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  1. Heyo everybody here i got you my latest dj-set at potpourri chai - chaishop & friends. Fell free to check it out and give me some feedback https://soundcloud.com/fakeid0815/dj-set-potpourri-chai-chaishopcom-friends
  2. Luk-Si Recods presents their ninth release, EP from dj Psycroft. Psycroft - Life In The Universe EP Kozák Zsolt is Czech producer with Slovak roots. His tracks can be characterized as dark psytrance with elements of forest psytrance. Traveling through space is allowed. Set up your spaceships and take you up to the center of universe. Tracklist: 1.Life In The Universe 07:08 2.Virus In Your Mind 06:58 3.Paranoid 07:37 4.Mental Dimensions 07:23 BANDCAMP: https://luk-si.bandcamp.com/album/life-in-the-universe
  3. Hey Guys, feel free to check out my latest Dj-Set I would appreciate any Feedback
  4. Hi ya! Check out my live performance on the Circuit.the track is mainly progressive with a little of psy vibe. Tell me what you think.thanks!
  5. Hey Psy Fam, does anyone up in the Scandi´s have a good idea of some nice underground clubs in malmö Sweden or Copenhagen? got a few weekends here and would love to head to a club for some psy or goa if i get the chance.
  6. …Hard to believe, but its going to be OUR 5th GATHERING! Just like the Trees.. We grow and evolve, and ones again, we will bring you the greatest outdoor experience. Get ready for a musical journey that will take you into the soul of PsyTrance! Limited early tickets now available on Hadra & Exbilet with credit card or you can check our website for bank account details. General information Location: https://goo.gl/K5hW2m Line Up: https://goo.gl/d08aun Facebook Event: https://goo.gl/n1fvjx Ticket information Hadra: https://goo.gl/XbcvDf Exbilet: https://goo.gl/0Je6S4 Web: https://goo.gl/ihc6MF Line Up Live Acts ►♪ Atriohm (Parvati Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/CzPSyN ►♪ Atomental (Banyan Records – Switzerland) https://goo.gl/oDKPP0 ►♪ Middle Mode (Sangoma Rec – Serbia) https://goo.gl/bIujDj ►♪ Sonic Entity (TesseracT Studio – Serbia) https://goo.gl/E2rXaH ►♪ Hux Flux (Tip World / Digital Om – Sweden) https://goo.gl/8aCyHr ►♪ Imaginarium (Tip World / Digital Om – Serbia) https://goo.gl/IxTe8H ►♪ Lupin (Own Spirit Records – Spain) https://goo.gl/90ANqD ►♪ WISHI (Algorithm Records – Russia) https://goo.gl/BYQAb5 ►♪ Logic Bomb (Z-Plane Records – Sweden) https://goo.gl/lqf5sy ►♪ Kliment (Zenon Rec – Bulgaria) https://goo.gl/aH81uS ►♪ Suduaya (Altar Records – France) https://goo.gl/d6NhQs ►♪ Justin Chaos (Zero1 Music – London) https://goo.gl/04emN0 ►♪ Pangani (Austria) https://goo.gl/hMogVn ►♪ Cosmic Dimension (Suntrip Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/8BZf3g ►♪ Basic (Danza Bookings – Israel) https://goo.gl/In5eev ►♪ Ghost Note (Headroom / Conclave – Israel) https://goo.gl/uEiNW9 ►♪ Shri K (India) https://goo.gl/DMOcvO ►♪ Templex (Germany – Conclave Records / 3886records / NTrance Cologne) https://goo.gl/XvzLVx ►♪ Groovity (Subsystem Records / Blue Hour Sounds) https://goo.gl/Py98FP ►♪ Nukleall (Zenon Rec – Italy) https://goo.gl/2Y9bWC ►♪ Once Upon A Time (Bulgaria) https://goo.gl/RTtjJv ►♪ Blisargon Demogorgon (Bhooteshwara Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/mgNF8L ►♪ Shadow Noises (Bhooteshwara Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/B6FtRX ►♪ Hagenith (Bhooteshwara Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/AJn9pa ►♪ Hypatia (Own Spirit – Spain) https://goo.gl/XCsSdX ►♪ LiFTSHiFT (Tech Safari Records – Amsterdam) https://goo.gl/tGIYwC ►♪ Obliviant (Looney Moon – Amsterdam) https://goo.gl/ltZKTS ►♪ Hypereggs (Looney Moon – Italy) https://goo.gl/CQ2D6u ►♪ Celestial Intelligence (Sita Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/ph1MRB ►♪ Zopmanika (Sita Records – Macedonia) https://goo.gl/K1GO1Q ►♪ Thedarkface (Dropland Recordings – Spain) https://goo.gl/53yqY4 ►♪ Shamaniak (Banyan Records – Austria) https://goo.gl/kBb7TP ►♪ Kundalini (BMSS Records / EDM Records – Bulgaria) https://goo.gl/E4S3mU ►♪ Nomad 25 (Psynon Recs – Cyprus) https://goo.gl/Hs1Tii ►♪ Ex-Gen (3D Vision / Dropland Recordings – Spain) https://goo.gl/3LK5Ty ►♪ Synthalienz (Psynon Recs – Cyprus) https://goo.gl/mqM2oX ►♪ Logic Flux (Z-Plane Records – Sweden) https://goo.gl/IolCZ1 ►♪ Lunatica (Own Spirit Records – Ibiza) https://goo.gl/6fkGSh ►♪ Akash (Dropland Rec – Spain) https://goo.gl/ML9pg4 ►♪ Emo-V (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/enMGey ►♪ Reversed Logic (Rezonant Sangoma Records – Serbia) https://goo.gl/HqDPXM ►♪ Rezonant (Sangoma Rec – Serbia) https://goo.gl/hEiBLt ►♪ Xa’Poff (Moonrise Records – Switzerland) https://goo.gl/utKP4g ►♪ Tirial (Moonrise Records / Floating Family – Switzerland) ►♪ By The Rain (Turkey) https://goo.gl/RhrbVy Dj Sets ►♪ Dodecaedre (Bulgaria) https://goo.gl/LYNlgz ►♪ Alex Light (VR 1 Gatherings – India) https://goo.gl/tTX2JT ►♪ HappyPsysun (Happy Sound Family – Switzerland) https://goo.gl/v7KZ6v ►♪ Mike Akida (Akida Bookings – Greece) https://goo.gl/fONSVO ►♪ PHOBOS (Italy) https://goo.gl/YThifH ►♪ HU GADAM (Banyan Records – Germany) https://goo.gl/4rOf9I ►♪ Microstar (Own Spirit – Greece) https://goo.gl/6FU00P ►♪ Zorflux (Phantasm Records – Portugal) https://goo.gl/osr7Gw ►♪ John Lee (Purple Hexagon Records – Thailand) https://goo.gl/kGe86B ►♪ AchilleSehne (Visionary Shamanics Records – Morocco) https://goo.gl/iwGvWr ►♪ J-Xtorsion (Dropland Rec – Spain) https://goo.gl/KhdXl4 ►♪ Tmx Mind (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/DGnxzr ►♪ iTouch (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/VFWm1l ►♪ Cromaniac (Biijah Records – Morocco) https://goo.gl/KaHwxt ►♪ Spirit Diablero (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/k0xoeB ►♪ Mental Soup (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/92kYtM ►♪ Obit (Flying Spores – Spain) https://goo.gl/LkPNq2 ►♪ Psygroo (Own Spirit – Spain) https://goo.gl/PzxXjJ ►♪ Psytiger (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/CQ3ZVz ►♪ Dj Psytotix (Dropland – Spain) https://goo.gl/EZmKRZ ►♪ Rave Language (MMP – Turkey) https://goo.gl/uNjWyY ►♪ Tribonic (Baroque Records - United Arab Emirates) https://goo.gl/vW3FUO ►♪ Sama (Glitchy Tonic Records / Lotus Paradise - Iran / Cyprus) https://goo.gl/BS9i9f ►♪ Single Vision (Digital Om Productions / Ravelations - Dubai) https://goo.gl/yZKLMR ►♪ Uurohmbre (Austria / Shipibo Sounds) https://goo.gl/rwAJ1b ►♪ Ancient Vision (Turkey - Mystic Sound Records) https://goo.gl/wKqYc3 ►♪ After Image (Conclave Records – Australia) https://goo.gl/JTAiOf ►♪ Arishtat (Iran) https://goo.gl/9Ah7Qk ►♪ Common Tense (2to6 Records – Thailand) https://goo.gl/SwCmHr ►♪ TranQuiloGen (Merkaba Music – Iran) https://goo.gl/tdfq9U ►♪ nonstopfuture (Turkey) https://goo.gl/VE0z7L ►♪ the unknown alien (Conclave Records – United Kingdom) https://goo.gl/iGebtc ►♪ Nivanoise (MMP / Nivacords - Turkey) https://goo.gl/y4uVZy Made with love, enjoy! Mind Manifest Project Team
