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    "I hate OOOD with all my heart" crossed the line. If you really wanted to put it behind you, you should've never had said that. People started asking you why and you just said "I happen to know him". I felt like people deserved to know.

    aha! so you DID wanted people to know.

    yet you just said one page ago you never wanted to tell anyone i was neurogen. you just wanted to have a "man to man " chat.

    liar! lol.

    so me taking the whole PM thing from you as a threat was right afterall. Im glad we got that straightened out.


    I don't care how formal it sounded to you, but I wanted to know why the hell you came back after the Colin-argument after swearing never to come back. And what made me sick and angry was that you came back to defend the Radi individual. I was sick of it.


    I bet that is your standard phrase, "some ego...". What do you even mean by that, like you are so humble, LOL. Being obnoxious. Spamming Colin. Leaving. Coming back and saying that you "hate him with all your heart". Now that's pathetic.

    first i never swore not come back. second i came back for the love for psy trance.

    i came back as another user. aliendna. this user never did anything wrong on this forum.

    why couldnt you just leave it alone.

    why did you feel you should bring it up? noone else did? what makes you so special? .. do you see now what i mean with big ego or should i explain further.

    everyone has a right to 2nd chance, as do I.


    yeah i still hate colin with all my heart. so? many people hate many different people, do you got a problem with that? then that is YOUR problem. not mine.


    standard phrase? ive never used that phrase before in my life actually.

  3. but yeah please go on living your life happy that you are a big man, that can look down on people like Radi. Does it make you feel good? to pick on weaker people? Does it make you feel stronger?

    either you were a bully in school or you were the bullied one.


    dont pick on people. its not nice. from an adult perspective it just makes you look quite sad.


    it is clear as night and day that radi mean no offense, especially when he explains himself which he does very nicely. yet you keep putting him down. it makes me sick tbh.


    I did say that you were neurogen in a thread, but an admin removed it and explained why. I understood I did wrong by posting that and that's why I contacted you personally. I hoped we could have a discussion, man to man about what happened and what was happening, but you needed attention so much that you had to make this very topic.


    Clumpsy? Yeah, very clumpsy. Too fucking clumpsy. Ban-able-clumpsy. He shouldn't be in a forum if he can't express himself normally without creating "unintentional" insults. You don't let blind people drive, because people can, and will be hurt (/offended) even if it wasn't intended.

    man to man? what are you talking about?

    what made you think it was any of your business to begin with?!?

    what do you mean what was happening and what had happened? jesus you act like this is some court of law and that im on trial or something.

    who do you think you are? some ego... Some fukin ego you have.


    I never wanted to fucking say who you were to anybody, THAT'S why I PM'd you. Then you fucking talk shit about me in a public thread saying I'm threatening you making me look like a complete asshole. YOU were the one taking this public. I simply wanted to TALK to you to know how you were thinking and in the middle of the fucking discussion you make this thread. And now you're blaming me for the outcome of this thread? You gotta be shitting me. I referred to your post as "bla bla bla", yes, because that's exactly what it is, it's bullshit that never should have been said - you're defending the guy that is the root of all this shit. You can go ahead and leave now, thank you.


    I didnt know your intentions because they werent clear. Why would you even start to PM me about the neurogen issue in the first place. Seems like its none of your business and that you should leave such matters alone, and respect my wish to anonymity as the admins did. Why should you not do that aswell.


    And as for radi, yes im defending him. Simply because noone else is. I cannot stand to see a whole forum picking on him. I did aswell, but I had a very big eye opener about the whole thing and I feel everyone is reading between the lines in his words, mistakingly. But you know that I have already told you so.

    I think everyone is misunderstanding him. Like I said, I did aswell, but that changed.

    Again, yes Im defending him becuase noone else is. He is not a bad guy, he can be clumpsy as to how he expresses himself. Yes. But he is not a bad guy.


    and yes, I will leave dont worry. As soon as this thread is finished


    End of story. Lock thread. Move on.

    the fact that you chose to paraphrase me as me saying "bla bla bla" shows;

    a. you have no respect for me or what I have to say. Which you should have because you are the sole reason this thread ever happened, therefore you are the sole reason for everything this thread made happen. I had left neurogen behind me, but you decided to take it upon yourself to remind me, and I took it as a threat, the admins could read the PMs to verify this.


    b. you have no courtesy to even acknowledge what im saying, for its face value, even if you dont respect it. (meaning everything I said was completely valid and neither immature, redicolous, wrongful, inaccurate or insensitive. Yet you chose to paraphrase it as "bla bla bla" which is extremely derogatory and quite arrogant.)


    which means why should anyone have respect for you, or acknowledge what you have to say for its face value.


    but yes, agreed, please shut down thread no more good can come out of it.


