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  1. Trance2MoveU

    Lamat - V

    Artist: Lamat Title: V Label: Morphonic Records Date: December, 2011 1. Predators LAMAT AND HAN SOLO 2. Perfect System (The Legacy) LAMAT 3. Cartell me about it (FFT rmx) LAMAT AND DSP 4. Remastered Controller LAMAT AND HAN SOLO 5. New Technologies LAMAT AND HAN SOLO 6. Mind Control Neuro Transmitor LAMAT AND HAN SOLO 7. The Resistance LAMAT AND ASTROMOVIL 8. Magnetic LAMAT AND INFERENCE Who's ready for some full on? Please? Not even for a twinkie? C'mon everyone, we can do this. Maybe. Lamat is Marcos A. Sánchez from Mexico and I'll tell you that his debut Master Control is still one of my favorite full-on albums. Chock full of melodies and pumping beats it was on my playlist for many months. Then I kinda lost track of what he was doing, but now I want to see if he still brings the heat. On this his fifth album most of the tracks he works with other artists. What I will tell you, is that it is full-on to the bone with tons of sci-fi movie samples. With the exception of the last track they all seem to be in the 145 bpm range which makes it hard to find differences in the tracks. This would've sounded great 6 or so years ago, but now it seems full of cheese. And some samples... "You're gonna have to show me what to do. What's your favorite number? Mine's 69. Would you like me to show you?" It's sh*t like this that makes me cringe. Hearing people say corny things during sex is not what I want to listen to. And I didn't even include the whole sample. F*cking horrible. Know who likes that? Immature high school kids or men that won't grow up. So while everyone matures it seems that Marcos has not and psytrance has passed him by. We've all had that friend who lives in the past doing the stuff we thought was funny back in the day. Only now it's not funny. It's sad. "Oh, the humanity!" Someone tell Marcos that his career just went down over New Jersey. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  2. Hello Psy Lovers !!!! My name is Gal & I am a Psychedelic Producer ! I was Born in Vilnius , Lithuania in 1987 & Today I'm Living & composing in Rishon Le-Zion, Israel ... I Spent a year in the " Yoav Gera - SOUND " institute in Tel-Aviv ... Combining some music skills & rythimn techniques to bring you some AgressivE BeatS to the table !!! Go In & HaVe A Listen ... -=BooM=- Enjoy !!!!! https://soundcloud.com/p5ionix
  3. Psychrobatic is Emiliano, an obsessive of psytrance mixing. Trying to move forward and create nonstop sets that won't interrupt people's trance during the mixing. He's all about seamless and musical transitions. Looking for new and creative ways of mixing tracks, adding loops and samples live. He wants to reivindicate the figure of the psytrance DJ. His desire is to listen to new and nice sounding sets from DJs all over the world. Psytrance DJing is so backward in comparison to other genres and that's it not because the style make it impossible. Hoping he would find friends with the same interest along the way. ► Listen to him: https://soundcloud.com/psychrobatic ► Contact him and be in touch: http://facebook.com/psychrobatic ► Watch him and learn with his tutorials: http://youtube.com/user/Psychrobatic Thanks! Peace.
