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  1. image.png.5b116e8ecc9be79b09ca6ee27c284b8c.png

    Artist: Blue Hue
    Title: The Mandala Effect
    Label: Plateau 5 Records
    Date: January 1, 2019 


    1. Hitting Bowls
    2. Positivictricity
    3. Cosmic Interference
    4. Mind Modem
    5. Methamoprh
    6. Mandala Effect
    7. Dropping Society

    Ah summer time, where the sun flows through cities like gold, when cool nights are spent dancing under the ruby leaves while drinking iced tea made by the deities and spinning in our summer trappings. Condensation of diamonds forming on the outside of our glasses in while we were still free from the constraints of existence. I remember it so clearly, a better time. I'm certain.

    The Mandala Effect


    I can't tell you why this wasn't released by a bigger label than little old Plateau 5. 

    I can't tell you why I haven't heard people talking about Blue Hue.

    I can tell why that should change right this second.

    With incredibly well produced lower ends, Driving rhythms, fun melodies and pretty bloody ripper album artwork if I may say so, The Mandala Effect makes for a worthy listen. 

    Hitting Bowls starts the album off in cool style. the tibetan singing bowl sounds sends pure DMT into your head as it fills the space left by the other layers of the song. The melody floating in for the second half creates great energy and allows us to cruise through track.

    Positivictricity, go on, be honest with yourself, try and say that in one go. Another cruisy track is filled with soft layers that float around your head while the kickdrums pushes the track to it's final message about just being positive dammit! 

    Cosmic Conference, the cosmos, home to all conferences known to life. Any conference ever had will happen right here, in our cosmos. Super clubby atmospheres and rumbles take this track into hyperdrive. The low end is THICK and fills the track with just enough space for the light high notes to sparkle along. The main lead melody could have been given a bit more emphasis but I aint saying i didn't enjoy it.

    Mind Modem brings us another big track that really blasts off at that 3:40 point. I was drifting through the first half of the track just having a daze then that break came and brought back to dance land. As Simon Cunninghurst would say 'Pretty dope'

    Methamorph this must be science for 'Absolute aggressive madness'. My favourite of all the extra clubby tracks. Super hot, I know it's true, no Mandala Effect here, just solid memory of a solid song.

    The Mandala Effect A longer track suggests to me that blue Hue has more ideas that he is willing to work with. And right I am, the main melody is super cool. Still light, but infectious.

    Dropping Society is the kind of track that starts and makes you think that you know what sort of song you are going to get. But as soon as the other layers start to seep in you quickly become lost in it's funkiness. 


    Mandala Effect is a very very nice piece of art. The amalgamation of styles and techniques works really well here, resulting in more progressive club type tracks while remaining exciting for their entirety. The melodies are all cool, if not occasionally quiet but that's just the style of the album. this will be my next purchase for sure. It would be great to see more work released from Blue Hue.



  2. I take this back. 

    On 10/6/2018 at 9:48 PM, Tsotsi said:

    Blacklight's a banger but nothing will beat 'Blue Effect' for Tsotsi. Such a strong build. 

    All songs here are really magnificent. Different elements present in all songs and structures that change track by track. I do get the hi hat noise issue that others mentioned but find it well worth to endure. 

  3. On 1/26/2019 at 2:31 PM, Jaza said:

    You're an Aussie, yeah?
    I take it you missed his master-classes at Rainbow Serpent 2011 and 2017?

    Yea I'm pretty Aussie. Just moved to Brisbane. 

    2017 was my last Rainbow, I'm about to lose all cred but I left the Shpongle opening set to go put warm clothes on and also ignored all master classes. Was either at camp or on the dancefloor the entire time. 

  4. I've thrown all my kitchen knives out, chucked my scissors in the bin & given my wife's pencil sharpeners to the neighbors. With Proxeeus' kickdrum i've got all the sharp objects I can handle. Need to cut some bread? Throw 'LIber Ivonis' on. Toe nails looking manky? Try putting your curly boys next to a subwoofer while you play 'The House Of Tindaloos'. Oh no! I'm in a street duel with a drunk'n 19 year old. See if he can handle death by a thousand kicks right from 'Old Keziah'. I doubt it.

