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  1. Somnesia is back. He creates the perfect dosage to color the goa sound. Cosmic Resonance plunges us into hallucinatory atmosphere with dazzling soundscapes. An explosion of highly relevant melodies that awaken in all our senses. This new collection of 9 organic goa trance tracks aspire us in a galactic spiral and offers us wonderful transcendent passages. Tracklist: 1) From Nibiru ::09'34:: 2) Heliopolis ::10'29:: 3) Everytime Galaxies Illuminate ::09'45:: 4) Edge Of Infinity ::09'01:: 5) Beyond The Sky (Space Mood Mix) ::09'51:: 6) Abstract World ::09'27:: 7) Back To Nibiru ::09'10:: 8) Slow Motion ::11'00:: 9) Zero Gravity ::01'40:: * all tracks are written and produced by Somnesia ::Somnesia's soundcloud:: https://m.soundcloud.com/somnesia
  2. Artist: Koatl Title: Domination Label: Unimuse Records Catalog Number: UNIEP047 Genre: Fullon Psytrance Format: Digital Download (WAV/MP3) Beatport Link: https://www.beatport.com/release/domination/2028987 Soundcloud Preview: Tracklist: 1. Domination Release Info: Unimuse Records Proudly presents the latest single from Koatl - Domination. Mexican producer Koatl brings you the latest fullon smasher that is filled with psychedelic soundscapes and will sure bring high energy to any dancefloor. The track contains that special sound design that is unique to Koatl and his amazing production skills. Be sure to add this fullon gem to your collection and enjoy the sounds of the Domination of the psychedelic vibes Release Date: 05/18/2017 Koatl on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Koatl-699264830111023/ Koatl on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/koatl_live
  3. Function Loops has announced the release of Trance Vocal Hooks, an outstanding collection of trance & psytrance vocals, perfect to add the pro factor in any production. These vocals are inspired by the biggest hits and names of today. It is hard to find a good vocal hook for a track, so Function Loops made it easy for any aspiring or established producer: recorded over 700MB of vocal loops - ethnic, tribal, psychedelic - it's all there. To save a lot of time, the whole content is key labelled, also vocals are super easy to pitch and change the key to fit any project without losing quality. Included in the pack are dry, wet and gated versions for maximum flexibility. All vocals at delivered at 138BPM, in 24-bit WAV quality, original and fresh content, recorded by a talented vocalist at Function Loops studios. 100% royalty-free. Trance Vocal Hooks costs $22.90; included with any purchase is a FREE bonus kit. Audio demo: https://soundcloud.com/functionloops/function-loops-trance-vocal-hooks Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtZ1k_Bs414 More info: https://www.functionloops.com/trance-vocal-hooks.html
  4. Made a new mix for the annual Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-Marathon (and full Marathon but only someone like my brother is crazy enough to do 26.2 miles :wtf: ). The race was delayed 1.5 hours due to storms in the area, and I wound up taking the race out too fast in the first 7 miles and struggled between walking/running for the last 6. Seems to be a trend in my races these days. I need to learn how to control my pace so I don't burn out like that. Perhaps my depleted energy stores was also a side-effect of the delayed start time. Anyway, the mix was better than my race. Big time trance melodies and high-energy psychedelic attack sequences, all flowing together for a powerful 100 minutes of quality electronic dance music. Pretty happy with this one. Altered State - Hypnotic [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Zyce & Shake - Gravity [TesseracTstudio] Ascent & Norma Project - Shining Crystals [Geomagnetic] Ecosphere & Electit - Society [Parabola] Flowjob - Alice In Orbit (Magnus Remix) [iboga] Inner Sphere - Night Shade [iono] System E - A New World [Digital Nature] Ilai & Sonic Entity - Dmt Perception [iono] Vertical Mode - Lucky Number (Symbolic Remix) [TechSafari] Christopher Lawrence & No Comment - Horizon [Critical Overload] Magnus - Sonder [Critical Overload] Moon Tripper - Let's Find A Point [JOOF Mantra] Spectro Senses - Fundamental Experience [bounce] Bowdidge & Taylor - Sidewinder (Harmonic Rush Extended Mix) [Monster Force] Makida - Human Evolution [24/7] Makida & Eeon - Cosmic Expansion [24/7] Moon Tripper - Selenophile [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Reverse - Ultima (Magnus Remix) [Critical Overload] SoundCloud art credit: jp-talma download link: Ziptnf - Atomic Structures (1:40:45) 232MB ~320kbps Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwLay-K1p34EUTFDSmZhd2pibDg/view?usp=sharing
  5. Grab it here: https://faxinadu.bandcamp.com/album/nh-y-r-ng-ep Faxi Nadu - Nhay Rong EP and Producer Edition with track stems! OuT N0W at Bandcamp! Stream for free, album for 3e, producer edition 7e! Inspired by travels to #vietnam the album includes three tracks associated emotionaly with the experiences during that trip. From classy 90s style club/goa, through intensly psychedelic minimal techno to progressive beach day trance. Includes also a collaboration track with Nuno Muacho and HoodArt Art with album graphics also by HoodArt Art. The tracks make extensive use and showcase our own synthesizers and plugins developed by us through Ocean Swift Synthesis for the Sonic Core GmbH Scope platform! 1. Ha Long Sunset (Original Mix) 06:14 2. Bui Vien (Original Mix) 09:46 3. Faxi Nadu and Nomad Moon - An Ho (Message To Earth Remix) 09:56 All tracks written and produced by Yaron Eshkar Track 3 in collaboration with Nuno Muacho, remixed by Fernando Abreu Album art by: Fernando Abreu Mastered by: Faxi Nadu
  6. V.A mACIDonian Tales is first release of our new Label COSMODELICA RECORDS We started this label few weeks ago but the idea behind this Records is long time before.This Label is created and managed by two Macedonian djs and promoters Liquid Illusion ( Borche Stefkovski ) and Cosmic ( Ace Milanov). Both with more years of DJing experience and lot of parties organized.Both domestically and international well known,Cosmic and Liquid illusion have shared the dancefloor with some of the most influence artists in the Psytrance scene, Cosmodelica records mission will be to promote talented artisst and to create a sound that will be specific for this records. Melodical vibes and morning style will be the trademark of this records. VA mACIDonian TaLeS​ compiled by Liquid Illusion 1.Zopmanika - Bodhisattva 2.Vishuddha - Mind in Mind 3.Etnica- Trip Tonite (Vishuddha remix) 4.Astral Projection- Utopia ( Zopmanika remix) 5.Sirius - Star Beings 6.InnerSelf vs Zopmanika - Connecting Galaxies 7. Jabba - Tollan 8.InnerSelf - Difference Beetwen 9. Jabba - Cahokia follow us on soundcloud,web page,Facebook page you can listen samples and full tracks on our Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/cosmodelica-records Release date 1 june 2016...Free release present from us. Style - psy-morning and goa Link for download will be posted on our webpage http://www.cosmodelicarecords.com and FaceBook Page https://www.facebook.com/Cosmodelica-Records-816288055144177/ follow our work Booking Contact and manager LiquiD-ILLuSioN
  7. Hi people, I thought I share a new track with you, although it's not finished [at least when it comes to mixing/mastering]. It's called JBB! [Jacab Brain Bismart!], the name of an awesome refreshing drink that I love https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/jbb-jacab-brain-bismart-badly-mixed-unmastered-etc My first EP will include the track, so expect a much better sounding version soon!
