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Found 15 results

  1. 87bpm Recorded this one on 4/20. Took a while to put this one together, a few months tweaking sounds and effects, it's a live hardware jam recorded straight from the mixer, I didn't even do any post processing on this one even though I guess it could use a little boost but anyways I liked it enough as is, might master it later. It's pretty long again meant to be more of a journey, if you don't like long intros skip to about 4 mins in I guess. Hope you enjoy ☮️🕉️
  2. This week on Psylicious Radio we invite you to tune in and enjoy some birthday fun with us as we celebrate birthdays for DJ Solitare and DJ Domino's. On this weeks show we take you back in time for some retro sounds featuring mixes from DJ Solitare and EarthAlien. DJ Domino takes us into a retro-tinged tribute set to the scenes lost legend and pioneer Olli Wisdom before Rigel takes us back in time with his retro magic. Enjoy! Listen to the show: DJ SOLITARE [DAT Universe - Matsuri Digital] CA DJ Solitare is Mark Ainley, a psychedelic trance DJ representing both the retro label DAT Universe (formerly DAT Records) and the legendary Tsuyoshi Suzuki's label Matsuri Digital. Mark has shared the stage with Space Tribe, Etnica/Crop Circles, Slinky Wizard, Eat Static, UX, Juno Reactor, Tsuyoshi, Domino, and other legends of the scene. He has played across Europe, Asia, and North America, and is a regular performer at the ZNA Gathering in Portugal. Website Soundcloud Instagram Facebook EARTHALIEN [Psylicious - Be Psychedelic] UK EarthAlien is the founder, face and driving force behind Psylicious, an established name in today's psychedelic trance music scene. He is also a resident DJ for Gdansk event Be Psychedelic in Poland. EarthAlien executes a non pigeon holed, underground full on driving sound, taking the trance floor into a full on psychedelic experience.... Website Psylicious Facebook Soundcloud Mixcloud Be Psychedelic Instagram DJ DOMINO [Avatar Recs] CA DJ Domino is the first trance female DJ to be recognized all over the world. Her dynamic, energetic DJ style is filled with beautiful melodies which gets her into a trance dance herself while playing. She has an innate ability to create a mysterious atmosphere while bringing people together on the dance floor. 1995 was Domino's overseas DJ debut in England with Juno Reactor (Ben Watkins, Mike Maguire, and Paul Jackson). Facebook Soundcloud Instagram RIGEL [Metabolizm Recs] GR A real wizard when it comes to electronic music and live performance. He loves to travel to other spaces, which we can feel through his musical journeys, so it's no wonder his artist name was chosen after the brightest star in our local region of the Milky Way. Twitter Website Soundcloud Bandcamp Youtube Facebook Discogs Thanks for listening... Spread the LoVe ENJOY!
  3. “It’s All About Psychedelic Baby!” is the latest DJ promotional mix from RIGEL downloadable in WAV for your listening pleasure. Enjoy! The brightest star is known for his quirky, solid production and strong reputation in the psychedelic scene, with a plethora of releases and remixes out on some of the most respected labels. “It’s All About Psychedelic Baby!” is a retrospective psychedelic journey as RIGEL unleashes his DJ magic, mixing up some of those flavors that rocked trance-floors across the world, that we know will evoke many memories within this exclusive 2-hour journey. LISTEN & DOWNLOAD RIGEL BOOKINGS & SOCIAL MEDIA Bookings | Rigel Music | Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Youtube | Twitter | Discogs