    This album is the first CD I've bought as an adult, I waited for the CD just to see what i was really missing out on. But I guess I need a CD player and mum's car is all i got. I can say the kicks were so sharp and powerful I couldn't even tell if there was a bassline until track 7 & 8. That was my mistake though, sitting down to Non Euclidean Geometry simply will not do the trick. This is moving music, even walking while listening changes the whole experience, even better is jumping around your living room instead of applying for jobs.

    Since we are all human beings (Maybe except for Proxeeus, who could just be pretending while he spreads his aural ecstasy to us all) but since we are mostly all humans and we therefore can't help but make a comparison, let's make a comparison. Compared to previous albums I think the only thing that I miss are the wacky atmospheres that have been given a slight reduction in favor of a much cleaner production and sound. Each layer is so clearly defined that every zip and bubble and blip and synth are clearer than mum's windscreen.

    The last 3 tracks are by far my favourite with track 7 being my favourite. Oh that cover as well. You can stare into that bad boy for a while, beautiful.

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  5. image.png.5742f548c63cf666fb2a214423504df0.png

    Artist: Various
    Title: SpaceDock Records Goa trance Legacy by Kanc Cover Vol.4
    Label: SpaceDock Records
    Release: 26 December, 2018

    1.Ephedra & Imba - From Star To Star

    2. Hypnagogia - Cosmic Interference

    3. Goasia - Polar Lights 

    4. Omegahertz - Kissing Nebula 

    5. Omnivox & Hand Of Damaru- Magical Mountain 

    6. M-Run - Vastness 

    7. Jikooha - Indigos 

    8. Via Axis - The 4th State (Psychowave 2018 Remix)

    9. Nebula Meltdown - Epsilon Orionis






    Spacedock Records Goa Trance legacy series has, since Vol. 1 been a collection of fun tracks showcasing artistic talent from planet earth. Every comp has at least 3 tracks that are out of this world amazing, and a bunch of good-great tracks that open up themselves up upon more and more listens. A mix of old established artists and new artists can be found on their comps with little difference in track quality and direction. I thought Vol.3 was pretty awesome, I also thought that 2018 was done for albums after Proxeeus. But no, Spacedock sneaks one last incredible compilation of tracks to blow us all away.


    Ephedra & Imba - From Star To Star: A solid track all in all but it jumps into the main act pretty quickly and carries it throughout. I wouldn't pick this as an album opener but would certainly still place it on the comp. Lots of drive, strong sound design and great lead work. 

    Hypnogogia - Cosmic Interference: A solid theme follows this track from start to finish. And boy oh boy does it get better and better. A pretty big climax at the end that Makes it one of my favourites.

    Goasia - Polar Light: A strong progression takes us into a track that really encapsulates its title I feel like i'm flying through the aurora borealis while i listen to this. When i listen in my car I get the urge to close my eyes and see where I end up. But then i realise I'll miss the rest of the track when I slide off the side of the road into a hot Australian bushfire where I narrowly escape with my life but then get pecked to death by Kookaburras, simply not worth it. The ending is bliss.

    Omegahertz - Kissing Nebula: Well. What can I say but that this inspired me to go back and listen to everything else I have by Omegahertz, it wasn't enough so I've gone through Stax and realised that I love his style. But I love this song the most. Pure psych up track that gets me in the mood for anything that i need to be in the mood for. Omegahertz is something of an anthem creator but nothing compares to Kissing Nebula. If he released another album I'd buy 2. This track is killer, which gives 2019 another stellar track that makes picking a favourite hard.

    Omnivox & Hand of Demaru - Magical Mountain: A little Darker than you would expect a track called magical mountain to be, but then again not all magic is light and fluffy 'turn you into a pumpkin marshmallow' sort of magic. And then again it's not that dark 'so shut up already Tsotsi'. Alright alright, after Omegahertz's track it's hard to like anything as much. The truth is that when I play this track it's a certified banger. Omnivox has had some fun with Hand Of Demaru before, her soundcloud is mostly ambient so I can't tell what her influence is here. Atmosphere? I can say that the sway potential of this track is 10 sways out of 10 sways. Another anthem that would have a crowd under it's complete control.

    M-Run - Vastness: A huge unexpected track from M-Run. I follow him on FB and it looks like his constantly cooking bomb ass tracks in his studio. But of all the tracks i've heard from him this is the most unique in structure. That uniqueness is what I love about M-run. The distinct sounds are still there but the structure has been flipped, turned, chopped & screwed. Oh did i mention that it was wild? I've seen M-run crowds, it looks like an earthquake is bumping people around on a trampoline. That's music for you. 