  7. Artist: Koatl Title: Domination Label: Unimuse Records Catalog Number: UNIEP047 Genre: Fullon Psytrance Format: Digital Download (WAV/MP3) Beatport Link: https://www.beatport.com/release/domination/2028987 Soundcloud Preview: Tracklist: 1. Domination Release Info: Unimuse Records Proudly presents the latest single from Koatl - Domination. Mexican producer Koatl brings you the latest fullon smasher that is filled with psychedelic soundscapes and will sure bring high energy to any dancefloor. The track contains that special sound design that is unique to Koatl and his amazing production skills. Be sure to add this fullon gem to your collection and enjoy the sounds of the Domination of the psychedelic vibes Release Date: 05/18/2017 Koatl on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Koatl-699264830111023/ Koatl on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/koatl_live
  8. Title: V/A - Spectral Resonance Label: Phonix Records Cat no. : PHODIGI018 Format: Digital download Release Date: 2nd June 2017(Beatport 2 Week Exclusive) World Wide Release: 16th June 2017 Mastering: Track 4 mastered by Sebliminal Productions, UK All other tracks mastered by Dale Byl @ db Mastering Studios, South Africa Artwork by Paulo Etnarama Resonance is the phenomenon whereby a sound played at just the right frequency, the resonant frequency, is amplified and manifested physically in neighboring objects. The greater the resonance, the greater the amplification. Deejays Space Byrd and Ishikawa sought to explore this phenomenon of making objects, particularly people, move through sound waves. Over a year in the making, the two worked together and gathered talents from across the globe - South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, United Kingdom, Mexico and Spain - to create the ‘Spectral Resonance’ experiment. Their experiment starts with Contrast's (South Africa), 'Hear Myself Thinking', a slow introspective groover that helps open listeners’ sonic receptors receive resonant frequencies. Once completed, it is time to experience ‘Intensity’ from the combined forces of the legendary Killer Buds (Brazil)and Corrosive System (Brazil). Things take a spooky turn and the transfer of sonic energy reaches a perfect resonance. What follows next is amplification, with the help of Infektion’s (Portugal) epic, ‘Legacy’. It is at this point that listeners start to feel the dancefloor zombie within taking over. A moment of clarity is introduced through Systematic Audio’s (UK) ‘300 Years’. A serious monster that helps explore the primal force that is sound. Not to be outdone, Phonix regular Omega Flight (UK) pushes this idea further with his ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ - a mechanical exploration on the power of resonance. It is time to level up, an apt point to introduce the newest member of the Phonix Records family - Terrorbyte (South Africa) - and his explosive ‘Legend27’. Sinister vibes laced with haunting melodies, sonic control of dancefloor zombies is complete. Ctrl Z3ta (Mexico) and Dj Meskita (Portugal) next take control to turn dancefloor zombies into unrelenting dancefloor robots with ‘Robocop’. Phonix regulars Psycho System (Spain) further resonate with subjects to infuse them with their hypnotic ‘Dark Essence’. Ctrl Z3ta’s powerful remix of X-Avenger’s (Mexico) ‘Serial Killer’ continues to play mayhem with listeners’ sonic receptors. As the experiment approaches its end, Space Byrd and Ishikawa begin to ease listeners with a dose of ‘Gravity’, a psychedelic beast from Singularity (South Africa). With the help of master Akros (Mexico), energy levels are carefully fine-tuned with the unrelentingly groovy ‘Kronos’. Leading us to reflect on our findings, Aquedeux (South Africa) helps realize the ‘Conscious Symbiotic Evolution’, the realization that resonance is a journey of minds – those of the resonators, and of the resonated. The Phonix Records crew thank the featured artists, friends and fans for the continued patience and support. We are proud to continue our mission of showcasing proper twilight psytrance and share with the world our vision of the