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Found 6 results

  1. while looking for the track containing a particular sample my best hit on google turned up this thread on psynews. and it actually answered my question. nowhere else did i find any hints. if, in times where psydb is not updated anymore, a forum game is all it takes to preserve information about samples in psy music, then let's start another round! i'll give you a sample, whoever guesses the track containing the sample correctly, gets to name the next sample. let's not make it too easy by choosing samples that are not found in psydb, while revealing the source after a week if there are no answers in order to keep the whole thing going. the first sample is: "there is no light, but there is sound. it fills him in great sluggish waves"
  2. One of my favourite ever GOA Trance songs is "Hypnotized" by MFG. My question is, where's the voice sample from? It sounds so fimiliar, if anybody knows? The sample that says " Come Here. I've got something to show you. it's real. I mean it ."
  3. Bluezone Corporation presents 'Spectral Line - Cinematic Trailer Sounds', an ultramodern collection of ambiences, evolving soundscapes, nervous drone sounds, cinematic SFX, impacts, meticulously recorded synth textures, energetic transitions, rises, whooshes and more. This sample library brings you highly flexible sound design elements ( 1 GB and includes 139 WAV + 139 AIFF files ) for suspense, media trailer, cinematic drama, ambient, psytrance, drum and bass, sci-fi and action soundtracks. All samples are named according to their content and sorted thematically. In order to give you ready-to-use sounds for your productions, all samples are royalty-free for all your commercial projects. More information and download: Spectral Line - Cinematic Trailer Sounds
  4. hi guys, im new so first of all im gonna introduce myself. i'm 24, from argentina, and i've been going to electronic parties for four or five years until i decided to buy a midi controller and a friend of mine gave me a pen drive with many discographies. it was sorted out alphabetically so i started with the first folder which was called astral projection and that was the beginning. so now i come here looking for tracks everyday and i've encountered the most incredible, unexpected and unbelievable music ever, but i've noticed that there aren't many tracks with lyrics. i mean actual lyrics. if i would have to make some kind of exemplificacion i would say that what im looking is the psytrance version of uplifting lyrics (withouth being cheesee) more than the usual robotic/twisted samples. also looking for trance with house influences like
  5. 'PSYCHO: Psy Trance Bundle' is a mega collection packed with top quality and mind-expanding material. You'll find basslines, synth lines, effects, kicks, percussion, one-shots, presets for Sylenth1, MIDI loops and extra loops. It's all you need for your next Psy Trance production. This pack uses cutting-edge technology and unique tools you've never heard before. All sounds are processed and polished with Maximisers, EQ's, Reverbs, Delays and Compressors, making this bundle one of a kind. You'll find basslines, synthlines, effects, kicks, percussion, one-shots, presets for Sylenth1, MIDI loops and extra loops. It's all you need for your next Psy Trance production. Also included is a bonus of 65 MIDI files from 'Progressive Trance Essentials' for maximum pleasure! Enjoy the ride! http://www.producerloops.com/Download-Function-Loops-PSYCHO-Psy-Trance-Bundle.html
  6. Hello friends! We are happy to announce our catalog on Beatport's Sound to Sample. All about loops/samples/midi files/full projects - for House/Trance/Electro/HipHop/coming soon - Drum'n'Bass and more! Enjoy!!! soundstosample.com/producer/Function_Loops/102
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