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Found 88 results

  1. Re-release and remastered album of Knight Of The Light released by Extinct Records back in 2010. In this remastered version you will also find two unreleased tracks not found in the 2010 release. Knight Of The Light is a project introducing orchestral , natural instruments and synthesizers that create an epic medieval trance adventure experience. https://submoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/crusade-remastered CDr available now.
  2. Yep it's in the works and the album is now in production . Stay tuned as I will keep updating this topic. The style in this album will be ... well... that kickass old school goa Amithaba Buddha sound?? The new sound is really good and i'm positive all the fans will be happy , love , cherish and treasure this new upcoming album like all the other albums i have made. No full on , no progressive , no new school and so on , none of those new styles as you see the most known bands changing it and doing it. (I really ain't changing am I? ) Nope , just all the way down Classic and Pure Old School Goa . The way it should be , the way of my Ancestors. Me and my Family wish to thank those who deeply love my music and have been supporting it with all their Heart and Soul. /Filipe Santos https://submoonrecords.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/submoonrecords Disclaimer : This album will be for HOME USE ONLY. Not to be played at any venues , events or rave parties without my permission , knowledge and consent. Also no 'free' download sharing of my music is allowed (even if it is in your 'dj set') and same applies to Youtube Videos of my music uploaded without my permission. Anyone violating these rules will be pursued and brought up to a court of Law. So DJ's , Youtubers and pirates you have all been warned . So please don't come 'crying' to me saying I didn't warn you. I also would appreciate if some people in the Goa Scene would stop imitating my work (seriously that is cheap). If you decide to infringe all of these rules I will not be held responsible for what will happen to your life. Seriously , you really don't want me to call my lawyer. Thank you and blessings to you all. note: Cover is now confirmed. Thank you Fabien Marsaud for your support aswel. All my best wishes for you and your family. Update : sounding 'huge' and this *shit* is not going to stop. Big up everybody , thank you for your support! And before you ask , no , I am not available for 'live acts' or 'parties' anymore. Sorry . But you can all visit me at my Facebook Artist page : https://www.facebook.com/Filipe-Santos-1458944044432818 Godspeed. Back 2 Work.
  3. This is a re-release and remastered edition of Liquid Jungle - High Toxicity first released on Acid Chemical Plant Records in 2011. https://submoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/high-toxicity-remastered-mini-album
  4. Beatport / Psyshop / Bandcamp 01-N - Goa Memories - Past Works EP 01 - Acid Experiment 02 - Incubus 03 - Tri-Sight 04 - Proliferation Timewarp records presents this release produced by 01-N from Japan and features four classic Goa Trance songs which shows the diversity and dynamics that had been brewing in the mind of this prolific and versatile artist at around the turn of the century, these are Goa Memories of Past Works.
  5. https://submoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sacred-union-ep ​
  6. https://submoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/goa-the-new-generation
  7. hey folks! its been a few years since ive been on here, hope everybody is keeping well! i recently put together an album featuring 17 psychedelic trance tracks ranging from the bright-side to the dark-side, 147bpm and upwards, i decided to put it on bandcamp as im a firm believer in the D.I.Y aspect of the psychedelic scene, so you can check it out here if you like https://mariochainsaw.bandcamp.com/releases
  8. What do you think about Ceephax? My favorite artist at this time. :-)
  9. Hi. Can anyone tell me the name of this tune, please? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH3IxAQ-Hcw
