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  1. Personally I like the 35:00 drop. From someone that still goes to clubs, the "progressive goa" are pretty funky, they just sort of come out from underneath rather than above. Kinda takes you by surprise. Definitely a techno thing, especially those damn sweeps. I haven't heard a modern techno track that doesn't have a sound effect that just sounds like a high pitched smoke machine.


  2. 9 hours ago, Psychedelic Superbeast said:

    To get things clear...THIS is a "Gaylord" 

    Edit: Would be an awesome Vocal Part in a Darkpsy Track i belive...something like this one.


    Well now I can stop hiding my conversations here from my LGBT friends. :P 

    Have you tried mixing it into a track yourself?

  3. 8 hours ago, thanosp81 said:

    He is overselling a bit but still, he can explain it much better than I :) 


    The sentiment is there and he explains it so well. But I would say he is under selling the difference of 1% on an infinite scale. That 1% could be far grander than the phrase "Only 1% different" suggests. For example, our accomplishment as a species as well as our failures are far grander than 1% different to those of Chimps.

    As far as we know, the chance of other life is only a mathematical probability devoid of evidence. I believe there most certainly is life out there, but I still think that as far as we know, we are as good as it gets and we should be kinda settled by that. 

  4. 37 minutes ago, thanosp81 said:

    Wouldn't that classify us an unintelligent? Are dolphins or chips or mice less intelligent than us?

    We define intelligence by using a measuring stick that it's measuring limits are defined by our own, so it's not really a successful measuring device.

    I'd call that intelligence, even if our measuring stick is our own measuring stick, we still have a measuring stick. Dolphins, Chimps & Mice are all great, but they don't have the ability of collective consciousness. No out of space travel, excluding Bobo, no greek, roman, continental or asian philosophy. If it wasn't for our glaring flaws of wanting to piss on everything and start fires in our own backyard we would just about have it all. 

    Gaia theory suggests that nothing that comes from nature can act in way that nature did not attend. Therefore it could be perfectly natural for us humans to destroy ourselves and most other things, we might have a finite timeline that no version of Sapiens can surpass past a point, Fermi's great filter. 

    This contradicts my earlier point before that we are exquisite. Rather Gaia is exquisite and we are completely ordinary going about our human things with no relative awareness beyond what is desired by nature.


  5. Nervasystem - Time Travel

    Rotating Rama
    Non Terrestial Intelligence
    Interstellar Mutation
    Dimension Expansion


    Rotating Rama I instantly expect Wagner’s Rise Of The Valkyries to start during this intro. Although I simply do not know why. But we don’t need that to giddy up into battle, Nervasystems bass line and kicks do the job just fine. What else can I say? The track spirals into a psychedelic wedding void of prenuptials but with champagne towers of funk.

    Non Terrestial Intelligence a fun take on a common theme. Forget the terristials and their otherworldly smarts, what about the non terrestrials huh? Well. A foresty kind of intro turns into a track that lives in the darkness. The aural embodiment of LSD shivers, slide down this track into your brain as a team of different layers swell toward you like they are on a try-out for the Schlabbaduerst rekkords cheerleader squad.

    Interstellar Mutation back with the extra terrestrials we find ourselves in the beep booping depths of space, is anybody out there? Well Nervasystem is and at the 1:55 mark he reminds you of that, can you spell ‘rumbelling baslines’ my friends? Leads of electrical energy fire themselves straight at you like a game of laser tag with teenagers and too much frozen Fanta. But oh no, don’t think that is meant as a bad thing. How could it be when the reverse bass is that doped up and heavy.

    Juddervision I might’ve had Juddervision before. Hard to know when you don’t know what the gosh danged fuck Juddervision is. Great song though, hard, fast & aggressive, the trifecta. Another perfect fit for Schlabbaduerst rekkords Volume 13. A simple lead quickly develops into psychedelic bliss. Why does everything this guy do sound so damn good? The main melody is so metallic and funkedlically spinny. Awesome stuff.

    Dimension Expansion Nervasystem could just draw his intro’s out to a full track length and I wouldn’t notice until it ended. Well he aint gonna do that, instead he's going to turn Dimension Expansion into a mansion owned by Deedrension Emery filled with leads that have emancipation and enhancing backwords dancing kept away from Emery’s enemy Ketrahension Newery and her severely severed sense lacking didactic pension.

