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Found 39 results

  1. Artist: Optiloop Title: Destination Unknown EP Label: Iono Music Date: 05-04-2011 Style: Progressive Trance Tracklist: 1. Destination Unknown (09:06) 2. Prime Level (08:34) If you don't know Optiloop, perhaps there other project 'Loopstep' rings a bell. So far they released some great tracks with both projects and judging from just about all there releases, this is truly a very original style of progressive trance. An amazing track worth mentioning by Optiloop is 'Gang N Stan', released on Carrots & Stick. With there Loopstep project they have made some awesome remixes, The Journey (Motion Drive) and Circles (Progenitor) are some perfect examples of what these guys are capable of. It's definitely not the basic stuff, they went out of there way to create something new and it evolved in to something sounding very slick and crispy. There's always a lot of speed in there work and both of these tracks are no different. The first track Destination Unknown starts of with energetic rolling baselines, supported by fantastic atmospheric effects. It only gets better and more intense during the song. This Greek duo truly knows how to keep the best for last and I can proudly say that this track really carried me away. Next is Prime Level and after hearing the first track, one would strongly doubt if it could get any better then that. It starts of very slick and tight once again, the Optiloop and Loopstep signature so to say. All effects are timed just right with simple yet effective touches during the whole song, while the beat remains constant. There cannot be anything found wrong with this track in my opinion. Everything is thought about and the hypnotic vibe I'm getting from this one is priceless. 2 tracks that really impressed me. I can recommend this to anyone who thinks all progressive sounds the same. Check this EP out, get in to full relaxation mode, give it a good listen and I would say your opinion is changed quickly. Links: http://www.beatport....known-ep/345201 http://www.psyshop.c.../inm1dw051.html http://www.ionomusic.com http://soundcloud.com/optiloop https://www.facebook...224256344292361
  2. Artist: Timeless Title: Night Drive EP Label: Iono Music Date: June, 2012 1. Night Drive 2. Traffic the Light feat. Upsoull If you've read any of my reviews (you can't escape me) regarding Iono Music and their artists you'll know that my admiration approaches cult status. This is due to their consistent track record when it comes to releasing descriptive and atmospheric progressive trance. I can count on one hand the number of releases that didn't thrill me and that's pretty good for a label that has had over 80 releases. That said, a reviewer has to be able to take the fan helmet off and rely on his objectivity if his opinion is to be taken seriously. Which is why I'm about to respectfully sh*t all over this EP. Yep John, I'm afraid there is nothing here that would make me recommend it to you as it is a departure from all that you have come to expect from this label. I know I couldn't believe it either. Excessively boring and repetitive it fits into the niche of background noise, a perfect soundtrack for folding laundry. The bass sounds were almost if not identical and when you only have two tracks it's really easy to see. Where are the grand soundscapes and the effects coming from all sides? An argument could be made that this is good for a night time vibe like a predator lurking in the dark. For me however is comes off as been there done that, unimaginative and too many periods of just a bass line and a kick. *Yawn* Night Drive? Maybe. If your intent was to hit every animal trying to cross the road culminating in a broken telephone pole and a totalled vehicle. Sorry Iono, this was weak. Beatport Mdk
  3. Artist: Time In Motion Title: Four Degrees EP Label: Iono Music Date: June, 2011 1. Colour (Remake 2011) - Time In Motion 2. Audio Gigilo (Strange Doctors & Viram Remix) - Time In Motion 3. Shadowgaze (Aqualize Remix) - Time In Motion 4. Audio Gigilo (Flegma & Nerso Remix) - Time In Motion If you have 4 tracks and 3 are remixed by other artists, do you really get to claim it as your own? Don't ya think it might be a mini-compilation? Just a thought. This is the Cowan brothers as well as Martin Daltoft from Denmark with a 4-track EP released by Iono. Since it is Iono you can expect rich atmospheres with melodies longer than the US unemployment line. I recently reviewed another EP by these gentlemen called Smooth Vibrations and was very pleased with what I heard. Here's the link: http://www.psynews.o...