  4. Artist: Various Title: As Hard As It Gets Label: Boa Group Records Date: July, 2009 1. U on acid A-TEAM 2. New Reality PUNCHLINE 3. Puzzle (Bliss rmx) PSY SEX 4. Chilakillers PAINKILLER VS BIO GENESIS 5. Search and destroy AZAX SYNDROM 6. Overdose TOXIC 7. Synthetic SLUG VS LOST AND FOUND 8. One (A-team rmx) ASTRAL PROJECTION As Hard as it gets. If you type that into Google Image search you'll see enough dong to put you out of your comfort zone. Unless you're one of these guys. Compiled by the ahem, A-Team (Painkiller + Bliss) the track list seems promising. But we have been down this road before havent we? If you like deep and twisting night time full-on then as Obi-Wan said: This is not the compilation you're looking for. U On Acid- "You can dream a whole adventure in your sleep in a split second." It's always a bad sign when instead of spelling the track name, letter abbreviations are used. Usually we are heading for disappointment. Not my rule, it just works out that way. The ahem, A-Team (and I use that term with as much irony as I can muster) start things off with a very loud track overflowing with sounds and textures. It's pumping full-on with some techno influences and interesting changes of pace. Not bad, but with so many stops and starts it gets tiring to listen to. Good for the mosh pit I suppose. New Reality- "Experience is the new reality." Oy the buildups. Migraine inducing leads that go way past 11. My new reality is taking a few extra strength aspirin. Thanks a lot you sonofab*tch. Puzzle (Bliss Rmx)- I've had beef with Bliss since he released the atrocious Looney Bin Fiasco which coincidentally went straight to the garbage bin. Keep hoping against hope that he will return to his Rhythmus Gene ways, but it ain't gonna be here. More of the same weak sh*t he's been making. Don't recall if the original was craptacular, but Bliss didn't help. R.I.P. buddy. Chilakillers- This is what it sounds like...when doves cry. Pure assembly line music. Stop making the same repetitive bullsh*t over and over again. Search and Destroy- We all know that Regev hasn't been right for damn near a decade, but every now and then he gives us a glimpse of the talented producer he is. A lot have already began to shovel dirt on this guy and uh...well this track didn't help. It's more loud and uninspired full on. What happened to you Regev? Did you lose your acid preset? You need an intervention. Overdose- "Oh no, you shouldn't hallucinate alone!" I don't normally try to hurt people, but when I do, this could be my theme music. Take everything that you hate about full on and now put it on repeat. Overdosing is not a laughing matter. Unless your this guy. "F*ck you girl scouts. F*ck you and the cute little outfits you wore to knock on my door." Synthetic- "Maybe there never was a real me in the first place and I'm completely synthetic." This is the lone bright spot on this compilation. This combo just put the pedal down and threw it out there. Alas, one track does not a compilation make. Sad face. On (A-Team Remix)- The ahem, A-Team close it out with a remix of an Astral track. Meh, by this point I'm already beaten down by your wall of suck. If this had the winning lottery numbers in it I wouldn't have known it. P.S. I listened to it again. It didn't have the numbers. Thanks for nothing assholes! Ok, I think you know how this turned out. This was like being subjected to a Nutek compilation. Artists making music in the grey area of commercial full-on under the guise of twilight music. As mentioned it's loud, unimaginative, and chock full of stops and starts. Buildups that haven't caused me this much pain since my last kidney stone. I think I go for a drive, maybe it'll sound better in the car. Nope. Sh*t should come with a warning label. Psyshop Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: Advanced Options Label: YoYo Records Date: July, 2006 1. Fluffy Puppy ATOMIC CULTURE 2. Basic BASIC 3. Insight ONYX, PTX 4. TNT TIMELOCK 5. Droid save da queen (X-Noize rmx) SUB6 6. Iron Man ECHOTEK 7. Limit Air DOUBLE IMPACT 8. Breakdown QUANTUM 9. 