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  1. Ticon - Mirage (Iboga CD97) Tracklist 1 Mirage 7:38 2 Out Foxed 8:18 3 Tripticon 6:24 4 Entropy 8:30 5 Stimulant 8:10 6 Behind The Wall 9:17 7 Violent Serenity 8:27 8 Ether (Album Edit) 8:06 9 Useless Loop 4:51 I was not a super fan of Ticon back in the days; I prefered SonKite, but I have to say this new album really stood out *by far* amongst all the non-goa music I listened to recently. Mirage is a blatantly progressive album. It's not as experimental as other Ticon productions, although it has very well put touches of electronica, and every track sounds like it's crafted with love and is an instant catch. The album starts with an eponymous, cinematic track, with pretty intense breaks, almost giving goosebumps. The sound is crispy, alive. Nothing else to say, just enjoying. Out Foxed is more classic, TIcon fans will like it. There's a nice trancy, then acidish break that makes it really enjoyable. Tripticon is a nice progressive track. Honnestly we're not offroad here, but it's well done, balanced, and not monotonous with its nice melodies in the end. Great. Entropy follows up where Mirage left. Cinematic, aerial, catchy, scratchy, with a solid groove and a superb production. It's like a storm over a summer evening. Awesome track. I like how Ticon manage to make such carefully crafted tracks sound simply enjoyable. If you were looking for more experimental tracks, Stimulant is for you. It makes me think of Star Sounds Orchestra for instance. A rock solid kick/bass couple, ethnic influences, original instruments. Wow. You felt it coming since the beginning, Mirage also has an electro layer. Behind The Wall at last unveils it completely. Just sharp and great! Violent Serenity is more classical. It's not something you've never heard but it completely deserves its place in the album. Ether is yet another of these cinematic tracks that Ticon 2016 can make. That's the little sister of Entropy and Mirage that they can blindly play on a morning! Useless Loop is at the crossroads of progressive, electronica and house. A smooth finisher. To me, Mirage is the best progressive album I've heard in a long time. Go get it!
  2. On Friday 3rd November, you will be able to enjoy Psytrance for the first time at a location established as an essential part of the Amsterdam nightlife and considered one of the best clubs in town: RADION! This cultural hotspot is situated at the old ACTA building in the south of Amsterdam, nearby the Nieuwe Meer, an ideal place to escape the busy city, that is still easily reachable by bike. Radiate will count with two floors: Bom Voyage with Forest, Groovy Psy and Dark Prog, and Voyager with Progressive & Full On. ✲ BOM VOYAGE FLOOR JAHBO (Parvati Records DK) Live! https://soundcloud.com/jahbo KLIMENT (Zenon Records BG) Live! https://soundcloud.com/kliment SPROCKET (BlueHourSounds UK) Live! https://soundcloud.com/sprocket ONCE UPON A TIME (BlueHourSounds BG) Live! https://soundcloud.com/once-upon-a-time-music BACK TO MARS & DOGO (Bom Voyage NL) https://soundcloud.com/backtomars/back-to-mars-vs-dj-dogo-bom CIRCUS FUNK (Kosmic Fusion NL) https://www.mixcloud.com/circusfunk/circusfunk-progressive-set-02102016/ ✲ VOYAGER FLOOR SCORB - Reanimated Old School Set (Timecode Records / Trick Music, UK) Live! https://soundcloud.com/scorbmusic LIFTSHIFT (Zero1 Music NL) Live! https://soundcloud.com/liftshift LUCID MANTRA (Green Tree Records BE) Live! https://soundcloud.com/lucidmantra ZEN (Iono Music NL) https://soundcloud.com/djzen-1 ✲ CHILL OUT BY BOM VOYAGE AND NIGHTWATCH =ҒLΦɎD= (Radio Q37 BE) https://soundcloud.com/floydotwo Zaftra Morgen (Gaia Psybient Music NL) https://www.mixcloud.com/zaftra-morgen ✲ DECO DELTA PROCESS - IT https://www.facebook.com/Deltaprocess.it CHINO DECORATION - DE https://www.facebook.com/chinodeco CENTIPEDE PRODUCTIONS - NL https://www.facebook.com/centipedeproductions RANDR VISUAL ARTS - NL https://www.facebook.com/randr.projections ✲ LOCATION: Radion, Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA Amsterdam ✲ TICKETS: https://radionamsterdam.stager.nl/web/tickets/144990 Super Early Birds: € 14,30 (Sold Out) Early Birds: €17.80 (Sold Out) PRE-SALE: €21.80 (inc €1.80 booking fee) Door: €25,- ✲ EVENT: https://tinyurl.com/RadiateParty See you on the dancefloor, stay psychedelic and Bom Voyage!
