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  1. Why not man? Everything on fl studio seems to be automatable, the automation envelopes are very easy to do. Not to mention that internal lfo which you can attach with any rpn/nrpn on your vst. best of all, when you want to automate something on your vst, all u have to do is just move that paramater with your mouse a bit, and from the menu select last tweaked paramater, and then u just link it to one of the internal lfo's (which u can have as many as u want) or link to your midi controller, its that easy. I personally love to link a couple of paramaters on my vst to a lfo, it can do some weird and cool fx. Another thing great about flstudio is its patterns, u can make a different melody in each pattern, or one big melody in one pattern, whatever suits you better. Well, thats my opinion neways B)

  2. Hi! Just a couple of days ago I bought myself the M-Audio Radium 61 MIDI keyboard. It's great, now I don't have to use my pc keyboard for production anymore.

    But I do have a question tho:

    When I first saw the description of the radium 61, it says that with the enigma software librarian I can make changes on what knob controlls what and so. So i've downloaded the enigma from m-audio's website, but there it says that enigma doesn't support the radium 61, and it's true, I've tried it and there's a bunch of midi controllers that it supports, but not the radium series. Is there an alternative to the Enigma?

  3. Ey man. It's sad that nobody replies for 2 months but I think I know where your problem lies:

    First you have to select the patch in vanguard where you want to store your new patch (using the patch change buttons on vanguard - you know the scroll up and scroll down ones), then you load the patch that you already saved (for example if you made a cool sounding patch and used the SAVE patch button and saved your preset to lets say C:\My Patches\Coolpatch.fxp, now use the LOAD button and load that patch. Now you have to right click on the patch name in vanguard and type in the name you want. After that you just save your bank, and it should have all of your patches saved. Then when you restart vanguard, you just load that bank and you should have in your bank for example:

    001 Coolpatch (or whatever you've named it)

    002 Default

    003 Default

    So whenever you want to make a new patch, select a free spot in your bank (for example scroll to 006 Default), tweak the knobs and other thingys, rename the patch to something recognizeable such as 006 SuperSweep and then use the SAVE BANK button, and your good to go! ;)

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