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Found 82 results

  1. BSKRZ018 Style : Darkpsy Release : 2013-02-09 - EmireJ - Psychiatric Disorder https://soundcloud.com/bskrz/bskrz018-emirej-psychiatric - EmireJ - White Snow & The 7 Keyshttps://soundcloud.com/bskrz/bskrz018-emirej-white-snow-the Infos : http://facebook.com/bskrz http://soundcloud.com/bskrz
  2. Free Download >> https://soundcloud.com/lostandfound/new-old-unreleased Here's a mix I did with a unreleased L&F track, unreleased edits of L&F tracks, alongside some of my all time favourite tracks from artists like Wizzy Noise, Absolum, Koxbox, Synthetic, Shift, Insomnia and Hallucinogen ,,,,,, Enjoy and please share
  3. LAND SWITCHER ~ Tribe Scenario EP [Free-Spirit Records] https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-ash4/276738_405775456171786_1026656047_n.jpg Track Listing: 1] Tribe Scenario 2] Weird Conception 3] Horizon Hope 4] All Those Things Skyward Listen to samples: https://soundcloud.com/landswitcher/land-switcher-tribe-scenario Released Exclusively on Beatport from the 29/01/2013 General Release 12/02/2013 Genre: Down Tempo / Chill Out Cat No: FRS0039EP Worldwide distribution by INgrooves, San Franciso, CA Tel: +1 415 489 7000 http://www.INgrooves.com/ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ LAND SWITCHER ~ Tribe Scenario EP [Free-Spirit Records] Down-tempo does not have to equate to diminished energy, in fact it can cause a roaring of the spirit matching anything that pounds away at 140bpm. Suitable surrounds and subtle sounds are as equally uplifting by reaching for rhythms that are in tune with the most peaceful elements of the soul. Psy-ambient duo Land Switcher are substantial examples of this finest of artistic abilities by taking listeners/participants on a round tour of the expanses of the cosmos of human experience in their newly released EP, Tribe Scenario. As individuals Freddy Chauvin (Producer, DJ) and Antoine Martineau (Drummer, Percussionist) are proven talented musicians with formative dub roots but in co-joining in 2010 they have taken on new capabilities as the collaborative components of Land Switcher. With joyfully received live show taking them across the continents and an ever-expanding back-catalogue they are now beginning to mine the full potential of their greater whole. Tribe Scenario is four tracks of intelligent blissfulness with raw percussions and far reaching psy-sensibilities engendering the audience with the possibilities of expanded consciousness. Tribal elements pervading but such is their underplayed interweaving the perception of we are one as universal beings, with origins from beyond the horizon, is the only discernible emphasis. Tribe Scenario will be available soon from Free-Spirit Records - those metaphorical dream-catchers of psychedelic sounds who are converting dreams into liveable realities. P.R> by DMG ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ :: Land Switcher Bio :: Land Switcher is a music project which was formed in 2010 created by two musicians and longtime friends. Freddy Chauvin (Producer, DJ) and Antoine Martineau (Drummer, Percussionist), both enthusiastic and passionate about electronic music, shared their first experience 5 years ago with a Dub band in France. After many trance parties and festivals around the globe they fell in love with the psychedelic culture and music. This new experience brings them now together again and generates a powerful sound, digital and organic. A cosmic journey through colors, grooves and intriguing atmospheres ... Land Switcher joined Free-Spirit Records in July 2012 Land Switcher is a part of Ajnavision Booking Agency ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ :: Booking Opportunities :: We are always looking for quality promoters and production crews worldwide to host Free Spirit CD Release Parties and also Free Spirit Records Label parties. If you are interested, please contact bridget@free-spiritrecords.com at Free Spirit to discuss what’s on offer. http://www.free-spiritrecords.com info@free-spiritrecords.com
  4. http://www.ektoplazm...i#comment-40801 01 - Yeheuan Filters (73 BPM) 02 - Ridden By The Loa (66 BPM) 03 - The Construct Oxylerator III (136 BPM) 04 - Modus Operandi (140 BPM) 05 - Mindsweeper (142 BPM) 06 - Wintermute (140 BPM) 07 - Business End (134 BPM) 08 - Made Up Mind (130 BPM) 09 - MetaMusic (Reified Mix) (132 BPM) 10 - Simstim (65 BPM) 11 - Enlightenment Cut (60 BPM) 12 - ConunDrum (110 BPM) Ektoplazm is proud to present Modus Operandi, the long-awaited debut album by Danish producer Amygdala (Andreas Riemer Christensen). Returning to the futuristic sonic dystopia of The Sprawl (2009), Amygdala brings us further into his musical vision of the classic cyberpunk aesthetic defined in William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Blending old school Goa trance with contemporary electronic music influences, Amygdala conjures a unique cinematic style designed to mentally transport the listener to an imaginary high-tech cityscape populated by cyborg mercenaries, corporate spies, and artificial intelligences. Mastered by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, U.K., with photography and design by Alexander Synaptic. Guys! Amygdala with mastering by colin oood??? Album of the year at the very last day of 2012? Quite possibly! I don't know if you remember but his earlier tracks on various compilations, including the psynews contest one, were absolutely fantastic!
