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  1. Does anyone recognize this track. It was released around 1996. PLUR, DJ Celteric
  2. One of the first songs that I made, soundquality isn't the best but hey, it's free at least listen/download: http://soundcloud.com/richpa/richpa-musacca-a-tekk cheers
  3. Here is a project between me & Hallucinary started back in August. A journey through trance, psytrance and goa! Combining new-school and old-school, fast and slow, Downtempo and acid Goa... Enjoy Mixed on a reloop + Numark Axis 2 CdJs & 2 CDJ 200s Size:609 mb length:04:26 Tracklist: Hallucinary (Part 1) 1.Logic Bomb – Dumbfound [TIP.World] 2.Fractal Glider - Earth Tremors [booM! Records] 3.Mouse On Mars – Froschroom [Too Pure] 4.Eat Static – Uforic Undulance [Planet Dog] 5.The Infinity Project – Time & Space [Dragonfly Records] 6.E-Mantra – Mindfluid [Altar Records] 7.E-Mantra – Hypnagogia [Altar Records] 8.Pigs In Space – Waterfalls [Phonokol] DJSoulstone (Part 2) 9.Sephira - Where's My Map [MerKaBa Records] 10.Unusual Cosmic Process - Place On Earth [Lookinglook Records] 11.Astropilot - Scirocco (2011 Rework) [Neogoa] 12.Unusual Cosmic Process - Emotional Trip [Lookinglook Records] 13.Flooting Groves - Birds [Peak Records] 14.Beatfarmer - Dear Spirit [directly from producer...] 15.Atlas - Compass Error (Fluke Remix) [Plastica RED] 16.Fluke - Slap It (Untitled No. 3) [Appalooso] 17.Jaia - Out of Orbit (Vibrasphere Analog Tape Remix) [Tribal Vision Records] 18.Sephira - Life Changes [MerKaBa Records] back with Hallucinary (Part 3) 19.Germinating Seeds Of Doda – No Hole [symbiosis Records] 20.Psyko Disko – Overdose [Flying Rhino Records]21.Electric Universe – Stardiver [Distance] 21.Electric Universe – Stardiver [Distance] 22.Afgin – Blue Sparkle [Old is Gold] 23.Artha – Insidelamp [Cronomi Records] 24.Tranan – Cluedo [TIP.World] 25.Purple & Lunar – Subtle Thrust [sub Terranean] 26.Etnica – Astral Way [blue Room Americas] 27.Moksha – Dope Limited Soul (Original Edit) [bochumer Ton Manufaktur] 28.GMS – Zombi Stomp [TIP.World] 29.Elysium – Wind Of Dust (Elysium & MOS Remix) [Elysium Self-released] 30.N.D.M.A. - Vitan [sub Terranean] DJSoulstone to finish (Part 4) 31.Celestial Intelligence - Power of Mind [underground Alien Factory Records] 32.Lost Buddha - Transfiguration (Anti-Gravity) [Phototropic Records] 33.Lunar Dawn - The Run [underground Alien Factory Records] 34.Trinodia - Lasers and Demons [Neogoa] 35.Landscape Observer - Dream Flow Controls [Phototropic Records] 36.Elysium - Subconsciousness [Directly from him...] 37.Spectral - Kundalini [Avatar Records] 38.BlackStarrFinale - Is Pause No [Neogoa] 39.Jirah - Contact [Geomagnetic Records] 40.Misterious Wizard - Visions of India [Phototropic Records] 41.Toï Doï - Worm Twist [underground Alien Factory Records] 42.Toï Doï - Spiral Dive (2011 Remix) [underground Alien Factory Records] 43.Cybernetika - Devoid of Gravity [Ektoplazm] 44.Mindsphere - Presence [Neogoa] Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C9NDCXAC Dropbox Stream: http://i.mixcloud.com/CyL6Q
  4. Angry Dwarf brings you his first full album release, “Celebration Of Life”. After successful singles such as “She Rains” and the hit “Continuum” the full story is brought to you in form of this album! Composed, mixed and mastered by Serbian born (Norway residing) Vojislav Dimitrijevic, this release has patiently been waiting for 7 years to be picked up again, carefully and tenderly remixed and rebuilt from the ground up for it’s shiny release. Combination of mystifying atmospherics, twisting psychedelic leads, snarling synths, tender orchestra and cosmic build-ups bust the doors of traditional psy-trance and explore new sonic and harmonic territories presenting you, the listener, with a unique listening and dancing experience! This epic psy-trance release will grip you tightly, twist you wildly and make you smile greatly, having you return for more and discovering new depths with each new listen. Come and join the Celebration Of Life! Tracks: 1. Neon City 2. Continuum (Space-Time RMX) 3. Pulse 4. Organic 5. Chasing The Dragon 6. Wings Of Dawn 7. Everything Is Sound 8. Dreams Bonus Track: 9. Hell Sludge All Tracks written and mastered by: Vojislav Dimitrijevic Cover Art by: Vojislav Dimitrijevic Released by: Angry Dwarf Music Release/catalogue number: ADM001 http://soundcloud.co...ration-of-life/ http://www.last.fm/m...bration+of+Life http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/angrydwarf Cheers! www.angrydwarfmusic.com