-vibrations-ep/ I do have one beef with this EP. The ugly cover. I realize that every cover can't be LSD fractal galaxy dieties, but I expected more than a meter I could read on the side of my house. Colour (Remake 2011)- "The colour of your imagination..." This is a track from the Beat Generation 2 compilation and they decided to give it a fresh coat of paint. I don't remember the original, but this one has a nice drifting sway to it. The break is typically massive with galaxy spanning synths and echoing effects. Their sound is so vast it's like hurtling through space with a huge bay window so you can take it all in. The layers give it some rich depth and I do not get tired of this one. Audio Gigolo (Strange Doctors & Viram Remix)- This is from the EP of the same name. No idea who the remixers are and since I have never heard the original this is a blank slate for me. There are plenty of the juicy and tangible Iono effects and the tempo is in the mid 130's if I had to guess. This is as close to being able to touch the music as I imagine you could get...rich sweeps, chopped up synths racing by.. Another great one. Shadowgaze (Aqualize Remix)- Here come the Greeks Vladislav Koumpatidis & Koinis Anastasios with their take on a track from the Destinations 2 compilation. More of the same drifting, melodic juicyness. This is the type of music I would break out after I climbed a mountain and wanted to take in the view. Rolling synths unfurl with tracks of color as they spiral into the sky during the breaks. Love this stuff. Audio Gigolo (Flegma & Nerso Remix)- Dalibor Delić & Dragan Matić are the creme de la creme of melodic progressive and they take their cut at the gigolo. Their version seems fuller and with more of an aggressive swagger. So firm and fully packed as Pepe Le Pew would say. Beautiful melodies that are supported by grumbly effects. Awesome. It occurs to me that I didn't have to do a track by track review of this EP because all 4 of the tracks had the same qualities. Melodic drifters that twist and turn leaving streamers of color. Wide open breaks that curl around you like your favorite blanket. If you love the Iono style of melodic and rich atmospheric progressive then this is a must. http://www.beatport....rees-e-p/376648 Mdk
  4. Artist: Unseen Dimensions Title: Airglow EP Label: Iono Music Date: July, 2011 1. Airglow 2. Wonderland (Unseen Dimensions Remix) - Nok & Zyce 3. Sonic Manipulation (Unseen Dimensions Remix) - Flegma & Nerso Breastfeeding is a purely non sexual act. *shakes head in disbelief. What the f*ck dude?* At least that's what women have told me. And by women I mean the one woman I know who is currently breastfeeding. Look I get it, it's the act of nurturing your newborn child and has nothing to do with sex. The woman's point of view is very clear and rational. But have you seen what happens to breasts after childbirth? Boobs become so big and full that a brother can't help but stare. And that's what lead me to this review. I couldn't stop staring so my wife sent me downstairs. But all is not lost, because I get to review and EP from progressive masters Iono Music. Smooth, melodic sounds are just what I need to cure my banishment. This is Javier Martinez Salinas from Mexico who released a damn fine album a few years ago as Twilight. Airglow- "No one's coming to get us. Ok? No one. We have to help ourselves." And we're off to a pretty groovy start with effects that make you feel like you're riding a star. Very full and lush as numerous layers take you in. Whooshes and sweeps hover above the bass line that moves with a funky shuffle. My advice? Stand back and let this psychedelic bird fly. Wonderland (Unseen Dimensions Remix)- More groove and more effects as small melodies peek out. The break is tangible as comets zoom past and the whole universe opens up in front of you, ushering a change in time signature. After that nice floating interlude, the track assumes it's original position with a pounding melodic sixteen bars. Great stuff. Sonic Manipulation (Unseen Dimensions Remix)- This track is from their album Opposite which to me is one of the benchmarks of progressive trance. Now here are a list of the artists I know that have remixed this track. Liquid Space, Sven Snug, E-Clip, and Protoactive. Some tracks just lend themselves for remixing I guess. Oscillating synths come over you in waves, undulating breaks and liquid effects make this a joy to listen to. If you love the spacious Iono style, then this EP is a no brainer. Congratulations to Javier, he will fit in just fine making this beautiful progressive trance. Highly recommended. http://www.beatport.com/release/airglow-e-p/392750 Mdk
  5. Artist: Time In Motion Title: Audio Gigolo EP Label: Iono Music Date: August, 2009 1. Audio Gigolo 2. Dreamscape Take all the artists that you heard making some weak sh*t and dump 'em. Bliss, Dynamic...Oh yeah, Perplex get the f*ck in there. Going through the massive pile of stuff on the hard drive, I came across this gem from 2009. God, is that really 3 years ago? Time in Motion is a Danish trio that fit the Iono progressive trance mold to a T. Big beats, floating ethereal melodies, and effects to create a lush atmospheric track. Their EPs Four Degrees and Smooth Vibrations were excellent. It's two more tracks that are a worthy addition to your progressive collection. Shimmering synths and echoing effects play against hammering kicks and deep bass sweeps. Very enjoyable indeed. Do not hesitate to order this, it's the goods. Besides it's from Iono. Beatport Juno Mdk