    Hey, nothing is your fault. There are many people here that are deeply annoyed by Radi's comments and behaviour. He just crossed the line with his last statement, it got him banned, for good hopefully. I'm sick of awful excuses for his constant bullshit. It's like he tries to offend everytime he can. Anyway, there is no drama anymore, the problem is literally gone (you know who I am talking about) - there is no reason for you to leave our community.


    Ignore what neurogen/aliendna99 said about you. He mixed you up for saying something you probably haven't said, remember how he said he was drunk out of his mind?


    So what if you have said 1 or 2 bad thing, you've done plenty of good things that outweigh the "bad".


    Hope you change your mind. It's really sad to see good guys leave.


    what do you mean nothing is his fault? Do you actually believe it is radis fault Procyon left?

    If that is the case you give radi too much credit, and procyon to little credit.


    Procyon left all on his own, he just used radi as an excuse.

    You know it, we all know it.


    Radi never insulted procyon to push him to leave. For one he didnt even know he was gay. For two, he never insulted gays, even though I can agree what he said about homosexuals COULD be insulting to some.

    For three, he never insulted brazil. He used brazil as an example of a warm country.


    Comon guys.


    Now can you please lock this thread. I do not wish to come back to respond to ludicrous claims from some poeple here.

    This is just too much.

  8. PART 2 of 2




    And about Alien, in my opinion he was a very emotional personallity and I could not stand him at all. He always had to have the last word and many characters here did not please him. He was very narrowminded and did not like any kind of psychedelic trance. He used to fight with me a lot and acted like a little insulted kid from time to time, which I did not like at all. It is funny to see people in the age he was to act so immature and respectless towards other personallities or music and similar stuff. I can`t even find teh words for his personallity, but I would describe him as very temper, impulsive and narrowminded. It could easily be distinguished that he is in a hot country like Brazil, since his behaviour did not show any cosmopolity or respect for things he doesn`t like. And by respect I don`t mean that he says, he respects any kind of music, but respect also means that you aktually try other kinds of music, other kinds of food, other kinds of games, other kinds of books and so on. Saying you have respect means nothing.


    Alone the fact that he said, he doesn`t like any psytrance made me jump to the wall. Any person who says all tracks of a specific genre, even fi you don`t like it, are very very ignorant

    Who are you talking about? Im Alien? or someone else named alien? Im from sweden bro, and I love psytrance so I think you must be referring to someone else. :)



    Following your train of thought Radi, I am authorized to say that all Bulgarians are MORONS, RETARTED SONS OF BITCHES, like you. Right?


    At Mods: you either do something about Radi, or I will be out of Psynews.

    You are the one who JUST said, that I overreact to stuff. Now you are the one who is doing it.. radi obviously didnt mean any offence, he just made an example of people living in hot areas. He chose Brazil as an example. He never said anything bad about Brazil, nor did he say anything bad about Brazilians. Go ahead, I challenge anyone to find any insults. There is none.


    Unbelievable, now another old good guy leaves who was contributing a lot to the forum. Thank you so much Radi for ruining psynews. Hope you are happy.

    What? what did radi do? Nothing thats what. Im so sick and tired of everyone ganging up against radi for no single reason. Read his posts more carefully next time. He never insulted gay people, and he never insulted brazilians.




    Don't do that mate... nobody should make you leave.


    We also had 'fights' but... after we talked a lot and had fun, so stay! :)

    Nobody made him leave either. Procyon left all by himself.



    comon people. stop trying to accuse Radi for Procyon leaving. Do you actually belive that yourselfs? Procyon left all on his own, radi did nothing in this particular case.

    Its not Radis fault Procyon thought Radi insulted gay people, and brazilian people

  9. PART 1 of 2


    I am completely lost here. Could someone explain what happened to Neurogen, Colin, Paradox, ME? I don't remember having any argument with any of them.

    Its ok if you dont remember. I put it all in the past aswell, just that user Paradox reminded me when he starting writing PMs to me saying he knew who I was. I would gladly have just let it be the past but he broght it up again...

    I had already forgiven you brother.


    Come on man. There's no reason to leave a forum (twice) over an internet drama.

    I didnt leave this time over any internet drama. I handled myself good this time around. I progressed. I matured.