  4. Psylicious Radio presents: Retrospective with Rigel - Talamasca - EarthAlien Psylicious Radio presents this special show, dedicated to the sound of retro psychedelic trance. Taking you as far back as 1994 and into 2009 will no doubt evoke many trance floor memories of the past. Enjoy! LISTEN TO THE SHOW: CLICK HERE RADIO SHOW RUNNING ORDER... Rigel (DJ Set) A real wizard when it comes to electronic music and live performance. He loves to travel to other spaces, which we can feel through his musical journeys, so it's no wonder his artist name was chosen after the brightest star in our local region of the Milky Way. 2019 has been a phenomenal year for Rigel, but look out 2020, the brightest stars portal has just opened for something incredibly special… Follow Rigel Rigel | Bandcamp Rigel | Facebook Rigel | Soundcloud Rigel | Youtube Rigel | Twitter Talamasca (Live set) Known as one of the most talented musicians of the electronic music scene, and specialist in Trance music, Talamasca is the solo project of Cedric Dassulle, based in Paris. After more than 18 years traveling all over the world in more than 40 countries to play his own music, Talamasca has released more than 150 tracks on the most prestigious labels of this genre. Follow Talamasca Talamasca | Website Talamasca | Facebook EarthAlien (DJ set) EarthAlien is the founder, face and driving force behind Psylicious, an established name in today's psychedelic trance music scene. EarthAlien executes a non pigeon holed, underground full on driving sound, taking the trance floor into a full on psychedelic experience.... Follow EarthAlien Psylicious | Website EarthAlien | Facebook Psylicious Links Psylicious | Website Psylicious | Subscribe Psylicious | Instagram Psylicious | Facebook Psylicious | Soundcloud Psylicious | Mixcloud Psylicious Radio Links Psylicious Radio | Soundcloud Psylicious Radio | Mixcloud Psylicious Radio | Facebook Psylicious Radio | Instagram
  5. hello friends new Digital EP Sarolta Monspart - Mother Superior Earth (Sweden) with his very unique style of music and sound out now include 3 tracks from the good old happy 90's Sarolta Monspart - Mother-Superior-Earth (97) Sarolta Monspart - Slowdown Action (96) Sarolta Monspart - Northern Lights (97) support our label and grab a copy of it or beatport:: https://www.beatport.com/release/mother-superior-earth/2209471 hope you guys like it enjoy
  6. Tracklist- 01 Shilum Bamba - Skeleton Kiss 02 Absolum - Drumatrix Rmx 03 Lemurians - Take Off To The Cosmos 04 Golong - Persona Non Grata 05 Shift - Kapitol 06 Bon - Problem Child (Remix) 07 Infected Mushroom - I Wish (Skazi Remix) 08 Aphid Moon, Lucas O'Brien - Dark Star 09 Space Monkey - It's Organic 10 Toast3d - Feel My Drums 11 Space Buddha - Isradelic 12 Ultravoice vs Michelle Adamson - Electronic Playground (Special Compact Edition) 13 Ananda Shake - Emotion In Motion 14 Skoocha vs Mesmerizer - Absorbed Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/hyperstylesCD19 SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES PODCAST: https://bit.ly/itunespodcastshyperstyleslentej