  8. This set was recorded live on the 11th of march 2017 at our party Lunar Sunrise 3: Moonlight Rituals, after a great dj set by Gnome and before the amazing live perfomance by Jaïa. As usual, it focuses on the melodic side of goa trance. Enjoy! Tracklist: Encens - Spiritual Transgression Possesed - Vitual Dreams Future Prophecy - Vertigo Future Prophecy - Aperitif Aeon - Neurone Power Source - Skywalker Nuclear Ramjet - La Chevauchée Fantastique Gangnia - Cubic People Imperial Project - Serpent Rider Imba & Hisia - Elysium Island Clementz - Lost Spirit Dimension 5 - Caprica Hunab Ku - Dreamstar Dreamweaver - Messengers From The Sky Aneewa - World In Your Eyes Asia 2001 - Vertige (Paradiso Mix) Warlock - Capta Goa 6 Climax Absolüte - Torrero Halluciné E-Mantra - Land Of the Fairies Ephedra - Citric Storm Hunab Ku - Dominion Hunab Ku - Magick Mirror Dimension 5 - Synthonic Switch
  9. Shunyata Records is coming up with their 4th release and 3rd full length various artists album. Album concept Universes are separated from each other by a single quantum event. A theory of a self-contained separate reality co-existing with one's own. A specific group of parallel universes is called a "multiverse", although this term can also be used to describe the possible parallel universes that constitute reality. While the terms "parallel universe" and "alternative reality" are generally synonymous. There is sometimes an additional connotation implied with the term "alternative reality" that implies that the reality is a variant of our own. The term "parallel universe" is more general, without any connotations implying a relationship, or lack of relationship, with our own universe. A universe where the very laws of nature are different – for example, one in which there are no Laws of Motion – would in general count as a parallel universe but not an alternative reality and a concept between both fantasy world and earth. Each and every track is getting crafted by keeping the core of the concept of the VA in the subconscious and at the same time maintaining the flow & importance of the subliminal messages encoded within! ''Sound is the only truth'' Shunyata Records is extremly happy to announce VA Source Replika. 25 track VA features brilliantly talented Artits from all around the world. VA Source Replika will be the third Compilation from Shunyata Records. Release Date: 15th April Format: High Quality Digital Download Mastering: Skyhighatrist, Catawampus Records, UK Compiled By: Shunyata Records _____________________________________________________ Music From 01 ATEZU https://soundcloud.com/atezu 02 PSYCHOTECA https://soundcloud.com/kostas-tranopoulos 03 ARUSHA https://soundcloud.com/arusha-band 04 BUBBLEGUNS https://soundcloud.com/bubble-guns 05 FLIPKNOT https://soundcloud.com/flipknot 06 WHITE WIZARD https://soundcloud.com/white_wizard-2 07 SPIRITUZ https://soundcloud.com/spirituz 08 KHAOS SEKTOR https://soundcloud.com/khaos-sektor 09 NOIZEBUG https://soundcloud.com/noizebug 10 GOCH https://soundcloud.com/vladimirgockov 11 KHAOS SEKTOR & WITCH FREAK https://soundcloud.com/witch-freak 12 SATYR IASIS https://soundcloud.com/satyr-iasis 13 HOMOPSYKOUS (Looney) https://soundcloud.com/l00ney 14 OPENMIND https://soundcloud.com/openmind-paul 15 RITUAL https://soundcloud.com/ritualakapafilas 16 HORN https://soundcloud.com/naspa/horn-realms-of-creation-in-progress 17 DENDROBATES https://soundcloud.com/daoinesidhe 18 PAGANORIUM https://soundcloud.com/dj-sakura 19 D.O.D https://soundcloud.com/deepbrianfrombosis 20 HARYASHVAS https://soundcloud.com/haryashvas 21 SIONNACH https://soundcloud.com/tadhgkelly666 22 HANUMANN https://soundcloud.com/hanumann 23 EXCURSION https://soundcloud.com/xcursion-1 24 FRACTAL SPIN https://soundcloud.com/fractal-spin 25 QPOP https://soundcloud.com/qpop -Names are not in any specific order- Mastering - SKYHIGHATRIST Art Work - Aashit Singh Bandcamp https://shunyatarecords.bandcamp.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Shunyata-Records-488193998027101/?fref=nf
  10. Been trying to find info on artists like Ubar Tmar, KURO, Ree. K and Masa and the Japanese Trance scene in general, but there seems to be very little to find on the western webs. Anyone who can point me in the right direction? Ps. Recommendations are welcome as well EDIT: Pretty interesting thread though it's mostly focused on personal experiences: http://forum.isratrance.com/japanese-trance-scene-info/
  11. Hello guyzz ! Yesterday I finished this track, but I don't know what kind of genre it is. I think that the first part is progressive trance and the second part more trance. https://soundcloud.com/realbee/everything-changing
  12. Hey people, here's our latest track with Anchu [Totem Hotel & me], called 'Derecho'. A derecho is a violent, electric windstorm, by the way [a title we added when the song was already finished]. https://soundcloud.com/anchu-398181033/derecho Have a pleasant listen, see ya!