    Narcosynthesis comes in nice and hard with another favourite melody/lead of the album. Raw with a drizzle of Greek styled balsamic drizzle Narcosynthesis really hits home. It simply seems to never end which is completely wonderful and the ideal feeling from an amped track that is this good.

    Cybermat Smooth galvanized steel ambiences in the background of another foreboding intro, a bassline comes in and its go time. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because this song has the word mat in it that this song is going to be taken on the ground getting stepped on. Simply not the case and btw stop thinking like that in general its unhelpful and unhealthy you sicko.

    Karmenbozia I really did assume that this word was made up and could not have ever told you that I thought there was going to be a ‘Karmenbozia’ sample. Good and rare find as far as I am concerned. Nervasystem gives this track a more progressive edge and plays around with positioning of sounds rather than creating a wacked out wil’n banger. From the perspective of this guy I suppose it is a downtempo track. But beware, he still manages to trip you out towards the end.


    Quite the album and Quite the artist. As far as my preference for dark psytrance/goa/whatever-we-call-it goes this is probably at the top of my list of most preferred.


    Truly a must have for any collector and appreciator of this fine musical sub culture.


  6. image.png.c95986c7b6a86b890d83d9e1b3bf5e94.png

    Artist: Sky Technology
    Album: Rainbow Spirit
    Label: Neogoa Records
    Release: September 29, 2019

    1. Hidden Secrets
    2. Escape From Babylon (Sky technology Remix)
    3. Winky Dink And Nod (Album Version)
    4. Fake Dance
    5. Katedra – Collision Course (Sky Technology)
    6. A Ray Of Light (Album Acid Version)
    7. Just Do It
    8. Kids Don’t Eat Alien Protein (Album Version)
    9. Rainbow Spirit
    10. Memories of Another Life

    Sky Technology is Dmitriy Kolosovskiy who has released 4 studio albums including Rainbow Spirit. I kind of remember Spirituality although I Don't think I ever listened to it through and through, the rest of his albums are going to require some searching from me. I have thoroughly enjoyed his features on various compilations and have until now thought that he mostly did Neogoa and down-tempo Goa which he rules at.

    I’ve listened to Rainbow Spirit from start to finish, back to front, and shuffled all about. I get the most enjoyment on the Shuffle option and decided to review from that angle.


    4. Fake Dance: Damn this fella is going fast and hard on this album. If I heard this on a dancefloor in the deep hours of the night I would come out the other end a jabbering jattering jittering mess. For at home listening it’s a little too hard for me, but That doesn’t mean I can’t see the place for this crazy ass song. The Final louder and more intense lead is pretty wild and enjoyable. In fact it’s absolutely wild.

    6. A Ray of Light was one of my favourite tracks off of the Call of Goa Vol. 3 Compilation and the Album Acid Version just brings it to another level. Sky Technology brings the energy right from the start to the finish and doesn't skimp on the light rays of aural sensation.

    8. Kids Don’t Eat Alien Protein (Album Version): Does he mean they don’t eat alien protein anymore? Damn kids have changed. I believe this to be one of my favourite on the album.

    9. Rainbow Spirit comes at you with more another machine gun bassline and a bright Nitzho melody that turns into a pretty exciting midway break before coming back just as hard. The main break and final leads stand out here, the rest of the track doesn’t quite hit home for me.

    2. Escape From Babylon comes in a bit of an easier pace to keep up with and instantly brings the vibe of a banger. This is most certainly my album favourite. The leads whip around each other while the kick pounds onwards never giving up.

    10. Memories of Another Life starts with all the potential of a track that could be chill. Aint gonna happen though hombres. The track really takes off at 3:18 and gives us a taste of something we haven’t heard on the album yet.

    3. Winky Dink And Nod has all the feels of a Nitzho track found in the deep forests of Scandinavia. Squelches and bubbles envelope the track and keep it dark and deep.

    1. Hidden Secrets is tribalistic goa and another track with a difference on the album. Maybe one of the best produced tracks here with an entire catalogue of elements working towards a beautiful piece of work.

    7. Just Do It is another fast and hard machine gun pound fest. Not a favorite but definitely appealing to those that like it fast, hard, relentless and extreme.