  10. Tune in to our new radio show Return of the Sun on di.fm with DJ Soulstone - Cronomi Rec. and GhostOnAcid - Suntrip Rec. as your pilots through the psychedelic realm! Airing every first Thursday of a month! Starting on upcoming April, 2nd! http://www.di.fm/shows/10552840/return-of-the-sun
  11. ClockTail Records returns to the psychedelic world scene again with two night-blasting bombs for dancefloors all over the world.We are proud present to You duo *Syncrosphere* - is a project by Jovica Jovev aka Microverse and Vasko Kosturski aka Sceletone from Macedonia.After collaborating in many psy parties in Skopje, both of them decided to go in a totally different direction from their individual styles, and several months later, after perfecting the sound that they wanted - Syncrosphere came to life... So enjoy music, and support us in our next steps with future releases! Tracklist : 01-SYncrosphere - Trancecode [06.53] 02-SYncrosphere - The Signal [06.53] Artist: SYncrosphere Title: We Are Here Label: ClockTail Records https://www.facebook.com/clocktailrecordsofficial Media Format: Digital Download Genre: Psychedelic Trance Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG005 Distribution: Beatspace Digital Release date: 12.05.2015 Cover Design by: Ice Cream From Saturn Mastered by: Angel Zdravkovski (Spirit Architect) Listen & Download: http://beatspace-clocktail.bandcamp.com/album/synchrosphere-we-are-here-clocktail-records-clockdg005
  12. DISTORTED PERCEPTION May 2 2015 DARK STAGE : YARA ( Live, Lycantrop / Banyan / Triplag, Spain/Venezuela ) MALKAVIAM ( Live, Lycantrop / Bhooteshwara / Lost in Reality, Spain/Venezuela ) YARAKAVIAM ( Live, Lycantrop, Spain/Venezuela ) VIC TRIPLAG ( Triplag Music, Russia/Ireland ) WHRIKK ( Live, Sanaton Records, Parvati) PZYKO ( Skitzofrenik Lifeform Records, Belgium ) STROPHORIA ( Dark Forest set, Unio Mystica, Belgium ) ACID - TECH : SAM ON ACID ( Acid Underground Purpose , Germany ) BEMMEL ( acid dj set ) MATTACID ( 303 acid LIVE set ) JAN LIEFHEBBER ( Acid Flash, Waalhalla ) SANDER BRUIJS ( Technobinkies ) Decorations : Deco-Droom Shivanki Chi Deco War of the Robots VJ Kyle Lyons (USA) CampAttack Visuals @Social Underground Rotterdam Boompjeskade 10, 3011XE Rotterdam, Netherlands from 22h till 08h presale: 12 euro at the door: 14 euro limited capacity so try to go for presale! websites www.campattack.com/events https://www.facebook.com/events/1390442794584745/
  13. I recorded this a few nights ago, getting ready for the summer! Equipment used is an mc808, esx, x0xb0x, sh101, microkorg, and 2 kp3s. Hope you get a chance to listen and thanks in advance ! https://soundcloud.com/gadgetg/too-trippy-for-yall-gadgetg-live-hardware-performance
  14. Here's a recent nostalgic mix of mine "Open Your Mind" going back to the roots of tribal, acid and classic trance. Enjoy! The Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Exit 23 (Drum Club Remix One) Source - The Real Thing Rigor Mortis - La Sirena Pulse - Mikado Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles Hardfloor - Reverberate Opinion F.U.S.E. - F.U. Ramirez - Volcan De Pasion Circuit Breaker - Overkill Plastikman - Krakpot The Source Experience - The Source Experience Tranceporter - Open Your Mind http://www.mixcloud.com/Elysium/open-your-mind/
  15. Anyone know the name of this track? I've been searching on Discogs to no avail. https://clyp.it/k3qleh1y I'm not sure how to classify this. It starts off sounding very much like acid techno with it's thumping 909 kick and 909 snare... but then the pads come in with the distorted Goa riff making it sound a bit more like Goa trance. The sound clip was taken from this video: Any help would be much appreciated
  16. Hey everyone, I recently rediscovered the many acid-driven sideprojects of Filipe Santos. I know I've downloaded his Liquid Jungle EP a couple of years ago from Acid Chemical Plant Records, but I can't seem to find them anymore on the internet. Does somebody know anything more about the rest of the EP's (Chynacid,...)? I'm particularly interested in the releases which feature some banging acidtrance, so no Amithaba Buddha or anything All help is extremely welcome!
