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  1. @astralprojection My first album was Artha Influencing Dreams, or Loud's 5 Billion Stars if we can count that. I'm still blooming my little Goa flowers
  2. Dang, a real DJ with all the secrets.
  3. And just like that Neogenia has the 2 label seal of approval. What's the critter on the front? I can't place it. Is it this lil guy?
  4. I swear i've never heard this before yet it sounds so familiar. Awesome track. @Manuser The Loren x track was actually pretty catchy, it didn't go for too long so I didn't mind the whole thing. @etherdesign No sould - The Bang was a banger, really liked it. @Psychedelic Superbeast Moon Child Hot damn. I've also found this from Khetzal, Incidentally it mixes really well with Morphic's Intro (If Bpm Was better it would be perfect) And of course there is always this
  5. Good luck amigo. Did you make a choice? How do helmets go with in built speakers?
  6. I just say infected Mushroom or vin vici and be done with it.
  7. Woah Malmo has a Goa scene? My wife's from Landskrona, I go there once a year but have given up on Sweden's trance scene. Never give up is the lesson here.
  8. Well welcome in. The adrenaline, the excitement, the fun! I'm still relatively new and get blown away by almost every album. What a feeling. Went and got myself some funk last week. Had to settle the balance with some island groove weirdness.
  9. So what are the best tracks that come to mind when thinking about something that would set the scene for a great Goa or Psytrance set. I think of The intro to Morphic Resonance's Perplexity album. And Kalachakra by Artha. What cha got.
  10. I was worried that the track was going to be full of silly quips designed to poke fun at the guy. I was relieved when I couldn't personally connect the track with Trump. But I'll bite all the same. What is Goa trance? Does it have feelings, can it breath, does it hold opinions and have the ability for suffering or joy? No but we do. Goa trance has nothing to say about politics, it is up to us to decide what we have to say about it and what medium we use to communicate those feelings and thought. Should the medium be trance? I can't say, but I can say that the hysteria surrounding one guy who says some crazy shit but really isn't that horrible shouldn't seep into our own heads. The world was full of problems before Trump and his impact on humanity is going to be negligible. And now all of a sudden somehow he is the problem? Awfully simplistic thinking typical of our species. Yet the impact we allow one person to have on our minds is silly. The media hasn't learnt their lesson, the other politicians haven't changed, citizens have hardly found any wisdom in all of this. Has a rich person not been in charge of America? Has a president not funded some form of wall protecting their country from outsiders? I see the difference between T-dog and other presidents but think they are just superficial. Good track though Your production has gotten waaaay tighter and cleaner. pretty big improvement considering the time since your last release. The trumpets where cool but way better towards the end when they were mixed in with other leads. Overall i think the we can say that trumpets and trance work. Out of kicks was definitely my favourite as it had the greatest emphasise on that clubby atmosphere that most the songs contained. I think I'd be able to play these tracks at any house party so well done. The vocals in track 1 weren't my favourite but not because they were bad just because that style of vocal trance ain't my thing. I'm genuinely looking forward to the third instalment and can say that my eyes are set on that horizon of yours.
  11. OOOOOHHHH. I See. I plagiarised did I? Mr i'll just throw a galaxy in the Psychonaut Wiki eye and make the best album of my career. I'm just joshing around of course I had Honest Trailers in mind too.
