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Found 11 results

  1. Artist: Nervasystem Title: Time Travel Label: Anjuna Records Date: December, 2013 1. Rotating Rama 2. Non Terrestrial Intelligence 3. Interstellar Mutation 4. Juddervision 5. Dimension Expansion 6. Narcosynthesis 7. Cybermat 8. Karmenbozia I had a dream last night. Nah, cooler. I was at Pink's (yes that one) wedding trying to console her because her family didn't approve of who she was marrying. I wasn't trying to score (not my type) just trying to be nice. For some reason it was in India cause that's the type of sh*t rich white people do. And somehow I managed to hike there from the Appalachian Trail. In Virginia. I know, the trail doesn't even have India as a destination! So anyway, the wedding is over and we have to climb down sheer cliffs to board an elephant that will take us to the ground. My kids are there and just like real life they're fast so I don't see them get on the elephant but I'm on it and we begin to descend. My stomach drops like it would on a roller coaster and he slams into Earth and we disembark. Onto another elephant that will take us to the train home. And I'm sitting next to the mother of an acquaintance from high school who just so happens to be from Goa, India. She tells me that her son wished that we were better friends and that he could play the synthesizers like I could. And in her best New Dehli English said, "That boy always had a love of goa trance." No sh*t. No f*cking way. With that last statement I knew I had to review this album. I haven't had a drink or smoked weed in over a decade and I can only attribute the vivid presentation of this dream to one thing... Meatloaf. That's right, a loaf of meat. To answer your question I will be making the same meatloaf for dinner tonight, I simply must find out if Pink goes through with her nuptials not to mention getting another ride on that elephant. Go figure some people need weed or LSD to open the door to another dimension, mine is available at Wal-Mart for $1.79 a pound. These tunes were written by Mark Dressler & Darren Beale between 1994 and 1996, some of the first tracks they ever recorded. The material was rediscovered when going through some old DAT tapes. Like with the Lucid Flux release there was a regular copy and a limited edition available. They even did posters and T-shirts. Rotating Rama is a thumping bit of psychedelic goa trance right out of the gate. Thumping being the operative word. It's very repetitive (and you'll find this throughout the album), but in a hypnotic way. It gathers you up in an old school goa vortex for over 11 minutes. Non Terrestrial Intelligence is a tale of two halves. The first half was ok, but the 2nd is where the lead went nuts and things took off. Sufficiently warmed up? Because from here to the last track it's it's an old school paddling. The bass hums in Interstellar Mutation as the synths snap crackle and pop in a nasty groove. And Juddervision is...well, it's kinda... Whew! Like that. Dimension Expansion is another bass driven monster with an absolute squealing lead. Narcosynthesis has a funky wobble and had a darkness that reminded me of Syb Unity Nettwerk. So that's a huge thumbs up. Monster track. Cybermat continues the assault with perhaps the most layered and aggressive track. Forceful. The only track that didn't floor me was Karmenbozia, but not a whole lot can keep up with the last several tracks. I was singing the name of the track for a bit though. Without question this is the best release from Anjuna Records. What a treat to get these tracks. This project has always been on the periphery of goa trance for me, but these tracks are extremely good. It's a powerful trip through deep space with screeching leads, bubbly bass, and plenty of darkness. Highly recommended. All it needed was a little meatloaf. Anjuna Records Mdk
