Yuggoth. The crawling chaos. . . creeping and building up as the track progresses. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A story of its own. He Waits Dreaming this track sounds so oldschool to me, which is of cource a good thing! On a few notes some sounds gave me the "NDMA - The Answer" feel, maybe Im tripping. But then again, what IS real? You have been seeing strange silhouettes and weird noises all day. The second half of the track gets pretty aggressive. Jerome definitely likes to end his tracks with a blast. With Tekeli Ii I hear how Jerome's sound matured compared to his previous album. There is a lot stuff to hear yet it's all tidy and organized. Just pay close attention at @4:55! Words are starting to fail me... What The Moon Brings... Well it brings a perfectly balanced combo of melody and acid. One of my favorite tracks! Let's Goof is pretty straight forward. A dance-floor oriented track I think. Didnt like it as much but its still great. The Mad Poet Of Sana'a has an easternish melody. He had an obsession with instruments made of glass and metal and had used them to combine them into yet weirder objects. He was known for doing strange magic involving electricity and people were as much as in awe as they were afraid of him... The album ends with Fhtang No More. A more melodic and brighter track, and a last stand against the eeriness. A hope for dawn. Jerome is a bard that sings his songs through the TB-303. His tracks are interchanging constantly. A lot of peaks and a lot of lows. A lot of thought was invested into the ambient which is then followed by a lot of entropy. A balanced chemical reaction which is then disrupted just to be returned to its calm and stable state again. Favorite tracks: 2!, 3, 4, 5!!, 6 Edit: I tried to figure out what my favorite tracks were, but I literally think that all of them are standouts except Let's Goof which isnt AS amazing as the rest. Its a wonderful album and a worthy successor! Grade 7/7 from me! You can buy it here: http://www.beatspace.com/9800/Goa+Madness+Records/PROXEEUS/Weird+Tales/detail.aspx https://goamadnessrecords.bandcamp.com/album/weird-tales
  17. Artist: Hypnoxock Title: Sounds From Another Time Label: Self Released Date: July, 2017 1. Wormhole (Remastered 2002) 2. The Final Passenger (Nocturnal Mix 2015) 3. Mismo Plastico (Virtualmismo Tribute Remix) 2011 4. Dr. Livingstone (Unreleased 1999) 5. Progresion Ecliptica (Special Edit Ozora 2013) 6. Deluxaflex (Unreleased 2004) 7. Blue Monday (Tribute Remix to New Order) I have always liked this project. Imagine South African psytrance loaded with goa elements. Victor Solsona may not be one of the premier names in psy, but he always delivers the goods. I'm still working my way through his most recent album Eurythmia, but this came along not soon after. It's a name your price wav download of unreleased and remixed tracks dating all the way back to 1999. I believe his strength is the constant evolution of his tracks. His current style is never a stagnant 4/4 full-on borefest, but he interjects new melodies and rhythm patterns. He takes tracks in different directions and is very good at adding atmosphere to provide a more lush sound. And that's what you get here for the most part even though some of the tracks are pretty old. One other thing he excels at is really good break work. Even the uber cheesy remix of New Order's Blue Monday wasn't as bad as it could've been. Usually when an artist releases something like this there's a reason it was never given a proper release in the first place. Not so here. Wormhole is a rollicking good goa track and The Final Passenger changes enough to keep it fresh. Mismo Plastico keeps the goa vibe going, while Dr. Livingstone is a slow burner full of darkness. Tracks five and six are more of what you would expect from an album like this and even they aren't bad. Bottom line this is a great release that doesn't behave like a bunch of older, re-imagined tracks. Oh by the way...can someone explain to me the Japanese fascination with tentacles? Bandcamp
  18. We are opening a new chapter with "Goa Files" trilogy bringed to you by our label DJ Setidat. This brand new compilation presents some of the biggest heavyweights artists in the Goa Trance scene such as California Sunshine ( DJ Miko & Har-el Prusky) Ultimate Xperience, Goasia, M-Run, Miranda, OOOD, Celestial Intelligence, Omnivox and Joyfull NaTives. Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/OL0X0U Beatport: https://goo.gl/Fo5IzR Spotify: https://goo.gl/jaJV2L Track List 01-Ultimate Xperience - The Night Creatures (III) 02-OOOD - Silence (2017 Reboot) 03-Goasia - Analog Steroids 04-M-Run - Alien Brain Train 2017 05-Celestial Intelligence - Phantom Dancer 06-Joyfull Natives - Gate Of Aliens 07-Miranda - Svarg 08-Omnivox - We Are Infinity 09-California Sunshine - Wonderland (2011 Edit)