    5. Katedra - Collision Course (Sky Technology Remix) Obviously this isn't going to be some rinky dink Sloa Version of Collision Course... Wait. Has Katedra even released the original of this track yet? Well gonna be a gatling gun firing rounds of bass in your face with the fastest strobe light we have. I really loved the screech lead that came in at 2:40, but have to stop myself from being disappointed that it doesn't spiral into something more amazing. The only reason this thought hits me is because the final bar sounds like it's about to jump into a different rhythm and start bouncing all around the place, instead it repeats itself onward. Putting this unreasonable expectation aside Sky Technology's remix is balls to the wall great and finally a fast and hard track that I can listen to over and over again.

    That is the album folks and Folkettes. A nice mix of Goa and super fast Goa that changes the music I expect to hear when I see Sky Technology release a track. Other than some bass lines that I wasn't a huge fan of I think the album has mostly solid tracks that will tear up a dance floor without a doubt in my mind. I have about 6 favourites which is decent 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10. Most of the track sit between a 7 - 9 minute run time which is completely appropriate for their intensity.

    Trance2MoveU made a comment on his spirituality album in 2016 "Dmitriy Kolosovskiy from Kiev is a guy that has taken goa to places that may make some feel uncomfortable yet refreshed at the same time." Well that holds for this album too, a little bit of both for our pleasure. Well done to all involved, another extreme album to add to the growing collection of chaos that has been released in 2019.


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  7. On 11/16/2019 at 9:20 PM, thanosp81 said:

    What makes you think we are brilliant as a species? 

    Matter of perspective. Being the only living organism that can not just imagine but create a collective imagination between us is pretty neat. Being able to create megastructures like society isn't a bad achievement either. Then you've got art, space travel, jokes, love, technology, ideologies. We have pretty much mapped every single road on planet earth, figured out how to live effectively together in large numbers (Although we lack the will power to do what is required). I'm in Australia talking to some one in The UK while listening to a saved video of a Vinyl only Jungle set & trying to convince some one in Germany not to give up.

    As far as impressive species go there are Homo Sapiens and then there are Emperor Penguins. 

    We are also terrible for not doing all the wonderful things we know how to do and instead treat each other poorly. We will certainly be the only ones responsible for our own demise. But at least we once got to live.

  8. 8 hours ago, staffan said:

    So it depends on what you like. A big festival or small. Great vibes on both, the best music and many nice people to meet at both festivals.

    I prefer 3000 + but Apsara has my favourite artists and it seems like all the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Plus I'll be in Europe for other reasons at the right time. 

    So I suppose that's that. 

  9. On 11/10/2019 at 6:35 AM, Psychedelic Superbeast said:

    drinking until i can leave this ugly world for ever


    Non of that. This is the only planet we known of that can even sustain a species as brilliant and terrifying as ours.

    Thats 1, out of trillions. 

    Move to another country. Go to another continent. 

    Take it from an Australian Gaylord that has seen the world. Bad and good only exists because homo (lol, gaylords) sapiens created them. 

  10. image.png.17d486f09ac5009e02d8060467ea5d07.png

    Artist: Spindrift
    Title: Deep Nature
    Label: Stereohemia Rec
    Date: Sept 23, 2019


    1. Induced Mysticism
    2. Respire
    3. Deep Nature
    4. Witch Switch
    5. Transfix
    6. Trypto Night
    7. Halographic
    8. Charged Particles

    SpindDrift Deep Nature is a solid release that doesn't try to be anything it's not. Not particularly aggressive, not to fast, not to slow. It might be right in the Goldilocks zone for psytrance, and a bit to the left of paranoia. Excellent production makes every moment clear, while bright psy leads cut through the psychedelic darkness that almost wraps it's way over your ankles.

    Induced Mysticism - Not instantly my favourite track on the album but it has creeped its way into me sphere of enjoyment. Creaky leads come in and out while background layers destroy your concentration. 

    Respire - A funky start and bassline that makes me feel like I really need to get something done in the next 7 minutes and 46 seconds or the world will explode. Psychedelic leads pump out from the depths again and again as they are covered over in mossed tree roots. Respire is Anthem-esque, funk psy that induces visions from the first kick.

    Deep Nature - Bassline introduction 'Nice to meet you' and away we go. Probably the most complex in terms of melodic structure that we have heard so far. The leads feel raw and dark but are sprinkled over by brighter faerie dust. Top notch production quality all the way through.

