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  1. Artist: Aes Dana Title: Aftermath Archives of Peace Label: Ultimae Records Date: November, 2013 1. Aftermath #1 2. Aftermath #2 3. Aftermath #3 4. Aftermath #4 5. Aftermath #5 6. Aftermath #6 7. Aftermath #7 $450.00 Are you f*cking kidding me. Must be Canadian dollars. Nope, still too f*cking high. What do they use in Poland? Zloty? Even that's too high. Got it...Iraqi Dinars. 450 Dinars = ...32 cents. All right that's too low, but we're getting closer. Obviously that seller is going to retain possession of that used copy of this album. Unless Beyonce decides she's into ambient in which case Jay-Z is going to f*ck it all up. Is there anyone who is more identified with quality downtempo and ambient music? Who is Vincent Vilius? How about co-founder of arguably the best downtempo label, founding member of Asura, contributor to H.U.V.A. Network, and of course electronic activist. What the hell does that last bit mean? Does he travel to exotic locations and protest acoustic festivals? Demand more government spending on electronic bass line research? I'm being silly of course as he has made his mark and become an icon in the genre. This was his second album as Aes Dana and there seem to be those that think this is better than chocolate sex. Not me. I love chocolate. This is now 10 years old and while it still sounds fresh as the day it was made, I believe that he has gotten better with age. Recounting a tale of life after a great cataclysm it is one of those that demands a straight through listening to fully absorb its message. He weaves through vignettes of ambient and downtempo with floating pads and melancholic textures putting the listener in a relaxed state. The story is expertly told and I think it is a great piece of work, but there were times I found it less engaging than it could've been. It was good ambient, but this is Aes Dana we're talking about. I want better than good. I want great. It's my opinion that with successive albums his productions became deeper and more challenging. Then I realized I was judging this album based on his later works and where he's taken his music. And that's not fair. Like anything else he has grown and matured with time spent perfecting his craft. Each album is part of the puzzle and the picture cannot be completed without it. That's all you can ask of an artist. So with repeated listening I found myself enjoying it more and more. The beatless ambient is supremely ethereal and while I still believe he has gone on to produce better albums I can appreciate this album for what it is. Mdk
  2. Artist: Abakus Title: Reworks Volume I & II Label: Modus Recordings Date: August, 2011 Vol. 1 1. California Sunshine 2. Igmatik 3. Night Walker 4. Lux Boutique 5. Under The Stars Pt. 1 Vol. 2 1. Lux Boutique (Greg Hunter Remix) 2. Cruise Control (Bluetech Remix) 3. Beyond the Fields (Jong Remix) 4. Igmatik (Tripswitch Remix) 5. Wasted Feeling (Solar Fields Remix) Good God it is f*cking hot out here. I think I saw the thermometer hit 100 degrees Celsius. This is my wife's plant that I have somehow managed to keep alive for the better part of 5 years. I moved it outside a few weeks ago because it wasn't getting enough sun. Now look at it. Pitiful. I don't claim to be able to speak with animals or plants; hell I can just barely hold it together speaking to people without wanting to punch them in the face. But here's how I imagine it would go if my plant could talk to me. Plant: Jesus F*cking Christ, what the hell are you doing to me!?! You left me out here during a tornado! A Tornado!! Look at my leaves! At least get me some water you uncaring bastard! Me: I just watered you yesterday. Plant: So what motherf*cker, did you just have one drink yesterday? Why'd you move me out here anyway? Look, just take me back inside. It's cooler in there...I can't take this heat. Me: No. Plant: CMONNN!!!!!!! The f*cking ants are eating me alive and you tied me to a stake in the blazing sun like I was Jesus, show a little compassion!! Me: No. Plant: I'll suck your dick.... Me: What did you just say? Plant: I'll...I'll suck...your...dick... Me: How is that even possible? You don't even have a...No! No, you know what...this conversation is over! *closes door* Plant: Cmon, shoot one right in the pot! It'll be the best one you ever had....you limp dicked asshole. "Go ahead George...light it up." Abakus is Russel Davies son of Dave Davies founder of the Kinks. Wow, he took a left turn at his father's music didn't he? Actually he didn't, because daddy makes music with him in the ambient/progressive rock genre. His style is a little all over the place. Equally fluent in downtempo and ambient, he can also craft some electro and progressive type stuff. As a matter of fact he has a side project called Cinnamon Chasers which does exactly that. First album That Much Closer to the Sun was really good and his second wasn't bad either. Prisms (his third) continued his mish mash of styles, but I felt it was his weakest effort. He has a new album called Futurism Pt. 1 that came out this year, but this pair of digital EP's came out first. Reworks Vol. 1 are his own remixes of some of his older tracks and Vol. 2 are done by other artists. You might know some of them. Vol. I The original California Sunshine was a mellow downtempo magic carpet ride where there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but the new one sees the bpm's get raised with an 80's synthpop feel. The chants are still there and the beat is good, so he seemed to do a remix right. Igmatik- Probably my favorite track by Abakus. It had it all. Funk, groove, mystery...just a smooth piece of music. The newer version sports a fatter bass, big beats and funky rhythms. And there's some Miami Vice appeal as well for old bastards like me. Jan Hammer might be upset you stole his keytar, but you know...f*ck him. Nightwalker is another of his smooth, dubby brand of electro tracks that has a real lounge component. Like it could've been played