  17. Hey guys, Hello everyone! I'm Psara aka Sara Constança, from Cronomi and Suntrip, and this is the first time I write a post in Psynews. I usually don't post my sets in other then Mixcloud and then Facebook, but since this is a very special set with mostly unreleased music, I thought you all would deem this a very interesting share. It's not a good quality one though, the set was uploaded to Mixcloud with lousy MP3 and it's in the low bite rate of 160kpbs. It cannot be shared any other way so please don't ask for download, it's unreleased music! On the 1st of October, 2013, Psara was invited to join Cronomi Records as a label DJ. By then DJ Inada, the Cronomi Records manager, asked Psara to make a set with some Cronomi tracks for the label, but Psara had another thing in mind: the creation of a huge Goa Trance psychedelic story line with only Cronomi music. So it was set in stone that the mix would be recorded at the Old School Gathering, a festival put up by the Goadelic Freaks Movement every year since 2010 in the mountains of central Portugal, and it was going to be a Cronomi Tribute special DJ set. OSG being without a doubt the most significant Goa Trance venue in our country. Eight months later with the help and effort of Cronomi artists, M-Run, Artha, New Born and Psysutra — with full support from Inada — Psara had accumulated enough unreleased music to create a well-built mix for a sunrise morning set. Not only this is just Cronomi music but it also is all unreleased music from Cronomi Records. A very special set to represent both Psara and Cronomi, showcasing some of the best Goa Trance being created today. From 6am still dark passing through the full shine sunrise at about 7am, this morning set ends a bit past 9.30am. Three hours and a half of totally new and awesome unreleased music! | MIxed on CDJs and recorded live with a Tascam DR40 (classic style Goa Trance mixing) | All cover and logo design by Sara Constança aka Psara * All tracks are unreleased except the intro, the first and the third tracks, and then one in the middle. The set is at MP3 160kbps so this is no good to rip. Please care for the artists and label _/\_ This is for Mixcloud only! Or another Psara set. The released tracks are: [intro] Balance by OCO [1st track] Orang-U-Tangent by Planet BEN [3rd track] Maroon by Color Box [half way in] Postcards From Goa by Psysutra (very recent release!) ** All tracks are Cronomi except the intro and the 1st one. Link to Mixcloud here! inJoy _/\_ L&L
  18. Hi guys! I falled in love with Goa/ Psytrance. The music and all the beautiful people just inspiring me and my soul! Then I've decided to produce some tracks in these genres. So, 2 Weeks later and here they are! I really hope you like it. Please leave a feedback, if you think I need help or something. Every view and feedback is really important to me! :> 'Snow Odyssey': https://soundcloud.com/agonyx/snow-odyssey 'T.M.P. (Trance - Scendental - Motherload - Pounder)': https://soundcloud.com/agonyx/tmp-trance-scendental-motherload-pounder PS: Sorry for my english, It isn't my first language. Best greetings! Agonyx
  19. 하이. 접니다. NHJO HYENNRO(노흐즈오 현느로)입니다. 크크크크. 또다시 저의 신보 발표입니다. 저 요즘 이민/독립등할려고 매일마다 곡만들고 올리는중입니다. 크크. 아 빨리 결혼하고싶다! 저랑 결혼하실분 연락주세요. 크크. 내일중으로 이신보 각종채널에 올라갑니다. 즐감해주세요. 크크 요즘 페스티벌파티앨범용으로 곡만들고있습니다. https://soundcloud.com/nhjo-sounds/nhjo-hyennro-acid-goapsytranc-1-radio-edit 이곡의 장르는 GOA/PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE입니다. HELLO. I'm NHJO HYENNRO from W/RUSSIA/KOREA/ETC. THIS TRACK IS MY NEW GOAPSY TRANCE. TRACK NAME IS "ACID GOAPSYTRANCE 1". GENRE/STYLE IS GOA+PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE. MERIT: HARD ACID DISTORT SOUND AND LEAD AND MELODY. 음반명: ACID GOAPSYTRANCE 1(Radio ver.) 대표아티스트: NHJO HYENNRO(노흐즈오 현느로) 음반타입: 정규 장르: 댄스, 일렉트로니카 발매일: 2014/11/11 서비스시간: 서비스영역: 서비스국가: 세계, 한국. 유통사: 노흐즈오 현느로 기획사: 노흐즈오 현느로 자료수급경로: FTP 기타요청사항: 앨범소개: NHCD0141 TRACK: 1. ACID GOAPSYTRANCE 1 (Radio ver.) NHTR0288 uci:i500-KR13176053.1201607016-1 DESCRIPTION: 2014년 겨울을 강타할 NHJO HYENNRO(노흐즈오 현느로)의 새로운 댄스, 일렉트로니카, 테크노, 고아, 싸이트랜스, 레이브, 테크토닉, 가요 앨범 "ACID GOAPSYTRANCE 1(Radio ver.)"