  13. Hey Guys I made a bit of time to start a track and get it thus far. Any comments/suggestions is always appreciated. Theres's definitely a heavy shortage of fx, I might be able to sneak a synth or two in there somehow. https://soundcloud.com/glitchmodus/mode-switch-wip-140bpm
  14. 24 FEVRIER 2017 : TALAMASCA live set + Guests @ OFFICINE 2.0 ( Paris) ERREUR DANS LE TITRE C'est le 24 !!! pas le 27... désolés de cette erreur plus d'info à venir sur l'event FB Ici : https://www.facebook.com/events/229978764095212/ Ouverture des portes 23h30 Paf 5€ avant 1h00, 10€ ensuite - Vestiaire obligatoire : 2€ L'Officine, 11 rue de la grande truanderie M° Etienne Marcel, Rambuteau RER Chatelet-Les- Halles
  15. Hi everybody! My new track "Cosmic Rain - Shaman Way" is psychill,trance genre experience with many natural flute and drum sounds into a melodic combination with electronic psytrance music. I hope u find it interesting. Thanks in advance
  16. My friend says this reminds him of Synergy. Just about finished this remix. It was a lot of work and had thought I have to stay within the genre in order to have a shot at success in the competition. I am contemplating doing a Progessive Psy or Techno remix but considering going with Techno because of the label's releases. https://splice.com/psychasm/deadmau5-feat-grabbitz---let-go
  17. Hey guys, thought I'd share my first release "Nonlocality" with all you psy fans! Enjoy the vibes! https://ichomancer.bandcamp.com/releases https://soundcloud.com/ichomancer/sets/nonlocality https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL131QEaElzensntofTnvNMUkudvYgfmYF
  18. Hey guys, i've been making some youtube videos of albums for artists and i've been wondering the type of music you guys would like to see. Here's my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMm1-fa2wPjtGRR8W2PGFyA A few idea's I have for some comps and releases are: VA - Language of light XIS- Electric Rites Some Jake Stephenson releases, aka Shamanic Tribes and Optica COP- Urban Alien (Done) A time period i'm looking for is 1990-2004? I mean if it's above 2004 and it's good i'd be fine with uploading that. I would also prefer the genre to be either ambient, goa trance, and some recent-ish dark ambient A list of what i've posted so far: The Mobeus - A Cyborg's Eye View V2 Bodh Gaya - Ayahuasca Blue Planet Corporation - Unreleased old sounds 1-2 Ominus - Ominus All Chi AD albums, including the Earth Crossing remaster Mad Stof - Mad Stof Transwave - Backfire COP - Urban Alien TL;DR: Post a request for an album or a comp and I may or may not upload it to my channel. Lets see what psynews would like to see uploaded.
