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  1. Chronical Mass - Last Hippie Standing Mixed and compiled by Chronical Mass with tracks by artists E.V.P, Reality Grid, Southwild, Niria, Onkel Dunkel, Dust, Assioma, Psymmetrix, Big Scary Monsters and Axial Tilt. Please show support for the artists and buy their tracks if you like them! Soundcloud - Mixcloud Tracklist 01) Psymmetrix & Southwild - Nostrials Damn Us 02) Dust & Assioma - FOAM 03) Niria - Chugga 04) Axial Tilt - Scause for Aplause 05) Konflux - Drummer (Big Scary Monsters Remix) ​06) Southwild- Anti Gravity 07) E.V.P - Morphogenetic Ascent 08) E.V.P - Time Space Space Time 09) E.V.P - Alchimals 10) RealityGrid - Death To The Ego 11) E.V.P - Baad Sheep (E.V.P and Southwild) 12) Southwild - Closer to the core 13) E.V.P - Ancient Monuments (E.V.P and Onkel Dunkel) 14) RealityGrid - Nine Waves 15) RealityGrid - Time Toggle If you'd like to hear more, follow Chronical Mass at https://www.facebook.com/ChronicalMass https://soundcloud.com/chronicalmass https://www.mixcloud.com/ChronicalMass/ Jackie a.k.a Chronical Mass, brought up in London's squat party scene from an early age found psychedelic trance and acid techno music in 2001, by 2003 Jackie started learning how to mix alongside artists from the underground scene, including Carlos Santan, Astralex, Luciano, Stu, Medi, and Nik Sequenci to name a few, as well as being influenced by some of the best London techno dj's at Underground Sound and Manik Sound System. Jackie's early influences included artists such as Alien Project, Infected Mushroom, Absolum and Cosma. Jackie's main inspiration is E.V.P and the stable from Wildthings Records combined with Dirty Saffi from Bom Shanka Records. Jackie has 11 years of experience at selecting some of the best kick arse, bassline crunching tunes the psychedelic trance scene has to offer. Other influences include Chris Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Guy McAffer and DJ Staw, which over the course of time has shaped his playing style to become technically proficient. Over the last decade, Chronical Mass has played in parties all over London and is loved by many who have watched him grow from a young boy, into a humble and recognized face of the psy scene. It is to this psy family that he is forever grateful, his friends and family, who have supported and believed in him since the very first day that psytrance became a part of his life.
  2. ▩ ALCHEMY RECORDS PRESENTS ▩ ▩ The Beat Circus ▩ __________________________________________________________ PSY-TRANCE / PROGRESSIVE / TECHNO / WORLD MUSIC / CHILL OUT __________________________________________________________ Once again Alchemy is back and bringing you to a world of groove with the next event, The Beat Circus. Not only will we be showcasing some world class Alchemy talent, we are also pleased to announce the signing of the legend that is HUX FLUX and his new album coming out on alchemy records in 2013. So come on down all you beautiful freaks, get on your unicycles, bring the hula hoops and the poi and lets get this circus bouncing!! ▩ THE FREAK SHOW ▩ main stage ▩ HUX FLUX - LIVE (SWE) - Album Release (Alchemy Records) www.facebook.com/HuxFlux.Official FLIP FLOP - LIVE (UK) (Alchemy Records) www.myspace.com/flipflopmusic K.I.M- LIVE (SWE) (Alchemy Records) www.facebook.com/pages/KiM/205813276119940 SHANE GOBI - SA (Alchemy Records) www.facebook.com/DJ.SHANE.GOBI RAZZEK - UK (Alchemy Records) www.facebook.com/DJ.RAZZEK RENEGADE DJ - SA (Alchemy Records) www.facebook.com/pages/Renegade-DJ/159966536533 ▩ THE ROOM OF REFLECTIONS ▩ chill stage ▩ ALIJI - UK ( Inspiral ) www.facebook.com/alijimusic BAHAR - Turkey ( Sundance ) soundcloud.com/bahar-canca MIFF - UK ( Mutagen Records ) www.facebook.com/DJMifMusic ANDY FORCE - UK (Mutagen Records/Astral Circus) www.facebook.com/AndyForce.Mutagen FEATHER - USE (Acidmonkey) ________________________________________________ ▩ TICKETS ON DOOR £15 ▩ ADVANCED TICKETS £10 ▩ Access All Areas, 2nd Floor, 30C Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AL, UK ▩ AAA TICKET LINK - http://www.onlinestall.com/cgi-bin/stall2.pl?act=ep&id=4590 ▩ TRAVEL - The Brixton Jamm ▶ 15-20 min walk from Brixton tube stations towards the Brixton Acadamy ▶ Closets Tubes are Brixton (Victoria Line) & Stockwell (Victoria Line) ▩ Telephone: 0207 267 8320 ▩ LINKS ▶ Alchemy Records - https://www.facebook.com/alchemyrecords ▶ Facebook Event Link - https://www.facebook.com/events/331095170334212/