    We didn't say anything because we didn't want to cause any unnecessary trouble. You weren't banned, you just chose to leave and come back with a new identity, and we saw no reason not to respect your desire for anonymity.

    That's what you said last time. If you change your mind again there's really no need for the smoke and mirrors stuff. You're still welcome here.

    What are you talking about?

    why i left last time was due to the entire fuckin forum went against me, and EVERYONE stood behind colin, absolutely with their tounge up his arse. Not one person stood beside me, and I still feel like I was not entierly in the wrong. Sure, I acted very immature and over-reactive - but I was EXTREMELY provoced, and anyone whos been drunk before know how you can react. Everyone went against me at the same time.


    People weren't trying to help Colin out because they thought he needed it. People were responding to the unprovoked insults that Neurogen was throwing at Colin with the derision that they felt those insults deserved.

    He won't. He's permabanned.

    Unprovoked? Too bad the LIVE vs LIVE thread has since been cleansed, but it was NOT unprovoked.

  10. Hey man. What's going on? You guys trapped in old scars? Overcome this, it's never too late. Blackmailing about identities? Because of music? Get it over with guys. World needs understanding, not fights.



    We know ;)

    i logged in so i could answer this. but i wont be logging back in.

    the amount of hate i recieved when i left as neurogen was insane.

    i feel like it was completely unfair.


    but procyon, you were one of the very people who made this happen, you were one of the people who pushed me to react the way i did. just read the thread and you will see. in case you forgot.

    and its kinda sad cus i really like you. but you really pushed my buttons then mate. its wierd that you act like you forgot.




    ok if you knew, why didnt you say anything then? i really do not want to log back in again, im done with this site.

    so much bullshit, so much backstab, so much fucking "i wanna lick Colins ass" type shit.

    i really am very deeply sad that you treat me the way you treat me, and i dont think it was called for.

    but go ahead, im sure you will just laugh at me.

    you will probably dont even think im a real person with real feelings.

    ,just go ahead and laugh see if that makes you any bigger in life.



    bye. loggin out now for the last time and im really sad too, cus i feel completely misjudged and misunderstood.

  11. someone caught up to me (paradox) and is now threatening me to admit who i am.


    so fuck it. i aint got time for this nonsense...

    yes I was Neurogen.


    that guy who went complete berserk on that thread (i dont even remember its name right now) but Colin from OOOD interfeared and i went berserk .

    thats pretty much what i remember.


    anyway, i was completely drunk that time, and yes, what i did whas over the line and completely juvenile... but he did in fact encourage the whole thing..

    it is like he knew i was completely drunk out my mind and just wanted me to react how i did.


    anyway i dont even remember it properly cus of the amount of alcohol. now im being blackmailed in PM, so Im just gonna come clean.

    im sure many of you wont even care but im also sure many of you remember.

    so what the hell.


    i understand if you do not want me here anymore so ill leave forever this time. i left for a long time, thought i had learned my lesson, but some people obviously still hate me very much and want me gone so.. and im not gonna succumb to their blackmail (user: paradox)

    so im jsut gonna admit it here instead.



    i tried to come back , and being more mature this time around etc and im sorry for last time. even though Colin from OOOD will still be my number one enemy and I wish him all the death in the universe may his soul rest in hell.



    bye guys, its been good. keep it real, and take care of Radi. He is not an asshole, he is infact a friendly guy. go easy on him will you?


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  12. ^ you didn't like Stardiver? That's strange it's some of the best monotonous psychedelic trance imo:)

    Very nice acid delays and nice trancey basslines.

    It is my favorite EU album.


    After that he still had some very good full on tracks such as the prayer and peak.


    Ofc it is ok to think differently do not mean it in any way. At all. Just friendly discussion no need for anger.

  13. Well. Pop as in popular. They were extremely popular and had heavy rotation on radio and MTV.

    And the genre is trance. So if not poptrance then what? :)


    If you hadn't heard them already check out earthbound - essence of life (trance remix)

    Epic 303 trance atmosphere. Very good climax.

  14. That were played heavily on the radio.


    I listened heavily on this because on many cases it was like radio versions of goatrance. At least it sometimes touched the goatrance border. It was also easy to lure people into goa. Like oh you liked that song on the radio? Well check this out.. And you'd play some goa track.



    Antiloop - believe, nowhere to hide, in my mind. And more

    Earthbound - essence of life (trance remix)

    Richi m - wake me up (extended remix), 12th planet

    Trance Atlantic express - the chase

    Pinocchio - electric flower

    And alot more will add later :D

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