  6. Artist: Helber Gun Title: From Another Planet EP Label: Iono Music Date: January, 2012 1. From Another Planet 2. Angel Eyes (Helber Gun Remix) - Flegma & Nerso 3. Land of 2 Suns (Helber Gun Remix) - Aqualize "If suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet...." Well, we would probably form a committee that would decide whether or not to investigate the possibility of malicious intent by the visitors. Of course the Democrats would want to pay for it by closing tax loopholes for wealthy corporations. After the Republicans shot that down, they would introduce their own measure organizing a commission, but they would slide in a provision that says all homosexuals must be herded into an internment camp so they could...ahem...pray the gay away. Does nothing work? Can no one just sac up and do the right thing? Ah...yes. Iono Music is the leader in melodic and atmospheric progressive trance and somehow they find artists who compose their style of music. Or it's a third Reich kinda discipline to keep them employees goosestepping in time. You know those Germans...zey love zee order. So what we have here is a collaboration between Zonka and Blue Grow...what the...are those people? Sounds like strains of weed. If it is weed sign me up for a bong or 20. Holy f*cking atmosphere, this is the definition of lush. Effects ripple and pop, as the title track seems to bubble and climb. There are nice changes of tempo and relevant samples that don't make me want to rip my pubes out. Made by aliens for sure. The next two tracks are remixes. Their version of Angel Eyes has a shiny coat of polish that your grandma wishes she got on her silver. The original track from the Carrots and Stick compilation was a laid back groover with great effects, but this is bigger and more full....bolder. It is more aggressive and it shimmers. If the original was the smooth caress of a lover, then this was pull her hair like you were mounting a flying beast in Avatar. Their take on Land of 2 Suns from the Beat Generation 2 compilation just seemed...what's the word. I know...louder. Didn't thrill me. Iono continues to hit home runs. Pretty good EP if you love melodic progressive. Beatport Mdk
  7. Artist: Invisible Reality Title: Doors of Soul EP Label: Iono Music Date: January, 2012 1. Cybernetic Evolution 2. Doors of Soul 3. Alice Dream (Remake 2012) People ask me (no they don't, I don't get to talk to any adults. I asked my three year old, but every answer I got had something to do with Lightning McQueen) if I ever get tired of listening to progressive trance. Sure I do. As I would if I listened to one genre over and over again. Thanks to a Facebook friend, I've been getting back into Front Line Assembly. Not to mention Ice Cube's 1992 masterpiece Death Certificate is never far from reach. Headphones only. Last thing I need is my wife to come home and hear my kid singing about the nappy dugout. So yeah, I have to take breaks every now and then. This is a project that I have been following for a little while. The duo released their 2nd album Parallel Fantasy (reviewed here) which I thought was superb. This is their latest effort a 3 track EP which I hope continues down the same road. Cybernetic Evolution- Huge washes and a thumping beat compliment the oscillating synth waves. It's a dark ride through space with a good bottom end. The last break sees meteoric debris float by the glass panel and light reflects off the hull of the ship. Very atmospheric. Loved it. Doors of Soul- There's more of a house shuffle here but since I don't hear the crooning, I think we're ok. The break has a nice growling bass pad as synth leads dance through the soul door above. Nice groove, but there is a long stretch before the 2nd break where it seems like they were on autopilot. The melody at the end is nice, but the whole thing lacks the grandeur of the first track. Alice Dream (Remake 2012)- "Alice...wake up!" This is a remake of their 2009 track on the Spiritual Ritual EP. First thing I noticed is they chopped a minute off the track. The original was a churning slowly evolving track. Totally opposite here as these guys are beating this kick drum like it got their sister pregnant. More aggressive surely with eerie background noises and filtered pads. Yeah, I liked it better. Good little EP. My favorite was easily the first track, but they're all pretty good. Melodic progressive with some thumping kicks. Beatport Mdk