  3. Hi I would love to get some feedback on this track since im more used to create Full-on
  4. Hello Psyheads Here is a small proggy demo track Hope you enjoy :3 =PLUR=
  5. to be released soon pinz - Interstellar Tech (DEMO, Unmastered) 138 bpm psyprog
  6. Artist: Robert Elster Title: Still Breathing Label: Joof Mantra Date: July, 2016 1. Deanimation 2. Antenna 3. Dilated 4. Marmelade 5. Dream Projector 6. Recrystallization 7. Straight To Base 8. Apollo 303 9. Trails 10. 2SC945P Hmmm....Once again proof you cannot judge a book by its cover. I could've sworn this was going to be something along the lines of an Ultimae Records release. Nope. This is Robert Elster (half of legendary Swedish trance act Vibrasphere) and even though that fabulous act is no longer active he is here to let you know he is still f*cking breathing. This is an album that screams from the rooftops that he is doing his thing and will not go gently into the good night. Seriously, he's doing his best Hardfloor impersonation. The tracks are f*cking loaded with warm kicks and growling 303's. Strong progressive drive with tracks like Antenna and Dilated is what Talpa would sound like with 303 usage. he understands how to plant the seed and watch a track thrive as it flourishes with layers on Recrystalization and the haunting Straight to Base. While most albums are looking for the door with the final track he slays with some funky, bubbly spice. Beautiful stuff that I feel went waaaaay under the radar. Don't miss it. Beatport
  7. Hi everybody, this is a pre-master of my new track "Moonrokk" it will be out soon, it has strong basslines, enjoy it. :excl: Feel free to share, comment, listen, etc. Good vibes. Progressive / Psy-Trance Audiowave - Moonrokk (UNRL) Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/audio_wave/moonrokk-unrl
  8. This is a track that I have been recently working on. The melodies/chords are simpler than my other work, but I tried to go for a hypnotic approach with lots of repetition in a "outer space" themed track. Note: I use FL Studio's step sequencer/channel rack only. Not playlist mode. I prefer the step sequencer because I can make the track feel more natural in a "live" way when I record. Criticism is wanted!
  9. IllumiNaughty is returning to London to celebrate 20th Anniversary of one of the biggest psy-trance record label in the world; HOMmega (Official) !! <<< IllumiNaughty, November Reign, London - HOMmega 20th Anniversary >>> 17th November 2017 Friday at Troxy, London, UK This November get ready for Alpha Portal / Astrix / Ace Ventura / Vertical Mode / Xerox / The Goblin / Nikki S / DJ Liquid Ross & more when we turn Troxy into the perfect setting for our next chapter. Keep watching to see where our brand new characters end up - we're guessing they will probably need your help EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/672739189593583 TICKETS: http://www.illuminaughty.co.uk/buy-tickets TEASER VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/illumiUK/videos/10154767316433161
  10. Hey wassup all:) Some fresh progpsy ( or something ) please feel free to comment. Download is in exchange for social currency. I have been making a lot of Tech/House since the last time I shared something on this forum and this gives my brain a good rest from that.
