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  1. ooooh, keen to check out:

    Logic Bomb - TBC - Solstice Music - Mar. 2007

    Dino Psaras - Where Words Fail Music Speaks - TBC - 2007

    Astral Projection - Open Society - BNE/Yo Yo - 2007

    Eat Static - De-Classified - Solstice Music - 2007

    X-Dream - We Inteface: The Mixes - Solstice Music - 2007

    Electro Sun - TBC - Trancelucent Productions - 2007



    Also keen for albums from Younger Brother, Hallucinogen, Kino Oko, Bigwigs and Prime Suspect all supposed to be coming out this year!

  2. 1. VA - Solstice Black Compilation #01 - Solstice Music International - 11 Jan 2006

    2. Koxbox - U-Turn - Twisted - 21 Sept 2006

    3. VA - Abracadabra - Horns And Hoofs - July 2006

    4. VA - New Order - HOM-Mega Productions - 2006

    5. Lani - The Reincarnation Of Jhonny Looloo And The Seven Cosmic Sisters - Kairoo Records - 2006

  3. Heard he is very good as a dj. Is it true and what kind of music does he spin?


    Yes, it's true. I think he is an awesome DJ. He played a DJ set for about 2 hours where he played all sorts of different stuff. Played some Finnish stuff. Then he played a 1 hour live set of his own material. 3 hours of pure bliss!

  4. I played 'KoxBox - Crazy' last in my set on the weekend. Went straight to the dance floor to hear it on the 11,000 watt KV2 system and holy crap it sounded good!!!


    Artifakt played 'No More Ghosts' later in the night too :D

  5. If I only want 1 or 2 tracks from an album I'll buy the WAV from beatport or trackitdown.


    I like the design of the beatport website. I really like how you can see top 10s and the 'buyers also bought'.


    Wish there was a mp3 site that would sell as much music as psyshop or saikosounds.

  6. Its little agressive at the start but when u get into the mood its fine.. Its better and better as it aproaches the end.. Only thing is that its to short.. Come on, mix something longer, we are waiting..


    hehe, I'm slowly working on a longer one... Havent had much time and I'm trying to put more thought into this one.


    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Will be interesting to see how it goes on the dance floor, I've got my first gig coming up at the end of next month.

  7. Hey guys,

    I usually play Psy trance but am playing at a electro party in November.


    Really want to play different to the norm electro... Although I am playing back to back with someone else, so it's gotta fit in with his electro tunes.


    Can anyone recommend some twisted electro? something with psy influences maybe?

    Im thinking along the lines of 'Kino Oko - Man Upon The Rainbow'.


    thanks for any help.



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