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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! After night psychedelic trance release Sulima – Next Trip, pleasure announced powerfull psychedelic trance accompanied by beautiful ethnic melodies, including exclusive chillout track by Psychologist and friends. Format: Digital Audio Style: Psy-Trance, Downtempo Released: Jan. 2019 More info
  2. Hello all! Pleasure announced extreme fresh release. This time pure night psychedelic trance. On official Label’s page you can download free mp3. Format: Digital Audio Style: Psy-Trance Released: Nov. 2018 1. Sulima - Alien 2. Sulima - Cyberport 3. Sulima - Mission 4. Sulima - Translation More info Gladly waiting your support and feedback, with respect! Hado Records
  3. Fresh look on a downtempo style of Nikita Klimenko and friends. This unique publication, inspired and filled with all colors of Artist’s musical experiences, fantasies and demonstrating a new dimension of his creativity. The album comprised with exclusive remixes recorded especially for this release. How long have you walked through the dark and forgotten streets of your memory? You hear the noise of your thoughts. The unfathomable and delicate musical narrative strengthen the overall impression of listening and surpass all conventional knowing. Therefore, the album is difficult to place in any precise framework and this strangeness is self-sufficient. The comprehensive look of each participant is unique in its own way. All the compositions were created without losing the individuality of each project. Stylistics includes such musical genres as chill out, downtempo, click’n’cuts, electronica. Nikita used live and electronic instruments that explore the experimental aspects of ambient music. This concept album should have in their collection anyone who loves progressive experimental music with an invigorating atmosphere. It is recommended to present collectors and connoisseurs of good sound and strength spirit. Bandcamp.com / Beatport.com / Play.google.com / iTunes / Napster.com / Music.Yandex / Juno Download / Deezer.com / Anghami.com / Amazon.com Track-List: 01. Chronos - Inner Darkness 02. Chronos - I'm Not Pretty 03. Chronos - NESK (Mother Healing Version) 04. Chronos - Anatomy Of The Fear 05. Chronos - Your Guilty Soul 06. Chronos - Anatomy Of The Fear (Mahaon Remix) 07. Chronos - Anatomy Of The Fear (OkoloSna Remix) 08. Chronos - Inner Darkness (Dreaming Cooper Remix) 09. Chronos - Inner Darkness (JBC Arkadii Remix) 10. Chronos - Anatomy Of The Fear (Sol8 Remix) 11. Chronos - NESK (Unusual Cosmic Process Remix) 12. Chronos - I'm Not Pretty (Squarking Jazz Remix)
  4. The debut release from Denis Aksenov with the project Mapadha. These are two pacifying tracks of electronic downtempo with a soft melody and a measured rhythmic drum. Not hasty but assertive with a warm, natural and earthly sensation. This music evokes the imagination and easily draws soften, balanced and beautiful forms in the mind of the listeners. It is a digital release now available in different audio formats at online stores and streaming services. On the Label’s website you can download mp3 for free. Add it to the daily playlist, pass into the music and enjoy your journey Somewhere on the Earth. Psyshop.com Beatport.com Itunes.apple.com Junodownload.com Play.google.com
  5. Artist: Various Title: Locomotion Label: Hado Records Date: June, 2015 1. Chronos - Urban Life 2. MentalImage - Somewhere Between Worlds 3. E-mantra - Minimal Butterfly 4. Spectrum Vision - Inox (Chronos Remix) 5. JBC Arkadii & Konstantin Zhirov - Meteor Fall 6. G-light feat. M. Mayborn - Mysteries of Light 7. SynSUN - Mechanical 8. JBC Arkadii - Aquanautica 9. Harax - Rill 10. Filteria - Lyva Chill music that...isn't that chill? Where offerings from Ultimae are usually a relaxing and calm ride all the way through, this is psytrance with low bpms. The broad umbrella of psychill is varied indeed and I would say if you want to float away to music this would not be the vehicle. The label itself calls this compilation eccentric. And they are absolutely correct. That said this collection of music from some very well known artists will find a foothold. Tracks range from noisy and harsh (SynSUN) to smooth deep space exploration. It's music by artists that you know are straying from their comfort zone. Hell E-mantra has been making psychill for years now, but are you ready for some deep space ambient from Filteria? How about the re-emergence of G-light with a very rewarding offering? How about the 80's-esque guitar solos on Meteor Fall by JBC Arkadii? As I mentioned there won't be any shut eye being had listening to this, but it's cool to see different ground being tread upon. This one grows on me every time I listen to it. Hado Records Psyshop Beatspace
  6. Artist: Various Title: Voyager: First Plateau Label: Hado Records Date: December, 2012 1. Order to chaos ALIENAPIA 2. Psychotria Viridis HYPNOTIC SIGNAL 3. Beyond the clouds CELESTIAL INTELLIGENCE 4. Cosmic Voyage ELEUSYN 5. Hyphneone SKARMA 6. Dansul Ielelor (Artifact303 rmx) E-MANTRA 7. Distorted Visions SOUL KONTAKT 8. Amnesia Reaction FILTERIA 9. Path to Sychelia ASIRION 10. Daydreamer ARTIFACT303 Who are you Hado Records? Who are you really? I think we need to get a close up look at what's going on here. Whoa Whoa! Too f*cking close! Yikes, I think a dentist is in order. Hado Records is a label that is quickly making a name for itself. Their first re-release was the highly underrated classic Lost in Time by Zirrex which is one of the all time classics in goa trance. But they didn't just re release it...oh no they gave it the 3 CD treatment with new mastering and some new tracks. Awesome stuff. So here is their second release: a compilation of some of the best new school goa artists the genre has to offer as well as some names you might not be familiar with. This is modern goa trance with an infinite number of melodic spirals. Bomb after bomb of pumping stuff beginning with the first we've heard from Alienapia since their blistering Goapoca...however the f*ck you spell it way back in 2010. You can always pick out the floating E-mantra style which continues to be awesome, but we also get the first release from Skarma who shows a lot of promise. Artifact303 is back with a real treat as he tackles Danseul Ielelor and makes it as massive as the original. Then the compilation takes a turn beginning with Distorted Visions towards a less aggressive posture. Filteria's track while beautiful is more sunshine and soft edges and less stacks of melody threatening to crush the life out of you (I like that by the way). Me thinks he's stretching his creative muscles and besides that when was the last time you heard a Filteria track that was just 6 and a half minutes? I'll tell you, never. Asirion delivers a progressive style goa effort that is beautiful and flowing as the Hungarian heavyweight closes things out as if to remind you that he's still a boss in this here goa thing. And he is. Beautiful melodies and bursting with layers and depth. You da man Zsolt. This one kinda got lost in the shuffle. You know Christmas time, life gets a little crazy. Another great goa trance release that gets more friendly for those who may find that goa can get too heavy and in your face. All the tracks were very good and I recommend this highly. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
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