  19. its fucking epic get it drums , bass , acid , some extra weird sounds.. some nice acid trance in the middle... deja vu brilliant finish song goodbye
  20. Hey Guys. Im sharing this made by Tatyx. All comment are please welcome;) I have been working closely with Tatyx on some projects but this is a solo project by the artist. His style is evolving and he has some more to share when ready. https://soundcloud.com/psytatyx/tatyx-deep-spirit-vers2
  21. good afternoon to you all, I'd like to share my newest track with you! it's called Yantaraquenga, and it's floating throught the night with its solid 148 bpm tempo. https://soundcloud.com/thongoro/yantaraquenga I decided to make it freely downloadable till the 1st of January, because I'd like to release an EP pretty soon, and I want to include this track on it [a better mastered version anyways] with 2 or 3 more. Have fun listening to it! L.G
  22. 10 FEVRIER 2017 REVIVAL PARTY 1993/2000- Psychaos live aka Joti Sidh (IBIZA) @ OFFICINE 2.0 *********************** Nous avons l'immense plaisir de recevoir Joti Sidhu (Psychaos) pour deux heures de live-act et vous faire découvrir ou redécouvrir les sons de 1993 à l'an 2000 qui ont contribué à la réputation des splendides Gaia de l'époque ! https://soundcloud.com/jotisidhu https://www.facebook.com/events/362163557472976/ Pour l'occasion Joti sera accompagné de : - Saïdù Manitù (3D Vision) - Thierry XDR (Tekno Tanz) *********************** Ouverture des portes à 23h30 Paf 10€ Tarif bar à prix corrects, vestiaire obligatoire 2€ *********************** L'OFFICINE 2.0 11 rue de la GrandeTruanderie 75001 Paris M° Chatelet - Etienne Marcel - Rambuteau - RER Chatelet-Les-Halles
  23. 27 JANVIER 2017 - Gaia concept party w/ Maraz / Tekn / Menog live (Portugal)/Oniryx Menog est Daniel Bernardo, un artiste de Trance psychédélique connu dans le monde entier et originaire de Coimbra, au Portugal. Musicien né, il a débuté sa carrière en jouant de la guitare puis la batterie dans son groupe de métal au début des années 90. Son intérêt pour la musique électronique a commencé en 1995 avec la scène techno au Portugal, il a participé à son premier événement Trance en 1997 et a décidé de se mettre à créer ce type de musique après le Boom Festival de 1998. Quatre ans plus tard, en 2002, Dani a sorti son premier album « Natural Behaviour » sous le nom de Menog avec le label grec Stardsounds Rec. Menog est l’un des fondateurs et managers de Spectral Records, a sorti cinq albums et ses tracks sont présents sur de nombreuses compilations. Sa musique figure sur des compilations de labels tels que Nutek, 3Division, Shiva Space Tech, Phantasm, SpaceTribe Music, Digital Psionics, Acidance, Timecode, Nexus Media, Planet Ben, Fungi rec, Noize Conspiracy, Hadra et bien entendu Spectral Records ! Menog se produit dans le monde entier dans des apparitions live sensibles et enthousiastes. Lorsqu’il joue en live sur scène, il souhaite transmettre des émotions. Sa musique raconte une histoire, avec un début, un milieu et une fin. Ses tracks n’ont qu’un seul objectif … vous faire DANSER !! FB EVENT PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/events/123505948140925/ 23h30 / 01h15 : MARAZ 01h15 / 03h00 : TEKN 03h00 / 04h00 : MENOG 04h00 / 05h30 : ONYRIX Ouverture des portes à 23h30 Paf 10€ Tarif bar à prix corrects, vestiaire obligatoire 2€ L'Officine 2.0 11 rue de la GrandeTruanderie 75001 Paris M° Etienne Marcel - RER Les Halles
  24. 20 JANVIER 2017 - DJs:Shane Gobi (UK)/Jok'Air / Sheliak Nous avons l'honneur et le plaisir d'inviter DJ SHANE GOBI, Fondateur et manager du Label d' Alchemy Records Shane Gobi est l’un des principaux DJ du circuit mondial de la trance. Originaire d’Afrique du Sud, Shane a fondé Alchemy en 2001. Il participe très régulièrement à des festivals et se produit dans des clubs du monde entier, de Londres au Japon. Elu DJ de l’année à Isratrance en 2003, Shane est renommé pour sa magie technique et ses sets en forme d’odyssée. https://www.facebook.com/agendapsy https://www.facebook.com/DJSHANEGOBI Il sera accompagné de nos amis de PsyConspiracy !! ॐ JOK'AIR - PsyConspiracy - Bordeaux https://soundcloud.com/jokair https://www.facebook.com/DJjokair/ ॐ SHELIAK - PsyConspiracy - Paris https://www.facebook.com/sheliakmusic/ https://www.facebook.com/assopsyconspiracy Déco : Artemuss EVENT FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/events/350122985354777/ ********************************* Ouverture des portes à 23h30 Paf 10€ Tarif bar à prix corrects, vestiaire obligatoire 2€ ********************************* L'Offiicine, 11 rue de la GrandeTruanderie 75001 Paris M° Etienne Marcel - RER Les Halles
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