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  1. 4 hours ago, AstralSphinx said:

    Nice artwork! I’m checking the bandcamp and the artwork for Entheogenic – Animism is also amazing. And the ambient/downtempo music is also really nice. Who made the artwork for that one? It doesn’t say on discogs.

    I'm not sure who did the art for Animism (I have the purple marbled edition and it looks and sounds fantastic BTW). The artist for the new Óperentzia album is apparently named Leszek Kostuj.

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  2. Pre-order this Friday Oct. 1 for Óperentzia's new album Biohack at NebulosaRecords.com and Bandcamp

    From the site:

    Available as limited edition of 101 copies, hand numbered marbled Transparent Green/Black and 202 copies Black. 303 total pressed.

    Heavyweight 180g vinyl.

    Pre-order! Preliminary shipping Dec 2021.

    Includes bandcamp digital album download 


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  3. On 4/25/2021 at 10:20 AM, psyhoe said:

    some last copies available again:


    Hilight Tribe - Trancelucid

    2 x 12" limited to 700




    Solar Fields - "R.G.B" Red + Green + Blue

    3x double LPs in marbled colored vinyl, ltd to 200 copies, with an exclusive housing cardboard box (and lid)



    Sync24 - Acidious

    sold out on bandcamp, some last copies on psyshop in stock


    Thanks! I missed out on the initial pre-order of Trancelucid so was able to snag one. And as someone who owns both the RGB and Acidious pressings you listed, I'd highly recommend both. The RGB box in particular is super well done for the price.

  4. 11 hours ago, technosomy said:

    i do have a couple of pretty good live recordings of them so they do exist, few of the camp bisco for example
    simon once indicated vaccine and vaccine electronic will be released together, and did say a box set was being considered but i think will release last days and flock individually to be sold through twisted but also be distributed by others also, so won't be exclusive and limited like the shpongle releases but won't have the deluxe touch to them as shpongle did

    Oh very interesting...are those live recordings available somewhere for stream/download? 

  5. On 4/20/2021 at 4:47 AM, technosomy said:

    one good thing is simon has indicated the younger brother albums are up next

    My dream release for these would be a box set with each of the 4 albums as well as a companion LP(s) of some of the live band performances (assuming some high quality soundboard audio was captured...I haven't really ever seen any out there but hope it exists)

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