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  1. On 8/26/2020 at 2:36 PM, Psychedelic Superbeast said:


    you mentioned astral projection...just out of couriosity:


    would you mix for example "Darshan - Tranceformations" in "Astral Projection - Kabbalah" in your DJ Set?

    Or "Satori - Razor" in "Menis - Fluff Killer"?

    yes and yes :)


    edit: but i know what youre getting at. theyre different styles or flavors of the same genre; and would you mix and match freely or would you stick with a certain flavor within a set. I think thats your question pretty much? And I think its great to mix alot of different flavors within one set! Caters to different people but also brings in new energies.

  2. please go back :(

    this timeline cannot take any more drastic life-changing events like psynews changing theme:unsure:

    was talking a walk and could not for the fuck of me even log in. there was no button to do it! had to switch to desktop mode to barely see a faint grey login. then when i switched back from desktop mode the fucker wanted me to login again. 

    do we really need all that stress in the midst of this corona crisis!

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  3. 6 hours ago, Padmapani said:

    i don't know much about electrical things, but aren't capacitors just two rolled up metal foils kept at a small distance by an insulating layer of plastic? 

    it's rolled up foils in an electrolyte liquid that goes dry after 10-50 years or so.

    Edit: the liquid inside is sometimes water based, sometimes its made up of boric acid and ethylene. but there's not a lot of liquid in there. Basically it's just moist. That's what she said. 

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  4. Replacing / upgrading caps can be a great idea for any peice of gear really, every 20 or so years. Good advice. 

    Luckily it's very cheap and very easy to do. Just get new caps with same specs and you're good to go. There should be a few places selling them online in whatever country you're in.

    Something like 0-2 eur each. 

    Which reminds me to swap the caps on my Philips as well as that probably hasn't been done in some 40 or so years :angry:

  5. seems like it should be a great setup!! i really hope you are happy with your purchase. I dont see how i wouldnt be, with those things. But its all really alot of chance - to happen to grab something you really like. I probably had way too many setups before i found the perfect one for me, but theres always a ceiling, and theres always something better. so thats a good mindset to get rid of. you wont get any more satisfaction from something better- thats just a trap. Thats why I went with an old late 70s amp and some passive 90s monitors for my setup. Really no sense in trying to find something better. At least not with any sort of reasonable pricepoint. And money is ofc always the issue, for most people. Would i like to upgrade my ur22 to an apollo twin? would i like a pair of active genelecs? yes. but since thats not a reasonable quest i wont even set my mind there.


    tape can sound better than any cd can too, a great metal tape recorded from a cd, will end up sounding better than the cd :p

    just cause it adds a bit of subtle warmth and dulls out the sharpness a bit.

  6. @GeorgeMoonstoneD

    your opinion is very valuable and interesting. but here is how youre wrong.

    filteria is on the same label as this xenomorph track you just said was offensive to have been compared to. which is ironic- theyre on the same label - filteria uses almost 100% the same gear that was used in the 90s - how is that not goa? how is that not just a natural progression of music - turned into neo goa - a beautiful high production standard genre. What is not goa about that. 

    There are dozens more aritsts in the new goa style that are absolutely incredible at the music they do - and you diss them all by saying its not even goa. 

    many of those artists (filteria, mindsphere) uses the same gear as used back in "the day" where you are somehow stuck.


    You said you were offended by the comparison between Filteria and Xenomorph.

    well Im offended by that statement, you just offended filteria, fans, and suntrip as a label. You basically said 99% of their catalogue is "not goa". That is pretty offensive if you ask me.


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  7. 20 hours ago, RTP said:

    That's cool ... mine won't be that cheap, but since I need more than just the amp, I decided to look for a more complete system ... and I currently have set my eyes on a Technics one ... will be amp, receicver (which I absolutely don't need) and a tape deck ... CD player still needs  to be sorted ... I hope Technics is a good brand, I only know them because of their direct drive turntables :P

    Sure, technics is fine when it comes to amps! Cd players too. What model is it of the technics? I'm familiar with a dozen or so models. I'm just curious since I love that stuff.. 

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