  11. Hey there community, This is a long shot, last week I was at Babylon fetsival in Australia and heard(From the back of a campers truck) this incredible track. The only real info i can give is a 2-3 minute build up of spanish guitar playing in a way that sort of tricked you into not knowing when the kick was about to come in. I can really only liken it to'Juno reactors Conquistador part 1' track. However it was without the vocals but very much with the spanish vibe. When the kick came in the song clearly had that proggy sound. Any recommendations would be great. Or if you are thinking "How the heck does this guy expect us to figure out which gosh dang song he is talking about" then any recommendationsof tracks with that sexy spanish vibe to it would also be appreciated. Much love, happy hunting.
  12. Enjoy my latest track =) Feedback is appreciated Namaste Ananda​
  13. Seems like HOMmega is catching up wind again after releasing Astrix' and Infected Mushroom's albums recently and is about to put out another interesting artist: Full album available to listen:
  14. DJing for fun, I just wanted to drop few URLs of mine: http://www.mixcloud.com/xphorm (mostly psytrance mixes but also the other electronic music genres...) and if you want to download some of them: http://techno.vizio.biz/sessions Hope you enjoy
  15. Hey Guys. Im sharing this made by Tatyx. All comment are please welcome;) I have been working closely with Tatyx on some projects but this is a solo project by the artist. His style is evolving and he has some more to share when ready. https://soundcloud.com/psytatyx/tatyx-deep-spirit-vers2
  16. Listen here and tell me what you think and what I can change or do different May the Psy be with you
  17. listen and review my latest creation. Trying to make a progressive mixed with forest/dark elements. tell me what u think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiXOmXr9N1Y&feature=youtu.be
  18. https://soundcloud.com/klon77/klon77-dark-prog-4-moglatz-pt-1-cloned-content have phun
  19. Hey Psypeople, I just uploaded a new track for my album =) If you like my music, I am grateful for followers and likes on soundcloud
  20. Just released this song Listen and please leave a comment with tips for better production.
  21. In the deep and enchanted forests, the sounds and rhythms of the ancients echo endlessly through time... I made this mix for my second half marathon this year, the Urban Bourbon Half. I've been wanting to do this race for the last 2 years and finally I've done it. PR'd by 5 minutes with a time of 1:57:59. All those hills through the parks of Louisville, KY were brutal and I started to fall apart with 3 miles to go, but I finished in under 2hrs which was my goal. I feel that I could have gone even faster but I will continue to try and improve next year This mix is loaded with delicious progressive gems, chock full of melodies and atmospheres. I'm very happy with how this turned out. Enjoy the nice groovy and chunky pace, from 128-131 BPM. Dual Phase - Hunger [speedsound] Motion Drive - Hypnotic [iono] Fluctuarion 2.0 - Eclipse Chasers [Parabola] Aviron & Eniak - Download the Future [Cosmicleaf] Protoactive & Dream Surface - Progressed [Freakuency] Lemonchill - Premonition (Deimos Remix) [uxmal] Cj RcM - Protoalta [Gert Sound] Night Hex - Sleep Paralysis [suntrip] E-Nok - Let It Go [solar] Ovnimoon & Man Machine - One Heart [Fresh Frequencies] Suduaya & By The Rain - Space Shifting [bMSS] Ascent - Happiness [Ovnimoon] Bakke - Birds (Alter Nature Remix) [spin Twist] Suntree - Lonesome Dream [iono] Liquid Sound - Carum Carvi [sadhu] Simply Wave - Changing Direction [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Reverse - Predator [iono] Electit - Allusion [Power House] Mr. Suspect & Kingpink - 21 Gramms [Yellow Sunshine Explosion] Pulsar & Thaihanu - Resurrection [GOA] Soundcloud link: Download link: Ziptnf - Ancient Forest (1:55:09) 267MB ~320kbps Image credit to ferdinandladera. Enjoy!
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