in a smoky jazz club. Gone is the quiet funk of the original with another nod to a more synth riff based type of track. Noisier, synthier, and more anger by Jan Hammer. "I don't care...Black people can do a lot of things, but even they cannot make the keytar cool." Lux Boutique was a soft ambient track with glitchy tendencies. Mellow for sure. Well, he electro synthed the crap out of the remix with enough autotune that makes Kanye blush. It's happy and reminds me of Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani and generic rapper. Under the Stars Part 1 was from an Ep of the same name and it was a dreamy type of ambient floating with a trance background. Like all the tracks before in this first volume it seems shinier with a heavier electro influence. If you told me it was an instrumental by the Thompson Twins or Erasure I wouldn't slap the taste out of your momma's mouth. "What did the five fingers say to the face?" Vol. II Lux Boutique (Greg Hunter Remix)- Slowest. Track. Ever. This is music heroin addicts use to overdose. Where the world is flying by, but your perception is in super slo mo. Arizona State University takes its admittance qualifications seriously, believing it's never to young to start preparing. Cruise Control (Bluetech Remix)- Never heard the original. Another slow (not suicidal) dubby tune that combines the warm beach vibe with sun shinning through icicles without melting them. It's got some wobble and seems to freeze time. Let's just say that if I still got high, you would be able to find me by the trail of empty Dorito bags. Beyond The Fields (Jong Remix)- Another track that I haven't heard, but this is a smooth and happy electro tune. Sunny and warm it goes down like an afternoon at the beach. Floaty and comforting. Igmatik- Brennan. Nick Brennan. Responsible for the most epic of the remixes on this series of Reworks, it has huge scope. Layers of running synths fly you to outer space as deep dubby bass rumbles on the bottom end. Massively soothing it's like when my kid releases the string of balloons he was holding. There is no crying...you just watch it go. Bee Yoo Tee Full. "We'll uh...we'll just tell your mother she got kidnapped by some Mexicans." "Dad, that's racist." "It is? Shaddup...want some ice cream?" Wasted Feeling (Solar Fields Remix)- Not to be outdone Mr. Magnus gives you a 10 minute track that combines the boredom of staring at a wall with the excitement of wasting time. Sorry Magnus, you have the midas touch, but would it kill you to give me something to focus on? As it stands, you have given me the soundtrack to me coming out of the bathroom. So that's what you get with these two Reworks. A mixed bag really, but there is plenty of variety so points scored. Most of the tracks are good with the Tripswitch remix being spectacular. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to ah...water the plants. One plant in particular is gonna get so f*cking wet... Beatport - Reworks Vol. I Beatport - Reworks Vol. II Mdk
  3. Artist: Rainbow Serpent Title: Cutted Scenes Label: Invisible Shadows Date: 1999 1. Believe 2. Imagination Fire 3. Silent Running 4. Exploring the Mars 5. From Darkroom To Digital 6. Exploring the Mars (Part 2) 7. Ce;tic Dance My camel jacknifed a ways back. Total loss, it was horrible. Frothy spit everywhere. I crawl 5 miles on my hands and knees under the searing sun and you hand me a pack of saltines? If I had the energy I'd punch you square in the tomatoes. This German duo makes ambient style music that has motion in the same exact formula. The pads can be lofty cloud slicers, but it's the same sh*t over and over. Part of the song will be floating, and another part driving. Then floating and driving until you wake up. It's extending a phrase over the entire length of the track adding and subtracting as you go. There is zero psychedelia and they close with the outstandingly cheesy and diabetic coma inducing Celtic Dance. It's a whisker from Yanni without the cool porn stache. Mdk
  4. Artist: Ovnimoon Title: Camanchaca Label: Synergetic Records Date: March, 2006 1. Arcoirs 2. Viaje l sur 3. La India 4. Shamanic Dance on Ayahuaska 5. El arbol arauacano 6. Todos (ovnimoon vs Trancemission vs Mandulk) 7. I love you 8. High nrg (Divinidad rmx) 9. Camanchaca (Reike Pacha mama rmx) Hector's debut album is about as far as you could get from where he is now. His latest Trancemutation of the Mind is melodic and ever changing, but this effort is average at best in my opinion. It's a mixture of downtempo and minimalistic progressive that isn't very memorable. He maintains an air of mystery as well as a tribal feel, but with the exception of the last track it sounds as though he's trying to find a direction for his music. Mdk
  5. Artist: Elysium Title: Various Works 1994 - 2005 Label: Self Released Date: March, 2011 Discogs I'm too lazy to list them...there's over twenty. F*cking hell, is everyone named Andersen in Denmark? Denmark's own Kristian Thinning Andersen is a polarizing figure that was the subject of several lively threads here on the forum. Like him or not he's responsible for a big part of our scene's music and was quite prolific. This was released by the artist a few years ago on Ektoplazm, but has since been removed. It's a collection of his work over 10 or so years with music that is tough to box in. Is it goa? Tribal? Downtempo? Yes, all of the above. A digital only release there is a 21 track edition from 2011 and a remastered (what the hell?) 15 track version that came out a year later. One was in wav form and the other in mp3, but most were found on his previous albums. Personally I've never been a huge fan of his style as I think it goes on far too long without sufficient evolution. There are great parts on most of his tracks that unfortunately don't fulfill their potential. But that's just me. If you're a fan than you probably already have a lot of this. If you don't then this is certainly a treat. Even though I didn't like all of it he didn't have to give sh*t away so I would just thank him and stop being an ungrateful b*tch. By the way, I'm super keen on hearing his newest album that is on the way. Mdk