genre. Come experience with us - Spectral Resonance! TRACKLIST: 1. Contrast - Hear Myself Thinking 144 BPM Written and produced by Conor James Steed at Contrast Studio, South Africa 2. Killer Buds vs. Corrosive System - Intensity 145 BPM Written and produced by Marcelo Espindola, Tarcisio Mainardi and Marco Ragusa at Killer Buds Studio, Brazil 3. Infektion - Legacy 145 BPM Written and produced by Bruno Lopes at Infektion Studio, France 4. Systematic Audio - 300 years 146 BPM Written and produced by Sebastian Memmott and Pedro Ferreira at Systematic Audio Studio, United Kingdom 5. Omega Flight -Revenge of the Fallen 146 BPM Written and produced by Derren Nuttall at Omega Flight Studio, United Kingdom 6. Terrorbyte - Legend27 147 BPM Written and produced by Guy Peters-Hollenberg at Terrorbyte Studio, United Kingdom 7. Ctrl Z3ta vs Meskita - Robocop 147 BPM Written and produced by Ricardo Morales at Ctrl Z3ta Studio, Mexico and Andre Coelho at Meskita Studio, Portugal 8. Psycho System - Dark Essence 147 BPM Written and produced by David Iglesias and Sergio Cano at Psycho System Studio, Spain 9. X-Avenger - Serial Killer (Ctrl Z3ta RMX) 147 BPM Originally written and produced by Fevek Arveo at X-Avenger Studio, Mexico Remixed by Ricardo Morales at Ctrl Z3ta Studio, Mexico 10. Singularity - Gravity 147 BPM Written and produced by Andre Muller at Singularity Studio, South Africa 11. Akros - Kronos 146 BPM Written and produced by Fernando Miranda at Akros Studio, Mexico 12. Aquedeux - Conscious Symbiotic Evolution 145 BPM Written and produced by Robyn De Jager at Aquedeux Studio, South Africa Track 9 released with permission from X-Avenger SAMPLES: https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/sets/va-spectral-resonance-compiled-by-ishikawa-and-space-byrd Available on shops everywhere such as: Beatport http://www.beatport.com/label/phonix-records/21766 Juno Download http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Phonix/releases/ DjTunes http://www.djtunes.com/label/phonix-records Still Fresh: V/A – Made in Mexico https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/va-made-in-mexico The Concept Nemesis – Exhausting the Limit EP https://soundcloud.com/phonix-records/sets/the-concept-nemesis-exhausting-the-limit-ep *More Info: http://www.facebook.com/PhonixRecords http://www.phonix-records.com/ *Join our mailing list on our website for the opportunity to receive free CD's, free entries to parties and previews of upcoming music from Phonix Records!!! *For Bookings Info: angad AT phonix-records.com phonix-records AT gmail.com
  9. Function Loops has announced the release of Trance Vocal Hooks, an outstanding collection of trance & psytrance vocals, perfect to add the pro factor in any production. These vocals are inspired by the biggest hits and names of today. It is hard to find a good vocal hook for a track, so Function Loops made it easy for any aspiring or established producer: recorded over 700MB of vocal loops - ethnic, tribal, psychedelic - it's all there. To save a lot of time, the whole content is key labelled, also vocals are super easy to pitch and change the key to fit any project without losing quality. Included in the pack are dry, wet and gated versions for maximum flexibility. All vocals at delivered at 138BPM, in 24-bit WAV quality, original and fresh content, recorded by a talented vocalist at Function Loops studios. 100% royalty-free. Trance Vocal Hooks costs $22.90; included with any purchase is a FREE bonus kit. Audio demo: https://soundcloud.com/functionloops/function-loops-trance-vocal-hooks Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtZ1k_Bs414 More info: https://www.functionloops.com/trance-vocal-hooks.html