  7. This year (2015) Jean Borelli and Kristian celebrate 20 years anniversary as Sheyba (Flying Rhino Records). At the ZNA Gathering (Portugal) they joined the stage together playing a back2back (for the first time) 4 hour DJ set. Playing music close to their hearts from the past and present. This set is not enabled for download as there are unreleased music in the track-list. Enjoy Recorded live sunday morning on the 2nd of august at 9am - 1pm. 1.Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Original Mix) 2.Art of Trance - Cambodia (Tunnel Vision mix) 3.Orion - Beat The Bomb 4.Rigor Mortis - La Sirena (Elysium Remix) 5.E-Rection - Smoke My Dang-A-Long 6.Koxbox - Insect & Insect Bite (Split Mix) 7.Union Jack - Longhorn (Club Version) 8.Transform - Transformation (Original Mix) 9.Spectral - Bizarre Planet 10.Hardfloor - Acperience 1 (Original Version) 11.Arcturis - 1000 Planets 12.Ayahusca - New Moon 13.Sheyba - Monkeys (Live Remix) 14.Electric Universe - One Love 15.Ege Bam Yasi - Sponge (Elysium Remix) 16.Orion - Zebra (Zebra Remix) 17.Naginata - Aura 18.Koxbox - Fuel On 19.Genetic - Transmission (Cops Don't Knock) 20.Overlords - God's Eye On Goa (Bionizer Mix) 21.Rise - The Single (The Goa Pyramid Mix) 22.Medicine Drum - Slipstream 23.Elysium - The Root (Original Mix) 24.Orion - Zig Zag 25.Undercover - Mission 1 (Live Remix) 26.Moondust - Are We Alone? 27.Dig a Jig (Dragonfly Kundalini Trance Mix) 28.Orion - Dark Side Of The Spoon 29.Elysium - Triphology 30.Sheyba - Into The 4th Dimension 31.Disco Volante - Moonraker (Morning Mix) 32.Spectral - Celtic Alchemy 33.Biot - Radiation 34.Koxbox - Acid Vol. 3 35.The Overlords - Sundown (Ionizer Remix)
  8. Tracklist - 01 Ananda Shake - High Drive 02 Ananda Shake - Total Overdosed 03 Vibe Tribe - Albert Balbert 04 Sigma - Magnetic Field 05 Tropical Bleyage - Sunrise 06 Tropical Bleyage - Bleyology 07 Phoenix Family - Meta Dimension feat. Altom & Chromatone 08 Psyshark - LSD 09 Electric Universe - Psystep (Maitreya edit) 10 Sychodelicious - Out Of Sense 11 Kali - Big Bang 12 Laughing Buddha & Tristan - Back In The Game 13 Digidep - Avalon 14 Bakahira Elements - Lama 15 Coral - Oracular 16 Mothership Loudspeakerz - Evolution of Dance 17 Vibraddict - Acid Droper (Psyfullohms Remix) 18 ITP - Gato Escaldado Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: https://bit.ly/hyperstyles-CD09 SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES PODCAST: https://bit.ly/itunespodcastshyperstyleslentej
  9. Greetings All Check the link below for a turntable mix of classic retro Goa Trance: https://soundcloud.com/djbeeb Repost, like and comment, further mixes will be posted if there is sufficent interest. Feel free to get in touch, especially those in the Midlands, UK who are interedted in promoting such material. Love DJ Beeb
  10. We are proudly present the next adventure by PsiloSiva productions: "Resonance" - 18-19.10 - Israel Line up : Green Nuns of The Revolution - Live Retro Set Flying Rhino Records / UK Slinky Wizard - Live Retro Set Flying Rhino Records / UK Slinky Nuns - The Reunion Special Set (Slinky wizard Vs. Green Nuns Of The Revolution) Flying Rhino Records , UK Man With No Name - Live Retro Set Dragonfly Records / UK Filteria - Live Set (Launch New Album - Lost in the wild ) Suntrip Records /Sweden Deviant Electronics / Solar Systems - Live Retro Set Helix Records, Intruder Records / UK Ciaran Walsh - Live Set Blue Room Released / UK Aes Dana - Live Set Ultimae Records / France Sandman - Live Retro Set Matsuri Production's / Israel Shidapu Vs. Skizologic - Retro Set Zion 604 Records / Israel Sparrow PsiloSiva / Israel feel free to ask for more info also you can follow us on this links: Official Websaite : http://www.psilosiva.com/index.html Preview About Psilosiva : http://psilosiva.blogspot.co.il/ Official Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/pages/PsiloSiva/289826081079770?ref=ts Official Facebook EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/333276453476062/ *For more information (Tickets/Lift&more...) : info@psilosiva.com Psilosiva Productions.
