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Found 8 results

  1. Artist: Lectro Spektral Daze Title: Out of Body Experience EP Label: Neogoa Date: September, 2014 1. Out of Body Experience 2. Crystal Clear 3. Specialists In Sound "What is an out of body experience?" F*cking crap on a cracker my soul just tore ass out of my body. Is that an out of body experience? I realize we're all wetting our pants at the latest Neogoa offering, but I hope you guys are paying attention to this individual. This is Danny Marshall from the land of kiwis and more f*cking facial tattoos than the local penetentiary. This guy is crafting some involved and hypnotic goa trance. It's long and twisting where chunks of time are lost in the blink of an eye. I had to pee an hour ago, but I can't tear myself away from the computer. This is futuristic and mystical at the same time. This cosmic goa trance is like a multiple appendaged creature composed of energy. Kick ass. Free at Ektoplazm Mdk
  2. Artist: Abomination Title: Nicolas C.A.G.E. EP Label: Mechanik Records Date: September, 2014 1. Brain Attack - The Spirit (Abomination Remix) 2. Nicolas Cage 3. Backwards "Welcome to the Rock!" Rock f*cking bottom you mean. These are the same guys who made The Enemy Within and Planet X? Really? Their third album Incognito was a terrible snoozefest, but I was ready to give them a second chance. You don't just make two good albums and then suck right? I don't know if there's a Yoko Ono situation going on here or what, but changes need to be made. This is stop and start sample heavy pablum with no depth whatsoever. I've stepped in deeper puddles. This is truly...an abomination. Beatport Mdk
  3. Artist: Maiia303 Title: Sky In Diamonds Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: September, 2014 1. Sunday Morning 2. Duality 3. Sky In Diamonds 4. Moonlight Pixies 5. Go Ask Yourself (feat. Cybered) 6. Universe 7. Atman 8. Neverland 9. Glory Bored with goa trance and psy in general? Feel that you'll never get that fresh feeling again? Well here is a cool breeze from the magic factory known as Ovnimoon Records. Where the hell did this come from? Bird sounds, real drums, flutes, and a heaping helping of 303's? Maiia (extra I for interesting) is Alla Vagner and she has spent most of her career in the downtempo genre, but with this release focuses on a more progressive style with real instruments combined with old school melodies. And boy do those 303's pop! It's not aggressive, but more laid back. The combination of electronics and real world instruments is refreshing and gives the music a more organic feel. Sure it's not the first time goa has been packaged this way, but timing is everything. Aside from the uber happy first track the rest are tunes you can get lost in. Great stuff, you should check it out. Hey, Renato put this on my wishlist! Psyshop Beatspace Mdk
  4. Artist: Shift Title: Compressor Confessor EP Label: Mechanik Records Date: September, 2014 1. Compressor Confessor 2 Access All "Ok, so what do we have here?" "Some unknown, untested, possibly dangerous drug scammed out of some unidentified lab somewhere given to me by a highly unreliable guy I hadn't seen in years." Chris Hoy has had a long and illustrious career as one of the fathers of South African psytrance. Be it in his own or as a member of Twisted System. Countless appearances on compilations and several artist albums the man fostered my love for acid that has yet to dissipate. But this ain't going on the top of his resume. The title track is funky with a sweet acid lick, but then there's the guitars. Not bad, but it feels more commercial. Access All also has a bit of funk to it, but quickly dissolves into rave music and sounds very little like the Shift of old. I'd pass on this one. Beatport Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: The Live Remixes Label: The Hypnotic LFO Room Date: September, 2014 1. Sheyba - Monkeys (Live Remix) 2. Kailash - Mystery Brain (Live Remix) 3. Undercover - Mission 1 (Live Remix) 4. Kayaa - Braindance (Live Remix) 5. Elysium - Master of the Rainforest (Live Remix) 6. Elysium - Aliens (Live Remix) The great Dane is back! Seems like a lot of artists in our small corner have side projects where they can take their music in different and sometimes experimental directions. Kristian Thinning is no exception as he has made a lot of great music under different pseudonyms. Having fun with some of his old tracks he decided to take the show on the road and now offers it up to us the goa craving public. And my man is doing some work. There is a pumping quality to the tracks, perfect for getting the crowd moving. When the melodies come in it's supremely hypnotic and you can't help becoming swept up in the euphoria. These were all great tracks to begin with, but I believe them to be even better with the changes he's made. They seem shinier, more alluring...maybe even more gritty. Master of the Rainforest (very well known) is more upbeat and dare I say it received a funk injection. Aliens (a track I never really cared for) became more trancey with more bounce. He's not one to stack melodies on top of one another, but more focused on seizing your imagination. Pure goa trance with that tribal swagger he's known for. For 5 f*cking Euro there is no excuse not to own this. Bandcamp Beatport Mdk