  3. Psychedelic.org.uk presents… CARBON Friday 1st February 2013 Club 414, Coldharbour Lane, London, UK, SW9 8LF Kristian (Dejavoo) Plastic Vibe (Dejavoo) Libra9 (Halcyon) Zeus (Roots Productions) Andy Force (Mutagen) Andi Leppard (Halcyon) Cosmic Frog (Debut) On the first day of the second month in 2013, Club 414 holds the launch of Carbon, a new psychedelic audio-compound built within a dynamic sound space precisely engineered for an intricate and diverse psy-experience guaranteed to provide you the soundtrack of your very own, unique journey. Internationally acclaimed Dejavoo continue their revolution and rise in dual format with Kristian & Plastic Vibe alongside the technically flamboyant and hard hitting Libra 9 showcasing the residents from London's premier psy-trance event, Halcyon. Two 414 Legends expand upon the tone in Andy Force & Andi Leppard with the sound wave receiving a fine tune with the hypnotic frequencies of Zeus & Cosmic Frog. Main Floor Kristian (Dejavoo) http://uk.myspace.co...ransientrecords https://www.facebook...ejavoo.kristian https://soundcloud.com/dejavoo-1 Plastic Vibe (Dejavoo) http://uk.myspace.com/plasticvibe https://soundcloud.com/plastic-vibe https://www.facebook.com/plasticvibe Libra9 (Halcyon) http://libra9.com https://www.facebook.com/libra9 https://www.facebook.com/libra9live https://soundcloud.com/phillankester Zeus (Roots Productions) http://rootsproductions.com/ http://www.myspace.c...tsproductionsuk https://www.facebook.com/ZEUSDJ Andy Force (Mutagen) https://soundcloud.com/andy-force https://www.facebook.com/AndyForse https://www.facebook.com/andy.force.14 https://www.facebook...dyForce.Mutagen Andi Leppard (Halcyon) https://www.facebook...ndrew.leppard.3 http://uk.myspace.com/andileppardmusic https://soundcloud.com/andi-leppard Cosmic Frog (Debut) http://refre5h.co.uk https://www.facebook...170920113038469 Bar, Intelligent Lighting, Lasers, Décor. 1st Floor Cafeteria, Comfy seating, Fish Tank, Smoking Area "At the very beginning within Grid Space 9√ of 3rd Dimensional Earth, The Creator designed and built the portal of all portals under strict instructions its only to be revealed to mankind once full conscious expansion has occurred. Within this portal lay a pocket reality in which the known laws of time and physics take a somewhat intriguing, and most defiantly bizarre turn in which one has the unique opportunity to experience Reversed Evolution. The practice, undertaken and performed by the collective mind from 7 of the most creative beings in all the known multi-verse! Generate a Total Prospective Vortex in which all those who happen to have nothing better to do that weekend experience a complete molecular breakdown of physical existence too the key component of life in pure energetic form. Only when the vortex is illuminated by the colours of love, achieved upon the clarity of true enlightenment of ones self, will full unity of all participants have reached its plateau. The process of Harmonized DNA Reconfiguration is then activated via perfectly delivered psychedelic sound vibrations thus, transcending all previous Carbon based life into a superior Crystalline form." The following caution is advised to all those who attend : 'Keep Calm and drink power tea' - The buzzJakkerz Guide to Reality - Limited advanced £5 tickets available now on libra9.com / Standard Tickets £8 £10 on the door. Psychedelic.org.uk Libra9.com Facebook Event Page https://www.facebook...74889739223949/ HarderFaster.net Forum Listing http://www.harderfas...threadid=296318 Travel Information TRANSPORT: Tube = Brixton (Victoria Line) Rail = Brixton mainline station Buses = 2,3,35,37,45,59,109,118,133,159,196,250,322,333,345,355,415,432,P4,P5 Night buses = N2,N3,N35,37,N133,N159,250,689,690
  4. Hello! Is anyone of you coming to Twistival in London this November? Line up: Official Facebook event: http://www.facebook....47795015359007/ The place: http://www.troxy.co....wisted-artists/ Buy tickets: http://www.ticketlin.../twistival#tour I think they'll put on a great show, deffo looking forward to this one.
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