  6. Max Million's first EP "Afterimages" released on TBMr Records digitally and physical on 14 Feb aswell in all major platforms After multiple features on various label compilations including Ultimae records , here comes Afterimages , Max Million's first four track EP on TBMr Records This is the official teaser Audio mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio Video by KOMMAK LIMITED EDITION CD out 14 Feb 2014 on TBMr Records. Reserve a copy here: http://thinkbabymusic.com/node/217 Digital Release OUT NOW > https://thinkbabymusic.bandcamp.com/album/max-million-afterimages
  7. Soundcloud link 1. Sephira - Where's My Map? - MerKaBa 2. Lauge - Snowflake (Oxya remix) - Neurotrance 3. Yarn - Theory - Psylife 4. In Orbit - Path to Redemtion - matt-in-orbit.com/ 5. Yarn - Night Lights - http://www.soundcloud.com/yarnsounds 6. Radioactive Sandwich - Homunculus (Plastic Mug remix) - Radioactive Sandwich 7. Eat Static - UFO over Trenchtown - Interchill 8. Kayla Scintilla - Whomp Shanti (Mr Squach remix) - kalyascintilla.bandcamp.com 9. Land Switcher - High Landstep - Free-Spirit 10. Hallucinogen, Raja Ram - Herb Garden - TIP
  8. Artist: SoulQuark Title: Slow Tachyon EP Label: Neogoa Date: May, 2013 1. Nitrogen Narcosis 2. Soul Bruise 3. Tāne Mahuta 4. Celestine Language 5. Lost In Frozen Dream This was released by Neogoa around the same time as the Goatree EP and while a review thread was started pretty quickly for that EP, Slow Tachyon has been largely ignored. Why? I'm looking at you hippie. Yeah, you. Is it because it's not goa in the sense we are used to? Too ethnic sounding? It's definitely different, full of chopped up vocal chants and beat patterns not usually seen in today's goa trance. So it's not goa. What it is though is melodic and deep with emotional feeling and a tribal essence. Nowhere is that more evident than in Soul Bruise with its battle of the bands like percussion. Celestial Language is a downtempo track that is brimming with electronic wonderment. With plenty of well placed soaring vocal phrases there is a strong spiritual component. Lost in Frozen Moment is another track that slowly ascends the mountain top while also being symphonic. This wouldn't be out of place in a big budget Hollywood soundtrack. Or God willing a Bollywood production. Throw away your preconceived notions of what this is and what box it should go in. Unless you have a box labeled moving electronic music. Yeah it would fit in there. Get on this if you're looking for something outside the norm. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  9. 1 8 Hertz 9:22 2 Dying Dolphin 9:24 3 Second Breath (Vocal Radio Mix) Featuring – Aviatrix 5:07 4 360 7:49 5 Muse 7:16 6 Heartwork 8:18 7 Equator 7:13 8 In Motion 6:46 9 Second Breath (Original Mix) 7:37 10 Back To Earth 6:36 STYLE December 2011 Ambient chillout and blissful downtempo. Vacuum is a delicate and sensitive album of lush, evocative electronica where languid beats and dream-like soundscapes support subtle melodies. These softly unfolding themes heave with hypnotic beauty, yet always retain plenty of complementary shade and dignity. Most tracks have extended, unhurried introductions where Zero Cult's ambient atmospheres can fully spread like multi-coloured mists before the rhythmic material sets everything in motion. There are also plenty of beatless interludes where the percussion falls away completely and sometimes the whole melodic framework too, leaving the listener gliding upon faint air currents ready, anticipating the second coming. Overall, Vacuum has a fine balance of light and shadow, delivering attractive compositions that feed the attention whilst neatly avoiding the clichés of the psychill mainstream. IN DEPTH Vacuum opens gradually with a hypnotic interplay of misty pads and lustrous echoing effects; sonic winds curl around ascending tones and a gentle rhythmic structure slowly coalesces: vibes, synth arps, bass pulse and, about three minutes in, a ponderous programmed groove. This track - Muse - establishes what the album is all about: saturated colour; serene harmonies and breezy beats. Heartworks sees the trance elements of Zero Cult's sound solidify around a bubbling bassline and measured beat, but this denser sound quickly evaporates as the next track once again takes on a more weightless approach. The album has at its centre the gorgeous Second Breath, this is a wonderfully transportational piece that revolves around a mesmerising motif that carefully evolves and repeats with a tender, insistent intensity. 8 Hertz introduces a more mechanistic tone arising out of dark drones and reverberating voice samples: here a sparse, thumping kick and grumbling bass line give the track a slightly sinister edge. For the most part this is a purely instrumental album, however, just before the end there is a track that casts a different spell: a soporific, meandering piece of hazy euphoria where an unusual female vocal hangs in the air, haunting the synthetics with a wistful song from New Zealand's Aviatrix. ARTWORK The cover artwork for Vacuum features a hi-key design where a complex tangle of synthetic grey-white thorns lies upon a smooth, pale, infinite plane. Like some hollow, plastic urchin or structure of artificial cactus spines this jagged, monochrome formation is in stark contrast to the curving, fluid music within. I don't yet have a physical copy of this album and so can't comment on other artwork except to say that I have had a number of Cosmic Leaf releases over the years and the graphic quality is of a consistently high standard. OVERALL Israel's Emil Ilyayev returns here with his sixth album of downtempo trance and follow-up to the 2010 release: Clouds Garden. Once more on Cosmic Leaf Records, Zero Cult delivers a maturing sound that luxuriates deep within the reverie of ambient chillout. The ten tracks here include two versions of the deliriously laid back Second Breath: an original mix and a second vocal radio edit featuring Aviatrix with the distinctive voice of Kerensa Stephens. Dying Dolphin has an accompanying video aimed at raising awareness of the plight of these endangered mammals. The footage displays some of the horrors of the 30 000 or so dolphins slaughtered around the world each year. You can further learn of Vacuum at the Cosmic Leaf website or you might like to visit the official Zero Cult pages at Myspace and Facebook. Catalog Number: CLCD038DG Genre: Ambient,Downtempo,Trance,Electronic,New Age,Electro Ambient,Electronic Label: Cosmicleaf Records Release Date: 02 December 2011 Label Link: www.cosmicleaf.com Artist Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zero-Cult/43520643043