  8. Artist: Funky Dragon Title: Modern Emotions EP Label: Iono Music Date: February, 2012 1. Day of Insomnia 2. Modern Emotions 3. Sundown Answers Because Iono has an outstanding track record with me, I feel that whatever they release is worth checking out. This is Serbian Igor Zuzulovic with a short 3 track digital EP. He has released 2 previous albums The Algol and Massive, but I have never heard them. Now Iono is known for their layers of melody and deep atmosphere creation, but this is different. First of all it's not subtle. Day of Insomnia is a post apocalyptic ripper of a track that also shows it's funky percussive side. This is a high speed chase in a tank that doesn't try to avoid cars...it crushes them. The beat is a pumping closed fist punch instead of the smooth transitions usually found from their artists. Second, while there are melodies, they take a back seat to the effects and storming nature of the beat. Modern Emotions is another track that is thick with dark atmosphere and bigger than Shaq beats. Like looking into the grand canyon, but instead of rock it's the remains of a ravaged city. The break really drives that point home for me. The final track begins with a staggered feel, but then after the cinematic break returns to 4/4 time. Same powerful dark vibe with maybe a little more melody. One of the reasons I love this music is that you can dig as deep as you want to go to find things that you may have missed. There are loads of effects to sort through...layers upon layers of sound. Different than most Iono releases, it is a fresh change of pace that can be enjoyed if you're a fan of electronic music. Igor didn't knock on the door here...he blew it off it's hinges. Psyshop Beatport Mdk
  9. Artist: Various Title: Forensic Science Label: Iono Music Date: October, 2011 1. Perception - Mindwave and Sphera 2. Black Light - Time in Motion 3. Spin it - Ritmo and Egorythmia 4. Sub System - Pop Art 5. White Tunnel - Egorythmia Vs. Ace Ventura 6. Science - Nerso 7. De Ja Voodo People - Ritree 8. Doing his magic (Static Movement rmx) - MUTe 9. Flying Circus - Phaxe Ain't love grand? I said grand, not grand piano. Jesus, learn to say no. The most powerful force on the planet. It can make the pain go away and can make good times great. It's just a feeling that I hope everyone gets to experience in their lives. I'm lucky enough to have found my soul mate and together as she embarks on her career we will hopefully share many years together. But I also love some other things. Sure, not in the same way, but it's still love. Love hockey fights Night night. Love porn. Oh yeah, you dirty little whore... But like all of you, I also love music. Our corner of the world is a hotspot for creativity mostly free of the commercial toilet. Between goa trance, twilight, downtempo and progressive trance my plate is overflowing with succulent dishes. Iono music is the king of the hill when it comes to progressive. They've had more releases that I have hairs on my head and most of what I've heard has been quality. Melodic and atmospheric storytelling with stellar production is how I would describe what they do. Compiled by Egorythmia it's a who's who in the genre that further reinforces Iono Music's dominance in the genre. Perception- This is Anton Maiko (Mindwave) and Liran Elkayam and Rami Shalom (Sphera) to open things up. And what a great job they do. It's all sunshine and smiles with great weather and great friends. Bouncy with several changes to pique interest. Leads galore and layers aplenty should satisfy the discerning progressive listener. The break rises like the phoenix and attracts a soft vocal. Dare I say a perfect start? Yes I do. Black Light- This Danish (Mmmmm...Danish) trio had two EP's this year that cemented their status as kings of the hill in this genre. Great bounce, great melody, and long on atmosphere. The effects fill this thing up as it picks up the pace and fills out. There is no wasted space as it's all very complex with lots of things coming together. The wavering melody over the breakbeat is a nice touch and this is a tasty danish indeed! More please. Spin It- Two titans collide in another massive effort. The deep bass rumble has me fully invested and the break in the beginning reminds me of some old Front 242 Headhunter sh*t. Effects ricochet and echo everywhere as this undergoes tempo changes but never loses its appeal. The searing pads wobble as leads as it grinds it out with a popcorn arpeggio. Man this is delicious. Sub System- Written by Klopfgeister but the artist was Indra? What's going on here? First I've ever heard from this project. It's got a good beat with some synths that oscillate and some that whizz past you like you're in the middle of a Nascar track. Echoes, echoes, and more lovely echoes. The surprise treat is the breakbeat so you don't go home without a little funk. Good stuff. White Tunnel- Sunshine right in your eyes with sparkling synths that rain down in countless waves doesn't even have me worrying about the 11 minute track length. Oscillations pump with vigorous life over a solid bass