  2. Artist: Various Title: Three Ohm Three Label: Anjuna Records Date: April, 2014 1. Perfect Rainbow - Exotic Eye 2. Total Eclipse - Area 51 (live) 3. Syb Unity Nettwerk - Forbidden (Space Invaders Remix) 4. Ufomatka - Extragalactic Form of Life 5. Shakta & Moonweed - Q 6. Subcouds - On Red (1999 pHlatline mix) 7. Jaia - Brainstorm (live Mix) 8. Moonweed - Jaunt 9. Virtuart - Tetragrammaton 10. Tandu - Inception "It's not nice to be invaded by aliens." Oh here we go with that xenophobic Republican talking point. Why you gotta be afraid of the brown people? You think they're all so scary. All they want is a better life than what... Oh. Those kind of aliens? Yeah I guess you're right it wouldn't be nice to be invaded by aliens. Although I like to think the aliens look like Kate Upton so I'll just bide my time, but always be prepared to bow down and serve. If you think that was just a cheap trick to post a Kate Upton gif well look at the big brain on Brad! Anjuna ain't crazy though. They just keep churning out the rare and unreleased goa trance and I keep guzzling it down like a six pack of Poland Spring in the desert. Oh excuse me...Evian for you Euros. It's melody intensive, comprised of storming tracks. it shimmers, it's layered and bubbly and boy does it sound good. As the title suggests the 303 sound is prominently featured here so if that instrument gives you a psy boner then you might wanna loosen the belt on your pants when you listen to this. Lots of kings of the old school here including wo tracks from Moonweed. Anytime you can double your weed I suppose that's a good thing. As per usual you can find Ukrainian (or did he go to the other side) Ufomatka here and while he's not from the old school rest assured his track is an absolute belter. That guy has some sick skills. Hope an album is in the works. The artwork is pretty sweet also. You can get T-shirts with the cover art just like with the Lucid Flux compilation. I'd get one, but I already get prison raped on shipping so I'll leave that to you slender European models. This is an excellent compilation that gets my seal of approval. Anjuna Bandcamp Suntrip Shop Mdk
  3. Dear Goa Heads, We are happy to announce about our digital distribution platform, all our albums will be available digitally in our bandcamp page and in the near future, selected albums will be available through other platforms as well. We are currently adding all our albums to our bandcamp page for digital download: http://anjunarecords.bandcamp.com/ A lot of requests towards digital downloads has been transmitted to us in the past year and as we promised to consider it we decided that now is a good time to start in parallel to physical CD, to offer you our great music in digital format. Bom!
  4. Artist: Moonweed Title: Voice of Jupiter Label: Anjuna Records Date: December, 2014 1. Om Life 2. Aardvark 3. Prophecy 4. Micronesia (feat. Shakta) 5. Spiral Expansion (MoonwOOOD Mix) 6. Celestial (feat. Squid) 7. Telepath 8. (SH)It Happens 9. Snake Charmer 10. Voice of Jupiter This is some raw old school sh*t. So raw. "You mean like a vegetable?" Yes like a vegetable. No you simpleton. Like sliding on a basketball court without any knee protection. You know the sound I'm talking about. Like cutting into your steak and watching it bleed. Moonweed is Jamie Graham and thanks to Anjuna records we have all his hard to find tracks in one place. Ladies and gents I present you his debut album. It took a while to get here, but holy crap on a cracker was it worth it. This is a blistering collection of goa trance from back in the day when the men were men and the sheep were nervous. Growling and screeching 303's at a monster drink fueled pace is what this is. Swirling leads and more bubbly layers than my kid's bath. Along with his classic tracks there are also some nice surprises I had never heard before. Waiter, I'd like one time machine set to...oh, let's try the beaches of Goa circa 1996? An excellent choice sir. And beyond excellent it is. I was just thinking that all any goa head would need was this album and Shakta Retroscape when at that very moment Micronesia came on. That's confirmation from the man upstairs people. The whole album is four on the floor relentless psychedelic goa trance and with mastering by Mr. Tim Schuldt the sound is brilliant. If everything old is new again I say keep f*cking digging cause there's gold in them hills! This is an absolute must have and for my money the greatest release from Anjuna to date. Is it too late to vote for the best of the year thingy? Kim Jong Un Approved. Anjuna Bandcamp Mdk