  10. Artist: Reasonandu Album: Imminent Satori Label: Altar Records Genre: Downtempo, Ambiant, Psybient, Psychill, ''Imminent Satori'' is the first solo album from Reasonandu. He was already known for his psy-trance project Eulysin, made in collaboration with E-Mantra, and his work with Adrian Enescu, a former member of the worldwide acclaimed and award-winning act Enigma. With ''Imminent Satori'', Reasonandu gives birth to a heart-warming album of airy mystic chants, luminous melodies, organic instruments and downtempo building. Recalling influences of ''enigmatic music'' from the early 90's New-Age movement, inspired by E-Mantra's melodies and track structure, this album offers an original meeting between soul moving intention and the psychedelic universe; a unique, inspiring and mature spiritual trance album! ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The adventure begins with a delicate track in collaboration with the singer Cosmin Culea. ''Seven Lives'' is an intimate tune presented throughout a simple trip-hop structure lead by the deep and floating voice of Cosmin Culea. For it's part, the second track ''Above'' brings the listener to experience a gloomy construction of sounds intertwined within different layers of psychedelic texture; a chant is still present, but it's an enigmatic one that leaves a strange feeling of confusion. This confusion disapears fast with the entrance of ''Peacefull heart'': a heart-moving track awesomely made in a collaboration with Adrian Enescu. Beautiful smiley chants, organic mood and gentle beats offered within a melodic shinning ambiance and crystalines sounds. If there is a Satori to have in this album, it is within this tune. In the same vein, ''Return of the Prodigal Son'' maintains a positive and sunny mood while proposing a more smooth and relaxed structure. It's a comfy lullaby to whistle slowly before going to sleep. I was speaking about an original mix between spiritual intention and the psychedelic universe. ''Gliese'' is a good example of what I mean. Deep and spacy layers of psychedelic composition embedded with enigmaticals and floating voices. We quickly realise the influence of E-Mantra with this track. The sixth track ''Imminent Satori'', has chapters of variety and flows well from segment to segment with good development and progression. A little highlight in the middle with a sudden surge of an unexpected chant and after it disappears like nothing happened – a surprising and original tune. With ''Nocturna'', Reasonandu reconfirms the album's cohesive intention to offer a spiritual trance selection of music. A tender tune lead by a gentle tribal drum and a subtle male hymn evolving througout a warm progression until the end. All in simplicity and pure beauty! For it's own part, the next track ''Mimas'' is really less original than all the others tracks and leaves an after taste of repetition and simplisitic development. Luckily, the following tune, the beautiful ''Solaris'' shows up and helps the listener to find the path again. Recalling the composition of ''Peacefull Heart'' and ''Nocturna'', ''Solaris'' develops a relaxed intensity which travels in a gentle positive melody inviting the listener to close their eyes and smile to the universe. Again, an awesome chant that sticks in the head forever. The next track carries the listener into a surprising evolution: ''Sibly's Vision'' builds slowly in intensity throughout the whole sequence. The first third of the tune prepares the table; simple beats, floating melodies and the voice appears calmly but now accompanied by shamanics percussions and a repetitive voice in loop. A deep and mystical experience awesomely made. The last two tracks present an important psychedelic side, at least more than the others. ''Moonwalker'' is a remix from E-Mantra. Reasonandu keeps the cosmic and spacey layer of enveloping deep sounds, juggling between repetition and slow progression, all reference to E-Mantra. But he puts more light and more beat into it than the original mix. For it's part, ''Rana'' is a 4-4 kick composition and slowly progresses in a simple flow of introspectives psychedelics harmonies and vibrations. You can buy and listen to samples at: Altar Records: http://www.altar-records.com/satori.html Bandcamp: http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/imminent-satori Youtube links http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgbLTYz5E6k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTdTlEhYiN8
  11. Hi all, I am proud to present to you my very own debut album 'Falling Into One': Omnitropic presents Falling Into One, the debut full-length album by Phone Booth Robbers a psychedelic downtempo project from the town of Hoofddorp in The Netherlands. Phone Booth Robbers began creating music in the mid-nineties, gradually shifting from early trance music to richly melodic downtempo and electronica inspired by acts like Shpongle, Ott, Bluetech, Ozric Tentacles, and Easily Embarrassed. Mastered by Jeffrey van der Schilden at EE Music Studio, The Netherlands, with photography by Steven Willis. Free download on Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/phone-booth-robbers-falling-into-one Comments are highly appreciated & enjoy listening!