line as sounds echo for what seems like miles. There is a break of course and with it comes the obligatory change in tempo. But the rich atmosphere continues as it churns like a violent sea only to change back to it's orignal path but with a 303 whip session. Massively deep and drifting stuff. It's like me feet didn't touch the ground. Science- With perhaps the progressive album of the year with Exploration of Infinity, he continues his progressive beatdowns with a lush and atmospheric stalker of a track. Juicy bass stabs and long winding pads make this drip with an eerie feel. The break is a thing of beauty while creatures slither from the dark. Who knew science was so sinister sounding? Hit the books kids, this science f*cking rules. De Ja Voodoo People- "Let this be a reminder to you all that this organization will not tolerate failure." Those movies were awesome. Well, Goldmember reeked of trying to hard, but you could do worse than staring at Beyonce for two hours. The Ritmo and Suntree combo has been gold each track I've heard so...you know, big things. And them wielding a 303 is a big thing as this gets all progressive goa on you. Sunshine and ocean breezes. I didn't really care for the middle where they broke it all down...kinda killed any momentum. And it took forever for them to reclaim it so while good, I feel they made a mess of things in the middle. Doing His Magic (Static Movement Remix)- Hold up...am I getting this Janet or...Jenny Craig Janet? Magic? Like the push up bra? That's not magic. That's blatant fraud. And it's deadly because if I take you home on the assumption I'm hookin' up with Janet and discover I'm stuck with Michael I'm liable to throw you out a window. One of Iono's newer artists, Shahar Shtrikman gives a MUTe track from the On/Off album the business. Lots of effects in this and it feels fuller than the original. The original had that really angry darkpsy drumming that was intrusive and this is melody heavy. Much more enjoyable to listen to in my opinion. Good remix. Flying Circus- Kevin Josefsen had 3 EP releases this year with mixed results as far as I was concerned. I have always liked his compilation work however. This is a bubbly sunny afternoon at the beach where you can reflect on the good times of the day gone by. It has some breathy moments that Ibiza things up a bit if you know what I mean, but the beat is good and this is nice light fare. If you have read my reviews on Iono Music releases then you can probably tell I am a huge fan. But it's releases like this that continues to show why they are the leader when it comes to progressive trance. Layers, atmosphere, melody...it's all here. Light and airy to deeply dark and sinister. Not one bad track in the bunch and numerous stellar ones. Get it. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/inm/inm1cd051.html http://www.beatspace.com/6712/Iono+Music/Various/Forensic+Science/detail.aspx http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8903 (Holy sh*t 10 bucks? 10 bucks? What the f*ck are you waiting for?) http://www.goastore.ch/compilation-forensic-science.html Mdk
  10. Artist: Invisible Reality Title: Parallel Fantasy Label: Iono Music Date: February, 2011 1. Inkognito 2. Vanishing Rainbow 3. Pacifier Move 4. Criminal Code 5. Celestial Objects 6. Pure soul ghost 7. Be Real (Invisible Reality rmx) - Haldolium 8. Parallel Fantasy 9. Insomnia Iono Music is the king of progressive trance who put out more than that girl in high school. Hooking up with her is like riding a moped...fun as hell until someone sees you on one. One thing that you don't have to concern yourself with is whether a release is worth your hard earned dough. Invisible Reality are Shamil Abramov & Igor Sorin who are now based in Israel. I know what you're thinking. Is that f*cking dog just gonna take that from that b*tch ass cat? There is this pervasive idea that while Israeli artists were once the pioneers of a lot of trance they have since continued the downward spiral into a massive cheese tray. A lot of that well deserved. But I assure you that this project is no joke. They have released several EP's and their debut album Invisibility was as close to flawless progressive as you could get. This has been out for almost a year now and somehow it always finds its way into my playlist. Why? It's not close to being the most powerful music out there. I've heard tracks with more layers and melody. So what is it? First of all the production is superb. Every sound is crystal clear. And there are a lot of them on display in various iterations. Second, it sounds fresh with real instruments. Not the preset of a real instrument. This isn't your basic cut and paste 8 bar generic music. No pattern was followed, just intelligent arrangements. It tells stories with numerous twists and turns. Drum sounds are as varied as snowflakes with clever breaks. Third, the transitions and melodies are very smooth. There is a dark theme running through this album with eerie melodies and crunchy percussion. Put all of that together and you get an outstanding record that will take you far away. I urge you to give this your full attention and listen to this gem all the way through. This goes right up there with the best progressive this year. Psyshop Beatspace Saiko Sounds Goa Store Mdk
