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Found 54 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Cosmik Chill Orange Label: Electrik Dream Records Date: June, 2007 1. Xerxes feat. Aleah - Inhale 2. Scann-Tec - Hope 3. Flooting Grooves - Immersion 4. Kliment - Fairdreamers 5. Moravec - Kiwimango 6. Aes Dana - Liquid Hertz 7. Chilled C'Quence & Taj Mahal - Power of Plants 8. Luna Spice - Schamanic (Long Version) "Most civilized people are out of touch with reality." I'll stop the world and melt with you... This is the middle child in the Cosmik Chill series, but you won't find any Jan Brady angst here. This is what all middle children should aspire to be. And it didn't even take a football to the nose. Like the sandman above the smooth downtempo sounds will melt you away. A good mixture of established artists and newcomers the layers are plenty where each track immerses the listener in an intense atmospheric cloud. The beats range from slow to breakbeat with dubby bass riding shotgun. There were quite a few of the midtempo tracks which I guess you could call progressive. Very good stuff! The last track is a long one and to be honest I could've done without it. Waaaay too much talking. Long version? That's an understatement.
  2. It's 20 years since the release of our spaced out trance/house single 'Nemesis', which led on to a series of albums and singles until 2001. This DVD is to mark the anniversary of that first record and comprises 2 hours of tripped out visuals set to 19 chilled out psychedelic tracks that cross-over from ambient into dub and laid-back trance. There's also a whole stack of special features including an interview with writer and director of the film, Luke Eastwood. More info at http://www.childrenofdub.com, it's also on Amazon from August.
  3. Suns Of Arqa All Is Not Lost, But Where Is It? Liquid Sound Design Tracklist: 1. Mother Tongue 2. Sadrayama 3. Erasmus Dub 4. The Fool Ascends 5. Discordant Dawn 6. The Truth Lies Therein 7. Pablo's Lament Suns of Arqa (Michael Wadada) have been around for a very, very long time. Since the 1970s, in fact, and the goal of the music is a fusion between world beat, dub, electronic and just about everything in between to create sounds that are trippy, cerebral and experimental. All Is Not Lost, But Where Is It? is an album title dripping with Shpongle-isms. It makes sense because in the tradition of Suns of Arqa hundreds of guest musicians have been invited in to take part in these weird compositions over the past decades. This time around the legend Raja Ram makes many a contribution (as does The Orb and Youth). The result of the album, from old-schoolers like Wadada and Raja and The Orb, is very much an old-school chill and dub album. Old-school in flavor, definitely, but also a trip back to the beginnings of electronic psychedelic music where the definition of the sound was not clearly defined, where deeply interesting albums such as this were the norm and experimenting to see where something new like goa and psytrance were going were readily accepted. Where is goa and psytrance going? No one knows so why not fuck with it and see where it all leads, the mindset back then seemed to be. All Is Not Lost, But Where Is It? is an album lost in time, perhaps. We know now where goa and psytrance have gone, we know now what they mean and how they are defined. In part, the album does not work because in the here and now it does not go far enough to lend any additional meanings to any established definitions. That's not to say this is a bad album. It is a good one, it is sometimes wildly intriguing and I'll be the first to say that my heart is warmed every single time I hear Raja Ram's flute come through the deep and hazy dub. Sometimes these compositions work and sometimes they just do not seem to go anywhere at all, like it's just a jam session between old friends who are still in the planning stages of what these tracks will eventually sound like. If All Is Not Lost, But Where Is It? were more cerebral, it would be a better album. But this may be twenty years beyond its time. It's a pleasant album, it's an interesting album but it is not a wildly fascinating album. The best track here is "Pablo's Lament," a fine encore, where the musicianship comes together in a celebration of sound. It is also a track where the experimentation on the rest of the album does not make an appearance. Suns of Arqa