  12. Tsotsi

    Veasna - 5ynergy

    Artist: Veasna Title: 5ynergy - 5th Anniversary EP Label: Self-released Date: December 1, 2018 1. Dreams 2. Mu Cephei 3. Discovery 4. Infrared 5. Chromatron Veasna is Patrick Dinklage, a trance music maker who among other things likes producing trance and letting people listen to it. I've heard it said that he balances between the old and the new like a complete champ. And no, I still haven't listened to Spectral flux (I'm waiting to buy it), so until now I haven't had much of an impression. But that all changes today. I put this bad boy on and ooh ah did i enjoy at least 4 of them. Dreams: I played this in the car first, now I've had problems with my car speakers before making some trance (Lectro Spektral) sound bothersome. They strike again with the white noise snare that comes in at 1:20. I stuck it out, and tried again on a bunch of headphones, still annoying but not painful, sounds like the noise the protogoa team decided to bury in 89. Every part of this track is great bar for that one sound that persists throughout the entire track. Mu Cephei: A super funky lead driven piece that doesn't run out of ideas. No sir this is pure floaty, happy trance, uplifting & fun. Discovery: The happy atmospheres get pushed away as something more ominous begins. the intro is cool, the kicks are beefed up, the bassline rides between layers smoothly. Then the leads come in, and the zippiness begins and takes us away. Infrared: This EP just keeps getting better and better. This track is craziness on heat, skittles on ice, stir-fry in Malaysia. You get it, its a good track, but it becomes AMAZING at the 4 minute mark. THICK leads come in and get swirled around by layers on layers. undoubtedly my favourite. Chromatron: So where to now? Oh whats that? You can make an equally as wild track as infrared but completely different? Lord take me. I can't even tell if Dinklage loops his sounds, his leads go on and on and on and then they change and do it all over again. A close 2nd favourite. This EP gets exponentially better as it goes on. each track is better than the last until it climaxes into a sticky mess of Goa fury. The last two tracks are what i'd recommend you buy this for, but you got a floaty number and a big basslined number too. It's a shame the digipack kickstarter project didn't get it's legs and run away with our money but on the 8th of february 1942 general Arthur Percival surrendered Singapore to Japanese forces, after already stating "In going to Malaya I .... finding myself involved in a pretty sticky business with the inadequate forces which are usually to be found in the distant parts of our Empire in the early stages of a war." He was forced to surrender with a white flag in the lead of his forces, captured, and upon release blamed as being ineffectual as a General. So things could be worse. Definitely recommend this EP. https://veasna.bandcamp.com/album/5ynergy-5th-anniversary-ep
  13. Top 10 Uptempo Albums 1. Median Project - In The Depths Of Space (Global Sect Music) 2. V/A - Shambhala (Global Sect Music) 3. Ephedra - What The Future Brings (Goa Madness Records) 4. V/A - 303 Syndrome (Mamomam Records) 5. Sab Kuch Milegator - Surrounded By Surreality (Self-released) 6. Proxeeus - Non-Euclidean Geometry (Goa Madness Records) 7. V/A Goa Trance Legacy by Kanc Cover (SpaceDock Records) 8. Triquetra - Ecstatic Planet (Suntrip Records) 9. V/A - Elan Vital (Melusine Records) 10. Etnica - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light (Dat Records) Final Downtempo list 1. Nibana - Earth From Above 2. Suduaya - Loveology 3. Zen Baboon Collected 4. Rukirek – I Will Return In Thousand Years 5. Advanced Suite - Drifting 6. Maiia - Evolution 7. VA - Lurve Connection 8. Deep Forest And Gaudi - Epic Circuits 9. Shamanizm Parallei - Blue Lizard 10. VA - Infusions Vol. 6
