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  1. well you should refer to a couple of threads below to understand what quality full on is really about. I'm new as well and was surprised when i read so manu posts bashing full on. I still like them, those cheesy one's :) but to get a taste of real fullon listen to the albums mentioned in theses threads




  2. I highly recommend breyerdynamic dt 880 pro

    They seem to have great reviews online. But they cost a ton here in India. Approx $500, that's twice the cost in US. But I will certainly consider them as upgrades to the ath m50's in a couple of years. Maybe then I can get any of my friends from the US get them for me ;)

  3. I listened to the ATH-M50 recently and they have really overblown bass. If you like over-empahsized bass they're decent, I guess, but if you prefer a neutral frequency response avoid them. If you can get the Beyerdynamic DT250 (250 ohm version) I can highly recommend them (they might be slightly bass-shy, but the ATH-M50 are easily 10 times more bass-exaggerated than the DT250s are bass-shy). Otherwise the Sennheiser HD25-1 or HD25-2 should be fine, too (on-ears), they're just slightly lacking in mids with slightly muddy bass (too much midbass). If it's only the ATH-M50 or Sennheiser Momentum, I don't know enough about the Momentums to make a recommendation, but maybe get the Amperior (they're (probably) slightly improved HD25-2s) if they're available.

    I suppose they would still have less bass than my existing Sony xb90ex? Other options you gave aren't available here in India I'm afraid.

  4. ATH m50 has had good reviews forever, don't think u can go wrong with them for price/performance option. They are probably my next set anyways.

    Good to know. Yes the reviews are good. I just want them to sound good with psy and goa.

  5. So friends I am currently using Sony xb90ex headphones and are great for dubstep and commercial trance, and psy also sounds good on them. However they are very bassy with 16mm drivers. I have narrowed down to audio technica ath m50 and sennheiser momentum on ear (not over the ears). Now since psy and Goa trance does have lots of guitar and synths I was wondering if you guys could make it easier for me to choose the right pair of headphones since I don't want to miss the slighest of details in the songs. Pls dont suggest any others since there are limited options here in India. Thanks. :)

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