  5. Quadra Tron is the name of my debut EP that I decided to release online. It contains three songs made in 2003-2004 period and style is some mixture between funk'n'experimental goa trance and early psy trance. This EP is available for digital download in WAV/FLAC/MP3 formats for price of 2$. For previews and downloads, please visit this page: http://neogoa.bandcamp.com/album/quadra-tron-ep 1) Realms Of Consciousness (08:08) - 140 BPM 2) Implementation Through Quadra (07:45) - 148 BPM 3) Deathless Machinery (08:47) - 146 BPM I was never too much into music production and never had knowledge or conditions for some more serious stuff but this one is made with a lot of passion and love, so yeah thoose silly tunes means a lot to me, I hope that you'll enjoy in them as much as I'm enjoying Artwork:
  6. New psychedelic dj mix from the ION gathering in Denver CO Feb 2012. I was closing out the night after a great Forest dj Mukti, starts with some deep and dark sounds and moves into melodic neo-goa bliss. Injoi! Labyrinth - Awakening http-~~-//pureperceptionrecords.org/mixes/labyrinth/Labyrinth-Awakening.mp3 1. Solar Fields - Winter Sun 2. Ianuaria - Native 3. Yudhisthira - Spiritual Entity 4. Scorb - 13.5 Hours (Reanimated Remix) 5. Dust - Koala's Revenge 6. Scorb - Mutoid (Reanimated Remix) 7. Dissociactive - Unga Bakatunga 8. Dust - Pleasure 9. Via Axis - Tryptamine Dimensions 10. Yudhisthira - The Room 11. Via Axis - The 4th State 12. Ianuaria - Liquid Modulation 13. Trold - Its all about Cycles Labyrinth Dj mixes: http://www.pureperce.../djs/labyrinth/ Sculpted Sound Events: http://sculptedsound.net
  7. Hello! This is first goa downtempo i finished and i like it really 100 BPM in A# key with spacey and old school sounds and acids. Listen: Opinions are welcome, enjoy
  8. Fragletrollet is Magnus Støren Wedén (88) from Norway. Origianally born several milennas ago, he has gone through intensive incarnations to harvest different types of perspectives, all in order to be capable of presenting you with a interesting and emotional psychedelic minndscapes for infinite mystical experiences both on the dancefloor aswell as on the couch at home. Fragletrollet is about fantasy, fun and intense emotions all boiled together in a big steamy trollelixir. This makes his style quite innovative, ranging from goa, electronica, hardcore and psychedelia you will probably never hear something quite like Fragletrollet. The music mixes all different types of mindsets, mixing the deepest hell with the utmost bliss... you have to have experienced it all, in order to really understand and appreciate. Have fun listening, and when you have problems making your body sync to the beat, just remember that you can dance with your mind aswell! Peace & Love! Enter the spiritual energy system past the void... http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clg1As8Q3I8 Why is there no more appreciation for this visionary artist? He's made some of the most intelligent goa(psy)trance ever. Releases on a handful of compilation having tracks that trounce the others with it's unique and refined flavour and having a full album released that takes an insanely twisted mind bending dark journey through trippy scando forests. Almost every track that's made by him has such smooth storytelling progression that it makes you wonder how long must he work on the stuff he makes. It's really nothing like other darker psy or goa. There's such intelligence and vision. It reminds me of so high quality acts being merged together, like Pleiadians(Progression/quality), Ubar Tmar(Crazy, yet intelligent sounds), Tamlin (Sheer colourful explosion), Principles Of Flight (Storytelling), Ka-Sol (Scando sound). And whenever he opts for heavy melodic production, those melodies are monstrously good. The future however doesn't seem too bright as there has been no new releases at all.. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL7MFWYytmM Please be open minded and give this wonderful album a chance. http://www.psynews.o...-records-media/