  14. You have good taste. My favourite too, the original still surprises me though.
  15. I came across a word that reminded me of Cunninlynguists today. I used to love their work but haven't followed up since Goa trance infected me. Turns out they have a side project called 'The Off Daze' super funky hip hop with great electronic production and pretty wicked lyricism. https://cunninlynguists.bandcamp.com/album/couples-skate
  16. Artist: Supersillyus Title: The charade remixes Label: Self Released Date: December 20, 2018 1. Aeon Bahamut (Nibana Remix, Violins by Kendra Breen) 2. Charade (Radioactive Sandwich Remix) 3. The Great Shenanigan (Matt Carey Remix) 4. Charade (Soulular Remix) 5. Mirage A Trois (DRRTYWULVZ remix) 6. Mirage A Trois (eelko Remix) From the country that brought us big things that no one asked for The album that instructed us how to feel human And a bunch of friends who really should have all collab'd years ago (DRRTY WULVS, Nibana, Kendra Been, Radioactive Sandwich, Matt Carey, Soulular & Eelko). Comes a remix album with a bunch of different styles and tempo's that you're either gonna love, or not give a chance because it's not your style. P resenting The album starts with a a Nibana remix. Did he give a classic a dark psy twist? No sir, this is pure squelchy instrumental funk coming at you. Kendra's violins add a nice spice and the rest of the track is littered with Nibana's synth work and deep atmospheres. All while keeping it's trippy edge. Next up is a soft sweet thing that i wasn't expecting from Mr Sandwhich. A light track that Drift me off to dreamland at anytime of the hour. Matt Carey is next. I wasn't sure about the beginning at first. Then i listened again and realised i had nothing to complain about. The rest of the track really takes off and turns into a funky dance hit. Probably my favourite If you thought that things simply werent mystical enough yet well guess what Sonny Jim? Soulular has got the fix for you. A veeeeeery different version of charade is coming at us, the background melody and vocals are maintained but everything else makes it a cool trip of a track designed for laborious missions out to repair Ganymedes primary communication satellite. So this album has been good. But are we dirty? I mean, we ain't DRRTY yet are we. Well the group who I've heard one track from to date are here to fix that. A big intro build takes into slow psybreak territory, I give it 2 whomp whomps. Eelko finds a great balance between the original and a dark wobbly beast of a track. A bunch of trap tools are used to keep things fresh here. A really good closer. What! Thats it? No one wanted to remix Trancendental Medication. Ya'll scared of a little challenge? yea yea alright Tsotsi, be happy with what you've got. Look heres the deal. This album is fantastic. No low points and this along with the original album I am pretty much covered with a Supersillyus track for everymood. Well done to the gang and keep em coming. Oh yea. Did someone say NYP!!! https://supersillyus.bandcamp.com/album/the-charade-remixes
  17. Hey gang. What's the wait time on post to Australia. Thinking about that t-shirts and CD merch.
  18. Zoop! finally a full length. Insta buy from me. Looking forward to it.
  19. Exactly the sort of music video i would expect for an OS song.
  20. Jesus this this thread really didn't go to well for anyone. I liked the composition of the tracks and all the tools used to make them. Keep slugging comrade, look forward to hearing more from you, The Zone was my favourite. Also nice mission of not letting Goa die. I'm new to the genre and glad we still have musicians contributing to the scene. Anyway, no proper constructive feedback but I am letting you know that you shouldn't stop posting on Psynews.
  21. Ho-Ho-Ho, If you thought that the Christmas season was just about complete you can think again. You've all been good little cherubs and Santa AKA Kanc Cover has compiled a little selection of tunes to present you volume 4 of the Goa trance Legacy series. With a tracklist that looks like this:- 01. Ephedra & Imba - From Star To Star 02. Hypnagogia - Cosmic Interference 03. Goasia - Polar Lights 04. Omegahertz - Kissing Nebula 05. Omnivox & Hand Of Damaru- Magical mountain 06. M-Run - Vastness 07. Jikooha - Indigos 08. Via Axis - The 4th State (Psychowave 2018 Remix) 09. Nebula Meltdown - Epsilon Orionis I can't really see how this could be anything short of wonderful. Available now. https://spacedockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sdrcd05-va-goa-trance-legacy-by-kanc-cover
  22. Pledged the collector pack. Only 6 days to go. Hoping more people jump on this.
  23. I actually bought the Ufomatka album thinking it was Ubar Tmar, we'll call it a little dizzy fit. But based off the EP I was looking forward to it. Thought another transform was a bunch of wacky fun; will wait to buy the album for a proper review, (Unless Ubo Mars releases an album and I get all confused again).