  19. Artist: Masaray Title: Cosmic Trancer Label: Psy-Harmonics Date: May, 1995 1. Cosmic Trancer 2. Time Traveler 3. Ether Relay 4. Xyber Siva 5. Scorpio Sun Eclipse 6. Time Traveler of Trance "Yeah, I got a 247...young Bieber in distress. He's no longer a belieber...I repeat no longer a belieber!" Canadian ass wart Justin seriously wants to know why the f*ck this album sucks. And for the first time ever I agree with him. It's got all the makings of a great goa trance album. 1995. Nothing bad ever happened in 1995. Yeesh...f*cking Santa died? All right, f*ck 95, I was a drunken mess singing Alive by Pearl Jam in my lumberjack flannel and gorging myself on Cheeseteaks. The cover still has the color of sunshine and an ancient symbol that screams hippie bullsh*t. Where have I seen that before? AHHHH!!!! F*cking nazis! I don't believe in anything anymore. To say this sounds dated is an understatement. Clearly the sound palette is limited and the ideas are as well. Did they put a cat meow on Xyber Siva? Sounds like they were just noodling about and decided to record it in one take. It's not until the final two tracks that we actually discover signs of life. That said those last two tracks are pretty great. But the rest fall far short of what a goa trance album from 1995 should've been. And please don't hand me the "it takes multiple listens" line or "they were limited by their equipment" nonsense. Plenty of great goa came out in 95. I've listened to this more than enough times to know it sounds old and raw. Sometimes that can be a good thing, but this could use a remake. But hey some call it a classic and would be happy to sell it to you for $100. But for me this was a huge disappointment.
  20. This is a track that I have been recently working on. The melodies/chords are simpler than my other work, but I tried to go for a hypnotic approach with lots of repetition in a "outer space" themed track. Note: I use FL Studio's step sequencer/channel rack only. Not playlist mode. I prefer the step sequencer because I can make the track feel more natural in a "live" way when I record. Criticism is wanted!
  21. Artist: Shakta Title: Retroscape Label: Suntrip Date: November, 2014 1. Somaton - Ouroboros 2. Somaton - Brainwashed (Shakta & Ping Pong Remix) 3. Shakta - It Was Not Human 4. Somaton - Fearful Symmetry 5. Somaton - Principles of Gravity 6. Shakta - Amber Mantra 7. Shakta - Indra's Net 8. Shakta - Cosmic Trigger 9. Shakta - Solar Origins 10. Shakta - Misra Indica 11. Somaton - Dredlarks I mean do I really need to say how brilliant this release is? How the melodies swirl and the 303's growl like a pack of lions? It's powerful goa trance from back in the day from Seb Taylor who is a cornerstone of our favorite genre. Whether it's as Shakta or Somaton it's blistering layered goa trance at an unrelenting pace. Vinyl only, hard to find, or unreleased tracks that will put holes in your wall when you turn it up. This goes right up there with Etnica Live in Athens and Flight 604 Chapter II and the Dimension 5 stuff for me. Absolutely stunning and a must have. Suntrip Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  22. Artist: Various Title: Goa Files Vol. 1 Label: Code Vision Records Date: May, 2017 1. Ultimate Xperience - The Night Creatures (III) 2. OOOD - Silence (2017 Reboot) 3. Goasia - Analog Steroids 4. M-Run - Alien Brain Train 2017 5. Celestial Intelligence - Phantom Dancer 6. Joyfull Natives - Gate Of Aliens 7. Miranda - Svarg 8. Omnivox - We Are Infinity 9. California Sunshine - Wonderland (2011 Edit) "It's so weird I've never forgot it." Well, repetition is a good way to remember things. But we'll address that later. This digital compilation arrived out of nowhere from a label that most would be hard pressed to say they had heard of. Regardless of that fact they seem to have gathered an impressive artist list. UX does what he's been doing lately and that's making long, epic tracks that straddle the psytrance goa line. This has a futuristic vibe with an ethereal voice and driving rhythm. Pretty good even if it ran a little long. I wasn't a fan of this reboot of the OOOD track. I don't know if the original artist was behind the reboot, but gone are the gravitas and melodic momentum that made the original such a bad ass. No offense to the artist, but this comes off as a weak Talamasca-esque full-on "ing" of a goa trance classic. The Goasia project fits into an alternative niche in the goa genre. Often people love them or hate 'em. They are definitely different then most of the goa producers today and this track is no exception. It swarms like a uh, swarm waging galactic warfare with a myriad of color. Outside of the lead melody though it's a little thin. Nice, but I would've liked more detail. M-Run has only one album to his credit (still waiting), but what a doozy it was. With that spirit this track is unmistakable M-run. Groove intact with sparkly goa madness throughout. One of my favorites here. Phantom Stormer blasts right out of the gate with an imminently danceable sound. Relentless in your face goa trance. Joyfull Nature is the sole unknown artist represented and this track starts off...well, joyfully. Not long after it assumes the mystical sound of goa beaches with a gentle flowing motion. Like a smooth introduction to the goa producers club. Not bad. Miranda is back (always a good thing) with a decent if not unremarkable effort. I liked the weird voice in the background, gave it an air of mystery. Omnivox absolutely slays with We Are Infinity a track with a boisterous bottom end. Closing things out is an older remake of Wonderland by California Sunshine. Never been a fan of this project and repeating the sample 12 times isn't going to help. The same sample. 12 times. That means on average every 43 seconds you hear this sample. Nephew please. The background sounds added to the alien feel (if you're in the mood to be funny and I always am it could also sound like cats) and this had the potential to be a creepy success. Had. It's a decent comp with 3 or 4 really good tracks and the rest are decent minus the two I obviously had problems with. Bandcamp Beatport