  12. Soundcloud link 1. Mooma - Entropy - ??? 2. Iacchus - Awareium - iacchus.bandcamp.com 3. Blue Phoenix - Tranquil Sunrise - ??? 4. Ecometric - Lost in Thought - Psybertribe 5. Huuhaa - GLX3 - Full Sound 6. Ra Djan - Ra Mayaan - ??? 7. Kurbeats - Mono-Poly Wants a Cracker - Event Horizon 8. Supersillyus - Interabang - ??? 9. Maharishi - Liquid Trap - OIUM.net & Space Baby Records 10. Y2E - Yours to Enjoy - Organic Also happy new year Psynews crew
  13. Artist: Hotep Title: Transformation of Light Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: June, 2013 1. And just a pinch of magic 2. Happyland 3. Nature and society 4. Loud Thoughts 5. Portal to the future (feat. Electyxeed) 6. Free Transform (Hotep rmx) - Wizack Twizack 7. Squiggly Lines (feat. Psilocybian) 8. Explore the universe 9. Ay Caramba 10. A joint and cup of coffee "Do we occupy a special place in the cosmos, or are we merely a celestial footnote? Is the universe welcoming or hostile? We can stand here forever wondering. Or we could leave home on the ultimate adventure." Hotep- an Egyptian word roughly meaning to be satisfied, to be at peace. Yeah that seems to be working out. I'm beginning to believe there is no word for peace in the Muslim world. And that's why they fight all the time...they're confused. We keep saying peace and maybe in Arabic that means Jihad. Meh, not for me to tell them how to live their lives. That's a job for the white man's government. So Egypt isn't at peace, but a young Croatian man seems to be. I tell you the Balkans has been erupting with talent in the electronic scene as it seems every citizen is putting out a quality album. We have government issued health care and they have government issued Cubase. Think I'm joking? This is Psilocybian's neighbor. His neighbor. I have two neighbors. One hates black people and the other one is a pasty middle aged white lady in coveralls that clearly don't cover all. Some things can't be unseen. Anyway a debut album from this part of the world is becoming rather unremarkable. What would be remarkable is if it sucked. Hello? Is this thing on? It's Psilocybian's neighbor?!? The first couple of tracks were to warm you up. Not bad, but nothing spectacular either. When Nature and Society arrive it's a bit thicker with more layers and a goa undercurrent that reminds me of some of the classics back in the day. Syb Unity to be exact. Loud Thoughts is darker with a complex evil sneer as if the forest was threatening to swallow me whole. And it is a dark album with echoing effects and layers of sinister synthesizers. His remix of Wizack's Free Transform takes an already great track and ratchets up the tension. Everything seems so shiny! Squiggly Lines is just a thumping good time from these psychedelic titans. Ay Caramba is an interesting combination of darkpsy textures and tech-trance mechanics. And he closes with a downtempo track that is quirky and weird yet enjoyable. This album showed me the range this guy has. First I will say it was a solid release. Not stellar, but solid. A showcase of his talent in the night time full-on sub genre, it also revealed how competent he was in other styles. Goa, downtempo, tech...he's got it. He seems to be on the right track and I imagine his future compositions will become more complex and detailed. Looking for ward to it. Beatport Psyshop Beatspace Goa Store Mdk
  14. Artist: Mister Chill'R Title: Alien Unfolding Label: Metakinetics Date: July, 2010 01 - Alien Unfolding (72 BPM) 02 - Dimentia (75 BPM) 03 - Ambient Space (80 BPM) 04 - Synthetic Atmosphere (65 BPM) 05 - Minor Adjustments (90 BPM) 06 - Area 51 (80 BPM) 07 - Well Chilled (75 BPM) 08 - Emotion (80 BPM) 09 - Explain The Unexplained (80 BPM) 10 - Open Source (85 BPM) 11 - Sun And Rain (82 BPM) Mister Chill'R is from the Pacific Northwest of the USA so good to see some electronic musicians from my part of the world. His debut is a rather lo fi approach with low bpms and dubby beats. There is an outer space feel where you can feel the bass sitting prominently in the mix. The tracks are short and mildly eerie in an X-files sort of way. Sometimes robotic, sometimes hopeful. I found myself looking forward to the next track to see how he would keep this minimal style interesting. And he did. Mostly. Well, some. To tell the truth the novelty wore off around track five. Not something I would routinely reach for, but a nice break when you're feeling mellow and want something a little different. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  15. Artist: Cosmic Replicant Title: Supersensitive EP Label: PurEuphoria Records Date: April, 2012 01 - Chromosphere (100 BPM) 02 - Inner Fly (100 BPM) 03 - Supersensitive (85 BPM) 04 - Space Creator (90 BPM) Who's ready for some cold, Russian downtempo? It's the dead of winter in Red Square with snowflakes tumbling from dark clouds heavy with moisture. Never seen a Russian winter? Me neither. But this will get you there faster than if you called Putin a homo. Hold your hands close to the paltry fire to gain some warmth as night closes in during Inner Fly. As the arpeggio cycles listen to the alien skitterings underneath in Supersensitive. Good layers and a nice dark atmosphere make this a treat. A little more track development would be nice, but this is still worth your time. Pavel closes with a dreamy and floating track that just melts away minutes. Pretty good. