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  1. 29 minutes ago, Proxeeus said:

    Aren't they called Daedras tho...? :p

    Just kidding man, gave your tracks a listen they're pretty good !

    edit: seriously, I really like "Spirit Animal"

    so you name came from god?

    Such is life...we inspire our selfe and get better. Who is deedrah? i found a good remix of Shakta and nothing more. I called myselfe Deadrah because of the Demon creatures in TES and because the two words DEAD and RAH. a DEAD GOD.

    What is the Problem. I dont even like this name any more. 


    I am DJ and i know goa very good  but  i am new is music making so i just asked polite fora feedback.

    Shame on you guys...really.

  2. On 12/19/2018 at 7:27 PM, Paul Eye said:

    Are you sure you want to use an artist name that's really close to Deedrah aka Frédéric Holyszewski from Transwave (among others) ?

    You Know the Game "The Elder Scrolls" ?

    i think it was far before Transwave ma friend...i can easy change my name, no problem. Your Comment has no sense so its ok if you dont hear it :) 

    you two are masters in finding a Problem, learn to read.

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