    Transfix - A true dancefloor groover that is probably the most happening and psychedelic track of the album. Raw leads get flicked towards you while the melody soars above. This is vision inducing dancefloor music that makes you want to throw your hands in the air and spin a little.

    Witch Switch - The only bassline on the album that feels to big and repetitive, if it was toned down a notch I feel the rest of the track would shine... Speaking of, the rest of the track is pure psychedelia, the kind of track you can zone out to while driving through the night, don't slow down or one of the voices might catch you.

    Trypto Night - A cruisy track that gets better the louder it goes. Dancing between the kind of paranoia that keeps you checking the distant forest edge for those damn talking woodland trolls and bright green entrancing leads that beg you to come closer. In deep distance you hear all the spooky creatures gasping for your attention, background shouts drowned out by brighter leads and kickdrums that feel warm and safe stop this track going anywhere to dark. 

    Halographic - Another head banger that feels like it may be chill until the voices at 1:48 spin the track into psycho baba land. This is another favourite of mine as the leads change direction more regularly and background synths feel full and dark. Halographic encompasses the album artwork the best in my opinion.

    Charged particles - my favourite track on the album. If there was going to be one anthem on the album this would be it. Fast and sharp leads hold the track together while psychedelic spicks & specks dance around groovy melodies. Like every other track here the low end is deep and punchy. 

    Spindrift, is not your typical psychedelic trance producer. When I see a cover that hints at forest I generally expect machine gun baselines, disjointed layers that have various degrees of the gator fx and a nothing tale.

    'Wow Tsotsi, you gotta put an entire genre down to build an artist up?'

    Deep Nature is the opposite of all that. We get warm punchy kicks, well defined thick leads that cut above the other layers and sparkly conundrums of psychedelia. If psytrance can pass the stock Citroen car speaker mono test then it is doing something right. Deep Nature sounds pleasant and well produced. Most surprising of all, it feels best to listen to this album during the day time while cruising down some highway to Nowhereville.


  11. On 10/19/2012 at 5:48 AM, GS Concept said:

    Thanks for review and cool words. We have another vision of this release. We was want make 100% space tracklist like Pleiadians style (in our vision). Deep drive cosmic goa trance sound. But we not find many real space tracks ((( This style is dead. We was work 3 years but not find better tracks for this concept. We was have real drive sunshine morning goa tracks but not take it in tracklist. Its was be experiment.

    You over there at GS Concept must be pretty happy with the direction Goa took, well done on your support and building up and up and up of greatness. VA - Terraformer has become my all time most listened to album and my absolute favorite. 

    I still have never listened to this release and am saving it for a rainy day of magic.

  12. I think Technossomy is an amigo not an amiga. If you get my drift? I'm talking about spaghetti and meatballs. Benoirs, bo jangles, Richard and the Twins.


    I read your sentiments towards this on the Sykespico review and was going to comment but decided to leave it. Now that we are here though...

    I think 2019 has been an incredible year for Goa trance. Median Project, Jaraluca, Sykespico, Xamanist, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Katedra, The Legacy VA. + we have Celestial Intelligence, Hypnoxock & Pete & Pan on the horizon with a solid Norwegian VA coming up too.

    For me I think it is fair to say that 2019 was probably better than 2007, maybe on par with 2012/16 releases, but personally I think it's better because i'm living it fresh now.

    Despite all that, using this forum as my sole example, it seems like engagement with the music is dying, not the music itself. But what do I know, festival attendance is up surely? There are more labels releasing decent music, artists are improving, just look at The Maniac, Veasna, Median Projects big boy steps & as already mentioned Jaraluca & Sykespico.


    How do you find a substitute?

    Can it be done? I don't think so.

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  13. 14 hours ago, Anoebis said:

    They are underrated and thats a pitty,

    I don't think they will be underrated for long. I could easily see them playing at not just Goa festivals but also regular Psytrance festivals (But I think there is room for Goa at every fest). So much power and energy in this album.

  14. On 6/19/2019 at 3:41 AM, astralprojection said:

    Is everything made since 2004 technically New School? Or what in your mind, would constitute something being produced now; but still Old School ? So pretty much same question recursion asked me :P

    Don't know why i've been thinking about this question lately BUT is Neogoa just Goa + Ambient?

  15. Alright you sons of bitches, whats going on here? 2019 the year you went and sold your souls to the devil? Huh do a little trade with The Beast did we? Condemn yourself through wizardry to become yourselves, sonic wizards?  



