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  1. cant list down the tracks specifically for you, but you can consider listening to some artists below -

    1) Vibe Tribe

    2) Space Tribe

    3) Logic Bomb

    4) Ananda Shake

    5) Talamasca

    6) 1200 mics

    Hope this helps, though its an endless list.

  2. On a few further listens, tracks 4 and 7 are just incredible. And even though rest of the tracks are good or just ok, I never can stomach listening to the album on one go. The sound gets more grading on the ears than the first album. It's a tad too harsh and there are more off-key/disjointed sounds than I can stand on a full listen.

    surprisingly i felt this the first time and stopped after listening to a couple of tracks. but when i decided to hear it a couple of times, it just grew on me.
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