  9. Artist: Various Title: Entities 2.0 Label: None Date: January, 2012 01 - Dual Barrel - 27 Sundowns (142 BPM) 02 - Deimos - Future Failed (140 BPM) 03 - Hotep - Digital Man (142 BPM) 04 - Nova Fractal - Blindsight (145 BPM) 05 - Lunar Dawn - Genesis (146 BPM) 06 - PsiloCybian - Mindblowing (142 BPM) 07 - Delta Cycle - Vortex (145 BPM) 08 - Psynthax - E.C.T. (143 BPM) 09 - Symatix - The Attack Of The Dissonant Frogs (146 BPM) 10 - Phantasmagoria - Campfire Story (144 BPM) "Let's see, cashbox, glocks, stacks of $100's...hey! Hey, honey...will you take the f*cking kid, I don't want him gettin' his hands on the money! Jesus...what kind of parent are you?" This is the 2nd chapter in the Entities series which sees a lot of the same Croatian artists ply their trade. As with the first one this is a free release and it crosses genre boundaries. First one really didn't impress me much. It was like fast food. Good going down and got the job done, but you always wish you ate a little better. As far as sound goes it was done by the master of mastering Igor Čeranić so zero concerns there. Artwork by my good friend and Psynews member Richpa. Dude's got talent. 27 Sundowns- "Wanna know something? I am high as shit right now dude. I just, I just liked like three toads. I've been up for like 27 suns up and suns down." Saša Dukić & Igor Čeranić know how to make some noise. This is a dark and industrial rampage with acid scraping metal. The battle between man and machine rages on and to be honest it isn't really going that well. Love the break, it oozes with electricity and fear. It doesn't bother with being subtle or agile...oh no. Some people whine and pout when they don't get what they want for Xmas. This? Shoulda checked that list again fatboy. Future Failed- Just Igor this time and he offers another powerful track. Amidst a garbled transmission he pounds one out like his angry at the kick drum. The juicy bass lead dances nimbly above the fray as he stacks the layers and keeps them all going at the same time. While not as descriptive as the first track it's still synthtasticly good. Digital Man- Written by Stjepan Hojan you can see where he got the project name. Another dark track with bass sweeps and effects whirling by. And I wouldn't be offended if you thought that there was a slight goa feel to it. The main melody storms forward while support effects give it some depth. He introduces new lead sounds and they fit right in. Very futuristic and digital sounding. Nice. Blindsight- Renato Brnić released his Main Sequence Star EP this year and I thought it was awesome outer space goa. And he continues the trend with some churning sounds and rich layers. The break is great with the deep pads and bubbling synths from the beginning. The problem I have with it is that I didn't care for the progression of the melody. I felt it was static and didn't change much from the beginning. Purely personal. This ain't Dancing With the Stars you know...it's not like you're gonna get sent home. "I can't see what you're trying to do here." Genesis- Welcome back Kristijan Ilišinoviæ. Remember his track The Run on Goa Overdose 2? Outstanding and so is this. Love the storming nature and the acid lines in this goa treat. It's full of motion and direction changes along with a spooky mood. The leads are sharp and wet with liquid, the kind that duck in and out of dark places. This will get those stiff joints moving... God, I love Bollywood. Mindblowing- Saša Dukiæ (half of Dual Barrel) gets a chance to flex his psytrance muscles all by his lonesome. It's like you decide to work out and then before you know it BAM! How the f*ck do you find shirts? Holy crap this was an awesome track. So firm...so fully packed. Great leads and oodles of layers with the driving intensity you hear on tracks from Temple of One or God Save the Machine. Mindblowing? Pretty damn close. Vortex- This is Domagoj Kirnbauer and I feel sorry for you. No not for that. That could happen to anyone. Who drinks a case of beer. After a bottle of wine. While on heroin. No I feel sorry for you because nobody should have to follow the last track. That should've ended the album. This is a bit atmospheric, but largely boring. It's not until 6 and a half minutes that an interesting lead appears. It's awesome, but it's like throwing a guy a life preserver after he's been floating face down for 10 minutes. Needed to focus on that lead. E.C.T.