  5. Liquidseed recordings is coming again with another free,underground,top quality release . Meatsauce - Turtles 20 minutes of liquid ,deep ,dark crystal clear psyform Drum n Bass . Dimitris aka "Meatsauce" Perontsis was born in Thessaloniki in 1987, he is a sound engineer graduate while he is DJing in various bars and DIY raves along with his sound system - party team named "ΖΩΑ". He started producing drum and bass in 2009 and after a lot of experiments his first release comes with the Liquid Seed Recordings. Using hip hop sampling techniques, recording real instruments and messing around with LFOs and generators, his music is a deep dark liquid seed that wishes to drop upon all heads in and out of the dance floor. liquidseed.net/releases/lsd007-meatsauce-turtles facebook.com/Liquidseed facebook.com/zwarecords soundcloud.com/meatsaucezwa
  6. Artist: Various Title: Dimensional Gateway III Label: Neogoa Date: December, 2012 1. PharaOm - Space Outpost Titan V [142 BPM] (07:40) 2. Trinodia - 7th Ace [139 BPM] (09:02) 3. Screw Loose - So Much To See [145 BPM] (08:10) 4. Astrancer - Fenomena [146 BPM] (09:41) 5. Decadent Sympozium - Lux Invictus [144 BPM] (08:20) 6. Nova Fractal - Redemption [146 BPM] (10:08) 7. Lunar Dawn - Future Of Mankind (Waiting The Dark Years) [147 BPM] (09:22) 8. BlackStarrFinale - Sagittarius A* [145 BPM] (10:59) 9. Menkalian & GoaHuman - Spirit Of Life [120 BPM] (06:34) Creator of the Neogoa label (and now Graviton Records head) Ivan Richpa presents the third installment of the phenomenally successful Dimensional Gateway series. Not only did he compile all the tracks (which I can only assume meant going door to door with the requisite begging and threatening) but he's also responsible for the impressive artwork. A gateway should be ornate, impressive...making you feel like you are about to enter something substantial. To what dimension does this lead? Richard Gere's hamster could not be reached for comment. Gateway drug? I don't think so...unless it's a gateway to laughter and a bag of Doritos. 2. 2 bags of Doritos. And some funions. Crackers. Ritz crackers with some cream cheese. And do you still have those pork rinds? "I tell you B...why doesn't he get some help? Why? I'm tired of tip-toeing around this, he has to know he sounds like this. It's been over 70 years and I still can't understand a f*cking thing Donald says!" So here we go on the journey through the 3rd and presumably final gateway with the usual cast of characters as well as a couple of fresh faces. Space Outpost Titan V- I don't like it. I'm sorry I don't. Oswald Pfeiffer recently released his debut Tesseract (for free) and I found it to be a great album, but this sounds nothing like it. The problem I have with it is that it relies too heavily on samples. In fact it sounds as if the track was built around them instead of using them as an enhancement. It also doesn't help that the samples themselves are quite cheesy. But one thing I did like was that he experimented with a different style. While I might not like it, I definitely respect it. 7th Ace- Daniel Eldström is no stranger to the scene having released Human History (also for free) and Stargazing on Ovnimoon Records. This one is a combination of spiritual goa meets outer space goa. Twirling melodies as you would expect, but when that 303 growls to the surface I take notice like teenager at a Hooters. You can tell he is a storyteller as his break is vast and the launching pad for more snakey leads and a nice full climax. And I think that a nice full climax is something we can all agree on. So Much Too See- "This is one corner...of one country on one continent on one planet that's a corner of a galaxy that is a corner of a universe that is forever growing, shrinking, creating, destroying, never remaining the same for a single milisecond and there is so much, so much to see." Yeah...take it all in. So. Much. To. See. Proof that the Balkans not only dominate progressive trance they have goa trance square in their sights and Sasa Dukic lays a rumbly goa smack down on you. That 303 bounces like it's dancing on a hot stove and did you check the way he slid that sample in there without giving you a chance to catch your breath? It catches you up without strangling you with melody, but you don't have to ponder whether it's goa as he layers nicely. Great track. Fenomena- Like a lot of you Bruno first came to my attention with the Dzog Chen track on the Pyramidal Trancendence comp back in 2006 and it's been high expectations ever since. I mean how do you top that? Well he didn't do it here, but he nonetheless made a ok track. It has power, but not much evolution. Even with that shortcoming it still sounded full and very spacey to my ears. Lux Invictus- Here is the first of the fresh faces with a very shiny and shimmery lead melody line. It's another track that smacks you right in the beginning without many twists and turns, but it's still good. Methinks Ivan may have stumbled upon a gem here. It will be interesting to hear more stuff from this project. Redemption- we all have all done things that we weren't proud of or maybe wish we could've done better. "Ok, so you missed the question on the contents of a twinkie, I