  24. Artist: Advanced Suite Title: Drifting Release: June 29, 2018 Label: Self Released Tracklist:- 1. Are We Ready Now 2. Cant Complain 3. Dusk Dyea 4. E Lastik 5. Get Movein 6. H Go Lucky 7. It's The End 8. Microdice 9. Right! 10. Sk8'n 11. The Edge 12. The Feets 13. The Kaliedoscope 14. The Underground 15. Tilted Ah, smooth textured daydreams, with hills of the sweetest smelling grass you've ever smelt, trees with the low hanging fruits of temptation, and around it all, oasis' with the coolest mnost pure water you've dipped your little toes into. And what are we doing? Why we are drifting through it all, sometimes bumping along to the dubby atmospheres of ... sometimes seemlessly to the sweet sounds of Are We Ready Know. Only one thing is certain, and that is that Advanced suite has got us covered, nay surrounded and eventually carried away by the cool echoey textured layers of his 15 piece album. Influenced by just about everything, it's hip-hop- it's reggae, it's dub, it's psychedelic, it's gentle. That's right, It's all that. Best summed up by the Bandcamp description:- It’s like a large pot that we all stir. I grab a piece, add my spice. And you do the same. Sometimes I’ll take a spice and add more flavor. And sometimes you do the same. In this way we feed off each other energy. Stirring the pot more and more. Each rotation sets the tempo and tone for the next spice. And each spice sets the tone and tempo for the next rotation. It’s boundary-less. Leaving plenty of room to push the envelope. The opener Are we Ready now is brilliant in showing us what he is capable of doing with sounds and samples. Can't complain is a more focused fluent piece with some hippity hop vocals drifting up and around the other layers. Dusk Dyea not only is a track with a cool name, but also a sparkly, deep bassy dubbed, dance number that gets you moving before you know what's what. Hammocks are over-rated, they take serious practice. So sure, I guess you couuuuld enjoy E Lastik while having a lazy swing, if you've found a spot to practice while none of the dreadlocked masses watch on. Or you could play this sweet little thang poolside while you dip your tootsies in the water. Get Movein has slightly less going for it than the other tracks so far, it feels shorter and doesn't do much to pull me in. Do these track names have a secret meaning? Are they all play on words, I mean some of them i get, but H Go Lucky, I need that explained to me. I don't need anything else however, the track delivers dubby fun all around before it also ends prematurely. It's The End has everything but an exclamation mark going for it. Not sure if i'm going to be delivered a country inspired dub number or a broody space odyssey. You don't have to wait long to find to find out that you can move to this track, though the background sweeps fill the track up just a little too much, i like my iced tea an inch from rim, not overflowing. The little speech and the piano however are nice and after the vocal break i'm back in happy drifting land. Next we get shifted back into the groove with Microdice, a groovy body swaying number that would be perfect for a daytime stomp in the dust. No messing around with the next track as we get """""Right""""" in and out with a 2 minute 41 track that takes me back to the sweet place at the start of the album. If it was just a little longer it'd be a favourite. Sk8'n (I 'get' that one) brings the album back to the soft dub that you can nod your head along to while vocals seep in and out of the other layers, a true dreamy piece of work. The first of the 'The' tracks comes along with The Edge, going in a more upbeat direction, the vocal sample is anything but distracting and worth it for the chants that come later, a great track for a beachside ritual sacrifice. The Feets continues on in a soft sweet dubby fashion with what sounds like some didgeridoo in the background. Set with it's own improper spelling (Hey I ain't no beter) The Kaliedoscope is the sort of happy little song you play on your way home from a 4 day festival in the Australian summer, a calming piece of music. My favourite track from the album The Underground is up next, the 13 seconds of silence at the end might make you think that the album is over but no, you'd be wrong, up comes Tilted another banger of a track that closes the album off nicely. Drifting is a soft airy filled dub piece by Advanced Suite that is true to it's title and description. While the album drops off a little in the middle i would still say its worth more than dribble of your grittle. What I mean is if you like dub and multi genre influenced music then this will be right up your alley. Oh and NYP so go for gold my friends. https://advancedsuite.bandcamp.com/album/drifting
  25. Labels with cool logo's aka NeoGoa should send out labelled USB sticks with either a high quality copy of the album or just empty for users to use. You could get transparent ones with an album name inside or just have your own badass range. I like those bags Psytones, hand made goodness.
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