  10. Hi, it'd be great if you guys find a second to give me a feedback on this production.
  11. Hello psyheads I would be rather happy if you would check out my latest Goa trance track called "Balkan Flip" - it's an unique mix of old school goa sounds and balkan ethno melodies. Hope you'll enjoy it and subscribe to my channel for lots of psy music and psy production tutorials. https://youtu.be/2i_QooQJHWw
  12. Been trying to find info on artists like Ubar Tmar, KURO, Ree. K and Masa and the Japanese Trance scene in general, but there seems to be very little to find on the western webs. Anyone who can point me in the right direction? Ps. Recommendations are welcome as well EDIT: Pretty interesting thread though it's mostly focused on personal experiences: http://forum.isratrance.com/japanese-trance-scene-info/
  13. Everything has been SOLD! Thanks to a fellow buyer here in Sweden. (Artist - Album) Grades: (CD / Media) [Complete Albums] -------------------------- Ace Ventura - Rebirth NM / NM Alienated Buddha - NM / NM Anesthesia - P.V.C. NM / VG+ Beat Bizarre - Pandoras Groove Box NM / VG+ Beat Bizarre - Somersault Industries NM / VG++ Biot - Saturation VG+ / VG+ Braincell - Universal Language NM / NM California Sunshine / Har-El - Dark Side Of The Brain NM / VG+ COP - Urban Alien VG+ / VG+ Cosmosis - Intergalactic NM / VG+ Deedrah - Self Oscillation NM / VG+ Dimitri - Dimitri's DAT Bag NM / NM Dino Psaras - Atomic Powder NM / VG DJ Ans - Origin... Stage 3 NM / VG+ DJ Ari & Alien Project - Cosmic Communication NM / NM DJ Guy - Trance From Israël NM / VG+ DJ Trip Travel - Buddha Power VG+ / NM DJ Zoo-B - Psychedelic Krembo - Selected Tunes Part 2 NM / NM Electrypnose - Le Tireur De Ficelles NM / VG+ Elysium - Dance For THe Celestial Beings NM / VG+ Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives NM / NM G.M.S - Top Of The Tips 94 - 98 VG+ / VG+ Goa Gil - Forest Of The Saints NM / VG++ Grapes Of Wrath & Meteloids - Tits On Fire NM / NM Haldolium - Deagua NM / VG+ Haldolium - H2 VG / VG+ Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch NM / VG+ Joking Sphinx - A La Recherche De La Banane Pyramide VG+ / NM Keltik - Liquid NM / NM Kopfuss Resonator - Spect-® Module VG+ / NM Libra - Phoenix NM / VG+ Lucas - God Save The Trance NM / VG++ Mark Allen - Trancentral Five - A Sonic Initiation NM / VG+ Menis - Temporary Insanity NM / VG+ Montauk P - Def=Lim NM / VG+ oCeLoT - Aural Sects VG++ / NM oCeLoT - Psymatrix NM / NM P.Cok - Acid Trooper NM / NM Penta - Portuguese Abduction VG++ / NM Psychonaut - Free-Rider NM / VG Psysex - Expressions Of Rage NM / NM Quantum - Flangerized NM / NM Quantum - Outrage NM / NM Rastaliens - Back On Earth NM / NM Sandman - Witchcraft NM / NM Semsis - Letting Go NM / NM Space Cat - Beam Me Up NM / NM Steptime - Steptime NM / NM Synchro - Science Friction VG+ / NM Tarsis - Vacuum NM / NM Tristan - Audiodrome VG+ / VG+ Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Shamanic Trance - Dada Funk Mix By Tsuyoshi Suzuki VG+ / VG+ Tsuyoshi Suzuki - Trancentral Four - A Trip To Goa VG+ / VG+ UFS - Unidentified Forms Of Sound NM / NM UnionJack - There Will Be No Armageddon VG+ / VG+ VA - A Taste Of Nephilim 2 NM / VG+ VA - A