  5. Artist: UX Title: Audissey: Live & Beyond Label: Anjuna Records Date: July, 2015 1. Slide - Waking Up To Chaos (Live Remix) 2. Pure Intellect (Live Remix) 3. Third Eye (Live Remix II) 4. Dominion (Digital Frontiers Live Remix) 5. Millennium Generation (Live Remix) 6. Cyberkrist - Crossworld (Götterdämmerung Live Mix) 7. Master of the Universe (Epic Live Remix) 8. Chrysalis (Judgement Day Live Mix) 9. Audissey (Excerpt) "Boundaries are good...They keep things separate." Ahhh...I remember when this was first announced. Everything was golden. Rainbows and unicorns. Cotton candy clouds and pixie stick joy that one of the masters of dark goa trance was going to release an album that we had been craving. Kris Kylven and Pete Martin made up UX back in the day and their debut album release Ultimate Experience is a classic foray into the dark and industrial side of goa trance. Understandably hopes were raised that this would be a return to the sound of greatness and bring back that rich, layered sound that we crave. Who knew that it would be accompanied by a monkey throwing sh*tstorm? From accusations of fake crowd noise, oft delayed release dates, anger issues, rumors, posted social media screenshots, the label turning on the artist whose album they're trying to release, anti-semitism...whew! So much drama y'all needed Dr. Phil on speed dial. But f*ck that I couldn't care less. You wanna dive into the mud go read the locked thread or the 11 page one. I'm sorry that friendships were ruined and bad feelings saturated the atmosphere of this release, but the only thing that matters is the music seeing the light of day. Which it did. Eventually. Finally. I'm a reviewer. Impartial. Switzerland. I love UX and I loved a lot of the music from Anjuna Records, but I don't know either of them so I'll focus on solely the music thank you very much. In 2012 we got a remastered and enhanced digital version of Ultimate Experience that really got the juices flowing. So fast forward to this release and now we get live versions and remixes of classic UX tracks and a mix of one by Slide and one by Cyberkrist. The artwork is beautiful (from Samuel Farrand from New Hampshire USA!) and the sound is impressive. Truly immersive and I pretty much love everything about this release from its dark acidic goa sound to its futuristic and aggressive atmosphere. The tracks are true storytellers constantly evolving with frequent twists and turns. It's layered madness with sinister sonic tsunamis that are just...unrelenting. The Waking Up To Chaos remix is a brutal assault with screaming leads (original by Pete Martin of Slide). Pure Intellect is just a wave of concussive force that hangs with the original. And that's a common element in all the remixes found here. While I wasn't fond of the Third Eye Remix on Tribal Encore the one here was raw and unapologetic with a dark techno base. This is how you do remixes expounding on music of which we are all certainly familiar. It's as if all the tracks have been given a shot of adrenalin becoming great companions to the originals. he brings the same industrial fury to Crossworld (a track I've never heard) with a deep guitar crunch and bubbly electronics. I'm not sure what Antic is listening to, but this sounds awesome in my car, on my headphones, and on my computer. I'm certainly not an audiophile (and don't doubt what he detects), but if he feels he cannot get joy (he might get joy, I don't know) from the sound quality of this release than all I can feel is pity. I agree that the volume level of Masters of the Universe sounds a bit lower (and if we're being honest it's not as brilliant as the original), but it's certainly not a deal breaker. Also, I would love some clarification on whether this mix is the same as the one found on the Ektoplazm release. The final excerpt raises hopes that perhaps a dark industrial tinged downtempo goa album (did I check enough boxes?) may be in the future. If you're a goa fan then this is an absolute must in your collection. The quality far outpaces all the drama that unfortunately went with it. Although to put a bit of a positive spin on it the drama certainly assured that it will skyrocket in value. Suntrip Shop