dunno I thought you were gonna nail that one, but, but let's move forward. All you gotta do is get clear of this last test and we win the million dollars. You can do it, redeem yourself. That's it, wait for it wait for it...Oh c'mon!! Damnit, you had this!" More Croatian dominance as Renato Brnić delivers another long goa tale. The beginning and break resembles Filteria's Filtertraces and he has a great Shawshank sample with Morgan Freeman speaking about...you guessed it redemption. That guy's voice is legendary. I'd be riveted listening to him read the terms of my mortgage. Besides Morgan's awesomeness it's a goa track that doesn't sound like a goa track. Sure the elements are there, but none of the cliche stuff that some are sick of hearing. Great track. Future Of Mankind (Waiting The Dark Years)- Lunar Dawn owns the Chuck Norris of tracks on this compilation. Overtly aggressive with searing leads and 1970's power. I really don't know what that last part means. "B*tch, don't touch Chuck Norris's steering wheel!" With a nice calm before the storm intro you can tell right away this isn't your daddy's buddhist monk goa trance. He layers sounds like my kid stacks leggos. Which reminds me: When Chuck Norris steps on leggos, leggos cry. The pace is brisk with only short breaks and it travels like a tsunami adding to it's destruction total. One if my favorites surely! Sagittarius A- Luis Pabon seems to believe that you have nothing better to do with your time because he offers an 11 minute track. AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO IT! It's got lasers in it. You like lasers. And that lead that sounds like the one in Blade when they walked into the "club" and the showers came on. Only it wasn't water. Oh no it was blood. That's how you do a vampire movie Twilight b*tches. Powerrrrrr. Sorry about that I was leaning on the r. Spirit of Life- And to close things out we get some fresh blood here with a downtempo-ish type track. I like that it's not a true downtempo track. After the previous tracks that would be like going through the windshield at 65 miles an hour. I think that's like 476 kilometers for the Euros. But you might want to check my math. The sound of this one is more melancholy and Lord of the Rings than Event Horizon if you get my meaning. Still nicely drifting and a great way to close it out. So there you have it. Ivan has done it again with the 3 volume of this series. Plenty of goa with a heavy dose of psychedelia to see you through. As with the previous albums this one is also free and I think will be available December 1st. Congratulations to him and all the artists that continue to make this series something to look forward to. Coming Very. Very. Very. Soon. Mdk
  7. Artist: V/A Album: Transmutation Label: Biomechanix records Released on: 29 Sep 2012 Directed by: Cyberpunk Label: Biomechanix Records 1. KanibaL HolokausT - District Nine 2. Paul Karma Vs Satyrus - Crimes In Space 3. Krono Psy Vs Spunke - Noise Corruption 4. Twisted Kala - Mind Process 5. Chemical Spoon - Tanzmit 6. Psy4tecks - Seeds 7. Micozatka - Nuclear Detonation 8. Speed Demon - Wake Up Motherfucker (Remix) 9. Hanuman - Madness In The Gland 10.aGh0Ri TanTriK - Connecting Ancient Tribes Release notes: The ancient metaphysical science/mystical art of manipulating and altering matter by using natural energy guided or supported by a language that seems abstract, absurd, incomprehensible, but actually is esoteric and mystical, saturated codes, symbols, references that confuse.. It’s principle: the equivalent exchange of the flow and balance of energy, "in order to obtain or create something, something of equal value must be lost or destroyed." This act is known as "Transmutation" and its sequence is described as: Understanding, Destruction and Reconstruction. That of before from the alchemy point of view, that is not far from being truly the right way with the "Mental Transmutation:;, which is what the ancients called magic. The word transmute means changing the nature or shape to become another. Thus it is understood that Mental Transmutation is a technique that allows us to change the states and other mental conditions, if we change life itself and all that to which we are submitted leading us to success. The energy responds to the intention, we can transmute energy into something specific that we desire to obtain or release. Transmutation is about recognizing that everything comes from and belongs to the same source, obtaining that knowledge we can redirect our power as creators, using the intention to modify the energy either to manifest itself, cure or for some other purpose. "The mind-as well as metals and elements, can be transmuted from state to state, from grade to grade, from condition to condition, from pole to pole; vibration to vibration. True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art." The Kybalion Download: MP3: http://depositfiles.com/files/s17wgyv9t WAV: http://depositfiles.com/files/wh05qwnb5
  8. Hy! Today is my birthday and I like to share with you this remix that I made a few months ago: preview and mp3 download: http://soundcloud.co...a-new-hope-nova wav: http://www.mediafire...cmtdetwcaxtmtg1 my gift to you all! Peace!