- Miroslav Lakiæ is an artist I have no knowledge of. Reminds me of Shotu type stuff, lots of effects over a prominent bass line. But the power is there as are leads that are quite cutting. Rumbling bass sounds combine in layers. Sticky like maple syrup but nothing spectacular. The Attack of the Dissonant Frogs- Now this is some juicy, dark forest rumblings. Chirping insects and eerie effects set the atmosphere as melodies peek from places of shelter. Looking for a time out? Forget it. It's a relentless ride with no GPS to get you out of this forest. Campfire Story- Closing things out with another forest field trip is Damir Abjanoviæ & Marko Paviæ and they pile on the effects like I do sprinkles on my ice cream. You got your clunky sounds, scratchy leads, and deeeeep bass line. I like it a lot due to the atmosphere which is terrifying and comes in waves. No sunlight in sight. Great job. This was a compilation that had a few gems on it and is definitely worth your time. All of the tracks sound great (nice work Igor) and create a really good atmosphere. To be honest, I didn't find any sunshine or lollipops on this. Pretty dark all the way through. You could definitely feel the tide turning into stormier weather right around the Vortex track. Kudos to the Dual Barrel, Lunar Dawn, and Psilocybian tracks as they were for me the best of the bunch. Ektoplazm Mdk
  10. Hi everyone, My name is Fernando Iam from Portugal and Iam available for graphic design, video (edit and animation) and webdesign! You can find my website here, Dissolvingstudios.com Some services provided: .webdesign (flash or html) facebook pages (flash) facebook competitions, mp3payers and other applications .video editing - promos, video clip, music video, visual fx .Graphic Design - cd design, dvd design, digital ep design, business identity and much more Here is some work ive been making latelly, some professional and some personal: contact me on my website or info@dissolvingstudios.com Has a hobby iam a music producer with several projects such as "smileypixie" and "message to earth" plur
  11. Hi psynews hope youre all doing well. Iam Fernando Hood (aka smiley pixie) , once oppon a time I had a goa and psytrance music project called "Message To Earth", started in 1999 and lasted until 2006/7, maybe a very few of you remember my tracks on good old mp3.com and Acidplanet , http://www.message-to-earth.web.pt/ . Anyway i have a new hangout were ill be releasing old and new tracks My new page is www.messagetoearth.bandcamp.com These are my Latest Releases: Hope you guys like it. All the releases are on a "pay what you want" basis p.L.U.R
  12. Stimudelic - Universe At Blue Beach (DJ Set) http://soundcloud.co...e-at-blue-beach Style: Goa, Psy Trance Duration: 52:36 Size: 120.35 MB Format: mp3, 320 Kbps Tracklist: Druk Verdeler - Universe Kularis - At Beach Utopia - Mudra Banda Sedam - Voda Aminate FX vs. Alysium - Hypnotic Goa Life Psygone - Camaro Kanitou Trilithon - Cyber Train Transmotion - Blue Psychedelic Tranceforce - The Starter Synchron - Spacetrip 262 Color Box - Grey Spook (Westside Mix) TMM - C-Mos K (Live At The Beach Trance Party) / Stimudelic - Fractal Consciousness (DJ Set) http://soundcloud.co...l-consciousness Style: Goa, Psy Trance Duration: 28:30 Size: 65.25 MB Format: mp3, 320 Kbps Tracklist: Trinodia - Epic Feel Lunar Dawn - The Run Grand-Cheff - Dirty Trance Trinodia - Annunaki Hybrid FX - Higher State Of Mind SETI Project - EVP / Positive feedback or constructive criticism, comments are welcome.