  4. Artist: Globular Title: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Label: Gliese 518C & Omnitropic Date: March, 2012 1 - Feeding Back Forwards 2 - A Singular Synergy 3 - Subversion 4 - This, Here, Now 5 - The Loon 6 - A Highly Sprung Spring 7 - To The Other Side Of Fractal Phase Space 8 - From Mind, There Spills Forth Light Ektoplazm is a great resource for discovering new music. No matter what you're into (and I would keep what you're into locked away...you nasty). This is Morrison Bennett with his full length debut and it's a treat to be sure. Like Dub? Well come on over f*cknut! Like slow grooves? Don't just stand there with a confused look on your face! Real world instruments can be found here with ethnic (is that politically correct or did I just offend a hemisphere) melodies aplenty. It's like walking through a crowded Indian bazaar without the smell. Don't touch me. Funny that an Englishman can get what I perceive to be the Indian essence right. What's that? Oh, really...for that long. He loves long tracks and intros which is great because details are a strong point of this album. A Singular Synergy made me feel like I was amongst African tribesmen (f*ck did I get off on the wrong continent?) He also likes layers so there is plenty to pick through. Of course I prefer to listen to all my music with headphones sos I can isolate all the wonderful sounds, but also because I live in the South. Blast the foreign language chanting and singing at high volume and you run the risk of the redneck brigade stringing you up and complaining you're what's wrong with 'Merica. yes this happens. Subversion has a water theme and you might as well put a Jamaican with a bong right next to me. No f*cking way. Anoebis? What the hell are you doing at Paul Mitchell? Dubby reggae in style it's smooth and "Hey are you gonna pass that over or what you unemployed motherf*cker?!? Yeah, Irie, mon." How do you not bob your head to This, Here, Now? "Come let's mix where Rockefellers walk with sticks or umberellas in the mix"...surely this was his intention. The Loon is a series of jumbled sounds and voices thrown in a food chopper over a dubby beat, but still has that ethnic shine. It moves very slowly making it seem twice as long as it is. A Highly Sprung Spring is very psychedelic with more manipulation of Indian song. Like a third world auto tune. "Girls back in 45 minutes!" An Indian pimp? Score. I'll stop making fun of you when you stop gang raping women (pssst...no I won't) And the rest is more of the same. The drawback to having a series of long, lush tracks in the same style is that it can be laborious to get through the entire album. And it is. Maybe a series of EP's would've been better. Ironic since there is such a relaxed vibe throughout. Mostly. But it can be tough so I recommend carving out some time to give it the attention it deserves. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  5. Artist: Kamainanda Title: Ancestors & Guardians Label: Merkaba Music Date: January, 2013 01 - Alchemy Resonance (88 BPM) 02 - The Portal (107 BPM) 03 - Panther Dreams (100 BPM) 04 - Moonlight Tango (100 BPM) 05 - Liberation (97 BPM) 06 - Time Travellers (97 BPM) 07 - Liquid Sunrise (85 BPM) 08 - Sadhu (85 BPM) 09 - Optimal Trajectstasy (83 BPM) 10 - Guardians Of Virtue (78 BPM) 11 - The Great Alignment (0 BPM) "We release...and let go. And something seems to take place." California Love! This guy based on the left coast invites you to shake your groove thing with his 2013 effort that is a mix of hip-hop beats, downtempo glitch, and dub. It's head nodding fun that manages to be smooth as an afternoon at the beach with an infinite amount of twists and turns. Gangster...yet stoner. The beats take center stage, but the melodies are nothing to sleep on either on tracks like Moonlight Tango. He closes with an epic ambient journey in The Great Alignment; full of tribal sounds, long pads, mysterious vocals and real world instruments. The production is so superbly clear it feels like your own private concert. After listening to trance music so intently it's good to shift gears and get a little funky. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  6. please check out my mixes here,wide variety of styles from Forest Dark Psy to Psy Dub and Oldskool,feedback is very welcome! https://www.mixcloud.com/Psycadelic_Gypsy_Tribe/
  7. Artist: Radioactive Sandwich Title: B-Sides Vol. 1 Label: Self Released Date: March, 2012 1. Facebreaker 2. Falling Down 3. Make It Clap 4. Jabberwockey 5. Flying Guillotine 6. Resolution 7. The Wall 8. No Sound 9. Tundra 10. Sun In The Sea "I'm an American...you're a sick asshole!" Take that metric system! When I don't know what to write I go get a sandwich. My favorite is a radioactive one. These two are a better version of the Chemical Brothers. Big beats, moody vocals, and not afraid to use the latest trends in music. This is a collection of stuff they made before 2012 that never made it onto an album. Some of them sound like sketches and are pretty short. So what do you do with it? B-sides baby! You cannot pigeon hole these guys cause just when you're comfortable they turn the tables on you. It's electronic creativity at its finest that jumps genres and treats tempos as a suggestion. Check out this lyric: "You're f*cking ugly and I hate you. I wish you would just go and die...in a fire." Wedding vows...they ain't what they used to be. This was offered for whatever you thought it was worth awhile ago, but now that's over. They've given away a lot on Ektoplazm in the past so now it's time to throw a few scheckles their way. So for less than 4 bucks you can have some great stuff in your inbox. When you need to take a break from psytrance, but still want to keep it psychedelic check this out. B-sides...Maybe. If the b stands for bad-ass. Radioactive Sandwich Bandcamp Mdk
