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  1. No new music from you? :)

    Hey guys, its been a while, aint it?

    I changed my identity.. Got sick of that old nick, it was kinda limiting my production on only acid.. Its X-Rayz now..

    Check out http:/www.myspace.com/xrayzproductions


    I taken some time off psy-news, its been quite dry last time I was here..

    Lots of new great gear here, but for now little time to produce..

    If u guys still hang around, Ill make new avatar and join in since I have lots of internet spending time on work..


    Who is the guy in your avatar?

    He is character from last version of video game Prince of Persia (my favourite) and if it werent for this guy prince wouldnt make it to the end and escape demons.. He has japa in his hand, so he is chanting rounds on it, guy has a tilak on his forehead which would imply he is a servant of Lord Visnu.. So actually, he isnt the one who saved prince, it is Lord Visnu, the guy was just chanting his names and begging for his mercy..


    I also made some tracks based on previous versions of Prince of Persia, tracks contain some very valuable dialogs..

    U can check it out on my new myspace, I uploaded all those tracks which will never be released..

  2. Recorded streaming of virtual partys @ second life virtual clubs available for play/download


    House Divaz party on 2nd life electro house session by DJ acidkills live on turntables 18.09.2008

    Download Link

    Time 1:33:41

    Quality: 320 kbps

    FOEM 5 Years Anniversary Party on 2nd life with DJ acidkills live on turntables 21.09.2008 progressive house session


    Download Link

    Time 0:33:13

    Quality: 320 kbps


    More info: www.myspace.com\djacidkills


    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

  3. 128... wont even bother then :D

    Its stripped to 128 from 200 kbps original for convenient download and its mixed on 24 bit digital mixer, available for playing and download..

    BTW, I see u figured out that new logo, nice work..

  4. 128 kbps

    standard 74 minutes - audio cd

    artists like agraba, leventina, angel freq, mango, destination x, facu mohrr, gregor trasher, dj scala and other beatport commercial progressive in no particular order

  5. An ionizer will actually make things more dusty. The point of an ionizer is to cause dust particles in the air to be attracted to surfaces. Good for breathing, not for clean surfaces.

    Indeed, your right.. I drag dust to my speakers (everything is covered with dust mostly) and then sweep it with duster.. Actually ionizer attracts everything bad from the air and most of the dirt stays on the metal plates, its like a filter which u clean once in a month.. But yeah, lots of dust gets attracted to the surrounding place around ionizer.. But its just a half meter or so..

    And ionizer adds noise in your room.. Its a sound of electronic wind specific to such devices, since it doesn't use fan for circling the air but electronic needles which move ionized air..

  6. it's still much better to take lessons IMO

    I got lessons since september, every 2 weeks for only 40 min, but I've learned so much already

    and I can play on a Steinway grand piano there :)

    You can also plug in VST with 27 gigs of steinway samples and play it in the comfort of your home and use some learning program and learn when u want and for how long u want..
  7. I use this..


    Posted Image


    But mostly for games :huh: since I got analog control as on that gamepad on my midi controller.. But if I really wanna go wild and use two of analog controls for controling 4 parametars at the same time than this gamepad is here combined with mi-joy vst for enabling the use of gamepad as midi controller, assigning to any control..


    Here u can see on the far right of controller, same analog "mushroom" as on gamepad..

    Posted Image

  8. If u wanna play your melodies its necessary, if u wanna just sequence some minimalistic sounds its not..

    further, if u wanna create your own sounds then its a must since vsts have a lot of knobs and your hand will suffer a lot..

    It speeds up the process although u can use standard computer keyboard and a joystick too.. But with controller its closer to a real feeling, like having a real synth, lots of them..

    Mozart didnt have any knobs to turn.. So in one way it was easier for him and more natural.. But for such creation of music through scores u gotta have a lot of knowledge..


    If I would buy all in one controller it would be axiom 49.. But my choice is synth and controller separately.. To have more options open..

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