  13. Hello, we are Zombster Recs (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zombster-Records/218995584853621), a brand new record label (we have founded it less than one week ago) that alongside commercial electronic is mainly intended to focus on the psychedelic side of things, like psytrance and ambient goa; http://soundcloud.com/mothership-loudspeaker/ajayil-perpetuous-traveler Here we go with our first promo, it's a track from the randomnly-named psybient project Ajayil, that focuses on the organic side of things, relying on eastern drum loops and ultra-reverbered melodies and arpeggio, providing an intersesting sonic texture perfect for relaxing and meditational moments. It's in free download, so why don't you give a try and let yourself float?
  14. ॐѰॐѰॐ .......................... ............................. mixed by sCrEamJaCk Title: Cosmic Orgasm 135-150 BPM Genre: Goa Trance Track list: Transwave - Land of Freedom Liquid flow - moderate stimulation Antares - 4th Dimension Afgin - Amanita Shakta - Spiritual Beings E-Mantra - Dansul Ielelor(Neurosect Edit) Etnica - Vimana E-Mantra - Afterglow listen & download: http://soundcloud.com/screamjack_psy6/screamjack-cosmic-orgasm ...................................................... ॐѰॐѰ
  15. http://www.beatspace...urs/detail.aspx 1. Alien In My Room (intro) 2. UFO 3. Astral Colours 4. Space Journey 5. Core Of The Universe 6. No Gravity 7. Astrophysics 8. Eyes Of The Moon 9. You Are Not Perfect After a long time and hard work, finally the first album "Astral Colours" is being released out now. The sound is some kind of music that would take you high and makes u travel to the stars. The genre is Melodic Goa, the tracks contain many influences of acid techno and melodic trance music. Outer space is the main concept of the album, also science and spiritual atmospheres are present. These tracks are recomposition of the tracks produced by Doruk between the years 2005-2008. Any kind of trance listener can find something related with his/her own taste of music. Dunno why there was no official promo. Seems to be in the spirit of Artifact303 and Liquid Flow new school stuff.
  16. Artist: Overdream Title: Soundprints EP Label: Sun Station Records Date: June, 2011 01 - Land Of Carnivore Plants (146 BPM) 02 - Coven Of Witches (146 BPM) 03 - Ultramarine (148 BPM) 04 - Zurna (148 BPM) 05 - Kaleidoscope Eyes (feat. DubMyDub) (100 BPM) This is a psychedelic trance couple Makus and Dana from the Ukraine. No, I mean they are actually a couple. Maybe they're married, I dunno I don't have that information. Kids? I have no idea. What are you, writing a book? Land of Carnivore Plants- Carnivore plants? That's all we need. Reminds me of Australia. Never been there but I heard that more things are deadly there than anywhere on Earth. Short ride isn't it Mick? Like the bubbling effects, don't like the lead. It's pretty shrill, but they do a nice job of layering with another one to take the edge off. As you would expect the tone shifts towards goa and it then finds its stride. Not bad. Coven of Witches- "This hasn't been my happiest new year. This one's starting off rather f*cking badly." Coven of b*tches. Who's laughing now stupid sorority? You coulda had allllll of dis. *Spreads