  23. Visited a really great forest-party a few weeks ago, brain bursting with inspiration...
  24. Here's a track i found: PURPLE OM - The Storm I love what Simon did there on this one. Beautiful!
  25. Artist: Various Title: Epoch of the Terrans Label: Suntrip Date: July, 2014 Crossing Mind - Virutal Mind Cleaner Morphic Resonance - Chormatic World Lunar Dawn - Blessings From Irij (Imba Remix) BlackStarrFinale - A New Name GoaTree - The Force Arronax & Somnesia - Black Hole (Revisited) Astrancer - Tetragrammaton Mindphoria - The Picture "Vader was seduced by the dark side of the force." Blacker the berry, sweeter the juice. Just a fact. When you take two great things and smash them together in an unholy and sweaty union the results can either be glorious or horrifying. Peanut butter and chocolate is a truckload of win. Obviously porn and the internet belong together. I honestly cannot think of another reason for the internet. You say information and learning, well I wanna learn what it looks like when 4 chicks do it. And then there's this: Yeah...I'm using detergent to get the chocolate out. Doesn't go together. Oh f*ck you. Let's get back to the good stuff. Neogoa and Suntrip. Two labels that have done more for lovers of goa trance than anyone. Both release quality music as well as fantastic artwork. Suntrip is managed by Anoebis and Mars began in 2004 and Neogoa is captained by Ivan Richpa since 2010. So finally these two juggernauts come together for a long awaited collaboration. All the tracks here were previously heard on Neogoa releases and were compiled by Ivan himself. And if he hadn't given enough he also did the artwork. With Suntrip's help and new mastering by Tim Schuldt they are now packaged into a limited edition CD perfect for collectors. Virtual Mind Cleaner- Crossing Mind does it again with an organic and constantly evolving track which first appeared on Future Architecture 2. Heavily modulated and full of melodic layers his distinct sound is a superb way to open this compilation. Chromatic World- Relative newcomers Morphic Resonance grab the torch with a sound some have likened to goa legends Astral Projection. Considering how long Neogoa has been around (relatively speaking) it's pretty remarkable that a track from their first and only EP made the cut. Storming goa trance with twisted leads that growl with ferocity. Good luck holding back this tidal wave. Blessings From Irij (Imba Remix)- Talk about a guy that's come into his own! With productions that seem to continually get better his blasting remix all but makes the original unnecessary. Part Green Nuns part Oood this remix gets aggressive and sounds deliciously old school. A New Name- Luis's album Auryn was a breath of fresh air so it makes sense to include one of those tracks here. Churning and undulating it's not old school, but more full-on in nature. Twists and turns abound. The Force- Another blasting tune from a new kid on the block. Not that one. But go America. This track rumbles like a 6.5 aftershock setting you up for a screeching frenzy. It's got some heavy ass attitude like a dinner guest with zero manners. Please and than you? F*ck your please and thank you. Black Hole (Revisited)- Acidic bombast at its finest! With a thumping kick the melodies tumble over each other in this nonstop party. The break is sinister like a stalker in the dark. Tetragrammaton- I think that over time this track has become less appealing to me. It's still a detailed effort, but I feel it has been surpassed by newer and shinier trinkets. Add to that the lead in the final minutes is like nails on the chalkboard. Bagpipe trance? The Picture- The last track is a downtempo one lest you think Neogoa only does goa trance. Mellow and smooth from the excellent Turlitava compilation. It boggles the mind with all the outstanding releases Neogoa has had how Ivan was able to narrow it down to just these tracks. Me I would've demanded a double album at least. But I don't really see how you could go wrong with this compilation. Yes they've all been released before for free, but now they are all on one limited edition CD that will give collectors mega boners. Add to that it was remastered by the Suntrip machine and cool looking art from Ivan. I'll go out on a limb and say it. IF you've got a problem with this CD you're a dick. And all the compression and e.q. won't help that. Suntrip Mdk
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