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  16. Artist: Kyoto Title: Astraverta Label: Space Baby Records Date: March, 2012 1. Time Tunnel 2. On Mars 3. Anahata 4. Forest Cat 5. Astraverta 6. Shivaz Dance 7. Floral Fractal Don't know what to think about this one. Do I want to kill the Batman or do I remember that being a lawyer required incurring expensive student loans and should therefore attempt to build my client base? At times I like its varied styles and tempos. Other moments I find myself bored with it. There are nature sounds aplenty so the outdoorsman in me likes it. Guitar is also prominently featured so the unemployed redneck who hates brown people can relate to this. Kyoto is Vitaliy Zenkov and with his second album he travels between aggressive breakbeats and dreamy marijuana cloud watching. The tracks are long episodes that undergo various changes. Sometimes I got lost in them and other times I was counting the minutes. The last track is like a long Santana solo over just such a break beat. So....long story short. Not bad, but not the first piece of chill I would reach for. Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  17. Artist: Suduaya Title: Come Back To Life Label: Uxmal Records Date: March, 2012 1. Snow and Stars 2. Cellular Memory 3. Patience 4. Amethyste (feat Sati Bodisattva) 5. Eternal Angels Uxmal is a Mexican label that has been quite prolific, seemingly releasing an album or EP every week. Their progressive trance has never wowed me, but their downtempo efforts are usually quite solid. Suduaya is Louis David Roquefere from France and here he mixes mournful electric guitar and slow beats with lush pads. It's like viewing a panorama from an exposed mountaintop. Emotional. Thought provoking. Uplifting. Having been atop many a mountain you would think this would appeal to me. And it does. At times it's cold, but always clean. The vocal in Amethyste has a Fifth Element quality about it mixed with anime. I liked the ep and thought it was good. Not great, but good. Psyshop Beatport Mdk
  18. Epicuros - Shamanic Dreaming (Ambient, Psybient, Downtempo) Mixcloud 01. Tracy W. Bush - Shattrath 02. Oöphoi - Space Forest 03. Aural Planet - Liquid Incense 04. Tangerine Dream - Phaedra 05. AmBeam - Tsahaylu 06. Biosphere - 11. Silene 07. Avalon - Amethystium 08. Malik Trey - Sleepy Shadows 09. Solar Fields - The Sight Is White 10. Robert Rich - Moss Dance 11. Robert Rich - Requiem 12. Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter - Immersion 13. Steve Roach and Robert Rich - Fearless 14. ATOI - In Finite Self 15. Steve Roach -Halcyon days 16.Tracy W. Bush - Night Tanaris 17. Brad Fiedel - Desert Suite
  19. Hello Friends, we have recently prepared a selection of internet radio station that allow us to listen beautiful tracks and mixes of ambient, downtempo, psychill, psybient and related music. we are happy to share it with you here, psyradio.com.ua di.fm/psychill schizoid.in dice radio psyradio (duisburg, germany) SomaFM offers also a good channels deep space one groove salad space station soma suburbs of goa beat blender If you have something to add please do it! The list will be constantely updated. The latest version of the llist is available at our page http://www.psybient.org/love/radio-psychill-psybient-downtempo-ambient/ We are one!
  20. Dear friends, we would like to introduce you to our new project! here is our presentation from the about page of our website Friends, The sun of psychedelic downtempo music is rising at a dashing speed and spreading its light in multiple colours and shapes. As an essential part of its growth and development, psybient.org is happy to serve as the ray of light, guiding and uniting a community of creative thinkers, open minds and loving souls in the multiverse of psychedelic chill out.** Psybient.org is here to present the latest information and news about psychedelic downtempo music (artists, labels, releases: albums, compilations, mixes) and events. Expect to find here interviews, charts, top 10. We created it because we are in love with psychedelic chill out music and its culture based on the principles of live love create and share. We gladly invite everybody to participate: - read about and listen to new releases, comment and share your impressions with the community - support artists you like and eventually buy their releases if you want to - share the albums and mixes you have discovered recently on our facebook page (please share only releases from the last 2-3 months) - if you are a dj or an artist, feel welcome to share your mixes and live recordings on our soundcloud group(minimal length of audio file is 20 min) - feel free to send us your remarks and feedback about psybient.org So don't hesitate to visit us at http://www.psybient.org Close your eyes, open your heart and mind… Listen… We are awakening…
  21. Artist: Various Title: Sideffect Label: Psynews Date: July, 2013 01 - Paul Eye & Olisan - Daikaisho (132 BPM) 02 - Hierophant - Intergalactic Love Song (133 BPM) 03 - Zero Point Module - Chromatic Fail (147 BPM) 04 - Kacid - Confusing Patterns (148 BPM) 05 - Saluberrimae - Fl0ating (120 BPM) 06 - Radioactive Sandwich - Sound Vibration Technique (75 BPM) 07 - Seismic Activity - Revelation (140 BPM) 08 - Imba - Moon Tribe (142 BPM) 09 - Lapsus - Normality (147 BPM) 10 - PhonoPhora - Phunnel (Version 1.1) (87 BPM) I didn't really know Koen. Spoke to him a few times and the conversations were always pleasant. But when you're used to "seeing" somebody as active as he was in the Psynews forum suddenly...not be there...it's a shock. I don't know the details of his passing nor do I feel I should. All I can hope for is that he found peace wherever he is. As the promo says this was a contest where members of the Psynews community submitted tracks in a bid to be featured on a compilation. I don't know if this was always planned to be dedicated to Koen or not, but it's a nice gesture and one I imagine he would have appreciated. Voted on by the community this is the result. Mastered by Deimos and artwork by