  6. Artist: Various Title: Tribal Encore Label: Anjuna Records Date: July, 2013 1. UFOmatka - Vega 2. B.E.T.H. - Back To Blighty (Live Mix) 3. UX - Third Eye (Remix) 4. Aurax - Cone Nebula (Red Meatballs Remix) 5. UFOmatka - Alien's Lair 6. Aurax - Atomic Defloration 7. Jaia - Insomnie 8. Process - Funktion Junktion 9. Sandman - Starfinder (Live Mix) Grand opening, grand closing. This is the story of many goa labels. They come, drop a release that is filled with hope and expectations for the future and then like a cupcake in the hands of my kids...they just disappear. Gone before you know it. Moonquest Records, Ultiva Records, Phototropic Records (this one had some longevity, but had a lot more drama)...Tough to make it as a label in a niche market. For every Suntrip or DAT Records there is a Tranceform Records. So the labels have figured out that you have to release something extraordinary to get the hype machine working. Get people talking about your product. Release music that maybe wasn't catering to a large chunk of the psy audience. But it can't be all about hype. First thing is promotion. Get your message out there early and often. Next a tracklist that includes unreleased or hard to find stuff from the greats of goa trance seems to be the hotness right now. Then you wait. But there is a balance that must be struck. Too short a wait and you can't manufacture the adequate buzz. Can't let people's minds wander and imagine the possibilities. Wait too long and people will forget. We lose interested because, let's face it we're easily distracted. "Holy sh*t it's a f*cking banana! Hey, come look at this!!! You know you never think you're gonna see one and then BAMMM!!! There it is!" Oh and one more thing...make it a limited edition. Make people feel if they don't get this quick (preorder) they'll be missing out. It works, at least with me. To this day I still haven't heard Mind Rewind. But ultimately (and rightly so) it comes down to the music. Anjuna is a new label that did all of these things. Our scene seems to release music daily and the majority of it is the same generic nonsense that sounds like everything else. This label's debut features a collection of rarities and new tracks that has put the psychedelic back into psychedelic trance. It's a mixture of belting goa trance and trippy psytrance. There are plenty of WTF sounds as well as soaring melodies in this compilation that touches several genres. Vega sparkles with shiny lights but also has sharp 303 teeth hidden just beneath the surface. Back To Blighty has never been appealing to me, but this heavily techno influenced live mix...something about it. Then there was the next track. I was excited as anyone would be when I saw a track from maestro Kris Kylven and here he does his best NIN impression with guitar crunch and primal screams. This isn't goa or psy (or even trance), but screaming rage over a breakbeat. Yeah, ummm...no, I'll see myself out. Aurax gets things back on track with the Red Meatballs remix of Cone Nebula and c'mon who doesn't like meatballs? I'm not sure if the remix is old or he did it for this comp, but it's a good blending of psy and goa. Unfortunately UFOmatka's 2nd track isn't as deep as the first, but the second Aurax offering is cosmic deliciousness. Then came goa Jesus. Apparently getting Jaia to release a goa track from the past is harder than a senior citizen with a lifetime supply of Viagra. I don't care how they did it, but I thank you (as I'm sure my dead grandpa's boner would) for releasing that classic. Hopefully the floodgates will opern for that project and we'll see a lot of great things. Which brings me to the final two tracks. Funktion Junktion is a psytrance track with a plethora of cyber sounds that makes me feel like I'm deep in their hardware. The compilation closes with a long track by Sandman that has a moon landing feel to it. Alien sounds abound but I wasn't on board until the break. It was ok, but I believe this to be concrete evidence that increased track length doesn't always equate to epic status. Anjuna is following Zion604's lead in releasing hard to find rarities and unreleased tracks from yesteryear. It sounds fantastic (nods to Tim Schuldt) even if I'm not thrilled with all the tracks. The mixing of old and new worked very well and there is something for anyone who follows our music. Congratulations Anjuna, a really good compilation that has me looking forward to what you will come up with next. Bandcamp Mdk
