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  1. On 11/23/2019 at 8:15 PM, Padmapani said:

    we've heard so many samples of new tracks now (most of it sounding very good, starting off where the astral we know and love have left off years ago), that the new album has to be a quadruple album when it finally comes out in 2030.

    I mean, I think since the 2018 announcement we've heard about 8 or 9 unreleased songs either as a sample on their YouTube or in full during a set.  Their first, third, and fourth albums were either 8 or 9 tracks.  They have a full album written.  This is on top of that aborted album they never released around 2012 or so.  We're just...waiting.

  2. On 3/24/2018 at 10:03 PM, Padmapani said:

    it's not about how popular the music actually is. in 99% of the cases these terms refer to music that has lots of pop or (whatever dance music is big at the moment) elements instead of psy elements.

    if you replace the beat with a beat sounds like big room house, copy some traditional house track structure and add a few psy  squelches, you're making commercial music.

    If commercialism isn't determined by commercial success then I don't think we should use the term commercialism at all. 


    And if we're talking about Vini Vici-type stuff, I would (and often do) call it psyroom.  Or crap, when warranted.

  3. On 2/22/2018 at 10:26 AM, huxfluxarn said:

    Was the Goa trance in the 90's commercial?

    I don't like terms like "commercial" or "mainstream" or "popular" to describe music in an international, global music scene.  Mainstream in one country might be more underground in another.  Astral Projection have sold millions of albums world wide and once had videos in circulation on late-night MTV---but not in every country.  They were certainly "commercial" in Israel, but not the US.   Perhaps the most extreme example:  when Armin and Tiesto were basically the rock stars of central and western Europe they were selling fewer albums in the US than the death metal band Cannibal Corpse.

    It's all very relative.  Most kinds of music are available globally thanks to the internet, but what becomes popular in any given place will not necessarily become popular in every other given place.


    As for the Vini Vici's of the world: I don't find them particularly psychedelic, but then neither were 1200 Mics, GMS, or Electric Universe after One Love.  If psychedelia is your only criteria for whether or not something is psytrance then pretty much nothing except goa, forest, suomi and dark is actually psy, which to me seems sort of silly...

  4. I don't know how anyone could enjoy a dj set with perfect track selection but consistently poor transitions.  Not that I expect a perfectly flawless transition every time, but if it's consistently awkward and jagged I find it too distracting.  And I actually find it interesting when a dj can tell they've misread a crowd by dropping a "wrong" track---I like watching dj's get out of a jam.

    Beyond that: it's dance music.  Fewer breakdowns please, let the beat keep moving.


    This goes for all types of dance music, mind you, not just psy djs, which I rarely see anyway.

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  5. I believe Astral Projection used to be on late-night MTV rotation in a few parts of Europe in the mid-late 90's.  Not quite psytrance, and it's film rather than tv, but Juno Reactor co-wrote parts of the soundtrack for the Matrix movies.


    This is from a videogame, but I think some goa fans would enjoy this:


  6. Blood Box - The Iron Dream

    Sleep Research Facility - Deep Frieze

    He's more minimal, but just about anything Thomas Koner.


    I could recommend more but those are good not-too-dark places to start, and the first two are some of the best albums around from any ambient genre.

  7. I don't care too much for the original---it's not bad, just sort of plain---but I like the AP remix, and it's getting positive feedback seemingly everywhere but here.  Can work well in psy, goa, or more normal trance sets.

  8. I was expecting this to be a support group for those lamenting the rise of digital-only releases.  Honestly, I would buy more trance music if more was more easily available in hard format.  I don't really value downloads that much and if you aren't making it available in WAV or some other lossless format why would I bother to pay for it when I can listen to it on an HD YouTube video for free?  I pretty much only pay for digital music if there's no other way to find a high-quality version of it or if they explicitly offer it in WAV.


    I like holding the actual physical thing in my hand when it comes to music.  It's totally different from the way I view movies and TV, where I would rather watch it on Netflix.  There is a certain joy that comes from unwrapping a new disc and reading through the liner notes that people are forgetting or worse, for the younger folks, just never experiencing it in the first place.

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  9. Sesto Sento have made substantial contribution into transforming full-on into some sort of pop music. Now this guy does the same thing to progressive. I guess he will make a forest project next.


    Well, they're pretty much the same group right?  Sesto Sento just has fewer 16th-note bass rolls.



    Of course, Vini Vici hasn't done any The Police remixes yet :D

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