Gasolin3, it's ten tracks of varying bpm's and numerous genres. Daikaisho- The first track is a gentle progressive trance number that is a nice opener and helps to ease you into this compilation. Soft melodies and bubbling sounds. Intergalactic Love Song- Didn't Stone Temple Pilots have a hit with...oh, that was Interstate. So obviously we're going bigger. Strong beat and smooth electric piano with long sweeps make this a pumping progressive track. Chromatic Fail- A galloping futuristic darkish track with metallic leads. Not bad. Confusing Patterns- Really like the deep bass line, it's got quite the rumble. It's a forest track with a lush atmospheric feel. Sticky synth sounds abound as the sound manipulation moves full force. Two really good breaks as well. What are they saying? Fl0ating- Smooth and oscillating downtempo that has spiraling leads in a goa fashion. The break felt organic when all the synths dropped out, nice touch. Sound Vibration Technique- And now a track by the very busy Sandwich! Dubby vibes slowly make their way across a picturesque beach. Strings are plucked, vocals are chopped...It'll keep your head nodding. Revelation- Good goa trance track that twists the cutoff knob for all it's worth. Once it gets going it's pretty powerful. Moon Tribe- I believe Imba was the winner of this contest. With this track he stokes the conspiracy fire as the sample about UFO's plays out. Normality- Lapsus delivers the best track of the compilation with a shimmery and ominous effort. Most aggressive also. Very cosmic and one that will hurtle you through hyperspace. Phunnel (Version 1.1)- Closing the compilation is a downtempo track that morphs into a deep trance track. Also very dreamy as the dance of the galaxy marches on. I didn't feel it was proper to crack jokes on a compilation that was meant to be reverential. Just didn't feel right. This is a nice gesture to honor a member of our community. While not the strongest compilation you will hear it shows how much talent is on this forum. With almost an hour and a half of music tracks from different genres are well represented and as a member of this forum I'm happy to have given this a listen. I hope you enjoyed it Koen. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  22. Artist: Blue Phoenix Title: Descent To Heaven Label: Ektoplazm Date: October, 2013 1 - Naive Joy (92 BPM) 2 - Tranquil Sunrise (85 BPM) 3 - One Last Breath (105 BPM) 4 - Descent To Heaven (95 BPM) 5 - Convalescence (100 BPM) 6 - Transmute (Various BPM) 7 - Sluggish Clarity (100 BPM) 8 - Unbounded Hope (100 BPM) Sometimes you have to fall to soar. Get lost in the wilderness before you find your true direction. This album is the story of one man's journey who supposedly had it all and only realized what was actually important when it was almost taken away. You can simply read the track listing to see the stages he went through. Naive Joy in thinking he had life figured out, did what was expected of him, did...all the right things. Tranquil Sunrise is just that, another beautiful day in a string of beautiful days. The kind that is so common we just take it for granted. One Last Breath is all he has left. A chance to end the pain, a moment to regret all that wasn't accomplished, an opportunity to see what awaits this life on Earth. His Descent To Heaven is rife with angelic paradigms, moving towards the light, a sense of peace and ease where he begins to be pulled towards the next phase. Convalescence is a long and difficult process. Full of dark days, thoughts of why me, and will I ever get back to "normal?" Transmute sees the true richness of life explode where it truly becomes what it was meant to be. Every touch, every smell, every experience heightened. Sluggish Clarity brings us to the reality that we are not alone. That we are just a piece of the puzzle being special in our own way and meant to interact with one another. Unbounded hope reveals that life without fear is the only way to live. Remove fear and the delicacies of life abound on your plate. This isn't an album that strives for psychedelia or darkness. It's not an album that is meant to pack the dance floors. It's just one man's story of discovering what is really important and it is brilliantly told. It comes with a pdf file explaining what led to this rebirth and I strongly urge you to read this before you listen to his tale. Normally I dismiss the comments on Ektoplazm as they are usually full of sycophantic drivel, but not here. Not because the music itself is so remarkable or it's a classic in the making. But because it meant so much to so many. The music isn't important. I don't ever have to hear it again. It's the message. The message is the take away and it's one that applies to anyone who has challenges in their life's journey to overcome. So basically everyone. Like he said, "from the fires of tragedy growth begins." Music means a lot to everyone and by revealing his story perhaps this may lead to others finding strength when attempting to conquer their own demons. I know this. After hearing this, I hug my kids a little tighter. Kiss my wife with more passion. And enjoy more of what this life has to offer with the wide eyed amazement of child. And there isn't anything wrong with that. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  23. Elios

    ॐ VA-Spring ॐ