    Jikooha - Indigos: We soften things down a bunch with a Jikooha track. this wasn't what i was expecting when i saw Jikooha follow M-run on a comp. I was thinking way more crazy leads zippig and twirling. But you know what, this track is infectious. A slow burner that burns brighter and brighter as it goes on. It has an oldskool feel to it in its style and is super cruisy.

    Via Axis - The 4th State (Psychowave 2018 Remix): Don't know the original, don't know Via Axis but I know Psychowave. 'Dont be proud of your ignorance Tsotsi'. Look, let's move on; nothing since Sunshine Reborn has really captivated me in the same way from Psychowave. However, there is a very noticeable improvement in clean production and many more collabs are coming out. The synths that come in at 3:20 make a big difference and feel like metal being struck with jolts of electricity. We also get to learn a little about consciousness and then we get a finale worth writing home about. 

    Nebula Meltdown - Epsilon Orionis: the fastest track on the comp but hardly feels like it. To me this was Vol.4's follow up to Manmademans Vol.3 track. Only placed at the other end of the comp. Very progressive. But it's a progressive world. Peer reviewed thesis's about dog humping and heteronormativity with fake data are being published  in the states. But what's that got to do with another favourite track from Spacedock Goa Trance Legacy by Kanc Cover Vol.4? I can't remember... Progression, that's right. A track that demands your attention and closes this bad boy off nicely. Also the track I wanted the most when i first heard it.

    I'm as happy as a little fat spider right now. My top 10 for 2018 is pretty much just going to be Goa compilations and I'm fine with that. All tracks were certified 100% grassfed, sustainably grown bangers. But Omnivox was definitely my favourite.




  6. 10 hours ago, Jon Cocco said:

    I love how smooth, sleek, melodic, and fluid the overall sound/melody work (album) is. It's digestible and enjoyable! The songs are full of energy and the atmospheric and other (visionary) elements compliment. Sounds blend well in every song for the entirety of the album, and that leads me to... 

    My constructive criticism, as with the opening track that's catchy, is that the songs lacks more memorable storytelling sound/melody work, creativity, and structuring. It's a fine balance between catchy and memorable. As someone pointed out, the songs rarely buildup to anything to reward the listener, e.g., climax, evolution, etc. It's enjoyable, and as someone said, we're sometimes left hungry for more. Kometa showcases some really good (more memorable) storytelling, sound/melody work that takes a moment to hit us with deeper feels and ingenuity.

    The songs develop, but it's after track 3 or 4 maybe that more aggression, substance, variety, and vision becomes apparent. Artifact303 - Life Support System (Median Project Remix) has a more structured, storytelling vibe for instance. Music isn't about just being catchy, but saying something meaningful, having substance, leaving listeners satisfied and happy to share with friends. We can go through rotations with catchy sounds, or we can compose stronger arrangements and world-building tracks that leaves us enamored, excited, and satisfied. Over the Horizon is another track that incorporates memorable ingredients, more substantiated development, and key changes. Kometa stood out more too, specifically the last third--- it's beautiful and very memorable. I wish more of the album was as satisfying and enjoyable as the last third of Kometa, for instance. But I do enjoy the zippy, kinetic sound and style of the songs in general. The last track just has a segment towards the end that's so euphoric and free-feeling, and that's something I love. Not just catchy but MEMORABLE (I love it) sound/melody work.

    There is a fantasy vibe running through the journey that's uplifting, inspirational, exciting, and fun, even futuristic and cosmic. I'd just work on substantiating songs more in the future, so that people can better distinguish some of the tracks, especially as the album progresses.I love the energetic, melodic (with touches of euphoria) style, the increasing or decreasing atmosphere, and more. The album does so many things well. The music becomes a little more dramatic and substantial as the album progresses, and I keep coming back because of how good it all sounds. But some of the songs also sound a bit similar throughout, despite the infectious nature of the sound/melody work that almost always attracts me, even when it's repetition immersed in conscious, clean sounds. This is a great album IMO, and one of the most underrated, best sounding releases of 2018.

    Lastly, Median Project released a track on 2018's (end of the year) Suntrip's V/A - The 50th Parallel (CD1). The song is full of storytelling. It's more memorable in that sense and is one of the best songs on that double CD compilation! In the meantime, stream the full album, In The Depths of Space here


    Really nice review.

