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  1. well I like your music definitly more then filteria to be honest... I'm not into filteria that much so  :) ...

    the chance that I go to a party where you play is bigger then where filteria playes...

    for some that's a strange thought not wanting to see filteria but it is so...

    np lot's of people love him so he won't miss me  :)


    well rain i sincerly hope youll be there on my belgiums live act ;) i also wanna meet you. :)
  2. I hope that Amithaba Buddha is going to release his first album already ? :P Then we'll see wheter you belong to that hall of fame Filipe...;)


    I will be released in upcoming suntrip records compilation togheter with some classic well known new skool goa artists from the new skool scene. just wait and see... ;)

    Search me as Lost Buddha .


  3. Who knows ? Maybe he is sick of full on like you Amithaba that maybe he wants to release true goa sounds back again...But, really, if another pioneer start producing full on then something really is wrong with our scene now...Such incredible lack of ideas and not only ideas but lack of true forms of music except of quality progressive that has been released and that has very good form...


    i hope you´re right Seraph , Asia 2001 was good ... ...dont know if he still is. ;)

    lets wait and see what he haves to offer to the gods. B)

  4. I obviously would have better enjoyed hearing the song in its entirety; the full song. However, whatever the reason for the cuts, I can still form a view based on the lengthy parts you've made available.


    Hi Jon im very grateful you rewiewed this extract from the full song , if i am evolving is thanks to the people at this forum and specially with your great advices and amazing rewiews you make.

    im very sorry i didnt posted the full song , im still waiting for answers by some labels.

    I´m currently working for 2 labels atm , Suntrip and Kagdilla. Im sure they will release me very soon somewhere out of this planet :)


    Just curious, but when did you start making this one? Like how long has it taken you about, and did you finish this before or after the others? I'm just curious if you put extra work into this one or something; it sounds more involved and detailed than the others.


    I started this song last week , just finished it on sunday. This was my latest.

    Yes my work is changing and improving even more and more , thats why this song is called "metamorphosis". ;)


    Also, I like the name Lost Buddha. Its simple. People can actually relate to Buddha, well Buddha has such major history, and I like that your current artist name is ironic. If any one is "lost," the last people to be lost it seems would be Buddha or Jesus, and regardless of the exact reason for this choice of words. Its unique; different, and of course you do have to stick to a name or you'll never be content.


    About the name , yes im glad at least you like it . it was my first name and i took it again cause it simply haves a special meaning to me since i started my goa adventure under this name and i plan it to keep it that way.

    Its funny the way you interpret my artist name , afterall goa is about your inner consciousness and imagination and each people interprets the stuff anyway they like.

    But here´s my interpretation.

    The Lost Buddha meaning haves to do with the people that doesnt know whats goa , so in my point of view they´re "lost" since its Pagan people we´re talking about , they dont know whats our feelings , toughts , and the real psychedelic spirit that we have , so im here to help them find the way and "preach" the real word that is Goa , cause in that way i will help to find them in they spirits and minds.

    But the Lost Buddha isnt only limited in that meaning. Also its an history of a Buddha that seeked for the real Knowledge and in that way he got trapped in a Stargate . In that way he will explore new worlds , new beeings , stuff that will proof a real Buddha , find the knowledge and find the way back home.

    There is much to storytell ;)

    thank you so much for your support , im sure i wont disapoint the old and wise goa people cause thats us im talking about.


  5. !!! =) Extremely happy for this! I've dloaded some e-mantra's tracks... I listened to them (there were 3 tracks with bitrate ~192) like 10 times each =) The guy is great!


    I have to check it out!




    i know him he is very talented , i love his stuff , im glad he was finnaly released somewhere , congrats!!
  6. Hello again ,

    this time i have the pleasure to annouce i have finished this track and i invite everyone to comment/rewiew it (Rain , Seraph , Jon , its your turn now guys ;) )

    im sorry this is just an extract , i still have to show this to some labels and im also waiting for answer from some too.

    And yes everyone who wants to find me now search me for Lost Buddha i got tired of names and sticked to my old one (and i plan to be at it).

    Cheers and thank you so much for your support.




    Lost Buddha - Metamorphosis (extract)

  7. i noticed the transwave albums are mostly... or you like hypnorythm or you like helium... Based on what I red on this forum... it's not 100% general off course...


    classix of the day... mmmmmm  ^_^


    an album a good friend of mine openend a thread and said it was great  :)


    but I didn't listen to it yet and now I putted some samples on line and it appears to be that the one I really really needed to know is from that album... the track 'liquid prisma' has been my fauvorite for many years but I didn't know the track name until yesterday... thanx to X-scream by the way...


    so this one will it be...


    Bypass Unit - Dropz Of Obscure Eclipses


    Posted Image


    i told you it was killler dont i? ;)
  8. yes the re-release of Geomantik sounds better for sure, I think Avatar remastered all their Pro-file releases, but haven't checked any others as I have them still in the old version...


    I don't think the re-mastering is the main problem with the old songs, but it are the basslines that makes most of them hopeless out of time... with some more modern, nice basslines style Cosma - Floppy many oldies could be up to date killers... :)


    yes indeed Anoebis the old goa basslines makes the production kinda dirty , but i must admit that i love the old records as they sound now. Old and dirty yes , thats what brings a nostalgia right now.

    cheers mates.

  9. no i dont think it's a rumour cuz:

    1)That new live material they played in belgium

    2)Had emailed guy and told me the album is soon to be released... don't know how "soon" but it's sure to be released sometime in the near future.


    lets see what they have to offer :)
  10. Children Of Paradise - Urban Alien

    Cydonia _ In Fear Of Red Planet

    Talamasca - Beyond The Mask

    Psychaos - Cause And Effect

    UX - Ultimate Experience

    MFG - Project Genesis

    Sandman - Witchkraft

    Delta - Scizzoeffective

    Spirallianz - Stereopark

    BOTFB - Demonizer

    X - Dream - Radio

    Slide - Unstable

    Haldolium - Deagua

    Tristan - Audiodrome

    Deviant Species - Hatch

    Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare


    These are all old school releases...If you want some new, fresh evil trance, browse on psyshop, there is at least 3 new EVIL albums coming out every day....All I mentioned are true classics and they are various genre, from goa to minimal...enjoy...;)



    as always seraph , as always heheh , hugs man. ;)

  11. well it seems I'm not going....

    can't motivate myself to goa parties anymore... but that will change...


    It's a shame like 90% of this forum wants to go but can't...


    And I only have to take the train 30 min and I'm at the party...

    don't even have to get up mondaymorning so can party as long a I want...


    BEAT ME !!!  :ph34r:  :P


    cmon you will see my live act dont you? :unsure:

  12. ok, I just meant 742 cds that are "psychedelic trance", but at least 500 or more are "real" goa trance... And I think there are MUCH more... (altough it's useless to have them all I think... I have all distance to goas, destination goas, Goa head's and Pulse... So why having the Tantrances?)

    But even without the compilations there are at least 500 cds more floating around... Many of them very rare, almost unknown...  For instance my latest buy was this cd:




    Well, I only found out about the label a few months ago... And I'm sure there are more like that out there... ;)


    you´re da man Joske. :)
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