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  1. Oh sweet, will do :) What I noticed about the virus over time was it does have a bit of a ''dark'' sound as some people say. Not sure about the TI because I never owned one. I still have my Virus A, the only hardware I have left now. Was thinking of selling it for a ti but not sure really. I think the Virus C was one of my favourites, it also just looks really cool haha... I also had an Indigo B for a while but it was too big and clunky (although beautiful) and I sold it too. The snow looks cool, but I want a synth with more knobs I guess as I probably wouln't even use the TI software. 

  2. Hey loops! 

    Had some time off and just back to things today :)

    I guess it is a bit darker :D I actually did use the virus for the kind of stabby fm plucks the main FM riff was made using a tweaked FM patch from Trip Machines, the Ableton rack from Futurephonic. Essentially I would believe you can get the same things from native Ableton stuff. Some great little things in those patches regardless , I can recommend them. 

    Btw mate do you use any hardware synths? 

  3. Do Alex Jones vocals count as politics? If you can check out this project I'm working on :D Truth be told, I did wonder if someone would somehow interpret the vocals in the wrong way, you never know these days. Message is NOT intended to be political, in case I need to mention that.. 



    Are we only talking psytrance? I have a great album in mind but it's hip hop. 


  4. Thanks Loop! 

    The bass is still running from the VST Sylenth. Although I think the main thing I use on all my bass, whether its Serum, Sylenth or whatever, is Waves Tans X. I swear by this plugin and I put it on 100% of bass tracks and it always, always sounds better. Of course the usual, get your filter envelopes sounding kinda snappy but I think you got that. Also I really like Fabfilter Saturn, add like 3-4 bands and play around with it. Qaudrafuzz is also pretty cool.

    I do intend to bounce the bass to a wave file for when I make the final mix. Also think it could have a few more touches etc and make it a bit longer. When I'm done I'll post it. 

    Oh PRO TIP I saw recently: a lot of the groove and feel of the bass has to do with the first bass note. Make a separate track just for that first bass note so you can easily control it whenever you want.

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  5. Hey Padmapani thanks man! Yeah I need to also get more tracks to the complete status, finishing tracks is such a b**ch haha. I would like to have also 5-6 solid complete tracks. I had a talk with a friend a couple weeks back, basically I was saying many of the tracks I like actually could be a bit shorter. Some of the full-on morning tracks build up, bring the kind of cheesy part in, do some kind of drop and bring it in again and again. Many tracks I just listen to certain parts, and the other parts seem drawn out a little at times. Of course some artists keep an entire 7-8 mins interesting but often with drawn out breaks and intro's. If you can make 5-6 minute tracks, cram all the power in that time and don't let it draw out, that's kind of my plan. I saw infected mushroom saying it on youtube video also a while back, some newer genre's and producers have shorter tracks and so what lol. 

    BTW see you are from Austria. I was in Vienna not too long ago for a trance party. Really loved it. 

  6. Haha just keep making what you like I guess and eventually the style will come back to what you're doing?

    When I listen to that atomic pulse track I guess some people might think after the first min or two like oh this is soo slow and not much is going on. Nowadays  the full on has to sound powerful and grab your attention really quickly, almost sounding full on from the start of the track. Maybe it's a good thing, can't get mad at evolution I guess lol 

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