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  1. OK "Proxy us" or "Deus ex" or "Pro Zeus" so yeah...i think you got me:) have fun with my mixes dude! You will not find such awesome tunes on youtube!
  2. so you name came from god? Such is life...we inspire our selfe and get better. Who is deedrah? i found a good remix of Shakta and nothing more. I called myselfe Deadrah because of the Demon creatures in TES and because the two words DEAD and RAH. a DEAD GOD. What is the Problem. I dont even like this name any more. I am DJ and i know goa very good but i am new is music making so i just asked polite fora feedback. Shame on you guys...really.
  3. You Know the Game "The Elder Scrolls" ? i think it was far before Transwave ma friend...i can easy change my name, no problem. Your Comment has no sense so its ok if you dont hear it you two are masters in finding a Problem, learn to read.
  4. My first and 2nd Goa track made with fl studio Proto Goa like in the early 90s Psychedelic Goa Trance i would be very happy if you hear it an give me a constructive feedback. I want to get better and save Goa Trance from vanishing :-P
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