  9. 1. Sephira - Serenity 2. Organismic - Unexpected Sky 3. H-Sunrise - Enhanced Reality 4. Psyfi - Pukka 5. Sturdy Pete - Empty Heads 6. Ben Atomgrinder - Shirtless Bastard 7. Omega Flight - Legion 8. Nanook - As One 9. OwBo - Highlight The Dark 10. Electrypnose - Sunny Heart (Far Mozaic Remix) The second full length release from Distant Tremor Records is compiled by Foreverblind and combines a cocktail of psychedelic sounds through a range of styles including, psytrance, psychill, psystep and progressive psytrance. Credits: released 20 June 2012 Artwork by Ayalien ayalien.deviantart.com Mastered by Colin Bennun at the stooodio, Bristol UK http://distanttremor...um/v-a-uprising
  10. 1. Parental Guidance 09:44 2. Droppin' Dreams 09:13 3. Digital Victory 08:15 4. Superzero 09:39 5. Forty-Six Savigers 08:00 6. Smoka-Cola 07:56 7. Wrong Way, Go Back 08:29 8. Santa Gets Blind 08:06 Psygressive Grooves from Australian Duo Logman n Pstump! Download: http://depositfiles.com/files/ns5a8gxc1
  11. AVAILABLE NOW!!!! V/A Cinder Vomit Benefit Compilation Akashik Record is excited to Present you V/A CInder Vomit - Benefit Compilation compiled by Egnogra, 33 mantras of the World's best Psychedelic Producer uniting for ONE cause to HELP our family friend David Cinder Vomit, David was diagnosed with a Diverticulotis that ruptured his intestines causing poison and bacteria to spread trough his GI system and almost killing him in the process, surgeons removed 14 inches of his intestines. This has brought a tremendous life-lesson to Cinder and his beautiful family, and the best we could do as a community is to "Pray" for his immediate benefit and making a reasonable donation to his PayPal cindablock@gmail.com this donation will go straight to alleviate his financial hardships and recover in less stressful ways.. We hope this small contribution will help turn the page into a brighter new future for our incredible friend DAVID!! David WE LOVE YOU!!! - The WORLD - DANCE and HEAL this WORLD ONE BEAT AT A TIME!!!!! Ascending Vibration Towards the Omega Point Akashik Record Team Procyon Systems, Inc DOWNLOAD LINK # 1 1.- Silent Horror side project Shunya - Parvati 24 2.- Ocelot - WoolyMammoth 3.- Arabali - Ask Yo Mama 4.- Mind Distortion System - Annunaki (RMX) 5.- Ghreg on Earth - Mycoplasmic Nuero Interface 6.- Rawar - The true Meaning of ... 7.- Muladhara & Uruculator - Tarja Preta 8.- Mettanoia - The brotherhood of time 09.- Sectio Aurea - Oh phuk! No way! 10.- C.O.A.T.T.T.T.A.T.T.B.S. - You're A Freak 11.- SooSpicey - Pissed on and Pissed Off DOWNLOAD LINK # 2 12.- MARTYRS-Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet 13.- Coattttattbs - Ashes 14.- SANATHANA - THE UNCONSCIOUS 15.- Mergel- Up in Smoke Party in The Car 16.- Mentaloop - A Hole in The Wall (Extraterrestrial rmx) 17.- Psicodelicat & Antagon - Earth moving Machines 18.- Fatal Discord - Another Sky 19.- PARANDROID - Ausgang 20.- Krono Psy - Pull The Moon 21.- Cosmogonia - The Love Tribe 22.- Nap - The Agony Of Our Decency 23.- Cosmogonia - Jesse Swing DOWNLOAD LINK # 3 24.- Secret Society - Stormon Mormon 25.- Kasatka - Anima Mia 26.- Black Out - Space Cat 27.- Master Pain - Wirikuta 28.- Zamurah - Chupacabras 29.- Maer - Change Da Orbis 30.- CinderVOMIT - Lysergic 31.- Strydr Zuvuya Pro - Fast Mo'Fvcka 32.- luuli - This is How Medicine works 33.- Infect Insect - Scolopendra
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szn78M4vanI&feature=g-u-u Availbale on July 14th on EKTOPLAZM! Preview here: http://soundcloud.co...verse-neogoa-in
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPdVZd_8rcc&feature=relmfu Availbale on July 14th on EKTOPLAZM! Preview here: http://soundcloud.co...hotonica-neogoa
  14. Artist: Apatheya Title: At Full Goa Force - Chapter One EP Label: ACP Records Date: June, 2012 1. Getafish 2. The Toppest Another EP release from Filipe's digital label has found it's way into my hard drive and I shall make no apologies for it. This was mixed and produced by Simon Palmieri who is no doubt suckling at the teat of this goa master. I'm sure everyone will be pleased with that image. Too late, can't unthink it. So having listened to these two tracks 10 times in a row I come to the conclusion that they are beholden to the old school sound. As usual they sound great with racing melodies with which you will find yourself entangled. You're not overloaded with sounds, but the ones that are there feel nice and warm. My favorite is The Toppest which sounds just like MFG would with layers and spiraling melodies that have no expiration date. Can't ever have too much goa so great job Simon and Filipe. Highly recommended. ACP Records Mdk