  8. VA Ethneomystica Vol. 2 compiled by Maiia released by Mystic Sound Records! Preview with tracks tags: https://soundcloud.com/mystic-sound-records/va-ethneomystica-vol-2-preview Available at the Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Bioscape – One With Nature 2. Yechidah – Winter Dub Shelter 3. Naturelement – Diviner’s Sage 4. Supersillyus – Touchy Subject 5. Narcose – They Always Come At Night 6. Wolfen Technologies feat. SuKhush – Deep Tone 7. Globular – Initial Conditions 8. Harmonic Frequency – Sun Makes Everything More Beautiful 9. Chronos – Leelah 10.Perpetual Loop – Too Long At The Sun Release info: Mystic Sound Records presents a new amazing PsyDub compilation, the second chapter of the long-awaited story – Ethneomystica, which is carefully selected by Maiia! Eleven talented producers from around the world have joined together to create incredible music for your pleasure. You can find a new musical vision of the Ethneomystica world from such well known masters of sound as Supersillyus, Globular, Yechidah, Chronos, Bioscape, Naturelement, Narcose, Wolfen Technologies, Harmonic Frequency, Perpetual Loop, and SuKhush. Ethneomystica gives a mind-blasting view on modern electronic music which totally is a fusion of styles combining breakbeat with psychedelic, dub and live instruments, glitch and fat basslines. This is must hear! Prepare yourself for a journey through the ethno mystical world full of enchanting melodies, groovy rhythms and deep bass. Comes with high quality analog mastering by Manifold Studio http://manifold-studio.com/eng/ and cover art by Art group Line https://www.facebook.com/groups/325430850881320 Beatport Juno Amazon Google Play iTunes
  9. With great pleasure I can announce the new album of SHAMANIZM PARALLELII (a Russian psychedelic rock, downtempo, and dub band founded by Pavel Yashan and Arkadii Tronets) on Neogoa. Exact release date alongside with tracklist will be posted very soon. The artwork and short audio preview can be found below. You can check out the full track and downloadit at Soundcloud page, link here. Their first appereance on Neogoa was full lenght album Psychedelic Dreams, which can be downloaded at Ektoplazm for FREE. *** Interested reviewers and radio hosts, feel free to contact me for the promotional package (including mastered WAV files alongside with high-resolution artwork and info) here on Psynews or via my email: iparic70@gmail.com
  10. Trance2MoveU

    "V/A - Siesta"

    Artist: Various Title: Siesta Label: Phonokol Date: October, 2002 1. Earthling - Chill or Be Chilled 2. Water Spirits - Jah Feedback 3. Earthling - Helix 4. Spacedrifters - Reverse (Vocal Version) 5. Orion Vs. Alien Project - Cryptic Aliens 6. Earthling - Kilamanjaro 7. Earthling Vs. Alien Project - Fantasy Island 8. Etnica - Trip Tonite (Playa Mix) 9. Alien Project Vs. Astrix - Crystal Skulls (Long Version) 10. Logic Bomb - Normalised I'm gonna go on record here and say this was one of the best things Ari Linker (Alien Project) was involved with. Smooth downtempo tracks with laid back grooves. Earthling or Alien Project are on most of the tracks which are full of deep bass. Some of the beats are grimy, but they all have a floaty feeling. The samples speak of alien landings and government coverups. Unlike other downtempo comps this one ends with two upbeat numbers heavy on the psychedelia. To be honest it's kind of dark with melodies that can make you think about past decisions. The only one I didn't care for was Kilimanjaro which broke the flow of the album. Otherwise this is really good stuff. Mdk
  11. New Numatica album 1 x 1 = 3 has been released. If you like psydub then I hope you will like this, incorporating a blend of electronic and acoustic sounds mixed with dub, psy, ambient and funky chill beats. Album blurb below, feel free to check out the links. Hope you enjoy! http://www.beatport.com/artist/numatica/128692 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/1x1-3/id841230529 http://tempestrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/1-x-1-3 https://soundcloud.com/numatica Numatica - 1 x 1= 3 1. Mogwai Attack 08:45 2. Stomping Rain 07:43 3. Nergiz Max 07:28 4. Chrysalis 04:24 5. Evolver Dub 06:30 6. Another Level Of Rahh 07:57 7. Spring Shift 07:58 8. Ones & Zeros - Elevator To Mars (Numatica Remix) 05:56 The brand new album from Numatica, "1 X 1 = 3" is a sonic equation for dubtastic delight. Making his debut on Cyan/ PsyHarmonics in 2009, more recent times have seen New Zealand born producer Andrew Hunt joint the Tempest Recordings crew, turning in a raft of remixes, and appearances on compilations and singles. "1 X 1 = 3" is his long awaited second album, has honed in the chill out spaces of the outdoor party scene in Australia and New Zealand. The title was inspired by a desire to make music somehow greater than the sum of its parts, and to form organic sounds from the inorganic. credits released 12 April 2014