Voyage Into Trance Vol.4 - Atomic - Selected Works VG+ / Poor VA - Ah Puch - Lord Of The Ninth Demension NM / NM VA - Boa Sound Of BTM VG+ / NM VA - Chaishop 001 NM / VG+ VA - Cosmic Cubes - A Cosmic Trance Compilation Vol. II NM / NM VA - Dance, Trance & Magic Plants VG / VG VA - Destination Goa - The First Chapter VG+ / VG+ VA - Destination Goa - The Fourth Chapter NM / VG+ VA - Destination Goa - The Sixth Chapter VG+ / NM VA - Digital Alchemy NM / VG+ VA - Distance To Goa 8 VG+ / NM VA - Double Dipped! VG+ / NM VA - Drug Checking VG+ / VG VA - Duality NM / NM VA - Electrosect VG++ / VG+ VA - Enlightenment NM / NM VA - Erta Alé NM / NM VA - Fill Your Head With Phantasm - Psychedelic Trance VG+ / NM VA - Fill Your Head With Phantasm - Volume 4 VG+ / VG+ VA - Flight 604 II M / NM VA - Freshly Cut Tomato NM / VG++ VA - Freshly Squeezed NM / NM VA - Full On Vol. 2 - The Israeli DAT Mafia NM / NM VA - Funk VG+ / VG+ VA - Generations NM / VG+ VA - Generator Operator Destroyer NM / NM VA - Global Psychedelic Trance - Compilation Vol. 3 VG+ / VG+ VA - Global Psychedelic Trance - Compilation Vol. 5 NM / NM VA - Goa Räume Vol. 1 - A Journey Into Psychedelic Trance VG+ / VG+ VA - Goa Räume Vol. 3 - A Journey Into Psychedelic Trance VG+ / VG+ VA - Goa Trance - Psychedelic Flashbacks 2 VG+/NM / VG+ VA - Halluci-Nations VG+ / VG+ VA - High Times - Deep Psychedelic Diving Part 2 NM / NM VA - Hungry 4 Hungary NM / NM VA - Imaginarity NM / VG++ VA - Invisible Incursion NM / NM VA - IsrAliens - Futuristic Psy-Trance For The Year 2000 VG+ / VG+ VA - Jitter Glow NM / VG+ VA - Let It Rip VG+ / VG+ VA - Little Worlds NM / VG++ VA - Mainspring Motion NM / NM VA - Musica Psychedelica Scandinavica VG++ / NM VA - Natarja 1 NM / NM VA - Neverending Story NM / NM VA - Order Odonata 5 NM / VG+ VA - Order Odonata 6 NM / VG+ VA - Peakopath NM / VG+ VA - Psychedelic Gate 1 - Liquid Sounds For Space Travellers VG+ / VG+ VA - Psychedelic NM / VG+ VA - Retrodelic Vibes NM / NM VA - Return To The Source - Sacred Sites NM / VG+ VA - Return To The Source - The Chakra Journey VG+ / VG VA - Seismic Mood NM / NM VA - Serial Killaz NM / VG+ VA - Singularity 2-001 VG+ / VG+ VA - Suntrance 2 NM / NM VA - Technobotanic Tryptamines VG+ / VG+ VA - Tempus Viator NM / NM VA - The Well Of Enchanted Sounds NM / NM VA - Third Flight NM / VG+ VA - Trance Confusion Volume 1 NM / NM VA - Trance De Eivissa VG+ / NM VA - Trancelucent 2000: Uplifting Trance NM / VG+ VA - Transient Dawn NM / VG+ VA - Transient Six - Theory Of Evolution VG+ / NM VA - Tribal Science NM / VG+ VA - Under Construction NM / NM VA - Voltage VG+ / VG+ Yudhisthira - Civilization And Transcendance NM / VG+ [CD With Front Booklet Only] ----------------------------------------- Deviant Species - In The Hands Of The Randomiser NM / VG+ DJ Junya - Reloaded VG+ / NM DJ P_Mac - The Numinous VG+ / NM DJ Paul Taylor - Freedom Fighters VG+ / NM Future Prophecy - Shadows VG+ / NM Gidi Hovek Olam - New Frontiers VG+ / VG+ Goa Gil - Cyber Baba 2000 NM / VG+ Highcosmos - 4Real VG+ / VG++ Lucas - God Save The Machine VG+ / VG+ Miraculix - The Arrival VG+ / NM Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Bug NM / VG++ MOS - Drive VG+ / VG+ Most Wanted