arms in wide circles* All of it. What's that now? Oh...witches. Well, that's different. More bubbling and scratchy sounds give this a forest feel where alien creatures tread and effects rule. They rain down as they sparkle and churn the thick soup. I liked this one a lot. Ultramarine- With a plucky bass they dive right back into the forest. The darkpsy metallic lead swarms with aggression as the duo begin to layer. It was shaping up to be just another generic track, but the break was unexpectedly fulfilling. They come out all eerie and mysterious with a squirty lead that flies all over the place. Zurna- Hmmmm...this churning fellow seems mysterious. Then the cat-quick lead erupts and scrawls its message on the bark of ancient trees. Sizzling! But not as sizzling as..hold the f*ck up. Could really go for bacon right about now. Where was I? The final frame is where they take a left turn onto the beaches of goa for some time in the sun. Very powerful stuff. Kaleidoscope Eyes- Can you hear the sounds of the forest? It has an ethnic tribal way about it as the breakbeat kicks in. But it doesn't stay there long. It becomes more of a mid tempo jaunt with a vocoded Beatles lyric. Yeah, those guys were no stranger to LSD. Another plus is the constant change in direction. Like the sitar? There's plenty of it here. Sure I coulda done without the Indian vocal, but you might like it. You're funny that way. This track reminds me of the wild and chaotic presentation that you would find in a Shpongle production. First I love the cover art. Seems to portray the ritualistic with a sense of the spiritual. The EP ain't bad either. You've got some forest and goa as well as the dub from the final track. Impressive. As always it's free so I encourage you to check it out for some variety. Ektoplazm Mdk
  17. Simple Man psychedelic music from Hungary Official Site Facebook Cosmic Connections 01 http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=IseqKfnmwuY Tracklist: 01 Ovnimoon - Eight K Miles (2010 remix) 02 Egorythmia - Dark Ages 03 Suntree - Observation (Flegma and Nerso remix) 04 Echotek - Paradise Lost 05 Symphonix - Home Sweet Home (AudioLoad remix) 06 Zyce and Vice - Neutron 07 Hi Profile - Unique (Side Winder remix) 08 Middle Mode and Nerso - Deep Blue 09 Liquid Space - Accord of Sounds 10 Inner State - Backswitch 11 Sinister Silence - Heaven and Hell (Vaishiyas and Audiomatic remix) 12 Alchemix - Time is Direction
  18. With new tracks coming from the lab and a new liveact in mind, I decided to share my actual 2011 liveact for your listening pleasure. 4 tracks live on guitar and 6 tracks mixed live Enjoy and, as always, comments are really appreciated http://soundcloud.com/xamanist/xamanist-liveact-2011 Peace & Light
  19. My new goa track, hope you enjoy! http://deliciouspetal.bandcamp.com/track/psilokinesis
  20. Welcome Visitor! I am Simple Man from Hungary. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with this magical movie! Simple Man - Wonderful Christmas My official site is: www.simpleman.hu - download my music - it's free...
  21. Hello guys! Today me and Ephedra finished our first collaboration, we are much happy with track! And there is some funny speeches in it Listen: Or on the LINK Comments are welcome, enjoy!