2nd episode FATALI 10. Shellshocks BWICKED If you had to pick a compilation that encompassed total full-on immersion in its hey day this would be it. Look at that track list. It's like the FBI most wanted list. Every artist on there screams full-on. Now it's easy for me to sit here and snipe them seven years later, but in 2006 this was the state of psytrance. Ibiza wave your hands in the air give me a glow stick trance. Like the dark times of minimal the sunny happy times of full-on didn't leave much for trancers to chew on. Sorta like a pop tart for dinner. The title of the compilation is a misnomer. It is neither advanced nor is it an option. From the awful vocoded vocals of Sync to the repetitive and unimaginative bass lines of...well, all of the tracks this is a rocket ship to the bottom of a port a potty. Only it's not the bottom apparently because they made parts 2 and 3. I'll link to it, but only because I'm supposed to. Psyshop Mdk
  6. Artist: Cosmic Tone Title: Uniting Forces Label: Planet B.E.N. Records Date: August, 2011 1. Dance Time (with Noga) 2. Are u ready 3. Pink (with Noga) 4. Modulator (Edit) 5. Toxic 6. Rhythm is the power 7. Open your mind 8. Give me sound 9. Maniac Yep, that's an E that is literally attempting to jump off the keyboard in protest. Roei Nissan is out with the 6th album from Cosmic Tone and you'll never guess what style he pursues. That's right Pancake Trance. Fluffy light and oh so easily digestible. I'm thinking about sending him the bill from my dentist because after hearing this sugary sweet confection I collected 3 cavities. Full on is his game and boy has he become mediocre at it. Boring and predictable this is just like all the rest with a different project name. And oh the buildups...Once again the always reliable Discogs score is right on the money with a solid 4/5. Sigh. Another quality artist swallowed up by the voracious commercial full-on monster. Some of you may be wondering why I subject myself to subpar music and then spend colossal amounts of time writing a review. Hey I have to live up to my Family of Light title, but think of it like this. I do it...so you don't have to. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  7. Artist....: 'voodler Album.....: Live at TIP World 2012 Type......: Live Session Genre.....: Psychedelic Style.....: Full-On Label.....: Global Trance Promotion Catalog#..: n/a URL.......: http://promodj.com/voodler Rel.Date..: 10.12.2012 Str.Date..: 01.12.2012 Source....: SBD Grabber...: n/a Encoder...: LAME3.98r Quality...: 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint Stereo Tracks....: 1 (incl .cue) Length....: 58:18 min Size......: 133,4 MB TRACKLIST (147 bpm): 01. Killerwatts feat. Waio - Wake Up / Nano Records 02. Lamat - New Technologies / Morphonic Records 03. DigiCult - Microcosmos / Dacru Records 04. Kinesis - Unified Quest / Moon Spirits Records 05. ESD - Straight Ahead / Dacru Records 06. Sixsense - The Sound Of Disco / Psy-Core Records 07. Alternative Control - Good Old Times / Dacru Records 08. DigiCult & DNA - Rite Of Passage / Dacru Records 09. Tetrium - Let The Thoughts Run To You / Geomagnetic 10. Chronos vs. ESD - Keep The Change / Dacru Records 11. Cyber Motion - Digital Soul / DNA Records DOWNLOAD: PromoDJ / ZippyShare / FileOver
  8. This mix is definitely my strongest effort in showcasing the most complex psytrance I could find with the maximum level of energy possible. I listened to and sorted through thousands of tracks to prepare for this mix; the artists I selected are far and above the best producers of full-power psytrance. To finish out the year, I'm laying the hammer down with my most intense mix yet. Biogenesis - Funk-Daddy Brakes [Nutek] Freeze & Punchline - Electrical Signals [Nutek] Vibraddict & Sycmos - Up & Down [b.A.B.A] Underbeat & Masticate - Elephant [DNA] Bliss - Stay Sharp [Nutek] CPU & Biogenesis - BreakBots [Nutek] Dapanji & Mystical Complex & Programind - Bass Download [Phantasm] Brain Driver & Jaws Underground - Next Generation [infractive Digital] Damage vs Wired - Fight The Aliens [Terror Lab] Azax Syndrom & Dapanji - Wake Me Up [Drive] Brainwash & Magneto - I Have a Voice [Fractal] BPM - Dancefloor Demolition Squad [Geomagnetic] Brainwash - The Rebel [Fractal] Iron Madness & Dapanji - Radio Head [biomechanix] Ziptnf - Fractal Geometry (1:06:38) 153MB ~320kbps Play it loud, folks. Thanks for all the support for the past 4 years! Not stopping anytime soon!