  12. DOWNLOAD THE RELEASE HERE: http://mysticsound.bandcamp.com/album/ethneomystica-vol-1 Mystic Sound Records proudly presents the first chapter of the brand new series of compilations – Ethneomystica! Ethneomystica invites you to a wonderful journey through deep, groovy psydub and psybreaks, to melodic psychill from the masters of the genre - Chronos, Slackbaba, Globular, Vlastur& J.P. Illusion, ManMadeMan, Yggdrasil, Maiia, Mahaon, Naturelement and more. Each track is brilliant and the whole compilation is a real treasure that will definitely decorate your collection. Welcome to the world of Ethneomystica with its mystical psychedelic sounds embraced by traces of ethnic elements. Take a deep breath and dive into an unforgettable psychedelic experience! 01. Manmademan - Sub Aqua 02. Chronos - Swinging Satori 03. Naturelement - Black Hole To The Soul 04. Radioactive Sandwich - Damien el Racho 05. Globular - Infinity Inside 06. Slackbaba - The Wanderer 07. Yechidah - Shamanic Wisdom 08. Vlastur & JP.illusion - Faces Come Out Of The Rain 09. Mahaon - Pink Glasses 10. Yggdrasil - Riddlefish (Maiia 2014 Remix) Mastering: Manifold Studio manifold-studio.com/en/ Cover art: Art group Linewww.facebook.com/groups/325430850881320 Cover design: Ulsei mushrushu.deviantart.com CD preorder: mysticsound.bandcamp.com/album/ethneomystica-vol-1-cd-reservation
  13. Our lastest release is Waking from a chilled winter, we welcome spring with a sublime release from Dubsalon titled Softcore Dreams. Dubsalon is an Argentinian producer who has released with labels such as: Dubmission records, Loopmasters, Nutek Chill and many more. Softcore Dreams is a voyage into the abstract reality of ambient dub music. This chilled and emotional journey will take you far away into a psychedelic state of mind. YOU GOTTA LOVE IT! Buy it: http://eardreammusic.bandcamp.com/ Best regards Eardream Music http://eardreammusic.com/
  14. Shikoon EP (Self Released 2014) 1.Yeh Estekan Chaee 06:52 2.ElectroEthnica 08:18 3.Aiwa Alek 06:43 4.Ballaboochang 08:08 5.Abulele 06:53 Free Download (WAV,FLAC,MP3) on Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/yestegan-chay-shikoon Name your price (Donate) on Bandcamp: http://yesteganchay.bandcamp.com/album/shikoon "... Shikoon is about producing images in the mind that are far from identical. Rather than a pure psy dub piece of music Shikoon is challenging with numerous break downs, phrases, phat beats, skanking stabs and synth sounds that are beautifully arranged at almost every Middle Eastern turn of the sonic page." Mark Jickells - Turquoise Sound Company UK Credits: Written & Produced by Asaf Simchy Mastering by Dr. Cohen Artwork by funi http://funilab.com Logotype by Giulio Martinelli http://www.professionaldistortion.com Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/yesteganchay SoundCloud - http://soundcloud.com/yestegan-chay
  15. Artist: Unikorp Title: World Traveller EP Label: DVSM Records Date: October, 2013 1. World Traveller 2. Low Gardens 3. India 4. A New Journey 5. Far Sight Thank God I don't have to be subjected to music from this assclown. There is no amount of nut punching that would allow me to atone for being a fan of his. Think his mom would mind if we tried to shove him back up her uterus? She could keep the money, but I'd say we'd have to weld that portal closed in return. I'm so glad that I listen to this music. I'd sooner crawl across broken glass soaked in the AIDS virus than have to be subjected to the crap that seems popular these days. Yeah this music has been kind to me. Not just for the music but for the incredible people I've "met" around the globe. I'm pretty good at geography, but let's be honest since that ugliness in what was once Yugoslavia occurred, I couldn't find Serbia or Croatia on a map if you pointed to it. Nonetheless, I have met more than enough people from that region and they've all been fantastic. Alex Ortegren is another one of those kind souls. Otherwise known as Kiriyama he's from Sweden and everyone knows where that is (thank you Swedish Bikini Team). Thanks to his album Reach Escape Velocity (one of the best forest/goa albums ever) I wrote him and we've kept in contact. Nothing but kindness from that guy. So when he sent me some tracks to give a listen I was only too happy to oblige. This is Renato Moreira from Portugal who also is the brains behind the LAB project. Check out his Clean Air Turbulence EP...good stuff. Now DVSM records is known primarily for the dark stuff, but this EP is a full 180 degree turn from that. I love seeing labels experiment with different genres. First thing you'll pick up on is the short track times. Aside from the 1st and third track nothing is over 4 minutes, so a sampling you shall have. World Traveller is all about the dub and the Indian chanting, mid tempo stuff. Low Garden picks up the pace and still has that dubby bass. India as you would expect has a female Indian vocal as well as instruments recognizable from that region. Near the end there is a