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  1. Ooh good thread. NYP releases on bandcamp have been a great way for me to discover some little known gems out there. 

    Erothyme - Circadia https://erothyme.bandcamp.com/album/circadia

    Master Minded - Elements https://masterminded.bandcamp.com/album/elements

    BioLuMigen - ...ua.ka.r.ak.au... https://biolumigen.bandcamp.com

    Supersillyus - Charade https://music.gravitasrecordings.com/album/charade


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  2. I'd certainly consider Carbon Based Lifeforms as psybient, as are most Ultimae Rec. releases. 

    Solar Fields - Blue Moon Station

    Solar Fields - Leaving Home

    Aes Dana - Memory Shell

    H.U.V.A. Network - Distances 

    Check these great psybient albums. But like most in the genre they may take several listens to really appreciate them. 

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  3. 11 hours ago, Samsharp said:

    anyone can clear up the story behind IFO album?  is it real that Carlo made it all by himself cause he was injured and coudlnt tour with the rest of the group ?

    I've heard something like that too, and it was all written in the space of a single month. 

  4. I.F.O, mostly cause it's opening track Maia is just such a masterpiece and really captivates me right from the start, and builds up to an absolute onslaught of psychedelia and when I think it couldn't get any more insane, it just takes me further till I feel totally obliterated. and by then the album is only 11 minutes in, and I'm ready to receive the rest of this galactic goa opera that always leaves me  so satisfied and feeling like I've been on an epic trek through an alien world. 

    Transdimensional is great but it doesn't take me to those places like I.F.O can 

    I'd take Twisted over either of them any day, however. 

  5. This is an interesting as heck topic and idk why there aren't more replies! One of the reasons I got into Psy to begin with is the imagery and landscapes the music would provoke in my mind, some are psychedelic and abstract beyond comprehension but a few more distinct ones include:

    Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger: A dark carnival/fairgrounds with dangerous rides that move too fast and out of control; everything feels manic and bizzare 

    KinDzaDza - Waves From Inner Space: A broken, glitching supercomputer within a cold, lifeless machinescape 

    Etnica - Alien Protein: Claustrophobic corridors inside a 50's style alien mothership

    Solar Fields - Blue Moon Station: Exploring giant, alien structures on a forest-like planet; home to a very technologically advanced race


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