  15. Fun times in 2010, a bottle of cold beer, VirtualDJ, good ol' auto-sync, few tracks that I dig big time and disfunctional head-phones. Hope you boys and girls like the retro psytrance stuff! LISTEN / DOWNLOAD: http://soundcloud.co...ichpa-baustelle Tracklist: 001: ETNICA - Andromeda [spirit Zone - 2000.] 002: WIZZY NOISE - Infernal Pod [Zillion Mental Anarchie - 2000.] 003: PARASENSE - Meteor Shield [Acidance - 2003.] 004: LOGIC BOMB - Glitter [TIP World - 2001.] 005: SLINKY WIZARD - Fridgeful Of Mutants (Rmx) [Flying Rhino - 1998.] 006: S.U.N. PROJECT - Frisco Machines (Spirallianz Rmx) [spirit Zone - 2001.] 007: PSYSEX - Dominatrix [ballonia - 2001.]
  16. Artist: Various Title: Forest Beings Label: Biijah Records Date: July 2011 01 - LiquidNoize - Digital Syllable (155 BPM) 02 - DoHm - Pinkles (155 BPM) 03 - Eitonin - On The Road (150 BPM) 04 - Hallucinated Hologram - Tornado (152 BPM) 05 - Butterfly Effect - White Rabbit (148 BPM) 06 - P.Tale - Small Brain Big Skull (148 BPM) 07 - Therange Freak - The Reaper (152 BPM) 08 - Cacofonix - Whirl (150 BPM) 09 - Goch - Cooking (148 BPM) 10 - Sanathana - Exorcism In Zulu Land (148 BPM) So here I am again visiting Ekto with another free forest compilation. Sometimes you just want it dark. I like my movies dark. I like my women dark. This seems like a good fit. A few names jump out at me, but most are unknown. With the bpms not dipping below 148 I need to ditch the lounge chair and head into the forest to give this a listen. Wait...I can't do that. Nobody's here to watch my kids. Sounds like I need to head to the one place I can get some "me" time The toilet. Ah yes...that seems appropriate. Don't know if I can put in over an hour on the sh*tter, but damnit I have to try. The trolls would want me to. Digital Syllable- Holy sh*t the dark rumble from the underworld has found it's way to my bathroom. The kick moves at a frenzied pace and wailing pads rise from the fire. The tribal drums don't seem to fit, but that's a minor quibble. This is an intro track that welcomes you to the forest from which there is no escape. Hey Satan, wanna hit the fan? I'm doin' some work here. Pinkles- I think DoHm is one of my favorite forest producers. His style is of course intense, but also graphically descriptive with (gasp) melodies at times. This is a screeching voyage down the throat of troll with some eerie effects, but alas I don't think it's his best work. It moves straight ahead with blinders on without any of the twists and turns of some of his other tracks. The best part was the pads at the end and wish he could've found a way to incorporate that during the rest of the track. Ok, but he's done better. On the Road- Boom goes the kick and bass to thunderous effect. Bubbling and scratchy leads lead the way as the changes begin to take place. Crazy bass line manipulation and rapid fire kicks add to the appeal. Throw the cool oscillating break in there and we have ourselves a winner. Tornado- "There is no such thing as death. Life is only a dream, an imagination of ourselves." Hard bass lines and squeaky effects make this track feel like it's bursting to contain itself. Ripping leads with razor sharp edges threaten to disembowel as this is the darkest one yet. But it's not mindless. It undergoes changes and maintains it's spooky vibe without descending into noise. White Rabbit- A forest track with a Dr. Dre snippet? get the f*ck outta here. Effects wipe across the screen like blood splatter as the chunky bass line chews away at the ledge you're standing on. Am I hallucinating or is that demon fiddling with the radio? Please....anything but that...I can't take Call Me Maybe any more! This is just pounding away at my neurons and making me want to cut myself. I think I'm turning all goth on you. Small Brain, Big Skull- "Congratulations son...you've got a very small brain." My favorite track here. At least the most accessible for those not into worshiping the dark arts. Squirty synths fart over the machine gun bass line as the layers create a good atmosphere. There is a funky section in the middle that makes me think KC and the Sunshine Band had a hand in this. Not bad at all. The Reaper- I didn't think it could get darker, but with a title like the Reaper, it shows you what I know. It's like I'm witness to some tribal ritual while on mescaline. Deep bass and scary effects show you how hopeless your situation is. I think my review could've been that last sentence. Maybe it should've been. "Twinkle Twinkle little star..." Whirl- This one is like a showcase of all the creatures that are running around the forest at night. Maybe you even approach one thinking he's kinda cute. He wouldn't harm a fly. But then you realize you've been led into a trap and that little bastard is smirking cause you know you done f*cked up. You know