slight flirtation with goa and that makes me smile. A New Journey has a cool break beat and clever percussion to go along with its moody atmosphere. Far Sight brings the DnB and even though I don't follow that genre at all it still sounded lush and very competent. My favorite is the bonus track called 3rd Generation as it seems nicely chaotic and warm. Totally different from what I was expecting from this label. Eerie at times, but not dark at all. He's all over the place on this one touching on numerous styles. Because of the short track times I'm not certain whether he's just experimenting with stuff to see what he likes or throwing stuff on the wall to see what appeals to people. The sound quality is top notch as it was mastered by none other than Colin "OOOD" Benunm. Another cool aspect is the interactive site which has a really good design. Thanks for the listen gentlemen. DVSM Records Mdk
  16. We are proud and excited to announce this new release, something very different to all our previous releases which is a movie soundtrack that is inspired in the children´s life and their experiences in the streets of New Delhi.. The soundtrack is a mixture of contemporary electronic music going from ambient, glitch, breaks combined with organic Indian sounds. Most of the tracks have been produced by Keeze who has lived in India for some time so he is quite connected with the Indian vibes, Nimbus English producer delivers two tracks with a modern mixture of bass music with Indian influences. We hope you enjoy these great collection of tracks!! My Street - My Life is a highly experimental fictional film accompanied by a powerful film score. It is set in the middle of New Delhi, India, where street children live amidst the hustle and bustle of a typical market street. The film is heavily based upon reality and the children acting in this film are the real street children from the area - this is their street. They have no acting experience nor education, but have spent many afternoons watching the cheap matinee screenings of old Bollywood movies at the run down theatre in one of the side streets. During filming, the children followed the directors' instructions and improvised around them as they pleased, telling the story of a few typical days in their lives. This style of acting resulted in the cinematographer having to be prepared for sudden changes of plan and direction, improvising alongside with the street children. The film is subtle yet strong. No great glamour is added, nor any great tragedy. The film remains true to the lives of these street children - they hope, they try and they fail. The project started as a 10-15 minute short, made mostly for the benefit of the children. The immediate benefit was that the acting and being filmed brought some novelty and excitement into what can be monotonous days. However, in the deeper sense the project was first and foremost an attempt to help the children understand that despite the harshness of their highly underprivileged existence on the streets, they do still have choices, and that the choices they make greatly affect their lives. We have known these children for several years - the oldest boy we have known for 11 years. Older street children often become a 'lost generation' as far as NGOs are concerned - it is much easier to help a child that has not been living on the street for too long than rough teenagers like the ones in this film. *My Street - My Life* aims to motivate these children, to empower older street children to improve and take control of their ownlives in a more positive way, however small that improvement might be. The project developed from the intended short into a 1hour 30minute low budget feature film that retains several visual aspects of documentary filmmaking. My Street - My Life is full of colours and life, so vivid that at times one can almost smell the odours of India. The imagery is accompanied by a film score of striking original music combining traditional sounds with modern beats, written by Ken Barrett. In addition to offering a highly authentic insight into the lives of street children in India, this film also gives a very accurate impression of daily life in a busy Indian bazaar with continuous movement and an abundance of life. http://www.savagestudio.org/mystreet_mylife/ Master by Juan Cristobal at Balance Audio Mastering, Bcn,Spain http://www.eardreammusic.com credits released 20 August 2013 Ken Barrett & James Roberts BANDCAMP: http://eardreammusic.bandcamp.com/album/my-street-my-life
  17. Hello Guys, I play a fusion of goa, trance and middle eastern music. This is my latest track, hope you will enjoy it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRviVgdkP8U You can also link me up on FB: https://www.facebook.com/anjinsungoa. See you there! Anjin Sun
  18. New Zealand’s longest running outdoor dance party, Alien Nation…three nights and four days of sublime sounds and luscious landscapes, tasty beats and loving community … for the alien in us all. http://WWW.AlienNation.co.nz