presents Alien Project - Juice VG+ / VG Passenger - For All Man Kind VG+ / VG++ Pleiadians - Family Of Light NM / VG+ Psysex - Hardcore Blastoff NM / NM Space Monkey - Psychotic Episode VG+ / VG++ Space Tribe - 2000 O.D. VG+ / NM The Grownling Mad Scientist - Genetic Process VG / VG+ Trashlords vs. Psychotic Micro - Trashlords vs Psychotic Micro VG+ / VG+ VA - A Taste Of Nephilim VG+ / VG+ VA - Chakra Green - A Psychedelic Trance Compilation Vol.3 VG+ / NM VA - Chakra Yellow - A Psychedelic Trance Compilation Vol.4 VG+ / VG+ VA - Change VG++ /VG+ VA - Chew On This VG / VG+ VA - Ctrl Alt Delete VG+ / NM VA - Deliver Us From Evil NM / VG+ VA - Destination Goa - The Eighth Chapter VG+ / VG+ VA - Electric Ohms VG+ / VG+ VA - Electrum NM / VG VA - Endangered Species VG++ / NM VA - Fear Psychosis VG+ / NM VA - Floor VG+ / VG+ VA - Flowin NM / VG VA - Highoctane: Frenzy Inducing Psychedelic Electronica VG+ / VG++ VA - Hocus Peakus VG+ / NM VA - Holographic Memory VG++ / NM VA - In Crypto VG+ / VG+ VA - IsrAliens - Futuristic Psy-Trance For The Year 2000 VG+ / VG+ VA - IsrAliens 3: Conflict VG+ / VG+ VA - Lost Souls Depot VG+ / VG+ VA - Midnight Storm VG+ / VG+ VA - New World Order VG+ / VG+ VA - Order Odonata 5 VG+ / VG++ VA - Örebro Freakfactory 2 NM / VG+ VA - Örebro Freakfactory VG+ / VG+ VA - Over Identity NM / NM VA - Psionic Storm NM / VG+ VA - Psychedelic Demons Volume 2 NM / VG+ VA - Psycho Tropic VG+ / VG+ VA - Spiritual Moves 3 - Acid Germs VG++ / VG++ VA - The Turning VG / NM VA - Timecode New Blood VG / VG+ VA - TIP.World SIngles 2000 VG+ / VG+ VA - Tsunami NM / VG++ VA - Up The Kabrathors VG+ / VG++ VA - Utopeak VG+ / VG++ VA - What Is The Rush? VG+ / NM Wizzy Noise - Cybermancy VG / VG+ Xatrik - Project A VG+ / VG++ [CD Only] -------------- Alex Parasense - Life VG+ Atmos - Headcleaner VG Bonky - Bonky NM COP - Urban Alien VG+ Derango - Tumult VG+ DJ Gidi - Hovek Olam - Voojoo Rituals VG DJ Stimulus - Dark Strike Express VG+ Double Dragon - Continuum VG E.S.X.S. - New Hymns For Goddess VG+ Entropy - Purple People VG Haldolium - Deagua VG+ Highko - Noise Brothers On Poison VG+ Intergalactic - Outer Galaxy VG+ Jupiter 8000 - Jupiter 8000 VG+ Lemurians - Crystal Mind VG N3xu5 - Psycho Therapy VG+ Nerve - No Foco VG+ Neuromotor - Neuro Damage VG- Nomad - Hyperactive VG++ oCeLoT - VectorSector VG+ Ouija - Brainshower VG+ Plastyk Elephant / Hyper Frequencies – Plastyk Elephant Hyper Frequencies VG+ Psyside - First Contact VG+ S>Range - 2001 NM Talamasca - Beyond The Mask VG++ Talamasca - Musica Divinorum VG+ Toï Doï - Technologic VG+ VA - Aviation (Terminal 1) VG+ VA - Burning Man - Trance Sonic Desert Beats VG+ / VG++ VA - Chaishop 001 VG+ VA - Download VG+ VA - Drug Therapy VG VA - Engrams - Luminaria 2012 VG+ VA - Freaks In A Frenzy NM VA - Future Psychedelia (Psychic Deli - Volume 1) VG+ VA - Gaia IX NM VA - Goa-Head Volume 10 VG+ VA - Goa-Head Volume 6 VG+ VA - Goa-Head Volume 7 VG+ VA - Goa-Head Volume 8 VG+ VA - Goa-Head Volume 9 VG+ VA - Halluci-Nations VG+ VA - Hasta Las Patillas VG VA - Inside: Another Mental Rea-k-tion VG+ VA - Mechanism VG+ VA - Origins NM VA - Phenix VG++ VA - Psychedelically Yours 2 VG VA - Psychedelically Yours 3 VG++ VA - Psycho Cell VG+ VA - Same Recipe VG+ VA - Tantrance 9 - A Trip To Psychedelic Trance VG++ VA - Ultra High Frequency VG+ VA - Vibration Three - Progressive & Psychedelic Trance VG Zerotonine - Cygnus Loops NM [Media Only] ----------------- Tromesa - Pasma Czasu NM