this right? Cooking- Love the bass in this one. It's searching for victims like a psycho vaccuum cleaner. This is the nightmare scenario where you are the one cooking my friend. Is it getting a little hot in here to you? Exorcism in Zulu Land- Hands up if you think we're gonna end on a happy note? Anyone? And just to make sure you don't get any bright ideas about getting away, they put the longest track at the end. But it was really well done. African chants, a break to build up tension, and a boatload of effects. How US gymnasts train for a back handspring. Damn, this is dark. With zero hope of seeing any light. You know how the black guy is always the first to get killed in the movies? Well everyone gets killed in this movie. I don't care what color you are. Not my favorite forest comp for sure because you're dumped into the dark pit without an hope of a lifeline. Even the jews had Schindler. Some of the tracks were decent, but I'm more of a visitor to the dark side not a permanent resident so this one's not for me. Ektoplazm Mdk
  17. FREE TRACK DOWNLOAD IN WAV. Pulsar vs Thaihanu - Baktun (Original Mix).wav http://www55.zippyshare.com/v/1946878/file.html
  18. V/A - Mechanical Master-Piece *Compiled By: PsychOrale & PsYness* Mastered By: Cosmic Iron Artwork By: Nap 1. YAOTZIN TECH - REACTOR [160] 2. BENG - FORT [170] 3. SICK NOISE - TANDARA MANDARA [170] 4. MR. HADES - ACID MANIAC (STITCH RMX) [170] 5. CRAZY MACHINE vs DROW - THE TRIP MADNESS [175] 6. LYZERGIK BRAIN - WHEN I SAY LOVE [175] 7. MINAGORIS - MADRE AYAHUASCA [173] 8. HOMELESS TOAST COLLECTIVE - GEORGE [170] 9. SOOSPICEY - RERUN [180] 10. DARK LAYNUZ vs TOXINEXIA - CURABYE [185] Download: WAV: http://depositfiles.com/files/6e32z7bee MP3: http://depositfiles.com/files/jp1ylpjlq
  19. Liquidseed netlabel is happy to release Alpha Digital - System Pussy this Ep is the first part of Alpha digital's story ,expresses his psychedelic trance side ...bright ,wild , old school and at the end ampient . Listen preview : http://soundcloud.com/liquidseeds/lsd003-alpha-digital-system Download : http://liquidseed.net/ Alpha Digital myspace : www.myspace.com/thedigitalanarchy Liquidseed Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/Liquidseed
  20. 1. Kala - Perfect Creature 09:48 2. Kala - Synthetic 09:23 3. Kala - Space Flight 06:58 Sun Station Records proudly presents Kala (“time” in ancient Sanskrit), a psychedelic trance project founded by two soul-mates from Macedonia, Prodanov Zoran and Toromanoski Darko (DJ Darko). “Growing in the Galaxy” is their long-awaited second EP, it contains 3 powerful psytrance tracks that will take you on a breathtaking galactic ride! The EP is full of juicy old school sounds, dynamic basslines and cosmic energy, and any fans of the Macedonian psychedelic sound will enjoy it a lot. Stay tuned for more sounds from this promising eastern European project! Download: FLAC: http://depositfiles.com/files/pyk6cujcn MP3: http://depositfiles.com/files/vv5qaf2k3 Artist: http://sunstation.ru/artists/kala
  21. Circle is the last work of Cristian Soriano, more than 100 hours of work in the studio for just a couple circles as result. It is awesome that this time Kriscore change the geometric structure of his art-sound. You could listen both tunes below. You could support Nomad wave buying our music. Nomad wave is net label also, so you should visit our soundcloud and download the tunes that you want !! Cristian Soriano - Circle Regards, San Isidro
  22. Artist: Maharishi Title: Sense of a Feather Label: Ouim.net & Space Baby Records Date: December, 2011 01 - Bhuvana (Intro) (105 BPM) 02 - Shadowland (feat. Extatic) (80 BPM) 03 - Liquid Trip (105 BPM) 04 - Satori (Punarjanma) (115 BPM) 05 - Maharani Deva (90 BPM) 06 - Angelic Tears (96 BPM) 07 - Call Of The Ancients (95 BPM) 08 - Satori II (Gourishankar) (110 BPM) 09 - Balance On The Edge (The Eagle Feather) (98 BPM) 10 - Satori III (Anapurna - Nirvana) (96 BPM) I don't think this is the guy. I mean it could be, but he seems more the type to be confused by the intricacies of a push button phone than mastering his pirated copy of Cubase. Remember the boy maharishi in Indiana Jones Temple of Doom? Don't think it was him either. Digging into this rusty filing cabinet that is my brain (give me a break, maid doesn't come till Tuesday...yeah you'll wanna not step in that) I can recall that littly guy was a mean SOB who came to a gruesome end. So...ghosts have trouble with software. Believe me I know, every spook from the Ghost Whisperer has been dropping demos on my desk. Do I look like Mars or Anoebis? No deal! Well, unless I can get a crack at 1990's JLH. Sure her football shaped pimento olive head couldn't seem to stay upright, but miracles were worked