  6. Artist: Space Cat Title: Space Cat - 20 Year Anniversary Label: Trancelucent Productions Date: September, 2014 1. Cat On Mushroom - The Fly (Loud and Space Cat Remake) 2. Space Cat & Simon Posford - Invasion (Space Cat 2014 Mix) 3. Space Cat & Shanti - Toki Doki (Coming Soon Remix) 4. Space Cat - Mind Shoker (Bliss Remix) 5. Space Cat - Snorkel Blaster (Burn In Noise Remix) 6. Space Cat - Armageddon (Outsiders & Avalon Remix) 7. Space Cat - The Gate (Electric Universe Remix) 8. Space Cat - Power Up (Space Cat & Audiotec Remix) 9. Space Cat - Exposed (Lish & Space Cat Remix) "I tried to free your mind...but I can only show you the door." *Looks at door. Smiles. Bolts through that motherf*cker with middle fingers blazing* FREEDOM!!!!! Yeah it was this painful. We all know what this is. Avi Algranati has been around for a long time and has had some good tracks. Let's face it when you're in the business for two decades you're either a big part of it or you just didn't know when to leave. But really...was anybody asking for this? I know now it's his 20th anniversary, but he did this four years ago delivering the full-on remixes of his full-on that nobody was craving. At some point you have to admit you have a problem so you can get help. Look I'm not gonna lie to you some of the tracks had moments where I was bouncing. But it's Halloween candy in late November. Yeah you'll eat it, but soon you'll look in the mirror and descend into a self hating shame spiral and buy a gym membership that you can't afford and that you won't use. Maybe it's time to stop trotting the old whore out front and trying to make a buck on how she used to do reverse cowgirl. Beatport Mdk
  7. Artist: UNTR Title: Darkmoon Label: Surface Tension Records Date: September, 2014 1. Slow Incredibles 2. Activate Nemesis Program 3. I Am Not Sharing My Body 4. En Ej Es 5. Mnemonic 6. Monster 7. And They Were Singing 8. Hypnocil 9. Equilibrium 10. Your Eyes Will Lie To You 11. There Is Nothing Wrong "I don't want that responsibility anymore! What happened...happened!" I think the artist just unintentionally described his album. Darkpsy goa? That's just me trying to put everything in a nice, neat box. It's really quite simple. The refrigerator has two bins. One labelled for fruit and one marked for vegetables. It's written right on the drawer. You can see that can't you? The little words...right there? Right on the front of the drawer? SO WHY WOULD YOU PUT A F*KING CUCUMBER WITH THE GRAPES!!!" But I guess darkpsy goa is what you could call this. Fast basslines, high tension sci-fi horror atmosphere, and sample heavy trance that has spacey goa melodies. It's dark and intense kinda like an anti-Suntrip. Did I mention that there were a lot of samples? A f*ckton. A sh*tload. *Olli Wisdom strolls by and hi-fives artist* So many that they dominate every track. As if he built the music around them. Unfortunately it makes the music secondary and transparent because every thirty seconds you're hit with a sample laden with dread. Well done sample from movies we love mind you, but it gets old rather quickly. Heard the first track? Heard 'em all. I like what he tried to do, but too many repeated samples that reveal the music needs more evolution. Still if you need more darkness in your goa it's only 5 Euro so it ain't gonna kill ya. But I'm listening... Soundcloud Mdk
  8. Artist: Various Title: Nova Fractal - Perplexed Remixes Label: Timewarp Records Date: September. 2014 1. Perplexed (Fiery Dawn Remix) 2. Perplexed (Cactus Arising Remix) 3. Perplexed (Omneon Remix) Man Renato is making sh*t happen isn't he? Timewarp has become another label that has made a positive impact on the goa scene and that's good news for all of us. Whether it's CD releases or digital EP's that label has become rather vital in a short period of time. The original track by Nova Fractal first appeared on the Future Architecture album from Neogoa in 2011. Then it made it to his Fractal Landscape CD release. It's a cosmic goa trance storming track that is heavy in acid leads. Really good stuff. With this EP some of the next wave of goa trance artists take a crack at it and see what they can conjure up. Can they improve upon an already great track? Maybe. But (personal opinion alert!) why stack the chips against yourself like that? Wouldn't it make more sense to remix a track that wasn't as good? If you make a weak track great isn't that better than making a possibly inferior version of a great track? Eh, like I said just my opinion. What I don't want to see from a remix ep is f*cking carbon copy tracks. Make it different. Make it your own. Take it in a direction that makes me say, "Is this even the same f*cking track?" And this ep succeeded in avoiding that pitfall. Yeah they all are around the same bpm, but whether it's the intros or the juicy bits in the middle it diverges from the original. The old school pop of the Fiery Dawn remix and the break in the Cactus Arising take are appreciated. Omneon's version is an all out blitzkrieg loaded with acid sounds. All of them have sufficient twists and turns with great layers. So what you get is three quality goa trance tracks in the modern style that don't sound like three identical tunes. Nice job guys. Timewarp Bandcamp (Better Deal) Psyshop Mdk
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