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  1. Hi friends! For someone who maybe dont know i want to meet "Ohm Ganesh Pro". It's a Booking agency, records and party organization based in Israel/Germany and work all over the world. Formed in 2008 by Kalilaskov AS. Focusing on the twisted sounds of the night psy music and more... We are here for help you to make your party a real psychedellic experience! There is already almost 50 releases worldwide and we continue to blast http://www.ohmganeshpro.com/ http://www.facebook.com/ohm.ganesh.pro Label Party video from Germany - Hamburg (October 2017) Location MS. Stubnitz very famous Party Ship that stand in port of Hamburg. Together with German Orgaz "Lonely Forest Project" Vido : Ohm Ganesh Pro Releases Psyshop : http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/ogp/ogp1dw020.html Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/label/ohm-ganesh-pro/32263 Ohm Ganesh Pro Booking and Demos : ohmganeshpro@gmail.com
  2. Hi friends, after delay it's good to be back with fresh releases and music. I posting at the moment many new and old stuff from me for free download. Psytrance, Proggy, PsyProg and old DarkPsy as well Live from Germany 2017, DJ Sets with music from my Label + single tracks. SC : Music that's for free download stands with that titel in track Have fun and thank you all for all support you gave me for so many years! Kind Regards
  3. Heyo everybody here i got you my latest dj-set at potpourri chai - chaishop & friends. Fell free to check it out and give me some feedback https://soundcloud.com/fakeid0815/dj-set-potpourri-chai-chaishopcom-friends
  4. Κυριακη 31 Δεκεμβριου New Year's Eve Rave Χυτήριο Theatre - Σημείο Πολιτισμού Main Event: NYE warehouse RAVE (3 stages) Stage 3: Psy Underground (Psy Trance - Twilight - Darkpsy - Forest) Line Up: ---------------------live--------------------------- Ellwood Psy-Music (Disco Valley Records, GloOm Music) --------------------dj sets---------------------- - Fear Disorder ( Quadrivium Records, Underground Experience) - Dorito (Underground Experience) - Tangie (EarthDrop crew) - Bar (Underground Experience) - Seraburayka (Hypnotique Recordings) supported by Underground Experience Music Entry 8 ευρώ (presale) - 10 on spot Ιερά Οδός 44 Κεραμεικός ΜΕΤΡΟ: Κεραμεικός (3 λεπτά με τα πόδια) ΗΣΑΠ: Θησείο (15 λεπτα με τα πόδια)
  5. https://www.mixcloud.com/yiannis_kats/141217/ tracks from Mark Day & Noein, Arodjan, Confo, Arjuna & Farebi Jalebi, Hulter Til Bulter, Gu, Ankur & Elowinz, Spagetti Brain, Petran, Quixotics, Shakti Project.
  6. Finally the time has come and long awaited release by label located on the Black Sea, Odessa city is ready; When we dive deeper into the psychedelic trance trip we are always look first at a powerful mysterious light in our minds and souls that is always lead us to the top of spiritual bliss and active meditation in every moment when we are present on any floor.We are proud presents next compilation - 11th brilliants-extraordinaire-artifacts between so many layers of psytrance scene releases.ClockTail records owners are making new steps aimed at the fairway psyche-shamanic-cosmic grooves of spiritual and phisical energies directed into unknown space. Tracklist : 01-Initial - Trippy {146 bpm} [06.27] W&P by Ilja Vig @ Pacilistrica Sounds Studio - Tallinn | Estonia 02-Weirdbass Vs Cosmic Brahma - Kaun Hain (Who Is There) {148 bpm} [07.43] W&P by Kaio Donato And Abhishek Chakraborty @ Maschine Studios - Juiz De Fora-Minas Gerais | New Delhi | Brasil / India 03-Tookytooky - Aliens Dialog {149 bpm} [07.39] W&P by Sergey Verbitskiy @ Tooky Sound Lab - Odessa | Ukraine 04-Fractal Spin - Transactional Mode In The Matica {150 bpm} [07.01] W&P by George Hadjiconstantinou @ Fractal Spin Studio - Sheffield | UK 05-Nightvision And ChakraView - Nocturnal View {149 bpm} [07.39] W&P by Shaveer Ahmed And Adnan Baig @ Nightvision And ChakraView Studios - New Delhi | Hyderabad | India 06-Z3nkai - Lunatic Behavior {150 bpm} [08.21] W&P by Nico Z3nkai @ Z3nkai Studios - Geneva | Switzerland 07-SysTree, Buckle And Orion Signal - To Mars {150 bpm} [05.58] W&P by Igor Agra, Thiago Fideles And Aramis Venancio - Campina Grande | Brasil 08-Warp Engine - Cabloco {150 bpm} [06.52] W&P by Jack Allsopp And Nico Z3nkai @ Act One And Z3nkai Studios - Geneva | Switzerland / Uk 09-Fractal Dimen5ion And Cykonaut - The Dark Side {146 bpm} [07.48] W&P by Shaurya Shah And Nikhil Solanki - Mumbai | India 10-Cosmic Brahma - Game Boy {150 bpm} [07.52] W&P by Abhishek Chakraborty @ Maschine Studio - New Delhi | India 11-Konflux And Kiva - The Big Ear {145 bpm} [07.57] W&P by Vasily Myazin And Kiva @ Bedtime Studios - San Francisco | USA Artist: Various Artists Title: Dive To The Top Powered by: ClockTail Records https://clocktailrecords1.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/clocktailrecordsofficial Media Format: Digital Download Genre: Psychedelic Trance Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG013 Distribution by: Self Distribution Release date: 11.12.2017 Artwork Design by: Neo Druid Art Mastered by: Antagon Mastering
  7. So this debut compilation from the new label "Gylfaginning Records" was just released! So far I'm enjoying it alot, proper weirdness. Sure is worth giving a shot if you're into forest music. https://gylfaginningrecords.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-scandinavian-swamp
  8. https://www.mixcloud.com/yiannis_kats/231117/ painting cover from Konstantin Yuon - new planet tracks from_ Biophotons, Atrus & Bar, Dopadocks, Mussy Moody, Braindrop, Spagetti Brain, Makumba & Suzi, Groove Digger, White Whizard, Psyriots, Far -Q, Spacehealer.