    Artist: Various (lovingly compiled by Dj Zen) Album: Spring Label: Altar Records Genre: Progressive Psy-chill, Psy-chill, Downtempo 1.Reasonandu and Adrian Enescu - Peaceful Heart 6:02 2.Dense Moonflower 8:38 3.Suduaya Unity 8:02 4.Astropilot Dziva 9:34 5.Cabeiri - Lost Knowledge 10:39 6.Lab's Cloud Serankua 8:28 7.Asura Le Souffle du Vent 6:03 8.Akshan Solar Cycle 24 9:58 9.Sangeet A Touch by Wind 8:49 ''Spring'' is the ignition of the new complilation concept from Altar Records. After the beautiful ''Elements'' series, in which each artist was asked to produce tracks representing different elements Earth, Air, Water, et cetera - the label started a new cycle to offer unrealesed tracks from the most talented psy-chill, ambiant and downtempo artists. Each selected artist was asked to produce a track that represents the album's topic, the season spring. Selected with care by Dj Zen, ''Spring'' is an astounding collection of tunes gathering brand new music from well-known names like Asura, Suduaya, Cabeiri, Astropilot, Dense, Akshan, Lab's Cloud, Sangeet and a heart-touching track made in collaboration between Reasonandu and Adrian Enescu. Presenting mainly progessive psy-chill tracks, the result is a refreshing album that leaves a taste of renewal and future growth and blooming with more and more chill progressive albums to come from Altar Records. Peaceful Heart A heart-warming track awesomely made in a collaboration between Reasonandu and Adrian Enescu (a former member of the worldwide acclaimed and award-winning act ''Enigma''). Beautiful chants, organic mood and gentle beats offered within melodic texture and crystalines sounds. This track just makes me want to dance alone, eye closed, and smile to the universe. Moonflower Well-known for his implication in the German online radio ''Chromanova'' as the presenter of the programme named ''Chill-on'', Dense is recognized to produce warm and positive energetic tracks while always offering a relaxed mood. ''Moonflower'' does not make a exception! Unity An agressive chill-out tune built around a 90 beat per minute psy-trance kick. Agressive I said, but at the same time presenting a luminous progression of a sunny background melody. A perfect union between a shining downtempo ambiance and a progressive trance construction. Dziva As usual, Astropilot presents a complex and mature track juggling diverse intensity, instruments and feeling. Between the earth and the sky, remodeling the Yin and the Yang, Dziva presents a floating spiritual journey that leads into an introspective shamanic adventure. Lost Knowledge With ''Lost Knowledge'', one is brought into a darker mood while going deeper and deeper into the unknown vistas of consciousness. A well made tune built with the loving subtlety Cabeiri is known to offer. Serankua Lab's Cloud is not known to make progressive psychill 4/4 time tunes. With ''Serankua'', be ready to groove. A simple melody evolving through sunny and atmospheric sound within a deep and uptlifting structure. An awesome tune in a soft and sensual ambiance that gives the desire to move and laugh. Le Souffle du Vent Le Souffle du Vent....in english: The Wind's Blowing. A perfect name for this non-stop uplifting track in which the listener experiences a continous build up of intensity and beauty. The wind blows hard, and it keep going and going with an energetic, positive texture of sounds until the very end. Solar Cycle 24 An intense and fast progressive trance track. As usual, Akshan proposes a marvelous refreshing track in a tribal and spiritual vein; complex beat structure, surprising evolution and an astounding conclusion. A chill dynamic track supported by tribal drums, flutes and chants within a perfect blend of sacred feeling that's energeticly mind blowing. A Touch by Wind Between a classic progressive house structure, upliting trance and chill ambiance, Sangeet built an original track that will put the dance floor on fire. You can buy and listen to samples at: Altar Records: http://www.altar-records.com/spring.html BandCamp :http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/spring Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/alr/alr1cd034.html YouTube links:
  24. Artist: Radioactive Sandwich & Globular Title: Sorbet For the Soul EP Label: Omnitropic Date: March, 2013 01 - Globular - Lemon (97 BPM) 02 - Radioactive Sandwich - Lengo (97 BPM) 03 - Radioactive Sandwich - Mango (95 BPM) 04 - Globular - Mamon (91 BPM) Mix dubby beats, glitch, reggae vibes, and a healthy dose of vocals chopped and manipulated behind turntables and you've got an ep that can out Shpongle Shpongle. It certainly is a busy digital ep with lots of sounds thrust upon the ears at a frenetic pace. An interesting concept where both artists began with the same sounds and built their tracks. Globular did Lemon and The Sandwich created Mango. They then traded tracks and made their reinterpretations. The tracks are good and if you like that style then you will love this. The combination of an ethnic feel and funky rhythms is infectious. My favorite tracks are Lemon and Lengo with their slow downs that don't lose any smooth appeal. Sometimes it can get garbled as they attempt to sonically wring all they can out of the vocals, but that's minor. Get to downloading, you won't be disappointed. Free at Ektoplazm
  25. Hello Frieends, actually i got inspired to write this topic in parallel thread**. As downtempo and trance radiostation are usually separate, i would like you to ask which radiostations are your favourite for downtempo ambient music*? * basically eveything psychedelic slower then 115 bpm. It can be psychill (psychedelic chillout), psybient (psychedelic ambient), psydub, dub, psydubient, psystep, psybreaks (psychedelic breaks), downtempo, ambient downtempo, world, ethnic, temple bass, chillgressive (progressive chillout), ambient, ambient dub, psydm, idm, trip hop, glitch, electronica and meditative. ** theread for trance radios => http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php/topic/67278-internet-radio-which-ones-do-you-like-best/
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