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  1. On 5/15/2019 at 11:44 PM, Tsotsi said:

    I used to reach it when I had just woken up and in my near slumbered state thrown some earphones in, I would generally end up getting sent through galaxies and lucid dreaming things like flying and space orgies ;). This doesn't happen anymore, I've either grown to familiar with the styles structure or lost some part of my younger self that could do that.

    Some songs still trip me out and fill me with euphoria, so Yes I would say psy certainly produces altered states of consciousness.   

    Not sure I would categorize euphoria as an altered state of consciousness though. Funny story nonetheless.  

  2. 19 hours ago, Padmapani said:

    it's not called psychedelic trance for nothing. if you put on for instance braincell -  there is more on this world or pleiadians - maia (there are many more but personally i've found these two to work easiest) on headphones and close your eyes and you are still aware of the real world by the end of the track you haven't been focused on listening.

    I must be doing it wrong then ;-) 

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  3. 9 hours ago, GS Concept said:

    After many feedbacks about "too much bass in mastering" of our new release, we made a little upgrade. Its not big different, but we fixed some important things.

    Listen: https://globalsect.bandcamp.com/album/katedra-we-are-not-alone 

    But, let us introduce you to some things about our job. For this album, we made not only mastering but mixing too.

    Mastering - it's when the music maker sends to sound engineer the WAV file -6db, no limiter etc. And he tries to make it maximum ideal.

    Mixing - it's when the music maker sends to sound engineer all the elements of the track (kick, bass, leads, fxs etc.) and he makes better EQ balance. And after this mastering.  

    Here's the list of the tracks with mixing by Dimitro Alienapia (One Day Mastering Studio), and we think he is the big professional:

    1. Psy-H Project - Exhalation of Mahavishnu
    2. Psy-H Project – Spiritual Experience
    3. Psy-H Project - In A Shade Of Dadrrount'got
    4. Psy-H Project - Second Coming
    5. Psy-H Project - Boloto Trip
    6. Psy-H Project - Infernal Candyflip
    7. Psy-H Project - Active Meditation
    8. Psy-H Project - Chatlane
    9. Psy-H Project vs. Alienapia - Ramayana
    10. Psy-H Project - Infinite Freedom
    11. Psy-H Project - Crystal Worlds
    12. Centavra Project - Capsula
    13. Imba & Somnesia - Astral Travellers
    14. Psy-H Project - Dark Matter
    15. Celestial Intelligence - Crystal Gazer
    16. Psy-H Project - Precession Of The Universe
    17. Nova Fractal & OXI & E-Mantra - Stargate
    18. Centavra Project - Terraformer
    19. Centavra Project - Strange Object
    20. Psy-H Project - The Essence of Bhagavat-Gita
    21. Atlantis - Sacred Mantra
    22. Fiery Dawn - Searching For UFOs (Median Project Rmx)
    23. Omneon - Indian Walk
    24. Median Project - The Third Element
    25. Raving Universe - Ascension
    26. Psy-H Project – Gaura Nitay
    27. Centavra Project - Journey To Another Worlds (Mix 2017)
    28. Atlantis - Space Mantra 29.
    Slow Reflections - In a Rain Drop
    30. Median Project - Heaven and Earth (Omneon rmx)
    31. Katedra - The MoonShip (mix 2019)
    32. Katedra - First Contact
    33. Katedra - Ring of Fire
    34. Katedra - Nagual
    35. Katedra - You Are Not Alone
    36. Katedra - Alienated Hallucination
    37. Katedra - Radiointerference (mix 2019)
    38. Katedra - The Edge Of Spaces

    So, like you can see it's a serious amount of job, and it's the one of main reason why people think that Global Sect music has nice quality. Sometimes we have mistakes because it's a very hard job, but anyway, we fixed and saved many tracks.

    For Katedra we were making mixing for 3 months, but we made a little mistake in the last step.

    Now, our plan is: All the people who bought digital versions can download the new version from the collection. All the people who bought CDs will get 2 versions. First, we will send copies with "bass" mastering and after that, we will reprint CDs and send new copies. We think it will be nice for the collection because in the world will be only 40 copies with the first version of mastering.

    P.S. my favorite track after fixed sound is Nagual :)

    Now that's dedication. Just bought the digital copy on BC and it's absolutely gorgeous. MAD respect for you guys.

    Between, any words on the synthwave va? 

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