  7. Dear Goa Heads, Preorder avaiable through our website @ www.anjunarecords.com/shop/moonweed-voice-jupiter We are very excited to announce about our next release, Moonweed's debut album: "Voice Of Jupiter" He started making music back in 1991 after discovering the London Acid House party scene in 1988. Loving the squelchy acid sound he soon discovered where that noise came from and sourced a TB-303 and some other essential analogue gear. Whilst living in Brixton in the 90's he discovered Acid Techno and Goa Trance parties at the local clubs such as Return to the source & Ahisma etc.... His fist release 'Tempest' was under the name 'Salamander' on Platipus Records a full on Acid Techno tune. The Goa influence had made its mark on him and in 1996 he released his first Goa track 'Prophecy' on Dragonfly, which would be the first of many Goa releases on various Labels such as Phantasm, Psychic Deli, Celtic, Aquatech, VCF. He collaborated with Shakta and Tim Healey (pre-Quirk) and other acts such as OOOD. An album at the time was not possible as he had released so many of his tracks on different Labels each label wanted to release it themselves so it is only now that it is finally being released on Anjuna Records. MoonWeeD has always been a DJ also, Having his own party in Brixton in the 90's 'Journey Inside'. Recently he's been performing in Belgium and Oslo Norway at the 'Love & Magic' Parties which he co-founded and various parties around Europe. Tracklist: 1. Om Life 2. Aardvark 3. Prophecy 4. Micronesia (Feat. Shakta) 5. Spiral Expansion - MoonwOOOD remix (Feat OOOD) 6. Celestial (Feat Squid) 7. Telepath - Remix 8. [sh]It Happens 9. Snake Charmer 10. Voice Of Jupiter All tunes were mastered by Tim Schuldt @ 4cn-studios, giving the album much fresher, intensive sound as never heard before. Produced by: Tal Hazan (aurax) Artwork by: Samuel Farrand Release Date: 1/12/14 Limited T-shirt & Album Bundle through the following link: http://www.anjunarecords.com/shop/voice-jupiter-bundle/ Samples: Peace & Love, Anjuna Records
  8. Dear Goa Heads, Preorders started - Release date : 1/7/15 Link: http://www.anjunarecords.com/shop/ux-audissey-live-beyond/ We are super excited to announce a new album from UX: UX - AUD‡SSEY (Live & Beyond) This spectacular masterpiece by the trance genius Kris Kylven, consists of 9 tracks - 7 recorded live in shows across Europe and Israel during the last 10 years, included excerpts of the amazing show performance with Front 242 in Helsinki- Finland. All tracks are performed and recorded live by Kris Kylven , RX heaven and guests appearances by : Jan Rechberger (Amorphis), Luka Grilc (Fetisha) & Miss K. It's a very powerful, unique and deep combination of well-known tracks in their most modern, unique and upgraded form it also includes 2 new recently composed dance-floor smasher tracks. From the famous "Masters of The Universe" through "Life Support Technology", "Pure Intellect" alongside "Waking Up To Chaos" originally from "Slide" & "Space Puppy" originally from "Syb Unity Nettwerk" – True classics that redefined the Goa genre as we know it today. All track are digitally mastered by: Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios Artwork and design by: Samuel Farrand Additional Design & Layout by: Kris Kylven Artwork: - Anjuna Team
  9. Dear Goa Heads, After one year of hard work and great releases, we would like to show our appreciation to those who support us and believe in our goals, to spread true psychedelic trance music. So we decided that for one week, all orders in our website will be eligible for free shipping. To use this offer please use the coupon code : Anjuna1yrcel This offer is not limited to any product. And a small update, the announced albums will be ready soon. prepare yourself Peace & Love. Anjuna Records
  10. Artist: Various Title: Lucid Flux Label: Anjuna Records Date: November, 2013 1. Prana - Taiyo (Process Imperfect Simulant Remix) 2. Chakra & Eddie Mis - X-Files (Visitors Remix) 3. Syb Unity Nettwerk - Sun Invaders [Full Moon Mix] 4. NervaSystem & Aether - Distorted Waves Of OM (Slight Return) 5. Aurax - Inordinately Haggard (Live) 7. Graham Wood - Spaced In 8. Ufomatka - Varstar 9. UX - Master Of The Universe (Epic Live Re-Mix Live with Front 242) "The pond was a nice little beautiful floating...stream going over a nice little dam. And we sat there and water flowed over us and it was beautiful, beautiful. The sun was glistening off our beautiful young bodies and we climbed up out of the water and found that we were all...covered...with...leeches!" I love being