  11. Artist: Ritmo Title: Phrase -A Label: Iono Music Date: December, 2011 1. Follow Me 2. Big Eyes - Ritmo and Motion Drive 3. Dream and Reality 4. Imprint - Ritmo and Zen Mechanics Dubi Dagan is one of the reigning kings of the progressive trance genre so it's fitting that he release a 4 track EP on the label that is the king, Iono. According to the promo there will be two phrases, A and a B. The "A" phrase it the melodic, happy, sunny side. I'm still pissed off at that ticket I got so maybe I should wait a while on this one... Follow Me- "Leave everything behind and follow me." This is kind of a massive track. At almost 9 minutes there are a lot of washes, churning bass lines, and chopped up synths. It ebbs and flows, giving a little but not showing too much all at once. Not as deep as some of his other material, but still pretty emotional. The last bit with the growling lead was of particular interest. Big Eyes- "Little People." I think your next words are "can still be funky." With a little help from Motion Drive he brings a galloping bass line and some light percussion. The melody echoes amidst numerous effects as another lead growls in protest. Seems like it was all leading up to the final bit of sunshine because it all comes together at the end. Not bad. Dream & Reality- "Your subconscious mind can hold the key to acheive your goals. And turning your dreams into reality." One day...one day...Please, this porno writes itself. More washes and bouncy bass, but the star is the lead at 2 minutes or so that has a bit of darkness to it. Just a little plucked thing, but it grabbed my attention. If he's not careful he's going to venture in goa and then a new love affair shall bloom. But he didn't and it shan't. Another good track, but somewhat light. Imprint- For the final track Wouter steps up with another soft track without bite. I have to reiterate that it is still a good track it's just a lot lighter than I am used to from these projects. What I didn't like was the rising lead that operated in build up mode, but other than that there isn't much to complain about. I mean, other than the lack of power, psychedelia, and depth. I listen to a lot of progressive trance and usually the stuff from Iono wows me. This one didn't. It's still pretty good, but I found it to be a little on the light side. And that's what Dubi was going for I imagine based on what the promo said. The depth that I usually find in his productions was absent and I feel he relied too heavily on washes. Every 5 or 10 seconds you hear them. It's flying on the lighter side without much psychedelia, but perhaps he is saving that for Phrase B. So, it's still a good listen, but when the bar is maintained at a ridiculously high level, you have to expect an artist will run into it every now and then. Beatport Psyshop Mdk
  12. Artist: Various Title: The Floater Remixes Label: Iono Music Date: July, 2011 1. Floater - Ritmo & Rocky 2. Floater (Motion Drive Remix) 3. Floater (Andrea Bertolini Remix) 4. Floater (TimeDrained Remix) Iono Music is to progressive what Charmin is to toilet paper. There's plenty of choices out there, but only one you would want to wipe your...hmmm. Not where I wanted to go with that. How about Iono is to progressive what Hershey's is to chocolate. But the vast majority of you are European so you probably wipe your ass with Hershey's. Ok, ok...Iono is to progressive what Jean Claude Van Damme is to horrible acting. There, I think that is something we can all agree on. Floater- "One man's loss...is just another man's gain." When you put these two guys together this is exactly what you would expect they would come up with. Really pumping progressive trance with all the bells and whistles. Thumping kick? Yep, like the nuns that used to whack my knuckles for saying the f-word. Whooshes? More than you can imagine. Masterful break work? You know it. It's a churning and pumping track that leaves the cheese at the door. Good work gentlemen. Floater (Motion Drive Remix)- Philip Guillaume from the land of chocolate and precision time pieces throws his hat into the ring with an oscillating bass that will rattle some windows let me tell ya. And he does a remix right, keeping the stuff that makes it memorable and adding his own housey feel. Just when I thought he was letting it go a little long he slides that break in there and comes out the back end with some call and response synths. A groovy piece of sunshine is what this is. Floater (Andrea Bertolini Remix)- Damnit I fall for it everytime. But Andrea is a girl's name! Anything