  9. Artist: Various Title: Be Spun Label: Spun Records Date: May, 2011 1. The Serum GMS VS ANTIDOTE 2. Bend the future (Logica rmx) SONIC SPECIES 3. Space Star Ordering CHROMATONE 4. Freewheeler TRISTAN 5. The Great Outdoors EARTHLING VS MAD MAX 6. Hollow Anne BROKEN TOY 7. Headbanger Boogie HEADROOM 8. Tarsonis POLI VS BRIAN SENTIENT 9. Stay Classy (GMS rmx) GMS VS ASTRIX Spun Records? Better put on my full on hat. Really? Hey choppers you look like you have a f*cking uterus on your head. I think something a little more in line with the history of Spun would be more appropriate. Bingo. While they are probably not cheese heads, they have been known to rubber stamp carbon copy cut and paste full-on. But they make no bones about it, they are a full-on label. GMS? Poli? Astrix? I already have a pretty good idea where this is going, but I'm up for a listen. Maybe. The Serum- We can pick on GMS all day long (and he has deserved it), but this is a pretty good opener with a strong bass line and overall happy feel. I've stepped in deeper puddles, but as far as dance floors go I could see this working. Space Star Ordering- "Space...what is it? The simple answer? We don't know!" Even though he makes full on I've always felt that Chromatone's music was a cut above the norm. It was harder, edgier, grittier. No exception here as he fills all open areas with effects above a pumping rhythm. His bass lead at 2 minutes demands ass wiggling and I love the break beat in the middle. The end is a little anti climactic, but it's still worth your time. Bend The Future (Logica Remix)- I believe this to be the Petrillo brothers giving a Sonic Species track from Neurology Vol. 3 the remix treatment. It wasn't bad, feeling fuller than the original. There was of course the almost required build up but if I heard it again 5 minutes later I wouldn't recognize it. Pre Iron Man Robert Downey your thoughts? Exactly. Freewheeler- Tristan Cooke has been holding it down for almost 2 decades so credibility he's got. The style is very Temple of One or Tales of Heads if you recall those compilations. Driving beat with echoing synths and a sample while repeated doesn't dominate the mix. It undulates with electricity lacking a central melody yet somehow remaining melodic. The Great Outdoors- "Aww, look at that man, the GREAT OUTDOORS!" Mad Maxx's Afterworld in 2008 was impressive to me as was Earthling's Hypernature also released in 2008. This track bubbles and skitters like something alive in the same style as the previous one. Full on well done if you ask me. See this face? Are you sure this is from spun records? Hollow Anne- Mr. Toy is hit or miss with me (usually miss), but every now and then he makes me sit up and take notice. See me? I'm lying down. It isn't terrible, but it's full-on to the bone without anything exciting to offer. I did like the break and would've loved it if whatever was going on there was better represented. Headbanger Boogie- "I can't just smoke some regular weed and write cause regular weed don't really do nothing for your thoughts." Sounds like someone has a wee bit of a weed problem. I used to smoke weed and would sometimes catch myself grinning like an idiot. Ever drive while high? A 5 mile road felt like 20. But that'll happen when you travel at 15 mph but feel like it's 60. This one grew on me. It built tension with a groovy as hell beat that had me dancing in my seat. Sure they beat the hell outta the sample, but I believe after decades of marijuana use that Method Man actually talks like that. Does nothing for you thought, right buddy? Tarsonis- Poli joins forces with the compiler with a decent track. I liked the break with the chant in there, kinda filled things out. There were sufficient changes during the whole thing so it was a good listen. Stay Classy- Some would say that when you remix your own tracks you weren't that pleased with them in the first place. Or maybe he's a perfectionist that...Hmmm...I can't figure out how to finish that sentence. Shouldn't a remix not bore you? At this point he's just beating a horse that has been dead for over a decade. Somebody please call PETA or something? Ron Burgundy. News Anchor. Loud Noises. This was a pleasant surprise. It proves the maxim never judge a book by it's cover or author in this case. My apologies to Spun for doing just that. While not the greatest full-on ever this was way better than I thought it would be. Some of the tunes could've come from Blue Hour Sounds to be honest. This wasn't full-on from 2005 (thank God) and actually showed some depth while still being danceable. Psyshop Beatspace Saiko Sounds Mdk
  10. Hi Everyone, Thanks a lot for the views (and downloads) for my last Psytrance Album post on this forum. Here is a Psygressive/Full-On dj-set from lately: http://www.sendspace.com/file/f2q4tc Enjoy listening! Cheers & Kind Regards, MeThOxY