with that push up bra. Oooof! You know what? Scratch that. Any chick that has already purchased her own engagement ring is way more maintenence than I want to take on. Get with her and all of a sudden after sex it's 72 questions about what I'm thinking and why I can't understand her anger that I didn't remember our 2 and a half week anniversary. Newsflash honey, I was blinded by your sweater puppies and now if it's not too much to ask I'd like for you to turn into a pizza. Those five minutes of energy ain't gonna regenerate itself. What were we talking about? Oh, excuse me I do sometimes tend to ramble. This is Borislav Lazarov who was kind enough to give us this album for free. The tracks originate from 2005-2011, kinda like a compilation of his work. Bhuvana (Intro)- Birds, crickets, sloshing water...I feel like I'm in a psychiatrist's office and he's gonna ask me about my mother. Then the bass line rolls in and at first it doesn't seem to fit. After the beat kicks in with some soft melodies I'm thinking maybe this forest isn't all Disney, but maybe a little Sleepy Hollow. Not the gay one, the Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci "do you think me wicked" one. Shadowland- Webster knows the score! It's breakbeat goodness at a slow gangsta pace that lulls you right into your hypnotic cocoon. That ethnic guitar fits perfectly into the mix. Liquid Trip- Progressive leanings with a very long pad that pitches up and down. Nothing really happens and I think that's what drones you into a trip, but it's like when I would get high with my friends. Is everyone as f*cked up as me? This is how I'm supposed to feel...right? Why are you staring at me? "Dude, you are really f*cked up." Satori (Punarjanma)- Wailing sounds and skittering effects make it seem like you're walking down a dimly light corridor. It's got some percussion that's not too heavy, but full of motion. Very dreamlike with rapid fire guitar notes so I'm liking it, but I think it went on too long. 11 minutes. I coulda banged JLH twice in that amount of time. Maharani Deva- We are treated to more dark pads and a space vibe. Plodding along with peculiar percussion it's another track that lends itself to dreaming. Eerie for sure with the pianos playing against the liquid bass. Nice. Angelic Tears- See this is where he shines for me. A breakbeat with eerie melodies that wouldn't be out of place on a hip-hop album. It's dark and menacing and makes me want to do bad things to good people. Well, not me. But this guy... Call of the Ancients- That screechy lead took a filter bath at two and a half minutes and I...just...love it! You can't have a call to the ancients without a, you know...call. And there is one. I see a woman twirling (naked of course) in the center of the tribe like the film was sped up. Lightning quick synth riffs have me looking skyward and this is a race to the end. Not my favorite, but it definitely involves you. Satori II (Gourishankar)- Probably the most layered track here, it is full of dark melodies and futuristic effects. He uses that machine gun style again as the breakbeat bounces along. Very good track. Balance On the Edge (Eagle Feather)- Everything comes together on this one. Mid tempo rhythms and frantic synth races join a well placed sample to give it a spiritual feel. Also well layered thickening things up. Satori III (Anapurna - Nirvana)- With the final track at over 10 minutes, it could go either way. The beginning is a soft intro for about a minute or so, and then it gets hit with the funk stick for a dirty breakbeat. More layers and more melancholy, with piano slams like Depeche Mode. Super. The beat was so strong and the synths so involving I didn't even mind the long Indian sample. Very airy and floaty. I hope to hear more from this individual. He had some great breakbeats and synth work as his music leans towards the dark side. The fact that it's free is just icing on the cake. Ektoplazm Mdk
  23. GLOBULAR - A SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY [OMNI 008/GC-023] 01 - Feeding Back Forwards (79 BPM) 02 - A Singular Synergy (76 BPM) 03 - Subversion (80 BPM) 04 - This, Here, Now (99 BPM) 05 - The Loon (73 BPM) 06 - A Highly Sprung Spring (103 BPM) 07 - To The Other Side Of Fractal Phase Space (83 BPM) 08 - From Mind, There Spills Forth Light (70 BPM) Ektoplazm's downtempo imprint Omnitropic, in conjunction with Gliese 581C Records, is very proud to present A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, the momentous full-length debut of Globular (Morison Bennett), a visionary producer from Bristol, U.K. Drawing inspiration from the mind-bending sonic alchemy of Ott and Shpongle, Globular has emerged as one of the rising stars of psychedelic dub, an