else is like telling me the sky is pink. If you thought the previous track had a house beat, then let me introduce you to this. It swells like a sprained ankle complete with delicate keystrokes and sunshine smiles. The melody is so overwhelmingly positive that you cannot help but get caught up in the dancing frenzy. The intensity builds as he delivers wave after wave of melody that totally transformed the original. Absolutely f*cking nailed it. Floater (TimeDrained Remix)- The track from Rasmus Tue Jørgensen has some darker textures from the outset. His break is also pretty sweet with echoes from the original in the background. But he brings in a new melody that meshes very well and this is just quality progressive trance. Hard to top the immediate high from the previous track though. This was an awesome EP that shows you how remixes should be done. All of the tracks had parts of the original in it, but were different enough to make them interesting. Great progressive trance and house with Mr. Bertolini stealing the show with an absolute blast of sunshine. Highly recommended. http://www.beatport.com/release/the-floater-remixes/397196 Mdk
  13. Artist: E-Clip Title: Press Hold EP Label: Iono Music Date: November, 2011 1. Press Hold 2. Salva Divinorum This is Marko Radovanovic who was responsible for the best progressive trance release of the year for me called Shuma. Here he is with progressive masters Iono for a quick hitting two track EP. Did I need it? Of course not, but I didn't need that huge breakfast this morning, but I'm glad I made it. Press Hold- Thumping progressive with bass effects curl around the ears as sounds wail in the not too far distance. It's drifting and every sound is in its place. While not as descriptive as his work on Shuma, it is nonetheless a solid progressive rumbler. Salva Divinorum- Now this is more like it., balancing that line between psytrance and progressive trance. Plenty of effects make this a thick beast and it has an ominous atmosphere. New slant with the snare and kick break right into a pretty massive build-up. But it wasn't you're ordinary everyday buildup. Pretty good rocker. This was a nice little get. If you're a fan of his style then this will be a pleasant addition to your collection. It's melodic, drifting, and the 2nd track is more aggressive. It's a bit expensive for 2 tracks, so if you're a little short on cash, keep rocking his album. Can't go wrong there. http://www.beatport.com/release/press-hold-ep/832070 Mdk
  14. Artist: Time In Motion & Flexus Title: Smooth Vibrations EP Label: Iono Music Date: September, 2011 1. Smooth Vibrations 2. Moonwalk 3. Lakrids Now this is an interesting one. First off, Iono Music = quality progressive trance of the highest order. That's not even up for debate so I knew I was going to buy it. Sure I've never heard of these 2 projects, but what I don't know could fill a Wal Mart. Time in Motion are Thomas & Leslie Cowan from Denmark who apparently lost their studio. The little bio doesn't say how, but I'm sure it was due to a big night of binge drinking. They simply forgot where it was. I mean, what else could it be? Anyway, they come across DJ Flexus (Stefan Göransson) and a new collaboration is born. Another interesting fact is that these brothers come from the heavy metal scene and now make progressive trance. That must have been some party to make them tone it down. Or some really incredible weed. Smooth Vibrations- The Beach Boys wish they could be this smooth. Synths with slow attack rates and whooshes open things up as twinkling leads sprinkle over a simple bass line. It's a very full track with no empty space that flows effortlessly. The sounds are so clear you could reach out and touch them. Superb. Moonwalk- Wow, so much here. The effects really open things up with shimmering sounds. Firmly planted in the Iono style I find myself wondering where the time went. When the break arrives it sets the stage for the next step with dreamy pads and a change in time signature. It's like when you hang out with your best friend...it just feels right. Lots of changes in direction here. Lakrids- "In a special kind of space..." That word...I do not think it means what you think it means. I have no idea what that word means. But it could signify drifting on sound waves. Cause that's what happens here. More layers with leads that climb and dive with ease. It's full of sunbeams and just like R. Kelly in the presence of a fifth grade class of schoolgirls pick up your bottles of Lipton Green Tea and shimmy shake! How they made the jump from heavy metal to this laid back style is beyond me. But I'm not complaining. It really is a smooth EP that invites you to dive into its deep waters. Progressive trance that caresses and revels in the sunshine. No darkness here, just pleasant vibes. Recommended. http://www.beatport....ions-e-p/652054 Mdk
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