이 발매되었다. 빠르고 신나는 독일스타일의 테크노, 고아, 싸이트랜스, 레이브, 트러벌 하우스뮤직의 진수를 즐겨보자. W우주세계시장에 진출을 목표로 심혈을 기울여 만들었다. 앞부분 신나는 리드로 시작되어 곧 인도 서쪽해변가에 있는 고아(GOA)를 배경으로 한 음악 장르의 하나인 GOA/PSY TRANCE의 장점중에 하나인 반복적인 베이스가 댄스를 돋군다. 하이라이트에 패드와 함께 신나게 즐겨보자. 1:59부터시작되는 현란한 신디솔로를 즐겨보자. 빠른 BPM 139을 즐기면서 신나게 춤을 추며 즐겨보자. 개인감상용, 클럽용, 나이트 클럽용, 드라이브용, 헬스용, 운동용, 공부용등이다. DESCRIPTION(English): 2014, Winter NHJO HYENNRO's new dance, electronica GOA, PSYCHEDELIC trance rave album "ACID GOAPSYTRANCE 1(Radio ver.)" released. Fast BPM 137, Awesome, Amazing, Incredible, Nice Goa/Psychedelic Trance Rave , Tribal House SambaTracks! Enjoy! NGO 안녕하세요. NHJO HYENNRO(노흐즈오 현느로)입니다. 전화연체중이라서 이메일로 연락바랍니다. 감사합니다. 또는 02 417 9334 www.nhjohyennro.com www.nhjohyennrorecords.com www.nhjoname.com www.nhjoall.com www.nhjosynthesizer.com www.nhjosounds.com www.nhjogallery.com 010 3312 2747 nhjohyennro@naver.com nhjohyennro <katalk, skype etc NHJO HYENNRO
  20. please check out my mixes here,wide variety of styles from Forest Dark Psy to Psy Dub and Oldskool,feedback is very welcome! https://www.mixcloud.com/Psycadelic_Gypsy_Tribe/
  21. Here's a mix I did the other day, the sound kind of represents the club night KANYINI i promote in Birmingham (in the West Midlands Uk) https://soundcloud.com/cosmonaughty/cosmonaughty-18522017-mp3
  22. http://verbalise.bandcamp.com/track/oblong-acid I feel good sharing this track with you. Enjoy!
  23. Hi there everybody! I made a new DJ-set. Usually I mix Suomisaundi or Forest-trance, but since I also love classic Goa-trance, I decided to mix some of that stuff Expect full power acidic Goa-trance with some very nice melodies on top. And yes, there are some obvious tracks in this mix, but aren't they truly amazing? Apart from one or two rougher mixes, I'm very happy with the result. Please leave a comment as I am always happy to learn from them Enjoy your flight! https://soundcloud.com/panoramix-5/spiraalvormig-organisme Tracklist: 1. Bypass Unit - Higher Spirituality 2. Bassline Baby - Altered States 3. Liquid Jungle - High Toxicity 4. Mindfield - The Knowledge 5. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Megallenic Cloud 6. Cosmosis - Gift of the Gods 7. Synaesthesiacs - Synaesthesia 8. Hiscore - True Freedom 9. Subcouds - My World Doesn't Follow Any Other 10. Mono Substance - Sadness & Anger
  24. Another EP is coming as well... the Symbiote EP. Some of you may remember this from the tracking days (96-98 anyone?) but for the new generations this is probably mumbo jumbo and have no idea what they are going to encounter here. In any which case, the music has been completely re-recorded, and made up to modern standards, still leaving the feeling of the oldschool modules.. the sound was polished and refined sapiently by Colin OOOD and here we are, releasing a masterpiece of symphonic goa trance. Samples won't make any justice to these compositions because the tracks are VERY long, among the longest you'll ever hear in the Goa scene I bet. Tracklist: 01 ...Phantasmagoria \ 16:33 02 ...Tiara \ 21:21 03 Abstraktd \ 14:33 Symbiote is Samuel Cote, a talented musician from Canada. He is a producer who was releasing his music in free format through modules in the tracker scene but the music published in this single was completely reworked in the studio for the release. Amazing melodies, haunting hypnotic vibes and tunnels through time, that is how you'll feel while listening to these monster tracks courtesy of Symbiote. DAT is proud to present this masterpiece for the world to enjoy, so let yourself go and entrance into this madness voyage through consciousness... are you ready to fly into your mind? http://www.arabesquedistribution.com/index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=singleCd&id=3231&Itemid=99999999 PS: I have played Phantasmagoria in Belgium the last time I djed there and the impact was great...
  25. please identify familiar track: 01. ???????? - ???????? (02. Teste - The Wipe (5 A.M. Synaptic)) 03. Rotor-Type - Be Yourself 04. The Source Experience - Synaesthesia 05. Acid Jesus - Radium
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