a goa trance fan these days. There is so much variety and different styles from which to choose. One trend that labels like DAT Records, Zion 604, and Anjuna have honed in on is our seemingly insatiable desire for unreleased old school goa. Apparently the artists of the golden days knew this time would come so they held on to their DAT tapes of tracks that previously never saw the light of day. Anjuna is a label that is really going balls out with their releases including limited edition inverted CDs as well as T-shirts. Tribal Encore (their debut compilation) was a success releasing tracks you wouldn't hear from other labels. I didn't like all of them, but Anjuna realizes that all of the tracks are part of the rich history of goa, and pleasing everyone all the time is an impossibility. I've had discussions with them and they are more concerned with keeping that history and old school spirit alive than in turning a profit. Once again their latest compilation contains tracks that were either previously unreleased or only found on vinyl. Taiyo (Process Imperfect Simulant Remix)- The original track can be found on Cyclone and the Chakra Remix can be found on Geomantik. I like this one the best. It sound s more organic with beeps and squeals above the deep bass. X-Files (Visitors Remix)- Yeah...no. This is some thumping psy with tribal screams and I don't care for it. Whatever, I didn't like the original version either. That said as a remix it's a win because it is so dramatically different than said original. Sun Invaders [Full Moon Mix]- Syb Unity Nettwerk (Kris Kylven) doesn't make bad tracks and this is no exception. Constantly evolving this is pretty good. Distorted Waves Of OM (Slight Return)- Nervasystem and Aether deliver one of the tracks of the compilation. It squelches and squeals coalescing it's layers into quite the stomper. Lot's of folks are excited about Anjuna's next release which is some unreleased Nervasystem. Me being one of them. Awesome track and you gotta wonder how this puppy never saw the light of day. Inordinately Haggard (Live)- Psychedelic goa to the core! Browling like a lion and bubbling like a vat of steaming acid this track shrieks to anyone who'll listen. Sometimes sharp sometimes laid back it's a definite highlight. Full Potential- Another track that never made it to primetime or anytime actually. Lots of alien noises and dark psychedelia especially near the end. Spaced In- Graham Wood (Half of the Infinity Project) up next with another unreleased gem. It gurgles and bounces with head nodding goodness. Nothing too intricate, but when you layer all that bubbling it makes twirling much easier. Varstar- If Distorted Waves was number one than this is 1A. Darkness has a name and it's Varstar. Feel that low bass deep in your physical center as sinister vibes bursting with evil froth over. God it's so clear and lush I feel as though I could squeeze it through my fingers! Master Of The Universe (Epic Live Re-Mix Live with Front 242)- And now the one that got mouths salivating. Already one of the greatest goa tracks in history, but now with more Front 242! It's live so you can hear the crowd cheering which I like. Always gives a boost of energy. I don't know what part Front 242 played in this tale, but I don't hear additional vocals until near the end. It sounds slightly different with a more symphonic quality. This second release from Anjuna is two scoops of win. Rare and unreleased old school goa trance will always be welcomed as far as I'm concerned. Like the debut compilation I didn't fall in love with all the tracks, but I respected them. And please, remixes that don't sound just like a clone of the original? Where do I sign up? The sound quality is rich like chocolate cake thanks to Mr. Tim Schuldt. That guy is boss. Highly recommended for all your psychedelic goa trance needs. Congratulations Anjuna! Bandcamp Mdk
  11. Hello Goa Heads, We are happy to announce about our first label event, a huge - 20 hours party with supreme lineup. Nervasystem - Live Astral Projection Domestic Chakra Indoor Sandman Oforia Power Source California Sunshine Witchcraft Xerox M.F.G Space Cat Party will take place in Israel, for more information contact us directly on fb or here. Tickets and Info: http://www.anjunarecords.com/backto97
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