  11. Artist: Bushman Title: Unhuman Label: Spun Records Date: September, 2007 1. Mickey Finn 2. Psychonaut 3. Little Snitch 4. Rhythmic Device 5. Unhuman 6. Waking Life (rmx) 7. Culture Shock 8. Proton Accelerator 9. Flatliner There was a period of time when psytrance was completely overrun by full-on and it seemed everyone was just spinning their wheels making the same music. No label was more enabling than Spun Records who seemed to churn out identical releases faster than a 10 year old making an iPod at Foxcon. Tavis Bushman (or Buschmann if you're feeling a little sieg heily) is just a cog in that full-on wheel that threatened to crush the life out of you. He's from Ibiza and I felt you could feel some of that vibe in his music. It's not bad, but it sounds like all the rest of the full-on you have ever heard. Granted the sound is crisp and superb, but If I may quote the always accurate promo text: "The first album named Unhuman, is an unstoppable beast that stays true to Psychedelic Trance like very few others." I cannot rest my case because this wouldn't even be brought to trial. In the Olympics for the 100 yard dash something like 8 people run. If Usain Bolt wins, 7 others also ran. This is the white guy from Spain who is just there for the Olympic after party. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  12. Artist: Spectral Skunk Title: Bounced Story Label: Shiva Space Technology Date: June, 2006 1. Kalimist 2. Bounced Story 3. Nine Dimension 4. Beyond 5. Freaks 6. Doors of Perception 7. Logarithmic Reveal 8. Conciousness 9. Diffuse "You know I just woke from a dream and you wouldn't like this type of dream, more like I walked into an alternate universe." Yep an alternate universe where I have all the f*cking free time in the world and decide to review albums from a half a decade ago. Forget the fact that I have a pile of recent music to get to that has grown so tall it threatens to crush me. Meh, what are ya gonna do? This is Beto Pampoch from Brazil who had his grand opening and grand closing in the same album. Shame too, because this thing isn't so bad. Yes it is full on, but it leans to the darker side of the cotton candy infested sh*t bricks that are churned out today. No build ups, not stopping and starting every 5 seconds. It's characterized by deep and rumbly basses and being undeniably moody,soaked with high tech and futuristic atmosphere. It can get samey at times, but he is quite competent at pulling you in with the breaks. To that effect, he also drops a dubby tune smack dab in the middle of things to break it up. The sound is very good and if there was a gripe that I had is that maybe the tracks went on a little long. That's like a death knell for full on. You don't need 5 minutes for a story that can be told in 2. Nonetheless, it comes out swinging and becomes another older album that I enjoyed revisiting. Favorites? While none of the tracks were close to being standouts, it was a consistent effort. Bounced Story was especially digital and sinister and Freaks was a fairly good robotic rumbler. Doors of Perception though long was tasty indeed with the wrap around bass and contrasting higher tones. Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  13. http://soundcloud.co...r-solstice-2012 Download My contribution to this years Summer Solstice 2012 event on di.fm! Be blasted away into the depths of space and time! Tracklist 01. Somnesia - Mystic Sun 02. Goasia - I'm Ready 03. Jikooha - Vega (Space Elves Rmx) 04. ToiDoi - Worm Twist 05. ESP - Rabbit Hole 06. Melicia - Adrenalin Rush (Melicia Remix) 07. Electric Universe - Digital Monster 08. Alienn - Materia Feelings 09. Re:Creation - Binary Wake Up 10. Helix Nebula - Diving in Positive Energy 11. Trinodia - Let There be Light (TrinoMixo) 12. w0dk4 - stroj casu 13. Psychowave - Supernova 14. Nemesis - Snake Dance 15. Biot - Radiation 16. 1200 Mics - Mescaline (Live On Mount Fuji Remix)
  14. PSYOLOGY002 - Zezia - 'Zezia EP' to be released on 18/7/2012 Mastered by Artifakt {psy.ology} records brings you the debut EP of South African psychedelic producer, Zezia. Signed to PsynOpticz Productions, Zezia is one of South Africa's most up & coming artists and he has been producing music for the last 7 years. ZEZIA EP consists of 5 tracks full of driving melodies, indestructible basslines with insane wobbly electro-vibe grooves in-between moving percussion and high energy synths. These tracks have been played to SA dance floors resulting in the perfect crowd reaction: “eyes close, hands stretch out to play with the beat, bodies bend over and feet pound the floor!” Add this to your collection you Furious