  19. Artist: Various Title: The Return of Quetzalcoatl Label: Timewave Records Date: November, 2011 1 - ShaMANoiD - Walking In The Desert (100 BPM) 2 - Brujo's Bowl - Organic Structures (80 BPM) 3 - Digital Conception - The Mystical Quest (70 BPM) 4 - Iacchus - Frogspawn (120 BPM) 5 - Spunje - Mystic Forest (120 BPM) 6 - Normala - Dreamwards Again (110 BPM) 7 - Ascetic - Mutant (120 BPM) 8 - Progress - Spring Is Over (120 BPM) 9 - Iacchus - Flex (140 BPM) Quetzalcoatl- A Mesoamerican deity whose name means feathered serpent. Patron saint of knowledge and learning as well as the Aztec priesthood. And the patron saint of me sh*tting my pants if I ever saw it. Don't know about the feathers though. This album says it's the return. I wasn't aware that he went anywhere. And feathered serpent...serpent dictates reptile and when was the last time you saw a reptile with feathers. Other than the bird it just ate. I know there were dinosaurs with feathers, but they evolved. Just sayin' stuff is open to interpretation. If you put something silly on what's supposed to be evil (like a serpent), doesn't that take the fear out of it? Vampire? Scary. Vampire in India? F*cking ridiculous. Walking in the Dessert- Where's the f*cking Bollywood! Funky and groovy? Yessir, it's got the authentic Indian sound with the dubby bass and sitar/tabla combo. Any closer to India and you'd be dodging cow sh*t. I think you're doing it wrong. Organic Structures- Brujo have you ever heard of a short track? I suppose it's gonna be what it's gonna be. He wants you to melt into this one. It's super slow with some wobbly bass and high speed percussion. The skittering effects are pretty cool, but I look up and I'm only halfway through. If I was high this would seem like 2 hours! Not bad, but went on for way too long. The Mystical Quest- Am I at the feet of the Himalayas? Mystical for sure as it slowly carves its way around the mountain. I'm pretty sure I'm still in my chair, but the time was 4:20 the last time I checked. Not kidding. All I can see are expatriated hippies with mismatched clothing and dirty feet. It's almost as long as the previous track, but it's not stuck on the same phrase for 5 minutes. Totally relaxing and mind opening. Bra-vo. Frogspawn- A little cheesy for my liking this ambient has some thunderous drums in its arsenal. But ah...hmmmm. That's about it. Mystic Forest- I like the catchy rhythm and the funk increases when the bass appears. But it doesn't make me think of a mystic forest. It makes me think of of this guy. Ain't nothin' mystical about that guy except how he keeps gettin' tail. Dreamwards Again- Yawn. Mutant- Double Yawn. You should enjoy listening to music right? Spring Is Over- Ok we need a little progress based on the last couple of tracks. Things slow down as this one is a thinkers track. Pensive, with real world instruments. Doesn't last though as it has an intermission where things speed up before it gets back to its laid back ways. Good stuff. Flex- Hey look, it's a balloon animal. This one flexes its psytrance muscles with a healthy breakbeat. Alas, like a roided out meathead above it has a tiny penis. I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth so thanks to all involved and Ekto for making this free. I felt that the Digital Conception and Progress tracks were head and shoulders above the rest. The others...I could take them or leave them. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  20. Artist: Integer Title: Ventilation EP Label: Golden Orb Records Date: December, 2012 01 - Ventilation (100 BPM) 02 - Gurgle Dub (140 BPM) 03 - Knife & Spoon Dub (112 BPM) 04 - South & West (0 BPM) 05 - Ventilation (Operon Remix) (85 BPM) You can not be in a hurry listening to this. If you've got things to do, put on something fast paced. This is slow. Verrrrrry slow. Nod your head dubby stuff that I imagine if you were high would seem like 40 minute tracks. Ashley Hanson from Australia puts you under his spell with his 2nd release. Rumbly basses, beach front percussion, and soft synths make this perfect for a relaxing afternoon. The reverb is on high as it echoes far into the distance. And those basses....whew, window rattlers. There was one what the f*ck moment however. Exhibit A: South & West. Experimentally ambient sounds of a truck carrying sheep revving it's engine was wholly unnecessary and that sh*t went on for 9 minutes. But thank you I wondered what a 0 bpm track sounded like. Other than that waste of time, you've got some nice dub. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  21. Artist: Hinkstep Title: Sunrise From The Treetops Label: Omnitropic Date: October, 2011 1 - Sunrise From The Treetops (126 BPM; 9/4) 2 - Moonwalk On Mushroom Street (80 BPM) 3 - Dreamland Dub (120 BPM; 6/4) 4 - Medusa (67.2 BPM) 5 - Aldrig Mer (130 BPM; 6/4) 6 - So Beautiful So Strange (75 BPM) 7 - Sleep Again (120 BPM) Good God Beyonce is hot. Oh, are we on? I'm always on the hunt for great music and boy did I stumble onto a winner here. Are you bored with 4/4 music? Would you love to hear an artist stretch some boundaries without making the music unlistenable? How about spending an evening alone with Sasha Fierce? Yeah me too. But I can help with two of those. Hinkstep is Jonas Tegenfeldt from Sweden and he fucking knocks it out of the park with his debut. It's brimming with excellent musicianship bringing psychedelia together with spiritual and tribal elements. When was the last time you heard a trombone in psychedelic music that didn't seem out of place? I'll tell you...never. Uncountable gentle melodies take you over the mountaintop in a slow glide, never rushing. Vast as a Montana sky it sometimes reminds me of the path taken by Kitaro on the Silk Road with more ethnic variables. I cannot choose a favorite because they are all awesome tracks. I even liked the cheesy vocal in So Beautiful when he got all auto tuney. This is a stairway to heaven created by the sun's ultimate warmth perfect for relaxing or embarking on a journey of self discovery. And it's free. Spectacularly epic. Ektoplazm Mdk
  22. New free Full Circle compilation is out now at Bandcamp, Ektoplazm and Soundcloud. When a cycle comes to an end, a new beginning emerges and it comes to form a full circle. Time is circular, space is circular, and you come to full circle when you realize that all life around you is also within you. The circle is the symbol of the cosmos and the totality of manifest creation. Very large and very small things in nature tend to be spherical. Full Circle is a downtempo dub compilation dedicated to our ancestors, ancient civilizations, life, Mother Earth, and the Universe. https://soundcloud.com/eardreammusic http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/full-circle http://eardreammusic.bandcamp.com/album/full-circle Press ¨Buy Now¨ and enter 0 Euros/Dollars, then you will be able to download in Bandcamp. If you are in the position and would like to support us by donating the amount you want, if would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy! EARDREAM MUSIC GLOBAL ELECTRONIC MUSIC NETWORK
  23. New free Full Circle compilation is out now at Bandcamp, Ektoplazm and Soundcloud. When a cycle comes to an end, a new beginning emerges and it comes to form a full circle. Time is circular, space is circular, and you come to full circle when you realize that all life around you is also within you. The circle is the symbol of the cosmos and the totality of manifest creation. Very large and very small things in nature tend to be spherical. Full Circle is a downtempo dub compilation dedicated to our ancestors, ancient civilizations, life, Mother Earth, and the Universe. https://soundcloud.com/eardreammusic http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/full-circle http://eardreammusic.bandcamp.com/album/full-circle Press ¨Buy Now¨ and enter 0 Euros/Dollars, then you will be able to download in Bandcamp. If you are in the position and would like to support us by donating the amount you want, if would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy! EARDREAM MUSIC GLOBAL ELECTRONIC MUSIC NETWORK
  24. Artist: D-Echo Project Title: The Flavour of Fusion EP Label: Cyan Music Date: June, 2012 1 - Inadequacy (79 BPM) 2 - Funky Smooth Biz (79 BPM) 3 - Wind Trails (100 BPM) 4 - Chilling Drop (79 BPM) "No man can tell what tomorrow will bring." Well I hope it brings me more of this! Now this is what I'm talkin' about. Smooth beats and melodies ideal for sipping a cold one on the beach with friends. Don't know these guys from Portugal? It's cool, the music will unite. The promo says they create easy listening music, but this ain't your Mom's Air Supply. Nope, this is Louis Armstrong and Barry White cool going over to James Brown's house to jam. Oh, there will be no money exchanged...only warm vibes. It is repetitive also so why aren't I ripping it like I have some others? One, the tracks are not 8 or 9 (or God forbid 11!) minutes long of the same sh*t. Maybe if you add all of them together. These guys understand how long they can get away with this style and create the track accordingly. Another plus? You can actually hear the instrument sounds. Not just obscure noises. This actually sounds like musicians played the notes in the studio. Cool downtempo goodness and groove that like the sample says will make you have a smile on your face. Yeah, it's not beer, but that will also work. Get your relax on! Mdk