  9. We are continue the tale into the dark psychedelic trance sounds with an upcoming artist called Atrus as a storyteller, feel the nature and open your mind to listen... all tracks are written and produced by Nikos Kechagias except track 3 is w&p with Bar mastering by Pupsidelic Media cover design by Yiannis Kats https://undergroundexperiencemusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-gates-of-the-inexplicable
  10. Tracklist: 01 Propagul - Swamped (Kerlivin Remix) 02 Mind Oscillation - Political Criminal 03 Charu - Lagarteesha 04 Paranoiac - To Wash You 05 Praheya - DNA Unlocking Codes 06 Maniac Bubbles - Maniacs On The Run 07 DigitalX - Out Of Shape 08 Silent Horror - Awake 09 Retohmorgon - The Midnight Society 10 Furious - BTK 11 Slate vs Red Dead Jo - Itherael 12 Dark Whisper - Idir 13 Midzinko - Mors Ad Caelos 14 Koktavy - Multidimensional Gathering 15 Xikwry Neyrra - A Pinch Of Psychedelic 16 Mohina - Ulise 31 17 Kokopelli - Tribal Ascension 18 Dra Orcon - 666 19 Blind-Ox & Setek - Goblin Gathering 20 Dark Whisper & Yaminahua - Clockwork Universe Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/hyperstylesCD29 SUBSCRIBE TO ITUNES PODCAST: http://bit.ly/itunespodcastshyperstyleslentej
  11. all our releases and mix sets from friends are uploaded... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXNbiHRCAwiOG2G8ri4TtBw https://undergroundexperiencemusic.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/undergroundexperienceathens/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/undergroundexperienceAthens/
  12. Earth Drop team and Underground experience invites you to a Psytrance private night.The Pilots:LIVE ACT:- Neverwaz (Darknox records)https://soundcloud.com/baba-lou-1DJ SETS:- Weirdel (Goa records)https://soundcloud.com/weirdel - Rolling Dice (Natural High) - Yiannis Kats (Underground Εxperience / Discovalley rec) https://www.mixcloud.com/yiannis_kats/ - Tangie (Earth Drop) https://www.mixcloud.com/TangieE_D/ @ secret location in athens....
  13. https://www.mixcloud.com/yiannis_kats/91017/ tracks from_ Xhamanic Ritual & Sound Alchemist, Confo & Makumba, Karran, Egova, biophotons, Cracked Noses, Karmamind & Medhorinum, White wizard, Sonic Scizzor, Psykovsky & Cosmo mixed by Yiannis Kats (Underground Experience, Discovalley Records)
  14. "Atrus - The Gates of The Inexplicable" ep mastering by Pupsidelic Media - cover design by Yiannis Kats coming soon at https://undergroundexperiencemusic.bandcamp.com/
  15. Hey Guys, feel free to check out my latest Dj-Set I would appreciate any Feedback
  16. I would like to know comments on my track , thanks.
  17. Hey all, I've been producing Industrial music for the last 10 or so years and have released on some known labels in that genre so I like to think that I am ok at music, but I think the standards are lower in that genre. Anyway, long story short I have been going back to my "roots" in psy/goa and that's all I want to write these days. My first love is goa, but I can't ever stick to writing one style so my stuff is a mix of the things I like from various genres which include Goa, Prog, Darkpsy, Tribal, and Industrial. I have no idea if this stuff fits into a particular style or even sounds good to psy people. Thematically these songs draw from ancient egyptian mythology and alchemy. Any feedback is welcome!! https://soundcloud.com/wormsoftheearth/tebat-neteru-new-psy-stuff-preview
  18. Hey Psyheads feel free to check out my mix and if you have the time i would appreciate feedback :*
  19. Visited a really great forest-party a few weeks ago, brain bursting with inspiration...
  20. Hy Psyheads :* here is again a set by me gogo check it out and feel hyped
  21. https://soundcloud.com/fake_id_official/fuck-you-second-horizon Tracklist 01 - Highstyle - Resonant Frequencies 02- Jumpsteet - Bad Tempered 03- Kabayun - Funky Adventure 04- Kabayun - Imagine The Future
  22. Hey Guys here i got a somthing sweet for all the darkpsy and forest addicted specially for this lazy sunday i would appreciate any new follower or shareing ´if you like it
  23. Heyo ॐpeople Fake ID is a Darkpsy/Forest Project from south Germany. I've been DJing for about two years now. Most of the time at different outdoor parties and some small clubs. I'm devoted to Darkpsy and Forest. And i want to share this feeling i have when i listen to this sound. That is the reason why i started Djing. Iam posting this thread because I'd love to get to know new people within the psy-scene and receive their feedback. Feel free to ckeck out my work. Shot me a pm if you have some ideas for improvement, I appreciate any feedback If you want to check me out --> https://soundcloud.com/fake_id_official I would be happy if you like what you hear. Don't be shy to hit the follow button. I wish to thank you for your time
  24. Aloha Psy Family. I am new to production and I am interested in friends and feedback within the Psy Community. This is my latest work in Love. Thank you for showing your support for new artists by following, liking, and sharing. Thank you for listening. Enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/aumramusic/shivashaktiaum432hz150bpm
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