  11. King Goa Constrictor - Hail to the King [::::download::::] (3hr27min/VariableMP3/412MB/©2013) Genre: Psychedelic Trance Like Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, a true King knows when he should stay hidden and be a regular person, and when he should stand tall and claim his throne as the King and lead his people to glory. After taking a two-year break, it is time for me to rise again and claim my rightful throne as the King; King Goa Constrictor. It’s been over two years since I have made a proper psychedelic trance mix and now it’s time for me to unleash the glory and defend my title of King. Every now and then I come across someone else on the Internet trying to claim to be “the goa constrictor” and this simply will not fly. I am The Goa Constrictor. I am your Shaman Goa Constrictor. I am the King Goa Constrictor. You other goa constrictors should really just stop pretending. Anyway, so here is this mix. A three-hour-thirty-minute long journey through the world of the psychedelic. We start things off with a nice gentle groove before we explode into full power psychedelic madness and chaos. Then shit gets bassy, glitched out, and krunked before crashing through some retro glory and then finally calming down and ending with the panty moistener of the summer. So go get yourself a drop of the psychedelic, turn on your mood lighting, and settle in for the night. Hail to the King because shit’s gonna get psychedelic. For full track listing, please head over to: http://goaconstrictor.com/music/hail-to-the-king/ (I prefer for people to experience the mix without knowing what is gonna happen next during the first listen. but it is all posted for everyone who wants the info on the madness being dropped)
  12. PsiloSiva Productions Present : Genesis Festival 2013 (3rd Edition) - Israel Some say when the soul goes down from heaven to the physical body she comes with the sound of melody. Psilosiva is a production that follows the spirit and truth of music. Genres that are highly emotional, melodic and psychedelic for a perfect spiritual, magical, and profiling experience. We believe with all our heart's in what we create. We are trying to provide the audience the ultimate event's that people can be free and happy to be who they truly are. Combining top artists from around the globe, power full and quality sound systems, visually harmonic color full decoration and the most important thing from all the felling & atmosphere of home. So if you hasn't tasted psilosiva yet now it’s the moment . Come and hear, see and feel something else! On the 14-15 of June 2013, We will all travel back in time on a 24-hour journey through Live Shows & Live DJ sets that will make us loose our consciousness and all connection to matter… There will be 2 Stages, The Main & The Alternative. ►►►►►►►Main Stage ►►►►►►► ►Qlipadelic Rythm vs. Izzy (Psilosiva , IL / MMM Studios , UK) ►Andy Guthrie * A.k.a * ⊙100Th Monkey ⊙ Prana ⊙ Medicine Drum⊙ Funkopath ⊙ L.S.C⊙ ( Matsuri Productions , UK ) ►Technossomy By ⊙ James Monro ⊙ - live ( Flying Rhino Records , UK ) ►Nick Taylor * A.k.a * ⊙Snake Thing ⊙ Prana ⊙ Reflecta⊙ Rhytmystec ⊙Parasonix⊙ ( Psy-Harmonics Records , AUSTRALIA ) ►Logic Bomb ( T.I.P Records , SWEDEN ) ►ManMadeMan - live (Transient Records , UK ) ►Ray Castle * A.k.a * ⊙Exotic Matter ⊙ Masaray ⊙ Insectoid⊙ Rhytmystec ⊙Meta-Ray⊙ ( Psy-Harmonics Records ,New-Zealand) ►Joti Sidhu / Psychaos - live (Mandala Records , UK ) ►Shakta - live ( DragonFly Records , UK ) ►Hux Flux - live ( Koyote Records , SWEDEN ) ►►►►►►► Alternative Stage ►►►►►►► ► Asura - live (Ultimae Records,FRANCE) ►Kaya Project (InterChill Records,UK) ►Kaminanda - live ( Merkeba Music , CANADA ) ►Bird of Prey - live ( Addictech Records , U.S.A ) ►Hibernation-live (InterChill Records , UK) ►Banco De Gaia / 100Th Monkey (Planet Dog Records,UK) ►Symbolico - live ( Phantasm Records , IL ) ►Agalactia (Aleph-Zero Records,IL) ► Cut N Bass -⊙ live Show ⊙ (IL) ►Avshalom Farjun ⊙ Bustan Abraham ⊙ live Show ⊙ (IL) ►Light Child (Merkaba Music,IL) ►Echo&Tito - ⊙ live Show ⊙ (IL) ►Sparrow (Psilosiva, IL) At the location you will find camping areas, food stalls, chill out zone (mahal ). artistic work shops, colorfull & psychedelic special made decoration by amazing artists. The event will be powered by 'Function One' sound system. Our past Artists that play'd in our partie's: Man With No Name / Asia 2001 / Total Eclipse / X-Dream / Cosmosis / Laughing Buddha / Tsyoshi Suzuki / Prana / Juno Reactor / Etnica / Pleidians / Kox Box / Shakta / Digitalis / Blue Planet Corporation / Jaia / S.U.N Project / Ubar Tmar / Tim Schuld / G.M.S / Slinky Wizard / Nervasystem / Rhythmystec / Ray Castle / Nick Taylor / Elysium / Kayya / Sheyba / Kaliash / Squaremeat / Oforia / Sandman / Shidapu / Chakra / Afgin / B.L.T / Jikooha / Tomocomo / Kaya Project / Ott / Toire's / SlackBaba / Entheogenic / Mystery School Ensemble & many more... *Find us at: Official Websaite : psilosiva.com Preview About Psilosiva : http://psilosiva.blogspot.co.il/ Official Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/pages/PsiloSiva/289826081079770?ref=ts Official Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/520684781311510/ *For more information (Tickets/Lift&more...) : info@psilosiva.com Love & Light - PsiloSiva Family - Israel.