Freaks and begin your Final Approach! {Click here for previews} http://soundcloud.com/psyology-records/sets/psyology002-zezia-ep/ 1 - Furious Freaks http://soundcloud.com/psyology-records/zezia-furious-freaks Written & Produced by Nicholas Zezia 2 - The Commercial Hippies - Belly of The Beast (Zezia Remix) http://soundcloud.com/psyology-records/belly-of-the-beast-zezia-rmx Written & Produced by Gareth Tacon & Anton Raubenheimer Remixed by Nicholas Zezia 3 - Final Approach http://soundcloud.com/psyology-records/zezia-final-approach Written & Produced by Nicholas Zezia 4 - Skywalker http://soundcloud.com/psyology-records/zezia-skywalker Written & Produced by Nicholas Zezia 5 - Hammer http://soundcloud.com/psyology-records/zezia-hammer Written & Produced by Nicholas Zezia {to buy} Links to follow soon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {links} https://soundcloud.com/zezia https://www.facebook.com/Zezia https://www.facebook.com/PsyologyRecords https://www.facebook.com/PsynOpticz // {psy.ology} The study of psychedelic consciousness through audio and visual stimuli in both inner and outer interconnected space. // {psy.ology} records is the joint forces of Teknotribe (JHB) and PsynOpticz Productions (CT). Bringing together organic and digital sounds to express the sounds of the label, artists and genre. The releases will incorporate all styles of psychedelic dance music ranging from progressive, psy-tech, breaks, full-on and the harder twilight realms. The label features fresh and upcoming artists combined with well-schooled maestros of the psychedelic world. // https://www.facebook.com/PsyologyRecords
  15. My début Psy Trance mix featuring a selection of clean, driving and melodic beats. The album cover is an original design using Hubble space imagery. Please hit the download link for higher sound quality. Tracklist: 1. ancient tribes – advanced energies 2. ital – monte sagrado 3. dickster, tron – a few spoonfuls 4. mental broadcast – the flux capacitor 5. loud – all rights reversed – avalon remix 6. zen mechanics – industry of love – m-theory remix 7. m-theory vs ital – mano 8. ital – organica 9. hopeku – lillusion 10. burn in noise – ozzo – logica remix 11. m theory – vibrating strings 12. sinerider, g-nome – liquid sunrise Direct Download: http://soundcloud.co.../titan/download Soundcloud Post: http://soundcloud.com/djrips/titan Thanks for listening. Rips.
  16. Artist: Intergalactic Title: Area 51 Label: Agitato Records Date: May, 2011 1. Butterfly Effect 2. Area 51 3. Invisible Skyline 4. Red Alert 5. Speaker Dust 6. No Sin in the Scene 7. Set Your Mind 8. Landing Ground 9. Epic Saga (feat. Counter Point) In a continuing saga of an artist whose best days seem to be behind him, Vik Shefi has been the mind behind a variety of full-on-a-palooza projects from Cyber Cartel to groups like Vik On Injection, Viktan, Opium of the Masses, and Space Buddha. Don't really understand why the same two people formed two different projects in exactly the same style, but whatever...it all adds up to fast bass lines and supermodel thin depth. Last time he came out with an album for this project was waaay back in 05. So obviously he's been cooking up some good stuff, ready to waylay the psytrance community with clever breaks and nuclear acidic power. Right? I mean what are the odds that this album sounds like it's 2005? Whatever. This is like a sugar free cookie. So bland and tasteless. Might as well be elevator music. On it's face it isn't terrible, but just as I had feared his music hasn't evolved and is stuck in the past. This is stuff he did on his last album. Which is a shame because I really liked his 2008 Cyber Cartel release Who Needs To Sleep Anyway. Thought he was moving in the right direction. First clue I suppose should've been that this was released on Agitato, a label so immersed in the generic production of full-on that their ringtone is a full-on bassline. 2nd clue should've been the pic of Alien Project on the cover. I don't wanna slight the guy because he's obviously doing something right for someone being in the game as long as he has. But if deep, evolving psytrance is a 16 oz Porterhouse this is a two day old White Castle burger. Beatport Mdk