inimitably British fusion of brawny bass lines, dazzling melodies, intricate rhythmic programming, emotionally-charged vocals, and immersive, otherworldly atmospheres. This is an album that captures the essence of the perfect summer day while offering a rare glimpse of the ineffable, inviting you to “hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.” Through its ambitious, sprawling passages, A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy articulates a profound view of the universe’s tendency toward complexity, the twist of fate that gave rise to life and consciousness, and our morally ambiguous role in the mysterious and impenetrable cosmic drama unfolding all around us. Mastered by Colin Bennun at the Stooodio, Bristol, U.K., with artwork by Basilisk featuring Creative Commons-licensed photos by Luc Viator and public domain imagery from NASA. Download it for free in MP3, FLAC, or WAV format: http://www.ektoplazm...illing-prophecy
  24. Download this compilation FREE from Psynon Records ISOCHRONIC - Section 6 - EP 01. Crowbar (146 bpm) 02. Liquid Fire (148 bpm) 03. No Prisoners (148 bpm) Isochronic are Andreas Markitanis a.k.a Harmonic Rebel and Haris Demetriou a.k.a Nomad 25, both originally from Cyprus and currently living in London. Section 6 is the first Isochronic EP from Psynon Records and a taster of whats to come in the future. A selection of three pumping psytrance tunes with influences taken directly from the London underground. A reflection of their state of mind in the urban sprawl and a need to keep the blast alive.... Mastered by Centauro @ Alcatrance Studios with cover design by B Skylark
  25. Artist: Dionitrix Title: Well of Dreams Label: None Date: January, 2012 1. Vivid Dreams 2. Trip To Goa Trance 3. Reincarnation 4. Fall Silently Bonus Track - Enter The Sphere Hey David. David is this you? Yeeesh...you better f*cking clorox that tub when you're done you weirdo. On second thought, just get the f*ck outta here. I have no idea who this is, but whoever you are thank you for posting your music up here for free. Of course you realize that means that you are opening yourself up to criticism from no talent douchebags around the interwebz, right? Hope none of them come here. Far be it from me to sh*t on someone's hard work, but I'm also not that guy that will sugar coat anything and tell you it's gonna be all right. Not me. But let me get right to it. Vivid Dreams- This is a mish mosh of styles and directions. Dark creatures in the background, twinkling melody...Interesting to say the least. But it seems like you had a lot of things running around in your head and just decided to throw it all together. Like a casserole. Now normally I love me some casserole, but this needs some direction and polish. And some cheese, sprinkle some cheese on that mother f*cker. Trip To Goa Trance- Any melodies that you might hear are in the background and sound rather amateurish. Which is ok, because he is an amateur. I realize that everyone's idea of goa trance is different, but I'd like to think I can recognize it when I hear it. I uh, didn't hear any. Reincarnation- It's a techno punch in the face with that heavy kick as synths dance the dance. Thinner than loose leaf paper, but it's the most musical track yet. That's not that big of a compliment. Fall Silently- Ok, we've got some musicality and get this there is a female vocal. No info on whether she was sacrificed shortly thereafter however. The hi-hats are drawn out in a shuffle as a synth arpeggio runs. But there is the unmistakeable sound of white noise that overrides everything. Let's see where do I file this...where do I file this...ah! There it is... Terrible. Enter the Sphere- How is this a bonus? It's assault and distorted industrial mayhem with very dark tendencies. Sounds are twisted and manipulated in ways that God did not intend. I played this for Trent Reznor (NIN) and he said you have a lot of problems. But amidst the chaos there is some musicality. Not much, but some. It's evil and talks about killing. We're still making dance music right? I mean, this doesn't make me want to dance. Makes me want to take a wood sander to somebody's bare back. It is what it is. This is an amateur making an attempt with his first release. I hope you take my tongue in cheek review for the humor I'm attempting because I realize how hard it is to make quality music. Takes time and loads of practice. Your sound is all over the place and I'm guessing you are still discovering it yourself. Michaelangelo didn't just run into the church, jump on a scaffold and say, "Gimme a mother f*ckin' brush...I got this." Or maybe he did. I wasn't there. Check it out if you like Mdk
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