  22. Faxi Nadu - The Last Kick of your Life Artist: Faxi Nadu Label: Postunder Records Title: The Last Kick of your Life Genre: Psytrance Date: October 15 2011 Format: Digipack CD / Sleeve CD / WAV / 320mp3 Length: 68:31 Tracklist: faxi nadu - welcome to faxi nadu 0:18 000bpm faxi nadu - after people 8:22 130bpm faxi nadu - the deep 7:03 140bpm faxi nadu - arrange my mind 7:02 144bpm faxi nadu - blackout 0:39 000bpm faxi nadu - sands of fantasy 6:30 145bpm faxi nadu - missing puzzle 6:41 148bpm faxi nadu - strange beyond 1:12 000bpm faxi nadu - space opera 7:36 140bpm faxi nadu - temporal control 6:56 145bpm overdream - ultramarine faxi nadu remix 7:36 148bpm faxi nadu - the last kick of your life 8:29 100bpm All tracks produced by Yaron Eshkar at http://www.faxinadu.net Track 11 original by Maxim and Olga Kurushyn http://www.myspace.com/kurushyn Mastering by Kevin Metcalf @ eMasters UK http://emasters.co.uk Album graphics by Ran Kramer -------------------------- The Last Kick of your Life is an album of the imagination. Mysterious and enchanting, through tunnels of space, time and the deep mind. Intricetly layered collages of sound woven intro theatrical fabrics of harmony. Grungy and analog with a glitchy digital heartbeat, this is Faxi Nadu's unique version of a psytrance musical. -------------------------- Buy it here (Digipack CD): http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8917 http://faxinadu.blogspot.com/p/last-kick-of-your-life.html Free Download (WAV/FLAC/MP3) here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/2011/faxi-nadu-the-last-kick-of-your-life Extra stuff: Mixed album DJ set: http://postunder.net/star/faxi_nadu_-_tlkoyl_release_dj_set_191011.mp3 YouTube playlist: Album on Soundcloud:
  23. Currently taken part in a Remix competition and testing now an early version, looking for some feedback =p The winner track of the competition will be released on ectoplasm (free music platform). Listen to the Remix here http://soundcloud.com/galaxy-studio/m-d-m-a-the-beginning-galaxy The track is 145bpm, G-Key, and goa-trance / psytrance style with nice voice samples.
  24. Release Info: Label: Underground Alien Factory (UAF) Format: Album, 320kbit, WAV, FLAC Genre: Goa Trance, Downtempo Style: New School Tracks: 9 Playtime: 54:27 min Catalog#: UAFR024 URL: http://uafrecords.com/artists/goahuman Release Date: 30. October 2011. Release notes: Underground Alien Factory Records is proud to present a truly unique goa ambient/downtempo release, a debut album by talented Macedonian musician - GoaHuman (Denis Bogdanovski). Esoteric Journey is exactly this, a true spiritual insight, composed as pure artistic musical vision that will lead you deep into beauty of yourself, with capabilities to reactivate the very core of your individual spirituality. From highest uplifiting moments to deepest psychedelic dives, you 'll be driven by finest goa melodies and easy hypnotic acid lines, all this spiced by soft and mysterious quitar themes. For all who seek for something different and ultimately spiritual, Esoteric Journey is ticket to travel into endlessness of inner light. Tracklist: 01. GoaHuman - Intro (2:00) 02. GoaHuman - Gacina (6:18) 03. GoaHuman - Voyage (6:24) 04. GoaHuman - Denes Go Gledam Istoto (6:31) 05. GoaHuman - 5th Element (7:06) 06. GoaHuman vs CoaGoa - Magic (6:36) 07. GoaHuman vs Sirius - Solar System (6:57) 08. GoaHuman - Morning [Remix] (6:44) 09. GoaHuman - Outro (5:51) Credits: Mastering by Keamia @ www.keamia.com Artwork: photography & coverart by Boo Row additional works by Imba Download release: http://www.ektoplazm...soteric-journey
  25. * Title: Steps to the Stars * Genre: Progressive Psytrance * Length: 79:58 min * Format: MP3 VBR V0 * File size: 148,6 MB * BPM: 138 Yet another progressive psytrance mix from me! As always with driving basslines, kickin' melodies and lotsa mindblowin' acid! This time in parts a little bit spacier than usual. Expect nothing less than the very best in progressive psytrance that you can imagine! Have a nice trip! Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.co...ps-to-the-stars Youtube: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=H65DP5uJ0gQ Download: http://rghost.net/26989011 My Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/deejay.tb My Webradio http://divbyzero.de My Psychedelic Mixes http://rghost.net/us...eases/divbyzero Tracklist: Mindwave & Sphera - Perception Nerso - Science Ritmo & Egorythmia - Spin It Zen Mechanics & Egorythmia - Dragonfruit Mindwave - Particles Sideform - Psychedelic Future Nerso - Particles Ace Ventura - Genesis (Flegma & Nerso Remix) Lyctum - Light Force Sideform - Shiva Egorythmia vs. Ace Ventura - White Tunnel Ritree - De Ja Voodoo People
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