  17. Artist: Various Title: Vaporize 2 Label: Vaporvent Records Date: February, 2007 1. Echo Ghetto - EARTHLING, MEKKANIKKA, CHROMATONE 2. Instru-Mental - MEKKANIKKA 3. Out of Phase rmx - JIRAH 4. Revolution - AUDIALIZE 5. Paganoize - ELECTRYPNOSE, CHROMATONE 6. Restart - PURE PRESSURE 7. Chronophasia - 4 WINDS CIRCLE, CHROMATONE 8. Blue Hole - PURE PRESSURE 9. Connected - POLARIS 10. This is the exit - IBOJIMA, CHROMOSOME More stuff I've had hanging around for a while. I know most of the artists and have heard good tracks from all of them so let's see where this goes... Echo Ghetto- As soon as I hear the word bass, I've got one foot on the ledge. The vocoded sample that rises in pitch puts two feet there. Shame really because it's really pumping in a don't tell mom I'm out this late you won't will you type of way. It's aimed at that market right? Instru-Mental- I don't know what's been going on with this guy. Having six albums on six different labels can't be a good sign. You want people to look forward to your music? Make them miss you. Full-on to the bone at least it's well produced full-on. It's an epic trance type of track that has a nice break and a piano. Slight buildups and twisting of the pitch, but not as horrible as it could've been. Out of Phase Remix- I really liked his Fluorogenic EP from 2009 but this is before that. There are loads of effects that add to the atmosphere but that doesn't make it any less full-oney. Well, let me...yeah I guess I could dance to this... That's not awkward, is it? I like the leads and it's constant change of direction. This guy's got talent. Revolution- Always liked this project as they tend toward the twilight side and are great with putting all the pieces together. Acidic flashes and eerie melodies float over a machine gun bass line and I guess this was live because there's a bunch a people cheering. Sounds full to these ears, but 3 separate times with the cheering crowd? It's ok, but with a track named revolution it should sound, I dunno...revolutionary? Ok, ok...that's all I can take. I guess when you compile something you can put as many of your tracks on it as you would like, right Chromatone? You know how you shouldn't judge a book by its cover? Sure he looks ridiculous and while you might think that this lion looks gay with his perm, he can still eat you. Well it's ok in this situation. This is an example of one of the many compilations that have gotten lost in the tidal wave of full-on. It's not terrible and it's not great. It just is. And Electypnose, what the f*ck are you doing on this thing? Was rent due, needed some quick cash? The full-on bass line is well represented here and I like to think I'm more tolerant than most, I only lasted 4 tracks. Psyshop Beatspace Saikosounds Mdk
  18. Necromancy (/ˈnɛkrɵˌmænsi/) is a claimed form of magic involving communication with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge. The term may sometimes be used in a more general sense to refer to black magic or witchcraft. Hopefully some of my regular listeners will have noticed that I have been going back over some older mix ideas and improving them. I have done a death metal + psytrance mix in the past, but this time I added the extra depth and darkness that the previous mix was lacking. I love making these mixes, they are so much fun. Veil of Maya - Pillars [sumerian] Tim Shuldt - Pretty Poison [GTN] HiTech LoLife - God Bites Man [Digital Drugs Coalition] The Lysergic Orchestra - Pangalactic Gargleblaster [GDL] Talamasca vs Skazi - Imaginary Friend (Remix) [Mind Control] Astrix - On Fire [HOM-Mega] The Contortionist - Flourish [Good Fight] Between The Buried and Me - Selkies: The Endless Obsession [Victory] Dark Soho - Save Me God (Remix) [Alchemy] Xenomorph - Killer State [Psysolation] Infernal Droid - Let The Sin Begin [Karana] Far East Ghost - Rebellion [Triplag] Hefty Output - Smear Campaign [illuminati] Domateck - Beat The Beast [Magma] Ron G & Bagnats - Eat That [Psy-Core] Right-click, save-as to download: Ziptnf - Necromancy Tactics (91:56) 168MB ~256kbps
  19. Artist: Atomic Pulse Title: Anatomic Label: Planet B.E.N. Records Date: August, 2011 1. Solar Flare (Live mix) 2. 3rd Eye (Atomic Pulse rmx) - GMS & Space Tribe 3. New World Order III 4. AnaTomic 5. Spartan 6. Open Society (Atomic Pulse rmx) - Astral Projection 7. Eaven and Earth (Atomic Pulse rmx) - Ultravoice & Indra 8. AnaMorph 9. Unknown Strings 10. Existence If there was ever poster children for the full-on sound it would be this project. They were doing it before it was even labelled I think. This is Tamir Ozana & Yair Bar-On with their fifth album release. Their first album, The Safi Collection was one of my first introductions into this genre so I've kinda been keeping track of their evolution. Since then, they have appeared on so many compilations and worked with all the full-on labels. Well, now full-on is pretty much a dirty word but that's because so many artists just applied the cut and paste model and deleted all the creativity. So like VH-1, where are they now? Solar Flare (Live Mix)- This was a good full-on track with power and some pretty thick leads. With the vocoded sample it gives it a space appeal. 