  14. Hey guys, thought I'd share my first release "Nonlocality" with all you psy fans! Enjoy the vibes! https://ichomancer.bandcamp.com/releases https://soundcloud.com/ichomancer/sets/nonlocality https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL131QEaElzensntofTnvNMUkudvYgfmYF
  15. "7" is the second album by Portuguese producer Xamanist (Sérgio Ribeiro). Seven years after making his debut with Initiation (also released on Ektoplazm) comes this seven track journey through earthy and organic full-on and progressive psytrance with strong old school Goa trance influences. These songs reflect the seven years of change, growth, and evolution, all of which reshaped his creative vision. Bringing a new life into this world and becoming a father was key to this transformation, instilling within his music all the joy, enlightenment, and responsibility that accompanies this pivotal experience. Shifting from more night-oriented psychedelia to a more progressive and hypnotic vibe, Xamanist maintains his identity as an old school Goa trance composer open to new textures and sounds that have arisen over the many years of psychedelic trance evolution. Featuring voices by Sérgio Ribeiro, Joana Tomaz, and Mia Ribeiro. Track 3 originally by Random Mode. Mastering by Colin OOOD at the Stooodio with artwork by Basilisk. Download: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/xamanist-7
  16. Listen here and tell me what you think and what I can change or do different May the Psy be with you
  17. Just stumbled across this youtube vid of this 90's mix on EyeTech. Can somebody please tell me the name of the track at mark 25:00 ?
  18. Hey folks, i purchased zebra 2 almost a year ago and I'm very pleased so far. My results are getting better and better. So: I'm very interested in the experience of other psytrance producers with this synth (especially for basslines) and also would love to hear! their results. anyone? greets
  19. Made an mix with my latest songs. Plz tell me what you think and like my page: https://www.facebook.com/SwedishDesire/
  20. http://www.junodownload.com/products/amk-everlast/3282392-02/ 1. Everlast Psy Tech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13N7NgBqmuM 2. Hardline Psy Downtempo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEPqNInU97w Daam Records - http://www.daamrecords.tk happy new year!
  21. Hello! Looking for these albums: Darshan - Awakening Man With No Name - Teleportation (Compilation) Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet UX - Ultimate Experience Chi A.D. - Anno Domini Jaia - Blue Energy / Blue Synergy VA - Trance Experience: A Journey Into Aural Geometry VA - Boyd In The Void Have been looking through discogs and ebay etc. for these albums but can't find a good price. So hopefully we can make a deal? So please send me a PM or contact me at my email: mlk1kly2@gmail.com Thank you!
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