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  1. Melody in F and 145 Bpm...did an acid to the first melody starts at 0:10 Edit: ofcourse the acid can get more variation and komplexity...
  2. thats sweet af Loopy! Ok so we decided to make GOA TRANCE haha....you are CHOOSEN to make the build up and MASTERING you young SemiGOD! Its a true Honor and if our track does not get on a Suntrip release its your fault xD
  3. We should collect material and ideas and send it to someone experienced in build up of Trance and mastering so he/she/it can (if he-she-it want ofcourse...) build a noice track out of it. I heared the track s of recussion loop and maybe he can ad some fx to that track (this high pitched psytrance stuff....). What kind of track shoul it be? Goa or Fullon? Or in between? If someone needs this Melody made by me i can send it in the right key. or in FL Studio project...i mean its not really complex but effective in my opinion. The nexus arp is awesome...maybe here is some Arp expert who can make an even better Apreggio out of the chords? but i think its fine like it is i can see this melody somewhere in the end of this track...lil bit like the end part of "Artifact303 - feelings"
  4. Nexus did most of the Arps... I did the Chords/melodies for the arps...some projects i found in my FL Studio
  5. one of his Top tracks for sure! i am kind of in love with Levitation Device...that atmosphere. I imagine Egyptians in High tech Pyramids floating over New Jersey when i hear Levitation Device. There is something very very magical and depply psychedelic about this track.
  6. What about just asking the Artist? Write the Dudes and ask for special and detailed information...maybe some background info. I am sure that they will answer you thankfully in a great way. Your Revievs are a nice promotion for them i belive I dont want to spoiler your next review project but try to catch this guys somewhere...they are cool! and i would also suggest you to review their first Album!!! it has truly a unique Character and is one of my favorite Suntrip releases. Edit: also you can check out for details on Discogs...there are even sometimes small or detailed reviews in the comments that you can take as inspiration. maybe you should give your youtube channel a new name. Like "Rainbow Unicorn Reviews" or "Psytrance ANALysis" or "Deep Inside with Tsotsi"...i mean you got me...something to do with reviews and Psytrance xD
  7. did you Guys know that Miley Cyrus is a Transgender? yust sayn...no offense<3
  8. Hi Tsotsi, that was my first small review for Goa Head vol 7 i did years ago for Discogs. Nothing special. i just want to share...the english could be intense. everyone starts from Zero "the most shady and psychedelic Goa Head release" I for myselfe love old school Goa trance but i also like older Psychedelic Trance...the more wicked and atmospheric brother of Goa Trance that evolved in the 2000s to something we call forest Psy today. Sadly todays psytrance is nothing more than static boring bass lines and stupid voice samples rolled into Hipster Sweat. If you guys like producers of darkish mature Goa/Psychedelic Trance like Sandman, Slinky Wizard, Darshan, Xenomorph, Dark Soho or Four Carry Nuts, then GH7 is the best pick for you!...at least out of all other Goa Head releases. Almost every track has melodic/acidic Goaesque elements and an climax, wich is one of the main reasons why i love Trance music. So there are almost no boring and monotonous Progpsy tracks on it. This blank proggy stuff is the main problem i have with the Goa Head releases. Its a really nice double CD for the Helloween/Autumn time. Goa Head Cathegory: 9.5/10 All in all: 7.5/10
  9. Loop is one of the best here...thumbs up from me too! just ignore your toxic fans...always follow your heart in life and manifest your dreams into reality. The "wish/desire" is the distance between you and the result. Dont wish....CREATE. We are all on your side and if you need to talk just write me Loop <3
  10. oh ok. i got it wrong мой котик But he is beautiful and funny... why reading if you can have it all at once Loopy?? just relax....... Some Ideas for your Next reviews Tsotsi: - You can Load the tracks into Virtual DJ to show BPM/Key/lenght and graphical build up of the tracks - You can give the single tracks and the CD a Grade from 0-1000 - You can talk about simiilar tracks or classic tracks - You can do the Review in Hotpants - You can ask Recussion Loop for an expert Opinion about the Synthesizers used in the track - You can ask me to describe the atmosphere of the tracks - You can talk about the cover picture/label/artists (i mean that reviews are for new people or not?...)
  11. hey Loop...i am the rude guy here so fuck off and flirt with others about analog synthesizers instead making fun about homosexuals...freak ;) Besides of that it think he is doing a god job! the only thing he has forgotten is to mention that "Spider Web" is the best track on the Disc.
  12. For Newschool i would say Crossing Mind and some Compilations (Suntrip rec...) Crossing Mind - Beyond Duality Maybe Celestial Intelligence and Mindsphere too...RA?
  13. That one?? If yes, whats the most clicked Goa Trance/Oldschool Track?
  14. Aged Well: cosmosis Kox Box - Dragon Tales Cydonia - In Fear of a Red Planet Sandman - Witchcraft (most unique Goa trance ever...and will stay like that) Shakta ...........
  15. What about the Astral Projection Album?? Does some one know if it will be finished soon?
  16. thanks for the serious answers... They could be right from the "Off Topic" section.
  17. Wait Aigel is in the german top 10? i dont watch TV. TV is watching me.
  18. i dont really know the definition of Pop music but i hope it fits here
  19. Agreeeeeee! you mentioned astral projection...just out of couriosity: would you mix for example "Darshan - Tranceformations" in "Astral Projection - Kabbalah" in your DJ Set? Or "Satori - Razor" in "Menis - Fluff Killer"? In my ears thats not quite the same Music... Later """""GOA TRANCE"""""" has a different structure, atmosphere and Effect on the listener. The whole Idea is something else...
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