    Despite my love for this album (I come back to it again and again and don't see that changing) i haven't had the words to properly evaluate it like you do.

    I'd say Median project is one of my favourite artists in the scene at the moment and his version of cosmic Goa pretty much incorporates everything i love about the genre. The melodies aren't to thin, the bass work doesn't vary too much but compliments each track well, the songs progress as a journey, the psychedelia is there. I agree that some tracks don't differentiate themselves so much but also agree that this doesn't really hurt the album as the style is just so enjoyable to begin with.

    I listen to a lot of my music through mixing it alone on my sad little BCD 3000 mixer mounted on top of a sad little washing board, and find this hard to mix smoothly. But if I was on a dance floor listening to a Median Project set I wouldn't mind a track by track intro - outro set. In fact I would get completely lost in the magic of it all. At any moment you can focus on a different element of the tracks and find that it's really really nice. His use of vocals is also very subtle but sets the scene well for every track which they are used.

    My main quip with the album is lack of proper outro's. Some tracks feel like they just get cut off, maybe CD space had something to do with that but I can't figure out another reason for a lack of nice smooth track endings. 

    One of the strongest artists at the moment IMO and someone who I hope to hear release more albums.

  7. 10 minutes ago, cambeing said:
    11 hours ago, Samsharp said:

    anyone can clear up the story behind IFO album?  is it real that Carlo made it all by himself cause he was injured and coudlnt tour with the rest of the group ?

    I've heard something like that too, and it was all written in the space of a single month.

    I heard it was all written in Wingdings by his 7 year old daughter

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  8. On 1/17/2019 at 2:14 AM, astralprojection said:

    Mwnn - lunar cycle should be an excellent opener for an hour or so niceness to come :)


    I swear i've never heard this before yet it sounds so familiar. Awesome track.

    @Manuser The Loren x track was actually pretty catchy, it didn't go for too long so I didn't mind the whole thing.

    @etherdesign No sould - The Bang was a banger, really liked it.

    @Psychedelic Superbeast Moon Child :D:D:D:D:D Hot damn.


    I've also found this from Khetzal, Incidentally it mixes really well with Morphic's Intro (If Bpm Was better it would be perfect)

     And of course there is always this 


  9. 3 hours ago, Starkraver said:

    Watching Kawasaki versys 650 videos one after another. Kawasaki is giving out 0% interest loans (quite uncommon, Ducati is offering 10%) on select vehicles, might take them on this offer and buy the versys :) going for a test ride today, wish me luck boys. If purchased this will be first mid range adventure bike. Hyper exited about it already :D

    Good luck amigo. Did you make a choice? 

    How do helmets go with in built speakers?


  10. On 7/18/2018 at 3:54 PM, Veracohr said:

    I’ve been working with some people who are visiting from a customer, and chatting about random stuff when we’re not talking about work. Someone brought up music and we had to do the obligatory “what music do you listen to” thing. When I mentioned psytrance of course the first response was “...what trance?” And the second response was “oh I think I know what that is. Like Deadmau5 right?”




    “...no, not really”


    And then today the same guy tried again by mentioning Tiesto. :|

    I just say infected Mushroom or vin vici and be done with it. 

  11. 19 minutes ago, astralprojection said:

    Damn, even in stockholm :D

    In malmö where I come from its not too rare, it has a big goa scene :) but i live a little higher up atm and its like a ghost town when it comes to goa :)

    feel free to pm for a chat :)

    Woah Malmo has a Goa scene? My wife's from Landskrona, I go there once a year but have given up on Sweden's trance scene. Never give up is the lesson here.

  12. On 8/7/2018 at 10:07 PM, cambeing said:

    Etnica - The Juggling Alchemists Under The Black Light (as well as Pleiadians, Crop Circles and Live in Athens releases from DAT Records)

    Being new to this awesome music, It might be the best purchase I've ever made in my life :lol: been feeling the mystical vibes all day B)

    Well welcome in. The adrenaline, the excitement, the fun! I'm still relatively new and get blown away by almost every album. What a feeling. 

    Went and got myself some funk last week.  Had to settle the balance with some island groove weirdness. 


  13. So what are the best tracks that come to mind when thinking about something that would set the scene for a great Goa or Psytrance set. 

    I think of The intro to Morphic Resonance's Perplexity album.

    And Kalachakra by Artha.


    What cha got.