    Artist: Sykespico
    Title: Perspective
    Label: Suntrip Records
    Release: September 30, 2019


    1. Great Light
    2. Psycho Therapy
    3. Trancologica
    4. 6EQJE5
    5. Concerta
    6. Visit Earth (Live Mix)
    7. Dance Float
    8. Spacestation
    9. Persimon

    Median project? Jaraluca? Xamanist & now Israeli bad bois Matan Levi & Nadav Elhadad who make up Sykespico? You fellas dealing in dark magic?

    I always knew these Bad motha's were bad. But now they join the team of artists who release albums that are just about damn extraordinary. Am I easily pleased or have the Goa trance artists of the day kicked it up a notch? 





    Do we deserve music like this? Are we living our lives well enough to warrant a gift like this? Relax, because Matan & Nadav seem to think so.

    Expect Bravado, Gusto, Excess, New Worlds, Raw Tectonics & Volcanoes of Ecstasy. 


    1. Great Light - Nothing that begins without a boom ends without one. Nothing. Remember that for the rest of this album and use the 2nd half of this track as your first and final reminder. I really did think this track was going to be chill. My word what an exciting track.

    2. Psycho therapy - Ok so now we know what to expect and the boys start it off just as beautifully. An instant transportation into a world full of tranquil expectations. I already know the guys for their brilliant compositions in the breaks of their tracks. And Psycho Therapy makes sure I also know them for a great deal of other good things on top of that.

    3.  Trancologica - Starts trancey as heck. Is that Osho? I don't know what it is but Indian accents and trance, a match made by Brahma. Expect a lot of good trancological karma and extraordinary soundscapes coming your way for this track. 

    4. 6EQJE5 - I mean are we here to party or what. That's rhetorical, Just fuck. Goddamn. 2:30 is all you need to know you're about to listen to one of the best trance tracks created. 6EQJE5, remember that one if you can, it's for your own good. There's nothing I can say that would be better than listening to this track.

    5. Concerta - The bassline of this track got me stoned which makes it hard to think about what to write. I got it! No I lost it. YES! No it's gone. A crazy good track with celestial melodies that warp around every part of your consciousness.

    6. Atmospheres painted by RA float in the background of this track and when the kickdrum came in I realized I didn't know it wasn't there. Matan & Navad know how to create cool worlds with sounds, and flounce those skills in your face on Visit Earth (Live Mix). I can't call it a favourite because each track pretty much is at this point.

    7. Dance Float - Aaaaah Haha its on baby. Did you all check in on time? Bring your passports? Remember not to bring more than 50ml of liquids that aren't in a ziplocked bag? Leave your aerosols at home? Because this space ship ain't waiting around. Boom fucking Boom man. A speed of light banger that gives and gives and gives. Special surprises for us everywhere. But how the song composes it's finale is the most special, like lightening strikes of energy this song rocks.

    8. Like every track so far Spacestation gains momentum along the journey. But Spacestation decides to swing you between calm (By Sykespico's standards) and crazy atmospheres. As soon as you think the calm is winning the crazy spreads its tentacles of psychedelic euphoria open, slowly engrossing every part it's electrified world.  

    9. Perlimor Star If you didn't already realise the crazy amazing atmospheres that these guys are compelled to create, you'll soon learn (I haven't head stuff like this since listening to Ra!) This could just as well have been an album opener as well as a closer. Beautiful slow trance that grows bigger and bigger.  That grooves up and beyond. Did I just get transported to a the beginning of a new beautiful world being created? No... I got transported to a land of soaring energy that dances across the galaxy. But good guess. 


    If we are going to call Constellation by MP a cross between Mindsphere & Astral Projection. And Jaraluca's fits into the category of Psylent Budhi, Morphic Resonance & Pleaidians, which I agree with completely. Well then i'm going to liken this to a love child between Ra, Jannis & yes, Pleaidians...They get around. I think Celestial Intelligence might have christened the little bastard. 

    I don't know what to say. It's just excellent unexpected stuff. Its exciting and energetic and a whole bunch of other nice words. This will surely be my album of year.

    This might be the best album of trance i've heard. But Sykespico already knew that, didn't they?

    Time will tell if this album really is as good as I think it is, but so far 8 listens in nothing has changed other than my favorite tracks.





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