3rd Eye (Atomic Pulse Remix)- "Mental abilities would multiply a hundredfold. That our consciousness would be expanded to the ultimate." So I went back and listened to the original from the Space Tribe album Collaborations and, uh...yeah it doesn't really hold up well. The wavering synth is memorable, but that's because back in its day this sound was probably cutting edge and you can identify with it. Like the time you finally got to be with you're soulmate "If this is wrong...I don't wanna be right." But I haven't seen a lack of balls this evident since they neutered my dog. No power or originality whatsoever, just another track to throw on the generic crapheap. New World Order III- The first NWO was on their 2nd album De-Toxicated. Then came the 2nd part on Multiverse. So here we are on part III and I'm not about to go and relive those rather unremarkable tracks so I'll just discuss this one. And it will be a short discussion because there ain't a lot here. Like frozen pizza that I get from Wal-Mart where's the f*cking meat? No layers or new leads, just the same limp dick effort that I've heard on previous albums from this project. AnaTomic- Better. Here you have uplifting melodies and expansive breaks. Yeah it's cheese, but it's well done cheese. I would say this is more epic trance that Van Dyk would spin rather than psytrance, but it's not unpleasant to listen to. Spartan- The lead is twisted and filtered as it searches and smoothly transitions into a new sound. See this is good full-on stuff. The break has soft pads and a new synth germinates out of this rich medium. It undergoes a for lack of a better word a "heavenly" transformation with a choir sound and it really is pretty good. Hell, you win points from me by not going the easy route and stuffing samples from the movie 300 in there. Open Society (Atomic Pulse Remix)- "We must after all is said and done preserve the liberties that we are fighting for." Ah a remix of an Astral Projection track probably from an album that we shall never see. This was also on the Blissdom EP released back in 2010 and it's another good one. Plenty of layers and that main melody sounds like vintage Astral. It's pumping and I always thought the sign of a good track is that you are into it and before you know it, it's over. Good sounds and good structure. Yeah, I know it was made almost 2 years ago and it's not a new track, but look at 'em...the kids love it. Eaven and Earth- "In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth." First I'll say I like the break with it's skipping effect. But Alien Project did this type of stuff almost a decade ago. The leads are nice, but I feel like I just jumped back in a time machine. "Is that the new PS3 with retro stylings?" AnaMorph- *sigh* Unknown Strings- You know those who don't learn from history are destined to repeat it. Hitler was a brutal dictator filled with hate who killed millions of Jews. Atomic Pulse did not study history. Therefore...Atomic Pulse is responsible for the slaughter of millions of Jews. "Sometimes...I get a feelin. I get a feelin that I never never never never had before!" Existence- To finish this underwhelming exercise is a lower tempo track that contains more of the same cheesy simple melodies that true psyheads will scoff at. Sure it's pretty but so's this guy. Doesn't mean I want to spend time with him. Besides, he's got his shoes on the wrong foot. Unless they pull an Osher or a Talpa and go in a direction 180 degrees from where they are currently located, I think it's time to put this project to bed. How many times can you create the same generic paint by numbers full on and expect to come up with a different outcome. That's the definition of crazy. Surprise surprise, it's more run of the mill full-on stuff that would've sounded great 10 years ago. Times have changed, we have the internet and 16 year old kids are downloading pirated copies of Cubase and smoking the sh*t you just made. When you put 10 tracks on an album it just makes it easier for me to come of with a percentage of disappointment. So if we discount a track that we already heard, by my count I am...let's see carry the one, divide by 2....yep, 80% sure that I have no room on my hard drive for this. Psyshop GoaStore Mdk
  20. The release is dedicated to all life on our BEAUTIFULL planet! Such a home! 1 Psypheric - No Return - 138 2 Namarrkon - Dark shogun - 144 3 Computer Addict - Disapereance revision - 145 4 210mHz - OutOfHere - 145 5 Aurabyss - Illegal medicine - 148 6 Neon - Party rulez - 145 7 Occy - Suggestive - 144 8 Magic Forest - Chaotic connect - 148 9 Overdream - Multiple realities - 148 10 Psychoacoustic Vision - Reign of faith - 136 Download Links: WAV: http://uploading.com...9-2011_wav.zip/ MP3: http://uploading.com...%2529-2011.zip/
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