  13. Fun times in 2010, a bottle of cold beer, VirtualDJ, good ol' auto-sync, few tracks that I dig big time and disfunctional head-phones. Hope you boys and girls like the retro psytrance stuff! LISTEN / DOWNLOAD: http://soundcloud.co...ichpa-baustelle Tracklist: 001: ETNICA - Andromeda [spirit Zone - 2000.] 002: WIZZY NOISE - Infernal Pod [Zillion Mental Anarchie - 2000.] 003: PARASENSE - Meteor Shield [Acidance - 2003.] 004: LOGIC BOMB - Glitter [TIP World - 2001.] 005: SLINKY WIZARD - Fridgeful Of Mutants (Rmx) [Flying Rhino - 1998.] 006: S.U.N. PROJECT - Frisco Machines (Spirallianz Rmx) [spirit Zone - 2001.] 007: PSYSEX - Dominatrix [ballonia - 2001.]
  14. On Saturday, July 14th, Earwall Productions and friends are proud to present a special night of retrodelica! Goa trance has a wild and wooly history, stretching over multiple decades and incorporating many different substyles. For one evening, our DJs will take you on a whirlwind tour of its past; hearkening back to a more psychedelic time, we invoke the tribal rhythms, colorful melodies and tripped out sounds of yesteryear. Come make some new memories with us. Schedule: 7-8 PM: Groove coalescence; downtempo and ambient trance 8-10 PM Earwall (Earwall Productions) 80s Goa, Proto-Trance, Acid A goa fan since the mid-nineties, Earwall has spent the last year digging ever deeper into the roots of the scene, back to the days of the analog cassette tape and the re-purposing of electronic pop for early trance dance. Now, he shares his interpretation of the old school Goa vibe, 1984-89. 10PM-12AM Steve Eagle (Heavy Industries) Trance Techno, Psytrance, Goa First exposed to trance in 1994, Steve Eagle has since lent his touch to many different styles of dance music, from progressive psytrance to industrial techno. Whatever the music genre, his smooth, yet aggressive and powerful style always comes through. Expect a blend of goa and classic trance, from a master weaver. 12-2AM Barakuda (Psytribe) Psytrance, Goa As the founder of L.A.'s longest running psytrance collective, Barakuda needs little introduction. For this event, he's digging through the crates in order to bring us a history lesson in 90s goa. We are honored to present a full power midnight mix from this psychedelic veteran; get old-schooled! Beach Snax: fruit, chips, bottled water, homemade cookies The Obscure Bazaar: snag some Goa CDs and records at our booth! 21+ No illegal substances No loud stereos/outdoor noise (for our neighbor's sake ) Please keep the space clean Located in a private studio about 1 mile from the city center. Please send me an email at paul@earwallproductions.com, or send a Facebook message, on the week of the event for directions. This is a free event with no cover charge; donations to help offset the cost of the rented space are very much appreciated. Look for the tip thermos Also, we can always use additional decor. If you have something visual that you'd like to bring to the party, you're more than welcome to. Official event page: http://www.facebook....11754765580463/
  15. In recent years, after everyone thought that retro trance is gone, There were people who did not forget about the pure trance retro sounds and returned to its former glory! Here in Israel, All goa tribes arose and together we brought the magic and power of the eternal trance music! I present to you the return of the roots from which it all began:::: The First Videos is from The Biggest Production of Goa raves at Israel - "PSILOSIVA" for other underground productions scroll down Enjoy and Save the Retro! P.L.U.R from Holyland "Psilosiva" Production at North of Israel - 26.06.2009 ~ Total Eclipse (Stephane Holweck) Live Retro Set ~ http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvIJyNNUGyA&feature=related "Psilosiva & Adrenochrome" Production's at North of Israel - Forest - 16.04.2010 ~ Ubar Tmar (Takeshi Isogai) Live Retro Set ~ http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoEqK9NDVeg&feature=related
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