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  1. cant list down the tracks specifically for you, but you can consider listening to some artists below -

    1) Vibe Tribe

    2) Space Tribe

    3) Logic Bomb

    4) Ananda Shake

    5) Talamasca

    6) 1200 mics

    Hope this helps, though its an endless list.

  2. On a few further listens, tracks 4 and 7 are just incredible. And even though rest of the tracks are good or just ok, I never can stomach listening to the album on one go. The sound gets more grading on the ears than the first album. It's a tad too harsh and there are more off-key/disjointed sounds than I can stand on a full listen.

    surprisingly i felt this the first time and stopped after listening to a couple of tracks. but when i decided to hear it a couple of times, it just grew on me.

  3. I have noticed that newbies dont get a lot of help here. When we ask for recommendations or help there is hardly any replies. And then there is all the cry of Psy is dying and blah blah blah.. Well u guys have so much knowledge and can help new guys in exploring a lot of new options in psy, but no! So many thread go unreplied and ignored! Well u guys will get the time to read this and bash me all you like but it's the truth and i dont care what you say to justify. Thing is knowledge shared helps grow the genre but here it's completely ignored!

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