  25. Artist: Bluetech Title: Rainforest Reverberation Label: Native State Records Date: June, 2011 1. Becoming The Seed 2. 667 (Kayla Scintilla Remix) 3. Emerald Epiphytes 4. Thunder Song 5. Emerald Epiphytes (Kilowatts Rattlefunk Remix) 6. 667 7. Inner Space Funk 8. Unidentified Flying Octopus (Mr. Bill Remix) 9. Mycorrhiza Mambo 10. Unidentified Flying Octopus 11. Mama Llama Maestro 12. Avatar of the Horticult 13. Becoming the Ancestor I'm teaching this dog to dance to Call Me Maybe so I can become a YouTube millionaire. Don't judge me. What have you done to make the world a better place? This is Evan Bartholomew who is no doubt known to all who lay eyes on this review. He's from the West Coast of North America (US or Canada? If Canada sorry about the women's soccer team) Unlike the rest of you slobs (what are you lookin' at mirror?) he is attempting to help save the rainforest. 100 percent of all album proceeds go to end deforestation, species loss and cultural upheaval in the amazon. Here is a link where you can help if you are so inclined. Help the Amazon! Becoming The Seed- This is an intro track with ahem, Mrs. Ladyapples speaking over a soft ambient drone. Listening to it several times forces me to realize that it is a discussion left for the intellectual minds of free spirits or to put it another way... "Bullsh*t, I call bullsh*t you crazy rabbit! Picard couldn't hold Kirk's jock!" I have actually heard grown adults arguing over this. Reminds me of school, where all I heard was Charlie Brown's teacher. 667 (Kayla Scintilla Remix)- This is bouncy dub with some tribal elements. It's all very clear and kind of a curious thing. Like I just broke through the leaves of the jungle into a clearing where I am greeted by an indigenous peoples. Emerald Epiphytes- A track that also serves as a teaching moment is never a bad thing. Ding ding, class is in session! epiphytes- plant that grows on another: a plant that grows on top of or is supported by another plant but does not depend on it for nutrition. Mosses, tropical orchids, and many ferns are epiphytes. Symbiosis seems to be a theme for this collection of music. The track changes from a bouncy downtempo piece to a lounge like dub story. But you know, when you've got 8 minutes it can do that. It returns to a slightly dark exit which I thought was cool. Thunder Song- With a freaky carnival like bounce eerie melodies chime in a drunken saunter. Kinda weird. Emerald Epiphytes (Kilowatts Rattlefunk Remix)- This is the 2nd of 3 remixes on this album and performed by our good friend James from the US of A. He brings the funk with some deft bass sorcery and smooth melody. He knocks over a minute and half off the original track time and it creates a nice cohesive track. Good stuff. 667- Evan drops the original and it's got some funk appeal. But my short attention span needs more stimulation than this track is providing. Not your fault man, blame Pitfall and the atari 2600. Inner Space Funk- Know how I know this is gonna be funky? It says so in the title. Katrina's vocals are welcome over the head bobbing beat and smooth synths. Reminds me of a Tribe Called Quest feel. Liked it a lot. Unidentified Flying Octopus (Mr. Bill Remix)- Mr. Bill is a funky kinda guy, but I was unaware that he ran in the same circles as Evan. That morphing bass is a hallmark as is the glitchy percussion. It's mellow and smooth acting as an exercise in sound manipulation. Not overly deep, but very enjoyable. Mycorrhiza Mambo- Mother pus bucket this is like going to school. I thought I was through with this. Mycorrhiza is a fungus that grows in association with the roots of a plant in a symbiotic or mildly pathogenic relationship. So you don't know if it's helpful or damaging to the host. Clever. Keep your firends close, but your enemies closer. And Mycorrizha sounds like something that girl gave me. Shoulda listened...shoulda listened... It wasn't bad with it's saunter. Unidentified Flying Octopus- Interesting that he put the remix before the original. The bass is deep here and the percussion is still racy. There was more melody in the remix so I liked that better, but this was still pretty good. Mama Lllam Maestro- Ringing bells and deep bass and I just know I'm gonna float away on this one. Feather soft synths paint the sky as the world moves in slow motion. Dreamy. Avatar of the Horticult- 10 minutes?!? Better pack a lunch. Big Bubba's chili...just eliminate the middle man. Nice slow downtempo that will have you looking skyward at the marvels the rainforest probably holds. I wouldn't know though because I've never been. Are there spiders? There are? Really? Cause they creep me out. This would be the perfect track to nap to in a hammock. Becoming the Ancestor- Mrs. Apples is back and here's how I see it. Somehow she drags you out to a gathering of her friends which you reluctantly agree to. Thoughts race through your mind, wondering what you're doing here, is it worth it...You haven't been laid in a while and her boobs are fantastic. You'll be surprised what guys will put up with to get a little tail. I'm not saying what she's saying isn't important, it probably is. And damnit I'm trying to look in her eyes, but...boobs don't have eyes. Good for him doing something that can actually better the planet. Most of us are too consumed with our culture to realize that there is a greater part of the world out there. The music is all downtempo and dubby in style as you would expect from Evan. Continually mixed so you really get an immersive feel for a nonstop trip. Not the greatest I've ever heard, but very enjoyable. Relaxing to be sure. Critical Beats That amazonian on the webpage has better headphones than I do. Mdk
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